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strange world of a starving musician
Moving on...
08/18/08 at 04:50 PM by oldwirehands
I've been writing a lot more music over the past week or so. So tomorrow I am going to attempt to record an idea I have. Its going to sound like my Spirit Molecule stuff in a way but I'm going to play guitar. Finger-picking is where I am most skilled on that instrument and I hardly ever use it. I only finger-pick when I'm warming up or just messing around. Now I want to get serious with it because I need to really do something big at this time in my life.

tcVStc isn't broken up. Don't believe what you hear. Steve is going on tour with FBTMOF with his other band, EAPZ. Dan is busy working until the winter. So if there is any return of The Chemist, it won't be until Dan is ready. That leaves me (and my brother) without any music projects going on. We need something to do. I need something to do. I'm 22 years old with a high school diploma and a job slapping out pizzas. The amount of music I've been apart of since I was 17, has only gotten me so far. Actually, The Chemist is really the only project I've had that has made it anywhere. The Spirit Molecule would be huge in the post-rock scene if I could play it live but I don't have the equipment for that, nor do I want to invest money into it.

I refuse to quit. I'm not some talentless loser living in a fantasy world. The only thing stopping me right now is money. Money for a new cab, recording equipment, pedals, and most importantly a car. I would like to buy some more instruments as well. So I'm slaving for a corporate pizza chain so I can get this ball rolling. Hopefully me and my brother can find some more musicians to join us and chip in.

My dream is to live in a house with friends/bandmates, making genuine music, and touring Europe. Thats what I want to do with my life. And I gave myself a deadline. If I'm still stuck in this root and not happy by 2011, I'm calling it quits. I'll move overseas and go to school for eight-twelve years and become a college professor.
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My recs
07/27/08 at 03:50 PM by oldwirehands
Arms and Sleepers.
Sed Non Satiata.

I'm going to see Arms and Sleepers and Finch in August so I'm really looking forward to that month. Arms and Sleepers have become one of my favorite bands over the past six or eight months. Whenever Black Paris 86 came out. Best release of the year by far.
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Human All Too Human
07/05/08 at 02:22 AM by oldwirehands
So here's is another part to that last blog I posted. Before you read it, I would highly recommend you watch a documentary about Fredrich Nietzsche. Its called Human All Too Human. This is sort of hard to put together. It took me awhile to get to this point in my life. Take it or leave it, but please consider it for just five minutes and think.

Human All Too Human

I grew up as a Greek Orthodox Christian. The church I went to was fairly liberal. Since I didn't go to many churches, I can only assume that the religion is overall a liberal Christian religion unlike the Roman-Catholic Church. I can say this because for a year and a half I was sent to a private Catholic school. A time in my life I can call "hell". It was weird being thrown into this new religious world because their interpretation of Christianity was so different and to be honest, I didn't like it one bit. Nonetheless, I was a Christian child. I prayed every night before I went to sleep for about six years. Every single night. But as I got older, I started losing interest. Maybe I started getting lazy. Or maybe I realized that my prayers weren't making any difference in my life. Either way, I gradually stopped praying. Though I still considered myself a Christian. I still believed in Jesus and the morals the Bible and my Sunday School teachers taught me.

When I left high school at the age of 17, I pushed to educate myself while being out of school. I didn't want to be that typical high school drop out; I wanted to pursue education in topics that I was actually interested in. I started learning more about the world around me through experience and observation. And more about history and other cultures. Ancient civilizations and their beliefs facinated me. I started to think. Something conservative churches like the Catholics DON'T want you to do. I was lucky enough to have been raised a liberal so it just made everything easier for me to understand. I had no fear of God punishing me for being curious. Soon enough though, after learning about the history of Christianity, I started to detach myself from the religion. I didn't want to be associated with the same people whom have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the name of their lord and savior. Jesus, fiction or non-fiction, frowned upon that kind of behavior. So ironic. I did not want to be associated with that kind of hypocrisy. So I opened my mind to any possibilities to seek some sort of answer.

