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Take This To Your [Headphones]
The Space Between what's wrong and right
04/06/09 at 12:10 AM by Miss Heartcore
Today was awesome. Spring weather lifting spirits.

Definitely had to turn up some old Valencia during the day drive:

The Space Between always reminds me of summer and the seeing Valencia at Bamboozle and on their tour in the Summer of 06.

Tonight I made a late night drive home and heard the other Space Between:

If there was ever a song to describe the month of March for me, this song is it.

I don't even know where to begin. Do I have regrets? Absolutely. Every day I think about what I could have done to prevent, where it all went wrong, and if there is anything that I could actually fix.

What it comes down to is that people felt cheated, people were hurt, people were lied to, things were misconstrued, and things were done out of anger. I still don't even know what was really said and what was made up simply to enhance the drama. I can't even tell what was worth it at this point. I have gained things and I have lost things that happened to be very important to me. I have also been told things that I never want to hear from anyone ever again.

I used to have two separate lives (personal and the internet) and in the past few months everything started to bleed together. I kind of lost sight of things and just acted on my own behalf without thinking of the consequences or how they would impact other people. It's not to say that I'm not the same here as I am in real life but there is only so much of me that I can portray here and unless you've met me, you'll never really understand or know things about how I live. So, I guess I'm sort of back to the drawing board with trying to draw the line from what matters and what doesn't anymore. I need to figure out what's most important to me from here on out.

So in turn, I am sorry for how things panned out. If there was a re-do option for certain events in life, this is probably the moment where I'd use it.
Tags: The Space Between, DMB, Valencia, Music, Personal, Life
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You tell me that you need me...
04/03/09 at 11:01 AM by Miss Heartcore
...but then you go and cut me down...

I don't have any desire to purchase Punk Goes Pop Volume 2 and I've never really cared for Silverstein, but I so do enjoy this cover:

Speaking of Punk Goes Pop covers, have you heard these:



Do your worst.
Tags: Silverstein, Apologize, Punk goes Pop, Just Dance, Hot n Cold, music
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While you live it up I'm off to sleep...
03/31/09 at 08:37 PM by Miss Heartcore
I could watch this over and over again.

The voice,
The words,
The bits and pieces of storyline put together....

Completely flawless.

Tags: Kings of Leon, Use Somebody, Music Video, My buddy Casey, ear candy, Life
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New Music
03/30/09 at 10:55 AM by Miss Heartcore
Currently loving:

All songs from my buddy's band, Big City Lights


"The Astronomer" from Oh, The Story!

Everyone is dying for change; all the colors are fading
All I want is to be saved… Set free and rearranged, I’m ready…
Tags: Big City Lights, Oh The Story!, music, life.
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Ace Enders got Hot?
03/16/09 at 12:42 PM by Miss Heartcore

One of my favorite frontmen just got even better.


How he went from feeble looking Michael Cera to hot Ryan Cabrera is beyond me.
Tags: Ace Enders, Music, Singers, Meow.
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We were both young when I first saw you...
02/22/09 at 11:06 PM by Miss Heartcore
Yes, that's right. THIS song.

Can't stand country music or Taylor Swift's strange mouth/teeth. I even managed to avoid it at all costs until last week.
Now the damn song won't leave my head.

I love it.

Good song ending, cute music video to go with it.

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said,
"Marry me, Juliet. you'll never have to be alone.
I love you and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress;
It's a love story - baby just say 'Yes.'

Too bad this couldn't be real life.

Tags: Taylor Swift, Love Song, Music, Romance, Personal, Life.
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I love Surprises.
02/08/09 at 10:45 PM by Miss Heartcore
...The band, not the actual act of Surprises.

I love Brooks and miss the Sullivan days, but I'm fairly certain this song is about my life.

I need a drink and a recess filter
I want a reason not to feel
How long's it been since you kissed a stranger
On the beach, yeah, on the beach

Tags: Surprises, The Mistress and Her Heart, music, Personal, Life
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Speaking of THE BOSS.
02/02/09 at 03:10 PM by Miss Heartcore
I was able to hear this cover live twice this past week.

Can't get enough of it. Shane knows how to pick em.

Tags: Shane Henderson, Valencia, Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen, Cover, Music
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Whatever happened to me?
01/10/09 at 06:06 PM by Miss Heartcore
First time I saw I am the Avalanche they played this song acoustic.

