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PassedOut's Blog
Im one giant bubble of love
09/07/08 at 08:48 AM by PassedOut
Hey Love and Reverie - stop making us love you so much.

Things are good.

Our bowling show went amazing, we were able to pay the bands really fairly and that is the most important thing to Julia and I. I'm excited to give touring bands a legit place to play and I am even more excited that we will have the means to pay them and pay them well.

School started this past week. Three classes left. Its insane. International Marketing, Strategic Management, and Internet Marketing and Advanced E-Business. Fun right? Although they are going to be ridiculously tough, I'm actually pretty excited about them.

On that note, I'm going to go attempt to study.
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We need a new vacuum
04/27/08 at 01:19 PM by PassedOut
I'm attempting to clean our apartment but it is getting more and more difficult to live without a vacuum. Seriously, our carpet is a mixture of beads, bobby pins, Taco Bell remanents, and lots and lots of Duke fur. Its getting pretty disgusting down there.

In the two years that we have lived here, we have had to retire two separate vacuums. One lost its life attempting to suck up the remains of a sliced open love-sac (think, monster sized bean bag chair) and the second couldn't come back from vacuuming up a hallway filled with fire extinguisher dust. Both made valiant efforts but couldn't continue on. I miss our vacuums!

Tuesday we have a Passed Out Promotions presents show at The Ottobar. Its featuring our boys in Farewell Flight and The Apathy Eulogy as well as a special speech by Jamie from To Write Love On Her Arms. Its going to be a good show, but I'm nervous about the turn out. The Ottobar is hands down my favorite venue in Baltimore but its hard to bring kids out there.

Bamboozle is this weekend and its going to be weird. Its the first time we haven't had a Passed Out booth up there. I'm kind of bummed about it but its a big relief at the same time. I don't think I could have handled school and planning the booth this year. Its going to be fun though. I'm going to have the AP staff adopt me ha = )
Tags: passed out promotions, bamboozle, apt living
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Bits and Pieces
04/07/08 at 05:38 PM by PassedOut

- My friend Dustin just IMed me from boot camp. Seeing his name pop up totally surprised me. We only got to talk for about 5 minutes before it was disconnected, but I'm glad that I know he is okay.

- Our friend Karen is still in the group "Passed Out Promotions is wicked cool." Circa 2005 baby

- Duke seems to have reached a plateau in his weight loss. But his fish-on-a-string catching abilities have greatly improved.

-Contrary to popular belief, Julia is better at Guitar Hero sober.

-Apparently screen shots of Julia's blog have been making their way around a few MySpace bulletins. I find this HILARIOUS.

-People take MySpace way, way too seriously.

-Its orange chicken time!

-Go listen to a local band
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I hate A Skylit Drive
03/25/08 at 04:47 PM by PassedOut
No seriously, I think they are one of the worst bands I have ever heard (and I have heard A LOT of less than impressive bands). I am sure that they are wonderfully nice guys, but if I have to hear the singers screech again I will most likely cry.

In other news, Ace Enders was outside our apartment last night. The fact that Mr. Enders was in Donnybrook still baffles me.

The Four Letter Lie guys are sweethearts.

Listen to The Second Sunrise (http://www.myspace.com/thesecondsunrise). They are the best band out of Maryland. Mmmmhmm
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Please remember to wash the F's off your face in the morning
03/13/08 at 11:54 AM by PassedOut
Last night was spent with the boys in Asteria.

Many a beer was had.
Many a guitar hero battle was lost.

Overall, I think that they are excellent guys, and I had an excellent night. I've been waiting so long to see them, I'm glad they finally ventured out to the East Coast.

We made a video update...started out as an interview but we got off track within four seconds. Now its mostly about whether carbonated beverages are called soda or pop (umm soda, obviously fellas) and the correct pronunciation of Fanta.

Be warned: If Asteria is in your neck of the woods, try to get off work the next morning, the hangover will be a doozy.
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I hate conversation hearts
02/14/08 at 05:51 PM by PassedOut
I really wish that college supported the "bring everyone valentines" trend of our elementary school days. We could all walk around the classroom dropping folded cards into paper bags sitting on people's desks. I would have probably picked some sweet Scooby Doo valentines or something along those lines. Foil details and heart stickers included. = )

Whether or not you have someone special to share this "holiday" with is besides the point. I hope that everyone had a good day and thought about the people that truly love them. We all have a few, sometimes we just need to look a little harder.
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Generation what?
02/05/08 at 05:42 PM by PassedOut
Julia and I spent a good chunk of time in Starbucks this past weekend. Side by side, computers out, iced coffee and iced tea respectively. I think that we had one of the best talks that we have had in awhile. Right now we are seniors in college. Although we arenít graduating in May (being a super senior sounds so much more glamorous) we are on the fast track.

The future has a funny way of sneaking up on you. I think that I have been avoiding thinking about ďthe big pictureĒ for awhile now. Itís overwhelming to think that every baby step you take, every connection you make, every class you suffer through is slowly forming the foundation of the rest of your life. Eeek. Scary stuff. Luckily, there are certain people and things that make the future a little more bearable to think about.