Finally, about a year and a half ago, I completely gave up on religion. Period. I realized that it only limited people's ability to think freely. I believed that reality was subjective. That this Christian God was not going to condemn me for learning about myself and the world I live in. I wasn't going to hell for questioning his will. Why would an all-loving God do that?! I then understood that God is dead. Because of man's evolution -- creating technology, development in psychology and philosophy -- God has been killed by us. There for we need to overcome the feeling of hopelessness by reinventing the moral values that religion has been teaching humans for centuries. This is the Overhuman or Superhuman. The evolutionary being that overcomes man. Because if God is dead, we strive to become God. In a sense that is what Christianity teaches. People are taught to live like Jesus. But they use fear as a tool to control. If you remove that fear of Hell and damnation, you allow yourself to be free. And just because you're free doesn't mean you are an evil person with no moral values. You must teach yourself to be responsible for your actions and have some restraint.

This is probably all sounding like complete jibberish to some. You might have already stopped reading this out of pure disgust. All of this God is dead talk, denouncing religion, and becoming God?! How dare me! Who the hell do I think I am?! Well, this transition I made didn't happen over night. Trust me, this has been something that took years for me to come to terms with and I don't expect it to be easy for for anyone else who has strong faith in their church like I once had. I know if me eight years ago was reading this, I would be appalled by this sort of thinking. Surely Jesus Christ is our lord and savior. You must have faith! Well, I'm not fourteen years old anymore. History has showed that religion was just a tool to teach people about the world around them and later on, used to control the masses. It wasn't until the Romans used Christianity as a political tool to really start controlling the masses. Then they started using it to kill and oppress people. They burned down the greatest source of knowledge in history, The Library of Alexandria. Oh, to think about all of that knowledge they destroyed makes me even more glad that I have found the path I'm on. Even today, Christianity is still used to pedal politics and war.

Religion is something people must start to grow out of in order for our race to survive what is coming in the near future. You must understand that God or any being isn't coming down to save us from evil. We can only save us from ourselves. Don't take my word for it, do the research yourself. I encourage you to look deeper into this. Maybe its fear that keeps people away from the truth? Fear of responsibility or lack of direction? People would rather run away/ignore the fear rather than confront the problem and figure it out. Confrontation with the fact we live in a Godless world is the only way to solve the problem. If not, it will always be something you're running from till the day you die. That kind of life sounds so unfulfilling and sad. To just die without any answers, assuming you will arrive at the Gates of Heaven. There is an answer to life in a world without a God. This answer is the Overhuman. The Overhuman brings meaning to life. It is a goal for humanity. It is a progression that man must willfully make. This may sound similar to the Christian teachings of Jesus. That is what people were supposed to aim for right? To live like Jesus. But since we have killed God, the Overhuman is the new goal.

"All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassmentÖ"

Now if you've gotten this far, you are either completely disgusted, intrigued, or just think that I'm completely out of my mind. I am not going to attempt to disprove religion historically because I don't see a point to. To believe in these ancient stories is sort of childish in my eyes. Early humans made up these stories/fables in order to build a structure to life and its meaning. To give a reason for our existence and the universe around us. But the fact of the matter is, we've evolved. Look at your iPod. Look at the discovery of Quantum Mechanics. Religion is irrelevant today. We are not cavemen, nor the people of ancient Sumeria or Greece. We have a better understanding of the world and the proof is all around you. Like it or not, that is the truth. Its time for people to understand this. Its important that people understand this. Its important to look at the entire picture here. The Bush administration has used Christianity as his defense numerous times. You can't kill people and say its okay because you believe in God. If I went out, killed someone, and told everyone I did it for Jesus, that doesn't make it right. It doesn't make sense. People who believe killing in the name of their beliefs are the ones who are bat shit crazy. Not me. If you have any further interest in Nietzsche, I would highly recommend the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Here are some Wikipedia links you can check out as well:




Here's a cool documentary on the Atom and Quantum Physics:

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The Greatest Disappointment I've Ever Faced
06/27/08 at 06:55 PM by oldwirehands
This is the first piece I wrote a few weeks ago. I've gotten a lot of great response from it on other sites and wanted to bring it to AP.net. I have two or three more coming. All of them are connected together. I've been thinking of maybe one day revising them and putting them together to make a book. I hope you enjoy my writing.


If you didn't know, I turned 22 in March. That is 22 years I have been alive. I have memories dating back as far as 21 of them. Despite what people may think marijuana does to the memory, I have a very extensive long-term memory. Its my short-term memory that suffers. Not from weed though. It has always been horrible. Despite that, I remember a lot of feelings and emotions of the time eras.

