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MTV Boycott
MTV Boycott Day #1250
08/13/09 at 07:57 AM by SmokieB.High
Im tired and bored at work. I need stimulation. My joints hurt. I have a headache. I'm hungry. My shoes smell. Dammit i'm tired.
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Why NFL players carry guns
02/16/09 at 08:14 AM by SmokieB.High
Today I have decided to write about my glorious night at the bar last night and why i realized why NFL players carry guns.

I play for a local hockey team and after every game we go out for beers at the local Ale House for thier extrmely cheap pitchers of rams piss (icehouse), and yesturday was no different. We had just finished losing 7-1 and we are sitting at the bar and last call comes around at 12:30 and we are not quite finish liquifing ourselves so we head out to another bar who serves until 2:30.

So the four of us are sitting there having a good time laughing enjoying the brew, when next thing i know some girl gets into my face. Now by no means am I doing anything remotly hostile towards this girl but she thinks that i am laughing at her. Of cousre i am not. Before i forget to mention this bar is a total dive and this girl was probably the best looking one there so i may have looked at her but was definatly not laughing at her.

Anyway this girls in my face going Joe Pecsi asking me if i think she is a clown and all this random other shit. Of cousre none of my compadraes are doing shit to help talk my way out of getting my face slapped and eventully her crew shows up at our table (about 5 guys all trying to bang the pretty girl) and they start yelling at me to asking why i'm getting in her face in shit and of cousre i am not. Eventully i did talk my way out of this and the girl and her crew leaves our table.

Now the three of us are cracking up laughing at this wasted girl trying to figure out what just happened of course the ironic thing being is that we weren't laughing at her at first but after her display now we were. So after about 15 minutes were still laughing and this girl shows back up at our table and now she knows were laughing at her so now its time to throw down. Her crew of guys all wanting to bang her have her back no matter what dumb shit she does even fight a bunch of hockey players.

So now were outside getting yelled out for really no good reason other then having a good time and I can not help but think that one of these a-hole guys is going to bust out his fucking gun and i'd have to be like "Whoa, man no need for that shit" but thier drunk and horny and what to prove thier all man. Long story short the girl ends up puking while were trying to calm the situation and he almost immediatly stops caring about us after realizing his chance with drunk chick ends. So we got threatened for nothing.

The end moral is that drunk chicks are more often then not dumbasses and how could a group of guys who just lost terribly at hockey and all they want to do is relax and drink some beer avoid drama. I mean shit i feel for these NFL players who are relaxing and next thing you know drama is thrown at them and being famous this probably happens to them more often then average joes such as i and that is why i beleave NFL players carry guns
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Obama vs. McCain, McCain vs. Obama
10/23/08 at 06:42 AM by SmokieB.High
I am taking this time away from my normal journal/blog and am not going to tell you that you all suck (even if you do) just incase someone actully feels like reading this

We are living in a time unlike anyone has ever seen. Never have we seen the economy, womans rights and race relations been delt with so seriously all at once. Not since the 1930's has the economy been in such shambles and not since Martin Luthur King have we had such an influntile African American effecting politics or ever seen a woman be so close to becoming the president of the united states.

I am someone who can not vote in this election, hence i have no say in who becomes the president. I want it to be clear that this is the most important election ever, and this November the country will change forever whether, McCain or Obama wins. This makes it extremly important that anyone that can vote gets as much information on the candidates as they can and votes. This country needs to be united as one and personal feelings (Racism etc.) needs to be put aside. I am sick of hearing Obama's black im not voting for him, or Palin's a idiot redneck these are extrmely smart people who would not be where they are if they were stupied or a threat to our country.

It is time to but all of this hollywood bullshit aside, these celebritys are very onesided and very selfish people who try and force thier own opinions on thier fans and want people to vote thier way because if you do not then your not cool... most of those people are idiots ie Ms. Lohan. I am not saying that they are all unintelligent or saying that me personally is smart (I'm not), but we can not let these people make your desicions for you, this is something that we all have to put our own research into and follow really where our own opinions take us.

Both of these men have great ideas for our country, both of them will make a great president. Me personally if you want to know has been a McCain fan for years now, but listening to Obama and his ideals and ideas makes me think that he is just as good of a canditate as McCain, I would be undecided right now(if i could vote).

