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So I start a revolution from my bed cause you said the brains I had went to my h
04/28/08 at 12:35 AM by Gumbyjag
Tonight has brought about a slew of thoughts to my mind and a soreness to my throat. Shoot me now. The dawn of my day began at Express Stop in Globe, visiting the always whimsical Johnee Kemper. Four hours were spent with extensive conversation, shared memories, and a mixed fountain drink any soda aficionado would love. A moment of true wisdom transpired, from a woman who tends to be recognized fittingly as "mom". For a good 5 minutes she was gracious enough to convey, from experience, her personal opinion on how to make it in life. Johnee and I were left both appreciative and with a sense of completion, as we had learned from someone years ahead of our time. It highlighted a night full of human interaction and self-discovery (at least for me). Four o'clock rolls around and I left ES and a cigarette-laden Johnee to pay my brodown dues to my brother-from-another-mother Justin. As much as I wanted to hang, I had to leave him and get some sleep. Unfortunately I missed my chance to hang with him again tonight, hopefully we will sometime this week. Other than previously mentioned, my weekend has been full of communication and mixed signals. Life as usual. ;)

This upcoming week marks the beginning of May, which is a month I hope to pas quickly, yet savor. The busiest this year, indeed. The fact that my personal future is looming over my head has me half-worried and half-enthused. Freedom doesn't come with a map, you know.

For now, I can't complain. I'm sitting on a worn leather chair in my favorite pajamas, lucky enough to have time to consider the good and bad in life, and how I choose to deal. Sure, a girl's affection would be nice, and when is there not a time I desire more music? Right now my right hand and newly received (via mail Saturday) vinyl will have to do. If anyone out there yearns to fill a void, I hope you realize that I am charming and sonically cultured for a reason.

What else is going to counteract my insecurities?
Tags: life
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When you open up, you make yourself seem vulnerable.
04/25/08 at 12:12 AM by Gumbyjag
It's 11:30 and I'm feeling the same as when I woke up this morning, longing more sleep. Suffice to say, the internet calls and I must return for another journey into Blogworld. Aside from my current lack of being in-touch, this week has been pretty normal. An equal blend of school, work, and friends. Things I'm currently stoked for: vinyl I ordered on Monday (includes Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam [2 LP], Heavens' Patent Pending, and Fear Before The March Of Flames' Art Damage [picture disc]), all bought from vinylcollective.com, a vinyl-lover's paradise. The store may not have an extensive selection, but what they do have are rare, and the shipping is ridiculously cheap (I paid $3 for 3 records). I'm also stoked for the weekend, which is, shit, 4 days long! Full of plans and homework, I hope to see and hang with some of you guys soon.

A note to all of my friends and family: don't let our differences keep us apart. I know that I may come across as holier-than-thou or like I'm better than some of you at times, but I want you to know that I am in no place to judge. When I say I love you for what you are, I mean it. As much as I can disagree with some of your choices or habits, the last thing I want is for that unlikeness to tear us apart. This is not pertaining to anyone in particular, nor a certain life choice. Just trying to keep myself in check. Seriously though, I want to be your friend regardless of what you are or what you do, if I have a problem, I'll say it, but I don't expect you to change for me or what I make a just life out to be. If you want guidance, ask, but I'm not a fuckin' preacher. Thanks for reading the rant.

In other news, it's now getting closer to midnight and I must be saying my goodbyes. Keep me in your minds and your hearts, I'll keep you off my hitlist, haha.

No, seriously.
Tags: life, keeping yourself in check
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I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.
04/14/08 at 10:59 PM by Gumbyjag
Viruses on your computer arenít cool. I am currently unable to open various programs such as Windows Media Player, ITunes, and even My Computer. As I revel in my blatant disgust, I also think back to my weekend, while pop-and-lockiní to the online stream of Punk Goes Crunk. Yeaah.

Prom was a blast. For everyone else but me. Going alone quickly lost its appeal as watching couples cavort and rate each otherís keychain pictures became pretty boring and getting that wallflower feeling became inevitable. A couple of slow dances and hip-hop romps later, The Grand March came into effect. Being one of the only attendees to sit it out, I took the opportunity to take some "grand" pictures. All in all, prom was prom. People danced, no punch was spiked (thanks to Mrs. Clough), and everyone left with a memory, whether it was worth looking back on or not.