I've been doing my own independent research and study for about a year now. I've also done a lot of self-reflecting and observing people around me. Most of us have been brought up in a world thinking America is invincible and that Christianity is the one true religion of the world. Maybe we've had some people tell us other wise in our life time but when you're a kid, that doesn't matter. You know exactly what your parents and teachers have taught you over the years is the absolute truth. This country is perfect, Europe is a vacation spot, the Middle East is always at war with each other, and China is the biggest country in the world. Yep, sounds about right to me. Except, now I'm 22. Things are different now and there are deeper truths to those statements. Things are not exactly what my parents, priests, and teachers told me they are. I am old enough to make my own decisions and want to explore what the world has to offer. Not just in entertainment but culture, knowledge, and spirituality.

I remember when the internet first came about. I couldn't tell you how old I was right away but I can remember the curiosity I had. So the computer takes up our phone line and I can look at a bunch of cool shit and play games and talk to people from around the world. Sounds pretty badass. Now the internet today is full of more information than your local library can give you. I'm not saying it rules out books in any way. Not at all! But you can find out about an endless amount of books through talking to people, new articles, essays, blogs, ect. This thing is amazing. Imagine what you would know without the internet ever coming into existence. Imagine what your life would be like. Kind of weird? Though not everything on the internet is true! But on the contrary, neither is everything you hear or read. Truth and honesty are becoming a hard commodity to come by.

When President Bush was elected in 2000, I didn't even know there was an election going on. I was in 8th/9th grade, I didn't give a shit. I just wanted to listen to blink-182, ride my bike, and play basketball. I do remember the Florida recount bullshit but I didn't know who Bush was besides that one presidents son. Sounds good to me, the guy's got family and experience. I'm sure that was the consensus of a majority of the voters, even though I was only 13/14. That just proves how childish people can be.

Here we are at the final end of her term and look what has happened. Look at the world around you. The dollar is the weakest its ever been, jobs are disappearing, we're at war with a country that had no plans to attack us and had nothing to do with 9/11, thousands and thousands of lives have been lost or are homeless, you can't travel or communicate without being watched, our military is torturing innocent Muslims in a secret prison in Guantanamo Bay, and the president has passed laws that give him a ridiculous amount of power. These are things you can not ignore because if no one wants to try to fix it, then things will only get worse.

Barack Obama... what can I say, he's a hell of a guy, isn't he? I'm being serious, he really is a great candidate... but there is one guy you should at least take the time to read about. His name rhymes with Han Yaul. There was another one named Dennis Kucinich who'll I'll mention again later. Obama is great but I can't help but to feel none of his supporters even considered looking into the other candidates. That scares me because its the same shit that got us stuck with Bush. Anyways, its still possible McCain can become our next president and let me tell you, the entire world will watch America end and its country's society come to a close. You will see journalists, musicians, artists, lawyers, and teachers be arrested for treason just because they spoke out against our government's illegal war for oil in Iraq or any other "unpatriotic" criticism. This is what is already slowly happening.

The FCC is pushing to pass a rule that will allow big media corporations to own more than one newspaper. These big media organizations are all controlled by very few people and all have the same bias news coverage. You will not be getting the full story and you sure as hell will not be getting the truth because the truth is something they do not not want you to know. They want to keep you as dumb as possible, filling up their airtime with mind numbing reality shows and strategic advertisement. Congress pushed to reject this rule but now President Bush has the opportunity to veto their rejection before he leaves office. This is what we're looking at here. This is reality.

"So what?" you ask. "Nothing I do is going to change anything", "Things will get better like always hehe", "Nothing bad could happen here. This is the most powerful country in the world!". How disappointed I am with these words. To completely ignore the world around you and to live as if you have no worries but good grades, good job, good money... Because you really need a three story, five bedroom house. With a 58" HDTV and surround sound. And a hot tub, Xbox 360, sidekick, designer clothing, the entire series of Friends, and giant gas-gussling SUV's. I'm not saying you're not allowed to want one of those things but ALL of that? Or any more than ONE of those things? Take a step back for a second and look at the world. India and China, the world's rising powers (yes, America has already sold itself out), alone hold 40% of the worlds population. We here, in the west, only are a small amount of people who consume more than anyone else in the world. And why? What is wrong with downgrading instead of upgrading? Why do we always have to have more and more?

