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trainwreck89's Blog
some music you should be listening to
10/08/08 at 12:32 PM by trainwreck89
So in the past month, two of my favorite bands have put out the best albums of their career. Needless to say I'm pretty happy.

- Shudder: Every second of this album is undeniably Bayside. It has some of their catchiest (No One Understands, I Think I'll Be Ok) and most aggressive (Have Fun Storming The Castle, Rochambo) material and every track is instantly memorable. Anthony's lyrics are as honest as ever and Jack shreds as usual. Though I'd like a more satisfying closer than "Moceanu", Shudder is a near perfect pop-punk album from my favorite band.

Senses Fail
- Life Is Not A Waiting Room: Like Bayside, Senses Fail doesn't try to hard to tinker with their sound. They just refine their powerful, melodic sound with every record and Life Is Not A Waiting Room is their most triumphant work yet. The metallic riffs hit harder (Lungs Like Gallows, Wolves At The Door), the poppy melodies are catchier (Family Tradition, Four Years). The lyrics showcase Buddy at his most raw and vivid and have a strong concept of drinking, despair, and moving forward.

Also, everyone should check out this band Moving Mountains that goes to my school. If you're a fan of epic post-rock (Think Brand New and Thrice's newest albums) i strongly suggest you check out their debut record Pneuma
Tags: bayside, senses fail, moving mountains
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Some More Recs
06/23/08 at 12:49 PM by trainwreck89
There's a ton of new music coming out that I'm super excited about. I talked about it in my last entry but Ace Enders put out an incredible new online EP and its completely FREE. So everybody go download that! The new Hit the Lights and Alkaline Trio records are coming out soon which i can't wait for. Anyway here are some bands you should know about if you don't already:

A Moment's Worth
- This might be my favorite band. Not just because they're from my area and I'm friends with them, but because they play sincere, energetic pop-punk that few bands can provide these days. If you like honest music in the vein of Bayside, Alkaline Trio, and Yellowcard i strongly suggest checking these guys out. They just released a kickass new EP and they already have two full-lengths of awesome music.

You, Me, and Everyone We Know - Alot of you guys may know about this band since theyre frequently featured on ap.net. However I can't get over how good their Party For the Grown and Sexy EP is. The EP has been available for free download for a while now so theres no excuse not to listen to them. Everytime i forget about this EP, i put one of the songs on and remember what a fun, catchy band they are. If you like Say Anything or Fall Out Boy this is a band for you.
Tags: pop-punk, rock, ace enders, alkaline trio, a moment's worth, ymaewk
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06/15/08 at 12:42 PM by trainwreck89
Just thought I'd let everyone know what I've been listening to lately

Ace Enders - His new, free online album is great. Reminds me how much i enjoy his songwriting and why i fell in love with The Early November in the first place. If you enjoy catchy melodic rock i strongly suggest downloading his record.

Two Shots of Rye
- Solid pop band. I saw them live a few months ago at my school. They recently put their full-length up for stream and every song is hooky and well-crafted.

Weezer - I recently picked up their newest full-length and its pretty good. If you ignore the songs not written by Rivers haha. Since then I've become obsessed with their entire back catalog. I cant get over how brilliant a songwriter Rivers Cuomo is.
Tags: music, reviews, recommendations, ace, weezer
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Like a one-armed boxer
03/02/08 at 08:02 PM by trainwreck89
So yesterday i was lucky enough to catch the Bayside/Straylight Run/Four Year Strong show at the Crazy Donkey. It was the first "big" show ive been to this year and definitetly one of the best ive seen in a while. The Status started things off and, while all of their songs sounded very similar, i never mind seeing a catchy pop band opening a show. Its much more bearable than seeing a generic hardcore band haha. Then came Four Year Strong. INSANE. I only got really into this band about a month ago when Rise or Die Trying became a free download and im so happy i did. They played their entire record with the exception of one song and did it well. Tons of energy. Their synth player is like a hype man, running around and screaming half the time haha. Then came Straylight Run. This is a band ive slowly gotten into over the past year and i definetly consider myself a big fan. There was a huge shift in energy after Four Year Strong as their set started with John Nolan playing Your Name Here. They played mostly songs from their first record(my personal favorite one) and while i expected them to close with Hands in the Sky, I wasn't expecting them to do so with the insane jam that went down at the end. Definitely made up for the calmness of songs like Existentialism. Finally, Bayside. I'm thinking of getting the bird logo tattooed on my arm. This band means alot to me. Their set was what i expected; them skillfully running through their catalog while i sang along to every word. They pulled out a few oldies that i wasn't expecting. I couldn't help but get giddy when the band blasted into Hello Shitty. Probably the highlight of the night for me.
Overall a great show. I got to see 3 bands i really dig play and play well.
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That New Shit
02/27/08 at 07:45 AM by trainwreck89
I've been really excited about music lately. A handful of bands, namely A Day to Remember, Four Year Strong, and Set Your Goals have restored my faith in the genre that made me care about music: pop-punk. Sure, they dont play the most groundbreaking stuff ever, but i find it impossible to listen to a band like Set Your Goals and not feel like they love their music. This is a genre about having fun and passion, not shredding or technical prowess. Though i am constantly growing as a musician and can listen to anything from Bright Eyes to He is Legend, i feel like ill never forget the days when all i wanted to do was listen to the latest NFG record and play fast, fun, melodic music. So, here's to pop punk, and the new kids fighting to keep it alive.
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