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A Sailor's Journal
Deep Breaths
04/07/08 at 12:01 AM by billyboatkid
Okay so you know how when you're just relaxing and thinking and something clicks in your mind and you come up with lyrics. Well that just happened and I felt the need to write them down. So tell me what you think or not it's all good.

Lies are like oceans, the deeper it gets the colder you are. My lungs have failed me, I breathed you in (to deep) but I can (could) only hold my breath for so long.

You left in a flash like the air getting knocked out of me. I know recovery is the best part, just let me know when I'll be able to breath again...

I feel like I could keep going, but yeah.

If anyone reads this and has a second give me some pointers or anything would be cool.


Tags: Lyrics, Something I Wrote
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04/01/08 at 10:15 PM by billyboatkid
So it is April 1st. The day of fools, tomfoolery, and what nots.

I'm pretty sure this day was made with me in mind, yet this year I did not pull a prank or anything. Instead I've decided to sit back and listen to some old tunes.

I totally forgot how good Terminal - How the Lonely Keep is.

If you haven't heard it you should definitely check it out. I don't have much to write I guess, I'm just pretty damn bored.

I finished writing my fourth song it's pretty cool... Hmmm tomorrow is hump day. My favorite day because it is closer and closer to the weekend.

O I'm super stoked for the new Wolftron cd. Fucking great acoustic/folk music, lead of Daphne really knows how to write.

Well I'm off to do nothing.

"I'm dreaming hopelessly, in a city by the sea.. It's taken me so long to sing this simple song.."

Tags: Terminal, Wolftron, Life
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Comp Lab.
03/27/08 at 10:43 AM by billyboatkid
Lol, so I'm sitting here in my college's computer lab listening to Search the City on from their myspace page. I forgot to turn off my iPod last night and it was on repeat all night. So no iPod for today... Shitty.

The reason I am writing this from school is because my friend forgot pants because he had chem lab today. SO being the good friend I am I brought him a pair so he could do his mid term. Adam saves the day again lol. jk

Other than that I only have one class today so I'm pretty stoked and after that I am going to go see Drill Bit Taylor with a couple buddies for free. Then tomorrow is Friday and the week is over! Fuck yeah.

O and in recent news I finally finished paying off Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Yet, I have no PSP to play it on. What can I say I love FF7.. Hmm there is probably something I'm forgetting to say, but o well.

"Because wearing my Heart on my sleeve has become a tad to messy for me"

Tags: Search the City, Good Citizen, jk
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Search the City
03/25/08 at 11:21 PM by billyboatkid
So I heard about this band a long long time ago. Like back in the day... which my friend says was a wednesday. jk haha
Ok so I'm stoned as fuck. I hadn't smoked in like three weeks and well I did and it was a fun time.

I just came home in my fog, and go to my special site and see that their new cd is up for download. So I just randomly dled it and I must say I like it a lot for some crazy reason. It just increases my mood, I'm like super happy right now lol. I think I'm going to buy this now, its pretty damn catchy and I love the instruments they are so creative or sound that way when you're super baked.

Well I don't mean to bother I just felt like writing a blog and shit.

"Now the one you once loved is leaving"

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03/21/08 at 10:10 PM by billyboatkid
Wow, this song really hits me hard.

It is such an amazing song from start to finish.

So I've been sleeping with this silence in my mind
And all I see scares me
And no one knows it, but she, she saved me

So I've been sleeping with this silence in my brain
Awakening here everyday in this god damn place
I won't wait here anymore

It's still not quite the way it was
But you promised me this is love to stay
Watch the hospital that's
Just across the street
From your apartment balcony
I'll never ever leave there
I'll never leave

Wow... just wow. Listening to this being sung is ridiculous, especially with their voices blending so perfect.

I just love the line... and no one knows it but she she saved me.

Sorry that is all I just had to talk about Lydia some more. It's just so damn good.


Listen to it, you'll love it.
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03/21/08 at 04:43 PM by billyboatkid
So don't you just love how everything is peachy-kean then all the sudden everything goes to shit!

Well it seems to happen to me a lot... Whoever is controlling or whatever is controlling what goes on in my life must really fucking hate me.

So apparently while I was out last night after I cashed a 40oz and was bowling with some friends (which by the way is damn fun) my car got broken into for the second time in three years.

They took my deck and my 12" bazooka tube (which is a bass if you didn' know). I loved that bass, I had purchased it right after my shit got stolen the first time. So I'm pissed..... and to ever lets this stuff happen well Fuck You too.

"Then there are just so many words left in my mouth waiting to spill out, like water in your ears. I'd do anything to get back all those wasted years"

Tags: My lyrics, Anger, Fuck
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So I have decided
03/19/08 at 06:59 PM by billyboatkid
That I really like writing in these blogs... haha

Lame I know, but hey I've always liked writing down my thoughts or just random things even if no body really cares. So for the last four hours I have been listening to Illuminate by Lydia. Let me tell you, everything thing you've been hearing about this cd is truth. Every song gets stuck in your head and it doesn't matter because you want to listen to it over and over again...