I am disappointed. Greatly disappointed. In everyone in this country, including myself for so very long. I am not that person anymore. I have my moments but for the most part, I have completely downgraded my life. I don't drive, I don't own a cell phone, and I hardly watch TV. My only vise is this god damned computer. And maybe some Twilight Princess action but rarely. I am not saying everyone should follow what I do and be like me. I am just saying you should make a real genuine effort to downgrade your materialistic nature. That is not all I am asking of people. Sorry for sounding like such a pusher, but we need to fight for our Constitutional rights.

The Defense Authorization Act of 2007 which has already been passed well over a year ago, expands the power of the President of The United States to declare marshal law and have full control of the national guard. He can't do that can he? Well, no... unless public order is lost. Public order could mean a major national disaster such as Hurricane Katrina. The Act defines public order so broadly that it could be a number of things. The fact of the matter is, Bush has already lied to Congress and lied to us- The American people- so he could push his war. He has even ignored Congress and the American people. He has placed himself above the law and has broken it numerous times. Congressman Dennis Kucinich has recently offered 35 articles of impeachment of Bush and Cheney. You look it up on youtube to see what the articles entail. Either way, we must carry out Constitutional law, the current administration should be removed from office, they should be tried, and then executed. Because that is what is supposed to happen to people who commit vicious war crimes.

When you go to vote this November and you watch the election come to an end, watch your back. Bush and his administration isn't finished. They want to mess with the vote count. They want to stir things up. They want to know who you voted for. Why? So they can secure their power. They want to incite a national emergency. They want to send in the National Guard to keep us in our houses and keep us uneducated/ignorant. Not only will the National Guard will be deployed but the government will spend our own money on contracting Blackwater military forces to help the "secure order". Even if Obama manages to win, this fight isn't over. Bush and gang still have a lot of support on the inside.

So what do we do? How can we protect our Constitutional rights that we've all been brought up to recognize but not understand? This is our last chance to make a change before the window of opportunity is closed along with our society. There is no other choice but to gather together as one in a radical political movement. A new revolution. There is no way around it. Bush has crippled our democracy over the past EIGHT years. This time, it just can't fix itself. The Founders set up our government in which we the people can put the congress and president in check when they need to be. We are the ones held responsible to keep the order. The Founders knew this was a possibility. They knew that there was a way to overthrow their democracy. But they put the power in the hands of the people to protect their own liberty.

There is a very good book that will explain to your the importance of the Constitution and the importance of having an educated society. Its called The End of America by Naomi Wolf. Its a short and easy read and its cheap. Politics isn't as boring as you may think it is. In fact, its god damn scary. To know how fragile democracy is. To recognize the tyrants, dictators, kings, and so forth; of the past and realize how horrible it must be to live under that kind of rule. No, America won't become a violent dictatorship such as Sadam was but it can become one through documentation... and if we elect the wrong dude one day, who'll go crazy with power... who knows what they will do.

If you have read all this, I want to thank you for putting forth your time and effort. I hope you feel somewhat inspired to make a change in your views, life, or whatever. As long as you learned something and apply it, I would gain back some sense of hope that has been slipping further and further from me. Take action. Join the revolution!

Here are some organizations you should join and follow:

Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty- http://www.campaignforliberty.com

The American Freedom Campaign- http://www.americanfreedomcampaign.org/

Here are some good articles to exercise with.

Kucinich- Bush Impeachment
http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5i...h4QD 916SHJ01

Ron Paul Steps Down- Supports Bob Barr

Adbusters- Magazine dealing with media corruption

The Great Seduction by Debt
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/10/op...&oref =slogin

Also, if you haven't yet, check out a interesting, but scary, movie called Zeitgeist.


H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007... If this bill is passed, freedom of speech is taken away from us. Weren't we all taught how important that means? And they want to take it away so they can fight terrorists in our country? If this bill passes,I would be considered a terrorist... an enemy combatant... I would be charged with treason and put in jail without due process. That means I wouldn't have a right to a lawyer, I wouldn't be able to see any evidence against me, I would be tortured until I admit to this crime I didn't even do, and put into a prison. Is that what you'd like to see? Do you want to see your friends who are journalist, musicians, and teachers go through this horrible oppression?

