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No Sympathy For A Sinking Ship
10/08/09 at 12:54 PM by EmotionalJack
In Italy people is getting mad about Gossip Girl and it's becoming really annoying. I watched some episodes of the first series and I thought it was The O.C. part 2, one of those teen dramas that try to convince you that even rich peoples have deep personal problems. Like any human being. But when my television is off this fact doesn't matter but, every day, on Facebook, there are thousands of new groups about teen girls in love with the arrogant-and-sexy Chuck Bass or the sweet-and-athletic Nate Archibald and they cite life lessons from the good-girl-gone-bad Blair Waldorf. Normally I don't complain about something I don't watch but how can a son of employees coming from a generation of farmers, like I am, connect with a world where the main problem of girls is choosing between a Valentino-signed dress or a Gucci one or where all the boys don't have imperfections? Maybe it's part of the Berlusconi's propaganda during this recession: don't worry about it, Italy is not a sinking ship, we will be better than ever. So poor kids fry their brains with this awful show and hope for a condition they'll probably never have.. Or maybe we think that we are on Titanic.. living our beautiful scenery and dancing under the pale moonlight but we don't see the iceberg til the ship crash
Tags: Gossip Girl, Italy, Titanic
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Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
10/07/09 at 01:23 PM by EmotionalJack
Maybe it's just me, or it's just my taste for music that sounds more like a guilty pleasure than a serious favourite artist, but I think that in this site there is so much hype for a Long Island band called Brand New and I can't understand why. I give them credit for being original and deciding to take a road more ambitious and harder than their emo/post-hardcore peers, but I just can't get into these guys. The first song of theirs that I loved was Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades, the second being Sowing Season. After hearing the new single At the Bottom my attention towards BN increased so I downloaded (illegally) Daisy (I only buy albums that I really like) and it somehow left me dry... Bed, You Stole and Sink are great tracks but where's the difference between any other post-hardcore band with the quiet-loud sing/scream dynamics and the band of Jesse Lacey? Maybe I look too often for a good hook instead of a good song and that's why I love more Seventy Times 7 than Limousine or Degausser and Archers is my second favourite from TGADARIM.. but I trust Lacey's work (whose lyrics cut deeper than a diamond) and I'll give Deja Entendu a second, a third, a fourth chance..
Tags: Brand New, musical tastes
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(Review) Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet
07/16/09 at 09:40 AM by EmotionalJack
Andrew W.K. Ė I Get Wet
Record Label: Island Records
Record Release: November 13, 2001

Nobody certainly would imagine that Andrew W.K. could make a show for kids (Destroy Build Destroy) right after the release of I Get Wet. In 2001, he was too busy in having a blast during concerts and having parties every day. The party philosopher didnít want to be the savior of rock (he didnít act like that) but for him partying was kind of a mission: bring the party all over the world being not afraid to bleed, fuck and fight for a portion of good fun.

After a first listen his music looks stupid, too frenetic and quite useless. Musically, I Get Wet is a massive nonsense noise of an hard-to-define genre, from dance to rock, taking influences from the Ď80s ("I Love NYC", "Got to Do it") where some songs are very similar if not identical ("Take it Off", "I Get Wet") and others have the same formula or riff. And lyrically itís even worse (the proud line "we do what we like and we like what we do" in the smashing single "Party Hard" or "I get wet when a part of youís dying/I get without even trying" in the revenge-themed "I Get Wet"). But you canít expect that much from a man who writes "party" or "fun" once or twice in the same sentence: "Itís Time to Party", "Party Hard", "Party Til You Puke". Even when he tries to show some maturity the ending still sounds childish or like a prom night anthem ("Girl Own Love", "Sheís Beautiful").

But he puts passion in his music and he wants people to move, shake and enjoy themselves. He is the icon of the American Pie and the Jackass generation: boys and girls who only want to have fun, do something really crazy, so crazy to remember it for the rest of their lives. Standing in his own, playing all instruments, the Michigan-raised musician provides a full-of-adrenaline album for companies and friends, for people who think about Ďtogetherí and Ďmore we are, more we party, more we dieí: like the last song perfectly shouts "we will always live it in the red" ("Donít Stop Living in the Red"). Throughout the record he stays true to himself and his philosophy within his simple yet cleverly stupid melodies. Andrewís clock is always set for a time to party , every moment is good to dance, jump, kill, stab, rob, steal and obviously, party Ďtil he pukes. He and his friends will never stop "'cause we will never listen to your rules" ("Party Hard").