Don't cheat yourself get this cd, see them, love them.

So back to my real life! I'm going bowling! Woooo I love bowling, today on Wii I got a 222! New personal best. So me and my friends decided we might just go and try it out for real with some girlies. I love socializing, it's good for the mind and soul. I actually don't think I could ever live alone.. I hate being alone.. I love company. I'm a people person, what can I say lol.

Well off to bowl, wish me luck. If I do good I'll post it haha. But don't hold your breath.

"I've been sleeping with this silence in my mind..."

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Spring Break Pt.II
03/18/08 at 06:07 PM by billyboatkid
So Spring Break has officially been going for two days now. So far it's been pretty fun.

Last night me and a few friends just chilled at my friend Will's house and drank some Grey Goose mixed with Purple Guave Rockstar. I think it's my new favorite drink, it's damn good, especially since I wasn't in a Beer drinking kinda mood.

Got pretty damn buzzed went back to my friend jacobs pad and had a two hour conversation with his mom. (she is a really cool lady, and very smart)

Hmm, besides that nothing really new. I might take my best buddy Rob and Pilar to Horton Hears a Who for free tomorrow, nothing much to do.

Tonight I'm probably just gonna go home after work and relax, kicking it is always fun.
I have to admit I do watch American Idol, but I always miss Tuesday nights cause of work.. o well.

Tomorrow I might suggest having lunch with my mom, because I know she loves when I make an effort to spend time with her.

I've grown to really love this site, it's my home at home or away. So new people or if anyone reads this and is feeling daring hit me up I love making new friends! Seriously. haha

Well I'm off to being bored have a good night ya'll.

"This is where it all went wrong
And the words you said were subtle
But enough to break the ice"

Adam (Snugs \a/)
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03/16/08 at 12:04 AM by billyboatkid
So pretty much, I'm super freaking stoked for the new Lydia album! I can't stop listening to December on their myspace. Tonight was a pretty sweet night even though I ended it pretty early. For the first time in a while I blazed with some good friends. It was my friends 19 birthday so she had a little get together.

This has been one of the best highs I have had in forever. I actually laughed for like twenty minutes straight. No wonder I prefer smoking to drinking. O well I'm just rambling because I have nothing better to do.

Yet, I am so FREAKING STOKED I won that Lydia contest! I get this inevitably amazing cd for free! I love all you guys at AP. Good people.

"You said lets talk about it, you said it sure would mean a lot,
but talking requires that you listen.... you never listen"

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Spring Brizzle Fo Shizzle (haha)
03/14/08 at 06:00 PM by billyboatkid
Well today is the first day of my Spring Break 08' and I couldn't be happier.

Already I have gotten my Yellowcard/Spill Canvas concert ticket for March 31st, which I can't wait for.
Then I get on Ap.net my favorite site in the whole history of the Internet and I come to find I have won the new Lydia cd "Illuminate." I couldn't be happier because I recently have just gotten into this band pretty hardcore and I have wanted this album for a while now. Topping off my day I am probably going to file restraining orders and a civil lawsuit against my psycho ex and her psycho bf.

She is finally getting what she deserves. Then after work which I am at right now I will be heading home to play some Brawl! Love that game.

I've also found a few new bands that I highly recommend to you all. They are damn catcy and I've been spinning them a lot lately.

Flight 409 We Don't Dance - Before You Go, Beauty In a Car Crash, Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover), Operator

School Boy Humor Demos - Disturb the Universe, Dear Miss Wright, Paint Me Envy

The Sophomore Attempt Hallways - Their whole EP Hallways, especially The Turn

Stages and Stereos Demos - Their whole EP also, especially Living Without You

I'm really digging all four of these bands a lot. Check em and if you have time let me know what you think.

"and I don't see the point of this,
when all we're doing is avoiding loneliness" TSA


P.s. Thank you AP.net for the awesome contest and picking me! and this could very well be an awesome Spring Break!
Tags: Flight 409, School Boy, Sophomore, S&S, Good Days
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Anger beyond belief
03/07/08 at 05:14 PM by billyboatkid
Soooo.. last night was a fucking wack crazy night. Compliments of my ex, to start out the story I'll give you the setting.

I'm sitting on my bed, looking at this very site and IMing my friend Pilar, while texting my friend Mikey. It's around 10:30 or so, so I get this text from my ex, and I don't have her number saved in my phone and haven't for the last seven months, but I remember it well.

She says "HI" so me with my heart jumping in my chest am curious and think she might be nice to me for once, so stupid me replys back with a "Hi?" (this is where I messed up)

So right after this she starts calling me off the hook, and I'm like wtf I just got setup. Because back in September her dumbass coke head of a BF came to my house and through a brick through my window and now wants to fight me for "talking to his gf" So I don't answer the calls get a few voicemails threatening me and shit, and then I finally answer and he starts going off about how he runs the town and get this says "I can fuck with his gf, but if I ever fuck with him or his family its another thing!??!" I'm like well you're an awesome bf. DOUCHE.