McCain AND Obama both support this. Since 9/11, have there been any terrorist attacks in this country? Terrorism is always there but its not something you can go to war with. Its not a country or a group of people, its an idea. Are we a country of three year olds? Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini all did the same thing. Create the idea that our freedom is being threatened by terrorists from within, and then made everyone a suspect using propaganda and fake documents. Remember the Yellowcake documents that the Bush administration said proved Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? No WMD's, complete bullshit.

Its almost to the point where rising up won't work anymore. We need to completely get Bush out of office and put him behind bars. He is the enemy. Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment must be passed. We must make sure of this. We need to remove all of the criminals that are in our congress.

Its time for society to change its direction. Let love bring us all together despite of race or religion.
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"Birds Are Winning" lyrics
06/07/08 at 03:16 PM by oldwirehands
"Seven oíclock and the birds are singing; sweet love...
She wonít, she wonít, she wonít
There stands the man gloc cocked and ready
She wonít last quarter past.

What use is it abusing it, our freedom that is
What use is it confusing this with freedom that is?
Yeah, you know, you know
Thereís nothing you can truley do when they come for you
All you

Aspiration domination, yeah thatís the motto of our nation
Isnít it?
Well if it were up to you
Then what say you
Of our homelands degradation!

And this is calming me too quickly (repeat)

So, whoa! Itís fucking obscene
You got a job, got a checkbook so what the fuck is going on
But what? Itís fucking obscene
You got a job, n pay your taxes so what the fuck is going on

And this is cannon fire; black-bagged and backstabbed by the man and you are all being deceived by what you believe.

Look for the book titled "redefined, redefined" Keep it in mind
You can find it where the honest men lie, honest men lie. Whoa

You claim it in the name (dot) .gov youíve got the holy spirit bound and shackled by your greed "This is selfishness indeed" So you can keep your money and you can keep your beliefs cuz "in God we trust, in God we trust" In God you trust? HAAAAA, ha.

Blood splatter on the daphidills, the word murder screaming from the hills... There will be hell to pay for them and they, them and they.

And this is cannon fire (BANG!) there goes another one
And the worst thing is she didnít even know (BANG!) we got it all wrong. Then the funeral and now sheís history (BANG!)

Of a lifeless bitch black-bagged in fields of flowers Iíve had enough of this... Iím coming home... Truth is needed truth is needed. (repeat)

I'm really glad I'm in a band where I can honestly say I agree with and love my singer's lyrics and voice. We're going to dominate this country during the summer. I'm not going to shut up about us and our message any time soon. Its time for us, the people, to rise up and cause some much needed drama.
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Being in a band = No social life
05/20/08 at 06:06 PM by oldwirehands
"Oh, it must be so cool playing music all the time and to travel. You're so lucky."


I busted my ass at Papa John's for two weeks so I could get a pay check over $300. I got paid today and now all that money is gone because I had to buy some pedals. And I still am not 100% show ready.

Traveling is something I love to do and I truly do feel lucky to be able to play music and do that with my best friends. But there's a lot more to it than that. Gas prices are up way too high and we're supposed to be touring for the rest of the year. No promoters are compensating their guarantees (if they even give us anything) to the rising gas prices. We have to raise the price of all our merch by $2 hoping that will make a difference.

I don't own a car or a cell phone. Thank god I have this computer that barely runs so I can keep in touch with the world outside of my house. I look at all my friends from high school getting ready to graduate college, get good jobs, and some are even getting married. And here I am, still living with my parents, I have $0 to my name, and am in debt so deep it makes my head spin when I think about it.

The price I and other musicians pay to pursue our dreams is one you really can't understand unless you experience it. Its not as glamorous as some may think. There are times where I just want to say fuck it, sell my gear, and go to school full-time. And the whole groupie thing is just a myth. Unless you're in a band that is making a decent amount of money (or write catchy pop songs for 15 year olds), the girls pretty much stay clear.

I have twenty bucks in my wallet that is supposed to last me two weeks.............

Hopefully I can find some people interested in getting $10 guitar lessons because I'm dying over here.
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My first Ayahuasca experience
05/17/08 at 02:06 AM by oldwirehands
"Ayahuasca (Quechua, pronounced [ajaˈwaska]) is any of various psychoactive infusions or decoctions prepared from the Banisteriopsis spp. vine, native to the Amazon Rainforest (which is also called ayahuasca). The resulting drinks are pharmacologically complex and used for shamanic, folk-medicinal, and religious purposes. To occidental ethno-biologists it is noted a variety of 200-300 plants are used in the different brews made by the Ayahuasceras. It is an open question whether Ayahuasca should be noted as one particular shamanic medicinal brew, or that it should be noted as an entire medicinal tradition specific to the Amazonas."