After Prom, feeling alone as like, ever, I met a few of my friends, including Zenada, CJ, Cody, Reanna, and Beth at Jerryís for an after-hangout. They soon left, and as that crowd departed, another soon arrived. My friends and fellow promgoers Jesse, Vanessa, Jessica, and Ricky came to chill along with us, as well as another couple of troublemakers, Johnee and AJ. Us being a talkative crowd, as well as it being around 1:00 in the morning, brought along a sunburst of conversations, being about sex and music mostly. A couple of hours of laughs and personal perspectives ensued, and members of our impromptu gathering began to dissolve out of Jerryís, which left Cory (who was there since 11), Jesse, Beth, and I alone to decide where we wanted the night to take us. After a slow ride around the town, we decided to have breakfast shortly after sunrise at Judyís. Being the first folks there at opening time, 3/4's of us still in our prom gear, we were ready to eat and evaluate our night. After about an hour of good eating and exchanging tired looks, we decided to disperse for much-needed rest at our homes. I got home at 7:30 and fell asleep the second my newly-cut hair (props to Alisha, thanks!) hit a pillow. Even if prom didn't take the cake, the night as a whole was something I certainly won't soon forget, at least not the jokes that were made, most notably "anal butt", which I continue to get shit for. Heh, I'm still laughing at "nah, it's just a fat chick" and "speed...hump...me...". Let's not forget "vagman". Haha, good times, considering I didn't get laid or intoxicated.

Today was schoolerific, and as always that means that part of it blowed and the rest kicked booty. Late to work on account of my failure to return my rented tux earlier, the three-and-a-half hours weren't bad, and now I am typing to an LCD screen. Life is good.

Talk to me, hang out with me, date me (ladies only plz)? Pick one, I'm two tons of fun (points to whoever gets the reference)!

Leave me hanging on your words.
Tags: weekend recap, good times, prom
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I'll touch you once you make the first move.
04/07/08 at 11:26 PM by Gumbyjag
Just another manic Monday huh? Glad to hear it. After a notably busy weekend, the week has come to slap me in the face with yet another grueling day of school. Coming prepared with my Sadie Hawkins article and a tired soul, I approached the day with a sense of apathy. Classes flew by without a hitch and lunch was cool. Work was work as usual, nothing too draining. Capping off my night was a trip to Wally World to purchase some minutes for my phone as well as Saosinís Come Close CD/DVD.

Excitement has bemused the school lately, as year-ending events are starting to take place. The nearest being prom, latest being graduation day. Seniors are not the only ones rejoicing though, as juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are realizing their newfound maturity and are preparing themselves to make the next step in their education. I dedicate this particular blog to all current underclassmen at my school, donít bitch about anything high school throws at you, because before you know it, youíll be missing it.

But enough of that sentimental hooplah, I am veering this blog into a lighter subject. It is quite apparent that the Spring season has sprung in bloom, and love is truly in the air. No other time in this school year have I seen so many couples, itís wonderful to see. There should be more, as being lonely is a pain, and unless you intend to pretty much bang and/or hook up with anyone you want without wanting any sort of emotional connection, I suggest you take a swim in the love pool soon. Summer is coming up, and you know what that means: drive-in movies, disregard for unnecessary clothes, and fireworks. Now Iím not trying to get this country into another baby-boom, but take it from me, watching your crush getting macked by another playa is lame and kicking yourself over it only cramps your style. Like someone? Buy them something, flowers, a toothbrush, a gift certificate to Bed, Bath, and Body Works, you get the idea. Take them out, a date doesnít equal an instant meaningful relationship. Existing couples, spice it up a little. Go somewhere different for a change, earn your frequent flyer miles, you know what I mean. Donít get me wrong, being single definitely has itís good points, but friends with benefits can only bank for so long. Getting to know someone and finding a connection with them is much more rewarding.

That being said, can a brotha get a date, or laid, a make-out session at least? Hopeless romantics need love too.

Tags: life, love, gettin' some
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Well don't stop calling, you're the reason I love losing sleep.
04/04/08 at 03:30 PM by Gumbyjag
Thank God itís Friday. This has been a typhoon of a week, hasnít it? Thankfully, weíre still alive and well. Well, at least I am, I hope you are too. Rather than give you details of every single inch of last few days, I will just mention the high points (can care less about the low). On Monday I got fitted for my tux for next weekendís prom. Tuesday saw gracious giving as one of my bosses Gordon gave me a bass and amp. I am quite grateful. After work on Wednesday I went on a date with the lovely Amanda H. of Globe and it turned out okay. More of hanging out than an actual date, itís safe to say that we arenít in love with each other. She is a great person though, and it was cool getting to know her over some fun tunes and good eating at DeMarcos. Thursday was school and work as usual and today I visited some friends and may show up at the Vida show tonight. I also bought my prom ticket so Iím good to go.

