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kaycey's Blog
miss me baby
08/17/09 at 03:59 AM by kaycey
went away for some time, miss me baby
back in town, i am waiting for you
thought i saw you yesterday, old fort trickery
i keep seeing you everywhere, going crazy

i have to go to bed, got to keep dreaming
can't wake up now, i'm lying in bed with you
drink some alcohol, smoke up some feelings too
when i am numb, i feel so good

would you do me one last favor, oh baby
could you say that you're forever mine
all everyone else does is slow me down
no woman could ever take your place

i'll give you some more time, if you need it
my september plane won't leave till then
i am here and you are there, miss me baby
our time will come once again.
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i'll see you when i see you
01/02/09 at 05:20 PM by kaycey
my flight leaves in an hour, thanks for everything. i'm going to ooty/college.
i'll try to come online as frequent as possible.goodbye.
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she who rules my heart, rules my world.
11/06/08 at 07:39 AM by kaycey
i drove all day and night passed by too,
all i did was just think about you,
shards of glass, they pierce my skin,
thereís no pain at first, but it soon begins,
before the clock starts to tick away,
i got one last thing iíd like to say,
i see your face when I close my eyes,
i feel youíre lips right next to mine,
its all i think about, its all i do,
donít go away, iíll miss you,
iíll play back your messages,
youíre voice is like a sweet melody,
iíll quote youíre words,
no one speaks the way you do,
i never said goodbye, I said I love you,
You rein over my heart, you rein over my world.

my girl got accepted to another college.
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not this time
09/26/08 at 05:09 AM by kaycey
i woke up to your smile, while the birds chirped in my mind,
what an amazing time we had, i wish it never has to end,
not this time.

i never thought you'd ever see, what iv been hiding all this time,
i never chose to speak those words, but it worked out in the end,
your hair smells so...oh, i'll never leave your side, never,
not this time.