I'm pretty sure it's in my Top 20 for favorite songs.

Whatever happened to all the New York gentlemen?
My daddy said son,you're looking at one.

I get goosebumps every time.
Tags: IATA, Brooklyn Dodgers, Songs, Music, Life
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Folie a la Douche II
01/05/09 at 12:29 AM by Miss Heartcore
So, as of yesterday my FOB pre-order cd package arrived:

I anxiously opened the box hoping that I would be as lucky as Charlie Bucket and that Golden Ticket would be in my hands...but alas....

Fuckin' figures.

Anyway, I will say it's much better than IOH. It sort of has a FUCT feel to it. I've been enjoying most of the songs with only about 2 skips during the entire CD.

Top 5:

1. The (Shipped) Gold Standard
2. The Disloyal Order of Water Buffalos
3. America's Suitehearts
4. Tiffany Blews
5. (Coffee's for Closers)

Now I just have to wait for the re-release with bonus tracks.

Tags: FOB, Folie a Deux, Pre-Order, Music
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I'm the kind of kid that can't let anything go....
12/21/08 at 07:44 PM by Miss Heartcore
As much as I can respect an artist's desire to take advantage of all the musical equipment and producers their money can buy once they hit it big, the poseur elitist in me wishes that F.A.D. had a demo sound to it.

I love this.

I usually hit replay at least 3x in the car...it makes me feel like I'm in a garage in Willmette listening to their band practice.

On the topic of FOB videos, this made me actually like the song more than I already did. Sometimes I laugh at really simple minded things:


I'm still waiting on my F.A.D. until then, it's TTYG and FUCT to hold me over.
Tags: FOB, My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon, Music or the Misery, demos, videos
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'Cause I'm a disaster of epic proportions.
12/13/08 at 01:19 PM by Miss Heartcore
My friend Dustin is an official roadie for The Classic Crime and he gave me their new cd about a week ago because I haven't had a chance to buy it.

Honestly, Matt McDonald has probably one of my all time favorite voices in music. SO fucking rad how intense he can get.

Their intro song, "The End" is by far my favorite track. Full of anguish and just raw emotion:

Call me a liar,
Call me your friend.
I will let you down again,
'Cause I'm a disaster of epic proportions.
I will let you down again.

I am not worthy to be called your savior,
I am not going to catch all your blame,
But to warn you some may fall on my name.

"How could you do this to all your believers?
How could you do this to all of your friends?"
You know this is the end!"

I know this is the end.
I know this is the end.

The song isn't available on youtube to show but if you're curious about his voice, check this out (especially towards the end of the track) and pick up their new cd, The Silver Cord.

Tags: The Classic Crime, The End, The Silver Cord, Just a Man, lyrics, vocals, music
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Punch-Drunk Punk Rock Romance
11/21/08 at 10:13 AM by Miss Heartcore

Let the games begin

If anything, at least the crowd will be full of eye candy.

1. Beards
2. Flannel
3. Mature
4. Virgins Tattoos.

Maybe I'll meet my future husband.

Stay tuned.
Tags: Keith Buckley, Every Time I Die, MegOhio, Music, Bands, Fuck YEA
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Epic Weekend was Epic
11/17/08 at 09:07 AM by Miss Heartcore

Things that I've wanted for two years became reality.
Things that I feared for two years became reality.

I talked too much
Drank too much
Sang too loud
Traveled too far
and probably could have smiled a little bit more.

I witnessed the best and worst in people.
I saw the worst of myself.

My mind and heart are still racing from all that's happened.

It's time for some change.
Let's make it happen.

I'm ready to take that big step
Start tearing off the layers I put up
Or is it too late to be
Anything but what I am
Identify the problem
Now let's see
If we can fix anything.

Tags: Alcohol, Shows, Music, Friends, Life
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Listen to her sing.
11/09/08 at 10:16 PM by Miss Heartcore
This is a video of my sister's friend Danielle. They went to high school together and she has a real talent that unfortunately will never see the light of day due to her up-bringing.

Danielle pretty much grew up in fear of her extremely strict mother and was rarely even allowed to hang out with her friends. In person, her voice has been known to bring people to tears. It's a shame that her dreams of becoming a singer have pretty much been forced to nothing more than a mere personal hobby.

Recently she started posting her videos, which is awesome because I can finally hear her talent.

Take a listen if want:
Tags: Music, Singer, Danielle, Hidden Talent, Take a Bow
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