This was my second attempt at brewing Ayahuasca and I got this time. I was boiling the tea from 9am-4:45pm. I took it at 5:10pm and didn't feel anything until 6:30!!! That totally threw me off because even on the instructions I got, it said you'd feel effects after a half hour to 45 minutes.

At first I went for a walk with my friends since it was really nice out. We walked around until 6 and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to work. Welllll, after me and my guitar player, Nick, arrive at our practice spot, I start to feel... weird. The nauseous feeling never went away but I figured that was because I drank two glasses of what tasted like the amazon river. God aweful. Anyways, I start seeing this tractor's wheel pull apart from the machine in like a 3D way. So I went inside to just sit down and slowly things started having that 3D effect and colors started to become more vivid. Then it was when I started playing my guitar things really started getting colorful and would change to what I was playing. The seams (or lines one my jeans, whatever), started glowing so many different colors, then formed a Mayan-like animated painting of some girls dancing. The guitar stuff lasted about an hour. Then Nick kicked on his distortion all loud and fucked shit up lol. I crawled into our little chill spot and had the weirdest/creepiest/scariest closed-eye visuals. The American flag in the shapes of peaces signs and a jester wearing an American flag hat and was laughing at me. I felt sick, I started to freak out a little bit, but kept telling myself "I'm still just Chris. I'm only tripping.".

Since me and Nick were waiting for Jimmy to come write with us, things were just uncomfortable. Nick didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Our practice house is partially renovated and old so things looked more scummy and made me feel bad pretty much. I went to the bathroom for some water and the sink looked like it was out of a D.A.R.E. movie. So I went out for some fresh and air and whatayaknow, it got cloudy out and cold. That shat on my trip some more. I just laid back and tried to think of things that made me happy and such and it was working on and off. I was feeling a bit better and less scared but I was going through ridiculous emotional swings as well. FINALLY, I went inside, laid on the couch, curled up in some blankets, and got comfy and warm. I was finally at peace with myself and this drug. All I needed was some comfort. So I laid the for the last hour or so of the trip and that was probably my favorite part. The way I was putting the world together really helped me put myself together.

After it was all said and done, I sat up with a smile on my face. The whole time I was coming down I was thinking about how life is essentially a trip in itself and how its a real struggle to communicate with each other. Everyone has their own ideas and people really need to respect that rather than fight over it. There is a lack of communication that is separating everyone from each other. Religion and money are only imprisoning ourselves. Its almost like the Matrix. So many people are living in this fantasy world while on the other hand there are people who have been waken from this television worshiping society. We are all one. We're human. We shouldn't be fighting each other because someone wants to live differently. I understand there must be structure and I believe the US Constitution founded the best structure possible. We can not destroy ourselves because of this struggle to communicate. I won't allow it.

These ideas are definitely going to influence my part in writing the new song we're jamming to. Its going to sound like mankind's struggle to communicate and to survive... and that is really how its sounding to me anyways.

I'm definitely going to do this again. Next time, I'll know more of how it works and will go more smoothly. I'll time it right next time so I can trip during a full band practice.


I would recommend anyone who's 18+ to go to that site and get one of the Ayahuasca kits. Don't be afraid of it, just embrace what is being presented to you and remind yourself that its just a trip. Everything comes together in the end. You will not have the scary part of the trip I had if you are in a comfortable environment.
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05/11/08 at 10:46 PM by oldwirehands
www.myspace.com/referencemusic- something different.

www.redroomcinema.net- these new demos are promising.

www.myspace.com/thechemistvsthecomputer- because the full-length we're going to start writing is going to be sick.

www.myspace.com/benshepard- i've been in love with this band, sexually, for the past three years. don't leave in such a hurry is one of my favorite albums of all time.

I've also been finding myself listening to 2pac.
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Why I love our fans
05/08/08 at 09:47 AM by oldwirehands
We played a show on Tuesday in Lake Station, IN. There were a million bands on the bill and we got thrown on as the headliners. We didn't get to play until 1am and were all sure that we weren't going to be playing in front of anyone but a few bands. Some our fans did leave. It was a Tuesday night after all. But there were a lot of people who stayed. It kind of blew me away. Someone told me that we had the biggest turn out of the night. I couldn't tell but still it blew me away. Even further more since we played with Kaddisfly.