In the late 60's early 70's there was a war you may have heard of it, it took place in Veitnam. That period of our country is considered one of the greatest. Not because of the war but the way that people came together to protest soemthing that they did not like. It was also the period of time where Musically and Artistically American culture hit its peak. The music, art, writings that took place during this time emitted emothion in a way we have not seen yet. But yet we hear everyday "Lets get out of Iraq" but we dont see it in popular music and music art has become so commercial now it is hard to even consider it art. When is the last time we you have heard of a protest against the Iraq war, i know i have seen a couple but only 30, 40 people show up while we should be getting hundreds. I guess we could wait till a draft comes along and we see our friends and family forced off to war, but thats to late.

Now all i am saying is no matter your age, sex, race, voting ability it is time to get up and get informed, because November the Country is going to change forever.

Sorry for the rant,

Smokie B. High
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Day #805 READ ME
05/19/08 at 12:55 PM by SmokieB.High
You all suck


even worse now

- Smokie B. High
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Day 500 - READ ME
08/24/07 at 08:21 AM by SmokieB.High
You all suck
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Day 365 - Rumors
02/20/07 at 04:30 PM by SmokieB.High
m glad to Say the official MTV Boycott has now lasted one full year im just going to quickly go over our acomplishments in the short time
  1. TRL May be Cancelled (you all can thank me later)
  2. The onsite Boycott begain planning
  3. Name taken and rage are getting back together
Now to address the rumors that have been going around....i know a lot of you may be dissappointed to hear this but it is the truth and im not ashammed to say this....yes....i do in fact smoke pot and yes i am a terrable speller

Thank you
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Day 299 -Announcment
12/05/06 at 04:23 PM by SmokieB.High
DTR (Drive through records) have now been added to the MTV Boycott this could be one of many boycotts to follow

This has come through much time spent thinking how and what DTR has done for the music community and ive found that they have only brought down some of my favorite bands and sent some spirilling into obilvion, the final straw was denying a interview with ap.net i wish i could share more about this but a bowl awaits.
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Day 285 - Mute Math
11/21/06 at 07:58 AM by SmokieB.High
i went to the mute math show this weekend and absolutly blew my mind again watching these guys preform they are hands down the best live show that i have been to not including reggie only becasue i havent been to a full blown reggie show with common denominator etc. ive only seen reggie anyway not only is mute math's music really catchy and really harmonic it also seems radio friendly...but back to the show these guys are excellent musicians that only get better with time becasue the last mute math show i went to was awesome and everything else but this show blew my mind, the other two acts there "the whigs" and "jonezetta" were good and kept my attention which is a hrd thing to do but jonezetta's songs were really weak and ther single hot machete sounded them same as the rest of there stuff and it also looked like the drummer was spitting either into the crowd or on the bassist, the whigs have some really good songs and a really good sound it kind of reminded me of name taken a little the kind of laid but vocals but there live act was kind of boring

anyway awesome show and i suggest that everybody go out to the mute math show even if your into whatever music these guys will seriously blow your mind and you will have a good time and if you dont ill pay for your ticket

the man the legend Smokie B. High
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Day 280 - This is for everyone
11/16/06 at 08:57 AM by SmokieB.High
Slowly yet surly we are approaching the 300 mark which would mean the predicted end of mtv although we may be behind schedule a little with only in the single digits in members of the boycott but thats ok because they will tell 3 people who will tell 3 people who would then tell antothr 3 people and in the end the shit will hit the fan for mtv and the end will be near and the boycott will no longer be necessary...

This is going to be used as a call out to all of you new members who i know all watch MTV for your pete wentz and panic at the library so go to your tv and block channel 73 or whatever it may be so that we can finally have some decent music on the mtv(no music on tv the shit they play) so call your local radio station and tell them to send out a message to boycott a evil empire that is not only bringing down todays youth but corrupting our views of money with mtv cribs, super sweet 16 etc. we need this to be the end of it for good

As for the new ataris song i think it sounds alright i really hope it isnt what they think is the best song of the record cause i would not give that single potential seeing how the last single they had that was a mega hit was a cover of a song that was already huge(boys of summer) which i think contributes 100% to the success of so long austoria which was a good cd in my opinion but i really dont imagine that cd selling nearly 1 million copies

