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prettyLUSH16's Blog
Album's I've Been Spinning Lately
05/11/14 at 07:08 PM by prettyLUSH16
Just thought I'd make a list of some of the records that have been in heavy rotation for me lately.

The Bled- Silent Treatment
Refused- The Shape Of Punk To Come
The Used- In Love And Death
Senses Fail- Renacer
Northlane- Singularity
He Is Legend - It Hates You
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The Greatest Of All Lost Arts
05/10/11 at 12:47 PM by prettyLUSH16
So, In a recent thread I had mentioned a great band by the name of Lower Definition and on that thread another user had actually liked them and I was taken aback. To my surprise Lower Definition has still not gained the recognition that I think is overdue after a slew of early demo's, two self-released EP's, and a spectacular debut Full-Length.

"Moths" the first initial EP, Where new vocalist Matt Geise was introduced is when I fell in love with this group of artists. I was sixteen and this EP hadblown my mind, I did not think it could get any better until they announced they had signed to Ferret Records and were in the process of writing and recording their debut record "The Greatest Of All Lost Arts.

The anticipation was killing me waiting for this new record to come out, I had not been this excited for a record to come out ever in my life. Later in 2008 the day had finally come, the record had dropped and I was at the record store that very day picking it up and throwing it in my walkman that I had brought with me cause I didn't want to wait till I arrived at home to listen to it, from the very start of the opening track I was hooked. The production was killer (it was produced by Kris Krummet, who has since been my favorite producer) the instrumentation was PHENOMENAL, Eddy Marshburn is one of the sickest guitarists out there and he played the part of both lead and rhythm guitarists, Tino Ortega was one of the most talented drummers in the scene, Stefan Toler was a great bassist, and Matt Geise was one of the most talented vocalists I had hear in a long while reminiscent to Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo.

With all that being said, I had thought Lower Definition were poised for a takeover and thought they would be a heavyweight in the scene. They didn't develop the following I had thought and shortly later announced their breakup, I was super bummed one of my favorite bands were now out of commission. It was when the era of talentless hacks who did not play instruments, or bands who played the same over saturated bullshit without any heart had taken over. This still upsets me to this day, I had known that they all believed that they created something unique and different. Lower Definition had separated themselves from all that was familiar and created musical bliss and who the fuck would have thought that would have been the bands downfall at the time. The Greatest Of All Lost Arts was a masterpiece that couldn't cater to the youth's nanosecond attention spans.

Awhile later they announced that they were back in the saddle ready to make music again, It was a homecoming I had been waiting for.
With a few line up changes (Geise and Marshburn were the only ones left) they brought in a few talented young guys and recorded "The Infinite Et Cetera" a self released EP and it was rad I suggest checking it out and becoming a fan so the band I love can stick around and keep creating music.

I guess the point of this little rant is: Lower Definition is one of my favorite bands of all time and they didn't get the recognition they deserved for putting all of their hearts into the music and they are great musicians, who create REAL art. I guess if anybody reads this I just wanted to get the word out about them and maybe people will appreciate them as much as I do.

Tags: lower definiton, real music
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We Dance To All The Wrong Songs...
04/16/11 at 09:20 PM by prettyLUSH16
A few things I noticed have been crossing my mind on a day to day basis for awhile now, Being an aspiring musician myself these things irritate me. First off I like some post-hardcore/metalcore bands of this generation some of them actually have talent, The whole scene these days revolves around this particular genre of music and this is apparently what gets the green light of everyones attention. This whole scene has become an inscreasingly uninspired joke, I feel as if all bands that have berthed recently are just xeroxed copys of eachother and I know many other people will agree with this. First off music had become oversatturated with numerous breakdowns strewn throughout each song accompanied by vocals drenched in autotune and on top of that synths. Now fast forward to this very day, music is being brought back to the fashion statement; Make up and eyeliner and matching uniform have been brought back into the limelight of the music scene its like the year 2004 all over again.

I feel that most everyone in a band in this day and age is in it for the title and the bragging rights, I rarely find new music anymore where I can actually feel the heart in it and it moves me. I admire musicians who view the music that they create as there life and there baby, its the one thing they hold dearest to them, There creation.

Emanuel,Glassjaw,Deftones,Refused and few other bands I hold as my favorites because there real, they dont write cookie cutter songs and the bands dont answer to the call of current trends; Rare bands that go against the grain.

With my music, my band, and my creations; I want to bring music back to the state it was once in, writing dirty/gritty/heavy/rock and roll music with emotion and a sense of urgency, I write music in hopes to move someone as my favorite records growing up had moved me.
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