Maybe itís an album too demented to listen to or maybe just because itís too demented itís worth a bunch of listens. It hasnít saved music, it hasnít saved industries and it hasnít ruined anything nor sowed terror everywhere with his cavemanís voice. He tried to find meaning in partying and take the world by storm (he did it especially in the UK) with a laughable, circus version of metal complete of synths, explosive piano melodies to create a sound good only for one volume: loud, loud and loud. For what it is, I Get Wet is fresh and simple and itís the perfect soundtrack for a killer party or a bloody mosh pit with final spew. Without pretentious lyrics or hidden messages (even if in this ridiculousness Andrew tries to be taken seriously) he spreads the bloody-nose image, proud not fashionable, with a love-it-or-hate-it music. But, after all, you donít have to search for poetical situations in fun or partying because you "love it or leave it" as Andrew W.K. sings in "We Want Fun".

Vocals: 7
Musicianship: 7,25
Lyrics: 5,25
Production: 8,5
Creativity: 5,75
Lasting Value: 8,75
Reviewer Tilt: 9,75
Overall Rating: 75%
Tags: reviews
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Upcoming reviews
07/06/09 at 06:22 AM by EmotionalJack
After finishing exams this wednesday, I'll be trying to write review for these records:

My Favorite Highway - How to Call a Bluff (Re-release)
The Blackout - The Best in Town
Vanilla Sky - Changes

I hope to write something decent.
Tags: reviews
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A second chance to thank you
06/28/09 at 05:17 AM by EmotionalJack
Why are you here on your own?
Why are you standing still?
Why are you giving up the fights?
Why are you down on your knees?
You donít bleed enough to need a fixation
Get up and start again

Wherever you go
I thought you should know
We all need a reason to believe
Wherever you go
I thought you should know
We all have a second chance to try
Iíve become an endless whine, Iíd better turn myself straight

Have you set yet your goals?
Are you working on them?
Have you lost faith in yourself
Or in people around you?
Failures donít keep you away from dreaming
Itís time to get concrete

Stop crying out
Hold on tight
Break the silence
I promise Iím back soon

Wherever you go
I thought you should know
We all need a reason to believe
Wherever you go
I thought you should know
We all have a second chance to try
Iíve become an endless winner, sun is shining again

Remember smiles and laughs locked in our hearts
Good old days like memories stuck forever
Suffered inside my soul you were there to heal
Your shoulder is warm and strong for rainy times

You make me smile
This song is for you
An angel in disguise

Since you are here my life is turned upside down
Canít stop living moments of truth and happiness
I was falling you were ready to pick me up and go
When thereís nothing left to lose, thereís always you

I can sleep now
Iím me because of you
Donít fear the future
Thank you my love
Thank you for all the things youíve ever made for me itís not enough
For me it's not enough
Thank you is not enough
Thank you my love
Tags: my songs' lyrics
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Mothers against Brokencyde
04/19/09 at 02:18 AM by EmotionalJack
Maybe it's a bit too extreme, but well, this "band" SHOULD REALLY STOP making music.
I'm beginning to plan some homicides..

Tags: brokencyde
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Appeal to Reason
03/03/09 at 03:08 PM by EmotionalJack
Monday I bought the new Rise Against record, "Appeal to Reason" and after some listens and after stating that it's one of the most intelligent modern punk albums, I saw this quote that I post for you to read.

"what do you think an artist is? An imbecile who has only eys, if he's a painter, or ears if he's a musician, or a lyre in every chamber of his heart if he's a poet, or even, if he's a boxer, just his mucles? Far from it: at the same time, he is also a political being, constantly aware of the heartbreaking, passionate, or delightful things that happen in the world, shaping himself completely in their image. How could it be possible to feel no interest in other people, and with a cool indifference to detach yourself from the very life which they bring to you so abundantly? No, painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war."
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The Beginning
01/20/08 at 06:43 AM by EmotionalJack
Well, I don't know why I decided to start this blog. I have another one for MSN Messenger, but it's in Italian. So, though emotions are carried by heart, and heart have no specific languages, I write here some lines for everyone who wants to read. Mmm... no. I decide to post here the lyrics of a song that I wrote about a poem that my classmates (and also my princess...) brought to us one day. It was written (maybe) by William Shakespeare, the master of love. Read it, and enjoy.


The other day I read
A lyric not so bad
The girls have taken it
And made me so sweet
Written by the most famous
And the most glorious
He tried to understand
Who we love again

Of them it talks about
Read it, thereís no doubt
For him itís all like a big tree
Everyone is free
To take his choice, his choice of love
With his harmony, with his style
He writes a praise in this while

Girls like apples, the best are the highest
We are afraid to take them, it takes so long time
So we pick the rotten ones, even if theyíre fallen
But we know thereís something better than this

And at the top
Some have lost hope
They think to have problems
They have to solve them
They wait for the right man
For a love that will begin
Theyíre the other side of the same heart
Until itís falling apart

Place your hand in mine
Please donít say a word
I kiss your soft lips
And whisper in your ear
You have nothing wrong
You have nothing wrongÖ

Thank you for your time!!!

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