So he proceeds to tell me that he won't do anything to my house or me as long as I don't talk to her anymore so I say ok I could careless about the bitch, we hang up. I'm still talking to Pilar while this is going down, and all of the sudden she's IMing me that my ex is threatening her over text! So i'm like fuck this shit. So i'm still sitting on my bed IMing when I hear this car pull up and parks two houses down the street, and I'm like shit please don't let it be her (O and I forgot she was with Him (kyle) and some other guy. I'm guessing was his cousin or friend)

So i'm looking out my window and I see two heads rolling up through my rocks, so I run to my dads room grab his 12" knife from the closet and run down the hall yelling to my mom to call the cops.

I bust through the front door knife in hand, (they have a bat, and golf club) and I start yelling come on your fuckers come get some. They stop dead in their tracks and start running back towards the car stop turn around and proceed to taunt me. I have so much adrenaline that I'm pretty sure some one would have died if I had gotten a hold of one.

After this I just have to deal with the cops and such, but I'm getting so tired of this shit. I'm probably going to file a restraining order, I have to walk around with a Knife on me now. I didn't do anything to deserve this shit. Shes the one who broke up with me, and all I've been was nice and respectful.

I have so much evidence too, in the voicemail Kyle admits to breaking my window with the brick and threatens me several times, and I also have a voice mail and texts from the girl egging me on.

I hope this girl gets what she deserves. I used to love her with all my heart now I could careless. Especially the fact that shes doing this to herself by hanging out with the wrong people and just getting wasted everynight. She threw everything away, and claims to be so happy, well if you're so fucking happy why are you still fucking me over and trying to get back at me for nothing?

187 - SF

Tags: Fuck this, Girls, Cops
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O how I love Wii
03/04/08 at 05:26 PM by billyboatkid
Long story short, I've wanted a Wii for over a year now. I come home to find my dad had purchased one and also bought and extra controller alone with Mario Galaxy.

I never knew my dad could be so cool, now I can get Smash Bros. Brawl. Yay! haha

I'm off to play it.

"And curse yourself for ever watching it
I'm not gonna have to see it to the end
Cause the fastest rat is always gonna win"

Tags: TSL, Wii, Mario
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O Ya..
03/03/08 at 07:34 PM by billyboatkid
To follow up from last week on the trip.. It was amazing.

Went Wolf Creek, stayed in a amazingly beautiful cabin, made some new friends, got totally hammered, and Patrownd at Beer Pong as usual.

I didn't wanna leave.. yet I had to re-enter my boring life. O well hopefully the future holds something for me.. because all I think about is the past..



"And we smoke that Kush, and we ball like Swoosh!"

And that wasn't even half of it. Exactly 100 cans in that. The ceiling was our only road block.
Tags: Snowboarding, Wolf Creek, Good Times
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The Trip
02/28/08 at 11:52 PM by billyboatkid
So tomorrow is the Big Trip, going down (or up) too Wolf Creek to do some snowboarding!
I can't wait because this will be my third time this season to have boarded. I usually go like twenty times a season too! I love snowboarding almost as much as I love movies, both are my escape in life.
I collect every movie ticket I have ever seen, and I used to work in a movie theater for three years so.. I have over a thousand movie tickets from about 5th grade haha. Ya a little weird but hey to each his own.

But back to the trip I just can't wait, its my escape from this city, from these people, and mostly from these memories that have been holding me back... I see her the other night, beautiful as always and my heart goes and does it again. This breaking and repairing crap is getting old, I wanna be able to not care anymore. O well. I hope she still thinks about me since that seems to be all I do.. Well at least I have my snowboarding, and getting shit face wasted!

"This should be a most excellent adventure!"

I would love for someone to guess what quote that movie is from haha. I would be shocked if someone actually got it.


p.s. o and if you don't like Lydia you don't like good music. Just saying because I had heard about them before and never really listened. So I bought their cd off Itunes and sweet lord did I fall in love. Amazing band and I can't wait till Illuminate comes out. Pick it up suckas.
Tags: Snowboarding, Antics, Adventures
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Added thoughts.
02/24/08 at 11:03 PM by billyboatkid
It's horrible when your happiest memories, are all that they remain.. Memories, Stills, Frames of the past that will never move again, that I will never have the pleasure of feeling that sweet happiness that made my heart flutter, that will never be more than what they are.... memories.

Sitting here listening to Straylight Run, depressed listening to depressing music. With the window open crisp, cold fresh air coming in through the window.

It's weird being so sad, yet having the pleasure of feeling that cool refreshing feeling and smelling the fresh air. It's one of my favorite things, like a fall night.

"What's another word for desperate?"

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