This is my roommate. Most of you know her as Julia Conny from AbsolutePunk but I know her as Julia Conny from sociology class (well it should be from girlscout camp, but that doesnít really count). Most people know her from her incredible writing and dedication to AP(which is obvious, AP is lucky to have her) but did you know about her talent for making 500 cupcakes in a night? Everyone knows about our love for The Graduate, but whatever happened to Benton? We tell people about the 600+ All Time Low show, but the Leitersburg Grange shows bring back the best memories.

Iíve known her through evil MapQuest directions, red van excursions, FBI run-ins, Hagerstown and Wilkes-Barre obsessions, and Purevolume message boards. I bet you donít know what Generation Next was, but we spent many a night inside that purple room. Silver warped tour booths, Bamboozle, bracelets and late night Kinkos trips are all weaved into our friendship.

Road tripping to shows is fun, but more often than not, itís the late night drive home conversations that are the highlights. Eggroll promotions doesnít sound as good as Passed Out, but it sure is hilarious to think about what could have been.

Its funny how an entry about the future became so tangled with stuff about the past. I donít know where we are going to end up, but I am confident that as long as we are friends we will be okay. So go read one of Juliaís reviews, and go spend time with your friends. No matter what happens, they are what will make the future worthwhile.
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trees and track
01/07/08 at 07:23 PM by PassedOut
Last night I took all of the icicles off of our epic Christmas tree. Seems like a simple task, but it ended up taking over an hour. Stupid little silver slivers. In the Steber household, we don't believe in dainty trees. Bigger is better. Unfortunately, bigger also means a lot more ornaments/icicles/lights which means a lot longer take down time. Its depressing, I hate taking down the tree.

Over the weekend we had the great parental meet up. Julia, Katherine, Sara, myself, our parents, and London all gathered at our house. Lots of food (my Mom is a big fan of all things dip), drinks, laughter, Cindi (my puppy), and guitar hero ensued. I can't believe how well things went! Everyone has lovely parents and everyone seemed to like each other. Hopefully we are able to do things like this again. I think we all need some more fun filled family time. I hope London posts some of those pictures of my mom's sad little guitar hero attempt ASAP.

Today I went to TJ's track practice. Track used to be a very significant part of my life in high school. Many many hours were spent on that track.

Run straight turn left.
Run straight turn left.
Run straight turn left.

It was such a love hate relationship. It was definitely not easy, but I had somewhat of a talent for it. A 5:51 mile was pretty darn decent. Cold, wet practices, shin splints, bum knee, aching lungs, tired feet. But the new records, extra points, late night bus conversations, and general silliness made up for it. Plus, I was surrounded by most of my best friends. I can still remember the way HCC (where we had our indoor meets) smells. I'm glad that I did it, and I do miss the closeness that it brought.

Julia, encourage your little sister to do outdoor, its much more exciting than indoor and I think she has potential. Tell her to try out the 800.

Coach Snyder is now coaching the boys. I remember when he first came on and was our assistant coach. He became one of my good friends. I was the first person (besides his family) to know that he was being shipped overseas. I think I was one of the only ones to write to him during his time there. It was really really good to see him. He is going for his masters and won coach of the year! He deserves it, he works really really hard.
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Good for your brain
01/02/08 at 06:39 PM by PassedOut
The 2007 book list. I need to read more in 2008

Running With Scissors
Me Talk Pretty One Day
The Glass Castle
The Five People You Meet In Heaven
Mary Mary
The Big Bad Wolf
Divine Secrets of The Ya Ya Sisterhood
Never Suck a Dead Mans Hand
The Big Bad Wolf
A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius
Back Roads
Empire Falls
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Twenty Something
The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing
Here on Earth
Wonder Spots
She's Come Undone
Amy and Isabelle
Shoot The Moon
Shampoo Planet
The Dogs of Babel
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night
Where The Heart Is
The Pilots Wife
Bee Season
Keeping Faith
The Rule of Four
Its Kind Of A Funny Story
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Sloppy Firsts?
12/19/07 at 08:10 PM by PassedOut
This is my first blog via ap, I am such a lame member of this community. Whatevs, LJ is being a trickster so I will settle for this for now.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I don't really feel all too festive. Despite the beautiful (aka extremely tacky) Christmas tree that is occupying a huge portion of our apartment and the gifts that are accompanying it, the cheer is less that lackluster. I guess it is the first time that I haven't been home leading up to Christmas. I'm only going home for Christmas eve and Christmas day and its weird. I guess I should be thankful that I genuinely enjoy my family and being around them, some people aren't that lucky.

I have high expectations for 2008. 2008! How crazy is that? I should be graduating college in the spring but thats not going to happen. My life has ended up much different than I thought it would be. Although I am happy with the twists and turns, another part of me is scared out of my mind that I will never find what I am truly supposed to be doing.

The only thing that I can be confident of, is the type of person I am. If you can't control anything else, you can control how you act and how you treat other people. I am going to truly try to work on this.

Julia and I determined the other day that we can tend to be a little snobby. Not in the "omg you don't wear clothes from -fill in the blank-" or any of that crap, just that I sometimes write people off rather quickly. I don't mean to, but it happens.

2008 will hopefully bring a change to all of that. I need to try and give people more of a chance, there is no reason why I always have to have my guard up.

Letting people in. Why do I make it so hard?
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