they say seek and you shall find, but i still can't believe my eyes,
remember you in school, how you saved me back then too,
iv been put under a spell, so i pray do what you may tell,
iv stared into you eyes, so much love, so pure , but disguised,
not this time, not this time, not this time, your always on my mind.
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with or witout her
08/09/08 at 07:27 AM by kaycey
times in the past i saw you work
times in the past i saw you help
i need to be you i need to be more
so be my guide ill be patient
n i wont worry any more
you thought me love
keep teaching me because i still havenít learnt
hear my cry
hear my cry
please just look into my eyes
ill think of you forever
ill just think of you
these times have pressed me way too hard
with all these people whispering in my ear
canít seem to find the right words to say
canít even seem to choose the right direction these days
the monsoon wonít give the sun a chance
nor will my addiction give me
i swore so many times i wouldnít
so maybe i just kept lying to myself
and maybe i needed all this
just to let me down
and maybe i just needed to fly
so i just spread my wings n flew
and maybe i needed that last kiss
now i know what i let go of
thatís one thing ill never forget though
but ill let go of it all with or without you.
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wherever you are
06/03/08 at 05:01 PM by kaycey
carry the girl shield her from now
make sure she knows what it means to be loved
cease to trust the people you trust
don't try n resist her charm , you wont be able to
teach her the world n tell her about the people living in it
make her know that she can come to you with anything
your house is her house , make her queen of your heart
never take her for granted n she'll never slip away
tell her how you feel n she'll do the same
don't play games with her n you'll always win
make yourself the man she wanted you to be
you know its good for you
listen to her every word , hold it all in
try to understand why she says what she says
treasure these moments n more importantly tell her that you do
n before to long you'll be old n grey
remembering it all like it was just yesterday
never loose hope never loose faith
just take care and you'll be there one day .
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running round you
05/12/08 at 01:07 PM by kaycey
for as long as I remember
iv been searching for you
but now that your found and well bound too
I just don't care like I used to
about the things that I used to
so if u miss me I guess ill try to miss u too
just see me running round u like I used to
so stop the fun when i start to run
when youíre ahead smokes rings rise instead
just donít tell me what sheís said unless
im in your bed covered by your shed
my eyes wide open running round u like I used to
so watch and stare as it starts to feel unfair
why should I care im not scared
iv always wanted to shake and bend
to the beat running in my head
watch me cry when im unfed
watch me laugh when im eating bread
watch me scream when I see red
holy shit my dream is dead .
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tin bin
05/10/08 at 03:43 PM by kaycey
hey its me , n and i have no words tonight
silence fills my room tonight
no music no talk , just thoughts start coming to life
dreaming of so many thoughts
the hopes all gone when the fights far beyond lost
a dim light glows on the street below
just giving me something else to think of alone....
the phone rings again but i still wont talk
guess being alone is a good thing for now
rather than dwelling on void lives again
this train of thoughts takes me so faraway
the further i go the further i slip into this dark and shallow abyss
a light starts dawning as i reach its end
to what i hate and hope to here till then .
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my realization
04/30/08 at 06:10 AM by kaycey
this times misleading , this times a waste , its all past now and i cant erase;
heroes come and heroes go , just finding it hard what to believe in anymore;
this road im walking on seems so familiar , always leading me to that same dead end;
theres a gate iv heard of from a friend i pay , keep thinking about it no matter what i say;
changing times call for a change in me , but im not prepared and i just cant make myself see;
good times , bad times , great times go , see it again if i dare look out the window;
with the present worlds calling , everything feels the same;
wonder if this realization came too late.
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im goin home
04/18/08 at 03:40 AM by kaycey
im goin home after 11 months and weirdly i just remembered how much i wanted to get away from there about 11 months back so just some advice if you feel home sick dont leave for more than 2 months cause then after that you wont be able to feel home sick ever . now im not sayin i wanna live there forever but i jus miss everything back there you know n once i go back ill miss the freedom i have now , this sux!!!.
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iv got my first job
03/01/08 at 10:56 AM by kaycey
im just so happy....omg!!!!! i got the news like 1 hour back , damn i think somethings wrong with me iv got a job and im happy im supposed to be sad , anyway iv got my 6 months training internship at the jw marriott mumbai as a trainee which means that ill have to do the heavy lifting , plate wiping , 40 hrs shifts with no over time pay what-so-ever n the pay ill be getting is about 45$ a month doesn't this suck , but i guess its ok cause in i few years ill get my degree , then my MT training , then my MBA , n then ill be king of the world , so ill be king (GM) in about 10 fucking years......ain't life a bitch , if you don't think so fuck off . hey during my 6 months internship maybe ill have an office romance with some hot chick or something , but on the downside im still gonna have to work so much , i hope everything works out well for me . my training starts in may end or something .
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we laughed for an hour......seriously
02/28/08 at 11:02 AM by kaycey
i was at my seniors dorm where im not supposed to be obviously n the music was blasting , it was just me kaushik and some other seniors (kaushik had earphones on with the volume maxed out ) , yeah so anyway i was just eating something when he looked at me and said something , now he didn't know there was loud music playing cause of the ear phones so he thought i heard what he had said but i didn't cause of the music obviously n while all this was going on he was standing between the door and me , anyway for some reason i assumed that he was warning me of our warden standing at the door so i immediately looked away n ducked , then i looked at him with a scared look again and then duck again this goes on for about a minute or so n he has a very strange look on his face then finally i look at him when he suddenly actions with his hands so as to say , what the fuck are you doing ? so i look at the door and no ones there , then i put the music off n then asked him what he has asked me , he said that he had asked me (are you ready for this) "i bought this shirt yesterday do you like it " ...............hahahahahaha!!!!!!
yeah i know.....
if you don't get it don't worry you will .
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mai tera yaad raktha hai bhai .
02/22/08 at 04:04 PM by kaycey
all the world
all the power
all the money
you cant bring back that thing you love
& that thing you crave
& that thing you just cant stop thinking about
all those things you had to confess
to admit mistake to ones self is one thing
but to deny omission to the person to which it means the most to
is unforgivable

do i really feel as bad as i say i do
or do i just want to

its just all to late now anyway
just one day back
one phone call
one sorry
one i love you

its 3:06 in the morn now
still no sleep
still feel like a member of the unforgiven

these thoughts still wont leave me be

now it time i leave them..........................

peace & love

[ *#$@& ]

< foo fighters , everlong > - ill always remember .
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