We're going to be hooking up with a company called Moxie Star. They are a publicity and marketing company and work with Kaddisfly. I'm pretty excited about that.

The coolest thing about our fans is how their energy and enthusiasm pushes us to do more as a band. We're going to have an online store soon with three different t-shirt designs and Loki. All orders will get hooked up with some stickers of course. We're also in the middle of booking a tour out on the east coast. It looks like we'll be sharing some dates with a band called Pages from NJ. We wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for our fans. They cheer us up when we're feeling down.

Yay for life man. Yay for life.
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04/27/08 at 06:48 PM by oldwirehands
A lot of great music comes out of there.

Balloons (Indie Rock)
If you like American Football, don't wait any longer to check these guys out. I also hear some Make Believe in them. They're very very cool.

This is an awesome video from School Food Punishment.

Other than that, I've been jamming some James Brown here and there.
Tags: sticks, pottery, jewels
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04/14/08 at 08:10 AM by oldwirehands
Its been a slow week but I still have a few things for everyone to check out. Its all about the women this week. Because what is sexier than talented people with vaginas?

The Blow (electronic/indie)
So I was first introduced to the Blow a few weeks ago when I was staying with my friend Lauren at IU. She was playing Poor Aim: Love Songs on vinyl and I was still pretty high from the wake and bake we had. I was taken in right away. Her songs are catchy and the beats always keep me moving. You may have heard The Blow before but if you haven't, click the link to the myspace now! Just check her out even if you aren't into electronic music.

Kaki King (indie/shoegaze)
If you haven't listened or heard of Kaki King yet, you're life must be miserable. I want to marry this woman. She's one of the most incredibly talented guitar players and song writers of our time. Her music is just as beautiful as her. Her style is genuinely unique but very easy to listen to. I can't stop listening to her new album Dreaming of Revenge. Go out and buy it!

Other things I've been listening to (more on the heavy side):

Time To Burn- The band name is just as heavy and brutal as the music. Is.Land is still one of my favorite albums of 2007.

iwrestledabearonce- This band is probably too goofy for me to really get into but they're god damn talented thats for sure. They're the only metal band thats really grabbed my attention this year.

I almost forgot to mention the most brutal band, possibly in the history of music.

Cloacal Kiss.

"Necrobot" will rip your head off while giving you a handjob.
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Sunday Recs
04/06/08 at 02:58 PM by oldwirehands
I feel like I should start doing this. I listen to so much fucking music during the week but don't really talk about it because people really don't seem to listen to me in the first place. So I'm really doing this for my sake so I can always go back through when I get bored finding new music.

Torche (rock/stoner metal)
These guys remind me a bit of Mastodon and Jesu. But the vocals remind me a lot of Dave Grohl. So much as if I want to say they're like an EXTREMELY heavy Foo Fighters. But that sounds a bit misleading. My brother has been into them a lot lately and its starting to grow on me.

Arms and Sleepers (electronic/ambient)
I haven't gotten enough of their music since I was introduced to them in December last year. They remind me of the Album Leaf and DNTL but it seems more structured? I'm not sure if that is what makes them stand out. They do some times have Sigur Ros kind of moments as well. Definitely great to fall asleep or chill to.

Cloud Archive (rock/visual)
I want to say Prog Rock. I really do. So I will. Like Visual Prog Rock. Their guitar tones are very atmospheric and the song writing is pretty fucking epic. "How To Smoke Roses" is just beautiful. I haven't gotten enough of this cd yet.

The Spirit Molecule (electronic/visual/atmospheric)
I'm just going to plug my own shit in here because I just released my first and probably last full-length. I know some people around here really liked the EP and I think this is way better than that. Its called weareone and it took a lot of development. I'm also releasing some songs that I didn't put on the cd, on the myspace. Just because I made them after the cd was finished and I won't be able to fully develop the songs anymore. You can download the full-length here.

I should also recommend that when you listen to my recommendation, or really any music, you should listen with headphones. That is the best way to get the fullest sound of course. So if you don't have any, I suggest you go out and fork over at least $20-30 to get a decent pair. It might change you're opinion on other artists you didn't like before. (I'd also recommend smoking weed if you're into that lol).

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Enjoy the music.
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