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That blog with boring shit about music
Alternative Press is made of garbage
02/28/14 at 11:47 PM by RyanFTW

"Hey I just finished the new article."

"Oh cool... Uhhh did you read the title out loud?"

"No, I didn't. Why?"

"You know what? Never mind. The kids are too dumb anyways."
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You're a dildo
12/11/13 at 12:32 PM by RyanFTW

You know, you could always just play shows and be a good guy instead of a dildo who messages people on APnet
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When it began
11/05/13 at 09:49 AM by RyanFTW
I remember when I used to write songs with my friends.

We would be goofing around on our instruments and eventually you'd hear an interjection amongst the noise:

"Hey that sounds cool."

Music used to be THAT to me. My compilation of my favorite "cool parts" made into my favorite albums. When you weren't worried about who liked it and who didn't. And it was a blast.

I'm too hard on bands I don't like nowadays. But I have to think a lot of them were just kids in a garage goofing off first and one of them said "Hey, that sounds cool!".

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Music ain't about the music, man.
06/24/13 at 12:26 PM by RyanFTW
I love this blog post, and it pains me to see that we're probably not heading back in the right direction anytime soon.

Whether or not bands tell you to put your cameras away and enjoy the show, you should. That's why you're here, right?

But let's expand that idea for a moment. Bear with me:

You know what's missing from modern society?


The "Pics or it didn't happen" mentality is ruining the greatest part of my life. And that is storytelling. I made a conscious decision when I was younger to not take a ton of pictures of moments in my life. When people my age go out to have a good time nowadays, they have to take so many pictures just to let everyone know that they are there. What's that? You can't trust the person on their word?

It's the convenience that puts up too many requirements for actual "belief". Society tells us WE NEED the pictures now. Because it's so convenient that we have to. You don't need imaginations to picture anything, we have the pictures right here!

Do people realize that when putting a moment into a picture and putting it on the internet, the moment isn't yours anymore? It is theirs to dissect, taking away any of the feelings you had about it. People shouldn't care whether or not you WENT to a club. They shouldn't NEED pictures, they should be able to TRUST you.

So maybe next time you go somewhere fantastic, put your camera away. Think of the story you'll be able to tell. And if your friends don't believe you, maybe they weren't your friends to begin with.


P.S. I have an instagram, of course. And I still take pictures. But usually it's for the sake of taking a nice picture. There's no feelings in it. It was just nice at the time. I try with every fiber of my being not to capture moments, because those moments are mine (and the feelings I get along with them).
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Free, Phenomenal Pop Punk
03/27/13 at 12:21 PM by RyanFTW
Ryan's Hope (Now the Reaganomics, and a completely different band) is releasing all their music for free.

The album "Apocalypse in Increments" (from 2006) is a favorite of mine, and it always bothered me that they really stopped after that album. I feel like they had so much potential. This is a great pop punk album full of catchy, fast, satisfying pop punk songs.

Go get it for free! Or pay a little, I don't know, I'm not your fucking mother.

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It is Staring Back
01/14/13 at 02:25 PM by RyanFTW
"I caved in and decided that it is time. There's a chance that it might help me, I hope it does."

I opened the small box and put the bottle on the table. The other thing that came in the box was a birthday check. I couldn't be less interested in the check.

Side 1: G 4900
Side 2: 50 MG

"Are you worried?"

"I have an anxiety problem, of course I'm worried."


"Because I think it'll change me."

"Ryan, relax. If it doesn't work, you don't have to take it anymore."

"I'm not worried about it not working. I'm worried about it working well."

"Ryan, if it works well, you have a chance at being happier."

"But what if it changes something so slightly that I don't notice? And then everyone else notices and it hurts them and I don't mean it and-"

"Ryan, relax. It is going to be fine."

The bottle still sat motionless next to me. I'm sitting in my chair staring at the television and I can feel it burning a hole in the side of my head. It is staring back.

"I want to enjoy life a little more. A little less anxiety."

"Well this MIGHT help. There's also a chance it could make things worse, but if you notice that happening just stop taking it."

"Well hey, maybe the first day I take this is the first day of the rest of my life. But then again, if it goes wrong that could still be true."

That'll be tomorrow morning at 10AM.

Here goes nothing.

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My worst attribute
01/01/13 at 03:30 AM by RyanFTW
My worst attribute is I still look for you sometimes.
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Oh, come ON
11/16/12 at 10:47 PM by RyanFTW
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08/27/12 at 12:32 AM by RyanFTW
The concept of wanting happiness makes it hard to recognize happiness. I will always question it even when I have it.
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The Most Interesting Album of 2012
07/28/12 at 02:07 AM by RyanFTW

This is seriously the most interesting album I've heard in years. It runs the gamut of rock genres with assorted depraved lyrics. Brendan Kelly's voice is at it's best when it is getting weird, and this album is his voice's coming out party.

Buy it and enjoy it. "Suffer the Children, Come unto me" is the catchiest song you've heard all damn year.

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06/30/12 at 02:07 AM by RyanFTW
"If I don't make it to work tomorrow, I made a rash choice and I'm probably in jail."

"Ryan, think it over before you do something crazy."

"I'll think about it long and hard. The person who did this certainly has earned what may come to them."
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The Classic Absolutepunk Argument
06/19/12 at 10:08 PM by RyanFTW
"If Jesse Lacey ___________________________________ _ you'd be totally okay with it!"
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06/17/12 at 06:40 PM by RyanFTW
Still waiting for the "Punk goes Punk" compilation where bands that pretend to be punk cover classic punk rock songs and realize that they have no talent and quit.

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Let's hear it for the internet, everybody.
06/09/12 at 08:49 PM by RyanFTW


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god damn it so hard
05/31/12 at 12:04 AM by RyanFTW
No era of music is better than the other era. They're all extremely different.

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