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sjb2k1's Blog
ATTN: Crappy Pop Bands
04/04/11 at 06:14 PM by sjb2k1
All Time Low, I'm looking at you...particularly you, Gaskarth:
Originally Posted by AlexAllTimeLow
These are the silliest lyrics I've ever written. It's an intentional, and sarcastic jab at the current state of radio...(Did write it with Rivers, after all) The irony will then be if works, so here's to hoping it does. I assure you that the lyrical content on the rest of the
record does not follow suit. Have fun with it... Clearly it's not a song intended to make you think.
Important grammar lesson forthcoming!!!

In the land of Alanis Morrisette's ironic, yeah, this will be ironic if it does well.

HOWEVER, in the land of correct meanings of words, writing a shitty pop tune like everything else on the radio to get popular...and then getting popular....not so much. That's not really the "opposite of what's expected."

Irony, gents, would be if you wrote a shitty, shitty pop song with no intention of it ever making it to radio, and then somehow it got picked up anyway. So really, what it seems to me, is you're full of shit....or woefully misinformed about what you're trying to do here.

Either way, that song is terrible.
Tags: grammar, irony
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happy birthday to me
03/30/11 at 03:03 PM by sjb2k1
exactly 28 years ago i appeared on this earth. wednesday, march 30, 1983 was a pretty awesome day, i'd say.

thanks mom...and dad too, i guess you helped.
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not much gives me a bigger head part II
03/29/11 at 03:31 PM by sjb2k1
so, i posted an Adele song on my tumblr yesterday, "Someone Like You." understand, my tumblr is just a random collection of pictures and music and shit that i like. there's no theme. i see something, it's pretty, i post it. i hear something, it's awesome, i post it. etc.

imagine my surprise that this song now has 200 plays in 24 hours and has been reblogged by about 20 people. what have i learned?

if you want to up your tumblr page views, upload a popular artist's closer from her latest album...and be sure to tag it properly, haha
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not much gives me a bigger head
03/28/11 at 03:29 PM by sjb2k1
than getting notifications that people reblogged my tumblr posts. even if all i did was post a song i like, lol.
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if you lived here
03/27/11 at 11:47 PM by sjb2k1
maybe i'd be too terrified of commitment to even keep seeing you. or maybe it would be easy to commit. i don't know where i'm going with this. i suck at relationships and panic when i am in them and this is not that but it gets closer every day. there are no commas, no pauses, because i'm terrified and rambling.

ahhh stephanie. you like her. you're gonna see her. there is nothing left to do. there's no action to take. don't force things. stop trying to control things. just be. live here in this moment. step 3 it, girl.
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possibly the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.
03/24/11 at 09:16 AM by sjb2k1

Aerial view of Yellowstone. Fucking amazing.
Tags: yellowstone, beautiful, nature
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Hailey, It Happens - "Invincible"
03/23/11 at 08:16 AM by sjb2k1
go check out the song they just put up on their Facebook page, please. when you do, you're not only supporting musicians, you're supporting two fellow AP.net members, Chris and Bobby.
Tags: hailey it happens, support ap.net members
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know this please
03/22/11 at 07:21 PM by sjb2k1
i will not forget the sound of you and me, when we were friends...

Janine and i have not seen each other or even spoken since February 9. that's the longest we've ever gone, period. even when we were just friends. i spoke about it tonight at the meeting. i'm terrified. she'll be completely different, she won't even like me at all, she'll have her boyfriend waiting for her after the session, anything, everything.

i got a lot of really great experience/strength/hope tonight. so i have a plan in place for when i first see her - gonna be proactive - and for when we're done - going to an al anon meeting. my first one ever.

i just have no idea what to expect, and i hate that. but i don't have any control over her end, just my own. but i have the plan and that's all i can do. that and not pick up a drink. been sober more than 16 months...it'd be pretty big bullshit to blow my sobriety over her.

yeah, i think i'll end it there.
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03/18/11 at 10:40 PM by sjb2k1
read something on here tonight that reminded me just how fragile life is. that fraction of a second stuff that's so cliche but true. doesn't become a cliche if it wasn't fuckin super true at some point.

as a general rule i try not to think about anything more than my higher power and the role God plays in my sobriety. i focus on the idea that ultimately, what happens in my life is not up to me. all i can do is the best i can. God takes care of the rest. i never thought i'd type that....but then i read a few stories of some shit that just doesn't make sense. make me feel sick inside. just such tough shit to deal with.

normally i post this to a listserv. i'm grateful today for:

1. not drunk
2. my parents are here helping me with the house as a birthday present
3. i own a house at 27
4. super cute cat passed out next to me on my couch
5. cute girl who's like me and who likes me and plays me music
6. knowing how someone else operates
7. warm carolina weather - sleeping with the windows open tonight
8. gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow, too
9. 24 hours at a time
10. progress, not perfection

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i loved the way she said LA
03/17/11 at 12:19 AM by sjb2k1
or Monterey. or San Jose. anything really.

she goes to California, oh
California's not so far
when i close my eyes and wonder where you are
and you wish upon a star
2,000 miles doesn't seem so far

additional information not related to the rest of this post: this is my second sober st. patty's day. weird, but really, really good. plus, the world is a little safer without the female equivalent of frank the tank (minus the streaking. never got THAT far) roaming the streets.
Tags: song of the day, st patrick's day
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song of the day 3.14.11
03/14/11 at 07:57 PM by sjb2k1
"Seasick" by Fireworks

Tags: song of the day, fireworks, cute girls
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the velocipastor
03/14/11 at 04:41 PM by sjb2k1
1. go to this thread:

2. watch the youtube video.

3. laugh.
Tags: youtube, the velocipastor
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currently digging
03/13/11 at 08:14 PM by sjb2k1
i've said this before recently, but i feel like everything i listen to these days is gold. it was 70 degrees and sunny here today, and i spent much of my afternoon chatting with a pretty girl and listening to Etta James and The Clash.

i love that i am able to enjoy such complete musical opposites. i really don't think there's much i'll pass up on anymore, except for straight up metal/hardcore. too much for me. shredding impresses the shit out of me, but my ears have no use for it.

besides lovely Etta and London Calling, here's a stack of CDs i just picked up off my floor:
Sims - Bad Time Zoo
Ani DiFranco - Dilate
Paper Rival - Paper Rival EP
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing
The Decemberists -The King Is Dead
Junction 18/Over It - The Acoustic Split
Down to Earth Approach - Come Back to You
Two Tongues - Two Tongues

a big range of musicians there. and yet it needs something...
Tags: currently digging, etta james, the clash
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what i picked up at my local record store
03/12/11 at 09:33 PM by sjb2k1
local record stores. been a while since i've done this feature but i went on a bit of a spree today. hit up 3 of my local record shops and came away with some pretty sweet loot:

schoolkids records
the raconteurs - broken boy soldier 12"
new end original - thriller
the rural alberta advantage - departing
reba mcentire - some random single i found in the used 7' bin and bought for a buck

bull city records
red city radio - to the sons & daughters of woody guthrie 12"
creedence clearwater revival - best of CCR 12"

offbeat music
the clash - london calling
etta james - at last!
ani difanco - dilate
the decemberists - the king is dead
a really cool light green t-shirt that says "durham rocks" on it with a guitar

so fuckin stoked about finding At Last! on sale and a brand new used copy of rural alberta advantage.
Tags: what i picked up at my local record store
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one recurring thought
03/11/11 at 01:31 PM by sjb2k1
"When the fox hears the rabbit scream he comes a-runnin', but not to help..."
Tags: thomas harris, hannibal
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