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Looking back at 2011
12/22/11 at 06:49 PM by KramerRayOsborn
2011 for music has been an good one. Lots of great records were released. This post is going to be my sum of what I enjoyed from 2011
(in no order. Seriously, I'm just trying to remember everything)

1.) The long awaited release of blink 182's "Neighborhoods"
September 27th marked the release of blink 182's first album in 8 years. After a 5-year long hiatus that looked to have no continuation of the band in sight, blink 182 came back with a brand new album. I personally love the album. Like any band, not everything was perfect but overall I think it was a great effort from the band. It was worth the wait in my honest opinion. The first single "Up All Night" Which Premiered July 15, 2011, Was not one of my favorites actually. I feel like it had a good blend of both Tom and Mark's vocals but it just didn't stick with me.

2.) Jonny Craig this and Jonny Craig That
Honestly, I have nothing to say about this. I am sick of hearing about it. All I will say is he is a talented vocalist. He just needs to get his shit together.

3. )Paramore releases music after the departure of the Farro Brothers
Last year the announcement via a venom filled blog stating the departure of brothers Zac and Josh was a big thing. With the future of Paramore in doubt. Tweens everywhere feared for their idols. Don't get me wrong, I love Paramore but I try to avoid bands that have a lot of media fueled drama. In response to everyone's doubt. Hayley,Taylor and Jeremy started the whole "Paramore is (still) a band" Campaign..Should I call it campaign? In 2011 they released three singles over three months leading up to the end of the year through a program the call "The Singles Club. Monster, Renegade and In The Mourning. All solid songs in my opinion. We'll see what is in store for their 4th Full-Length sometime next year.

4.) The Starting Line put an end to any doubts

This year during a show Kenny Vasoli announced at a show that the band was indeed back together and writing for a new release. During the show he was quoted to saying "People keep asking us when we're getting back together, and the answer I have is yesterday. And what happens when bands get together? They write music. So, we have a new song for you." The song is entitled 'Luck". I haven't heard the song but I'm excited to hear that The Starting Line will gracing our ears with new music shortly.

5.) Falling In Reverse debut album is a hit

Shortly after being released from prison, Ronnie Radke took the music scene by storm with his band's Debut Album "The Drug In Me Is You". Released July 26, 2011, The album was successful on Charts such as Billboard 200 at Number 19 and U.S Independent at Number 4.

6.) The Early November Reunite
Need I say more? No really. I like this band but to be honest, I haven't listened to them much at all...Well, This is awkward.

I honestly cannot think of more to put at the moment. I will probably be back to post more as it comes to mind. Any suggestions would be awesome!
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12/16/11 at 06:23 PM by KramerRayOsborn
I like going back and listening to bands that I listened to growing up. It doesn't even have to go that far back. I know for myself, I listened to specific bands or albums when I was going through a hard time or anything else significant in your life. I enjoy going back and listening to an album and thinking about where exactly I was in my life in that point of time. Sometimes it's a lot of fun to go back to that mindset. I used to be afraid to listen to some things because I didn't want to relive the feeling that nostalgia brought to me. After finally getting the guts to do it, I discovered that it made me feel good. It showed me just how far I've come since then and that's a great feeling. If you're down, Listen to an album or band that you enjoyed a ton during a happier time. I mean if you were happy back then, what's stopping you from being happy now? I know sometimes it's not that simple but get it a try.

Listening to older bands also makes me think about the state of the music scene today. The mainstream has changed completely the last 10 years. Remember back in the late 90's and early 00's? Back when Drive Thru Records was the label to Discover new and upcoming acts for the ever so developing Music scene. New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Finch, Something Corporate,The Early November Etc. While these bands are still around (Excluding Finch), They are more outsiders because the Mainstream has changed so much over time. What keeps these bands so popular is not staying in the spotlight but having an awesome fan base. They were once part of the mainstream which got them the very fan base ( or following if you would prefer) that keeps their shows filled, Their Cd's/merch selling.

When you think about more than just the bands and you dig deeper inside the shell of the band, Today's music seems less "connected" emotionally. Now this is just merely an opinion of mine. I could be completely wrong and am willing to retract my opinion given examples. For me, I feel being truly "connected" means, In terms of a band, Writing stuff that's real and true to yourselves and treating your fans well. What do I mean by that? I always loved hearing that a band gets to know their fans. Talks to them before and after shows and acting like normal people. A band that is open to the idea of meeting fans and even becoming friends with some fans and goes out to grab a drink when they're in town. I'm not sure the exact point I'm trying to get out but hopefully you understand. I'm not good at rambling. I guess I like a band that acts Human and Down to Earth.

This is all just pointless ranting that may or may not make sense. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section! :)
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First Post!
12/16/11 at 01:49 PM by KramerRayOsborn
I'm terrible with names. Which explains why the name for this blog is so terrible. Go easy on me if you are the type to judge based on a blogs name.... I wanted to start this blog to post random thoughts and opinions and maybe personal reviews of albums and games. I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy it! Please check back often and don't be afraid to comment about your views or opinions about whatever subject does come up within these blogs.

- Kramer Osborn
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