The new Fear before the march of flames cd has absolutly blown my mind since i received it on the day it came out it just will not leave my CD player. if you are going to see a band live in your life they should be put in there for consideration along wwith mute math who i am seeing on friday and my mind will be blown out of my skull just like the last time that i saw them with circa survive and mae(didnt stay for mae)

The worst show tha i think i have been to was the above mentioned(mae, circa, mute math and mashlin) it sucked becasue a) the lead singer of mashlin was sick so they played a short set although they sounded great as usual then followed mute math which as i said before blew my mind but what made it bad was circa survive not only was i pushed out of the way by Anthony he sounded like shit on stage and it also looked like he had just finished his daily eight ball(thats cocaine) i heard this had something to do with the mic. he was using and the sound guy was not the best but the feedback in that place gave me the worst head ache

anyway bring down the machine

Love, Smokie B. High
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Day 278 New Fallout boy
11/14/06 at 08:47 AM by SmokieB.High
i would just like to make clear that this journal and journal writer will never endorse mtv

oh and btw i think the new fall out boy song sucks hard its a sad attempt at a alkoline trio song that went terribly wrong

just my opinion like it or leave it
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Day 22
09/20/06 at 04:38 PM by SmokieB.High
CD Suggestions

Fear before the march of flame
Mars Volta
Norma Jean

Upcoming that will impress

Saosin - well kinda

Senses Fail - by the sound of the songs on ther myspace they are taking a different route a little bit

Mewithoutyou - Go to thier myspace and listen to all the songs they have up all of them are reall really good

Mashlin - already here but they Dont get enough credit for there musicianship joe is an awesome guitarist, the shores a great song

Static lullaby - there new shit sounds great edit: turns out it reall doesnt

Mutemath - if you havent seen them live you are missing out on one of the best shows you could go to

Check all this out none will dissappoint you

Love SmokieB.High
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Day 206
09/04/06 at 06:46 AM by SmokieB.High
Rip Steve Irwin

The world takes a hit losing a great enviromentalist and person

this bowls for you...
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Classic Day 8
08/31/06 at 12:46 PM by SmokieB.High
I beleive i have come up with the reason why Dave Chappelle has come out of hiding and shown himself to the public the simple reason is to sell tickets to his new movie Block Party isnt it conveniet that about a month ago he came from africa or something to appear on Oppra who conducted a terrible interview never really giving Dave the time he needed to explain what he was going through the inside the actors studio was a far better show if you wantd to know why Dave went to Africa and then this friday his new movie comes why didnt hestart doing interviews a few weeks from now he just wants more money becasue another thing i got from his interview is that he was not completly satisfyed with his contract and was forced into it kindabut if your going to disappear for so long leave your show behind and the millions of fans you have left behind without reason all of us thinking that we might never see Dave again but no he use's our need to see him again to promote his new movie i mean what the fuck can you at least not make it so obvious that your not just in it for the money

Now dont take me wrong im still a huge Dave Chappelle fan but shit you cant manipulate the auidence like that for there money thats just low now your probably thinking hey this guy is going to boycott dave chappelle like he did mtv but no this guy will not do so

You heard it here first Blue Jays for the world series

Boycotting since 2006
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Classic (Day 1)
08/17/06 at 03:06 PM by SmokieB.High
Today i have officially started my boycott of MTV, however i started it back during christmas but now its official. Join if you like the more people joining the faster MTV will be brought down.

It has been easier then i thought to not watch MTV but seeing favorite bands like Coheed and Cambria (BTW Coheed at hard rock sucked lots and hard) on MTV makes me question my beleifs but i will stay strong i hope...

Bring Down MTV since 2006

Listen to: Portugal. The man

Join The Boycott

Ill try and make this journal Daily but we'll see

Fear Before The March Of Flames

Name Taken (RIP)
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Day 188
08/17/06 at 07:42 AM by SmokieB.High
Well todays thursday and tomorrows friday if it were saturday i would be glader but its not

When does football start 3 weeks

Colts vs. Cowboys for superbowl?

if the dogers when the world series im out fifty bucks

Eric Hinske is done in toronto i hope you boston fuckers enjoy being dissappointed everytime this douche comes up to bat... i told him he sucked once and it looked like he was going to cry i do not like him 7 million dollar contract such a waste wright was making 500000 and he's putting up great numbers i bet next year we wont see much of him...trading your star player i beleave is the best way to restructure your organization it takes off a ton of payroll and if the tean does really shitty with out him youll get a high draft picks
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