Thatís really it. Nothing much to talk about for the time being. I will right a good blog sooner or later. Love you guys greatly, talk to me. Any ladies out there want a date, Iím free. Any dudes wanna brodown, Iím up for chilliní. Let me know. I just want to be your friend.

I hope that doesnít sound creepy.
Tags: life.
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It's the evidence of humans as ornaments.
04/02/08 at 12:18 AM by Gumbyjag
Hey guys, itís been a few days. Whatís new? Hmm, that sounds good. This weekend was pretty cool, got some much-needed hangtime with my bros. Monday was as usual as it could be, albeit the school getting a new student from San Manuel, a girl named Kim. She seems really nice and cool. After the school day, my mother and I drove to another resident Kimís, and found myself a tux for prom, which, geez, is next weekend. Iím rockiní the pinstripes this year and whether I end up having a date or not, I plan to have a blast. Today was pretty cool, props to my friend Jessica for telling me about some female behavior that will help me in the future with other chicks, and kudos to my other pal Austin who helped me traffic my new bass and amp, which I thank my boss Gordon for. It was also April Foolsí Day and many jokes and tomfoolery was exchanged around the world today. Winners include absolutepunk.net with their (!)s and youtube.com busting out Rick Rolls on everyoneís ass.

Yeah, I guess Aprilís looking to be a good month so far. It is by far the busiest for us seniors, we have to get so much done in so little time. Itís safe to say that we are getting more and more anxious as time passes.

*Pretty soon (I would have done it tonight, but itís too late) I will be changing my top 40 from just bands to just people. Not that itís a huge deal or anything, but to anyone who really gets anal about how they rank in my life (or anyone elseís for that matter), just be grateful that you have friends in the first place. No one is more deserving of friendship or adoration than another. That being said, donít take it personally, both in general and on my page, where you stand, itís all just words and pictures, I love you all the same.

A row of text didnít tell you that, I, Josh Griego did.

*note: This paragraph is referring to myspace.
Tags: life, can a brotha get a top 8?
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It's hard to catch up when the world is weighing you down.
03/29/08 at 01:13 PM by Gumbyjag
Itís Saturday, and the last days of March are upon us. After a school-work combo yesterday, itís been a pretty slow Saturday. Once again (besides work) I find myself with nothing to do. What are you, my friends, up to this weekend? If nothing, let me know, weíll hang. You could at least fill me in on the juicy details.

Since school has been the most recurring thought in my mind as of late, Iím sort of looking forward to Monday. I have a feeling April is gonna be killer. Iíve been listening to some random stuff lately, anybody out there got any suggestions? New music is always good, as long as itís actually good. Do you even listen to the radio anymore?

Ever been told that you can do something better than most? I really havenít, but I think everyone knows that they can beat most people at one thing, or do it better than most. Iíd like to know of your talents, the one thing youíre known best for (in a good way). If you were in a circus, what attraction would you possess? Come on, everybodyís good at something. What sets you apart from your neighbor?

Besides distance.
Tags: life
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We all are named and we are known.
03/27/08 at 07:27 PM by Gumbyjag
So yesterday I found out when prom is. April 12th. That means I have almost two weeks to find a tux. I've agreed to rock the hardest-core mustache that I can grow in that time (better than the one in my display pic) and I'm still debating to go vintage with my suit. Who knows, I'll figure it out I guess. I'm still dateless.

School today was pretty much like any other. It's my friend Kayla's birthday and I'm going ahead and dedicating this blog to her. She turns 16, hope she has a good one, as well as her twin sister Tiffany. Went to lunch with friends Austin and Gabe to the usual Los Robertos, favoring the Arizona burros once again. Good times indeed. Tomorrow's Friday, getting paid and working late again.

I've been reading a biography lately, of the Beatles. From their humble beginnings in the city of Liverpool, England 1960 to their glorious end in the early 80s, that band was, if not the most, one of the most influential to ever exist. Hearing their influence on underground and popular music still flourishing today (see: Panic at the Disco) makes an impression that they have impacted this world greater than any other group of musicians has. Truly an overnight success, at one point you could say that they were, in fact, "more popular than Jesus". The thought of a band with that much power and influence amazes me. Not to say it wasn't deserved, but it goes to show you that four people can really change the world. With music, nonetheless.

Why can't we say that about some bands today? What bands or artists have changed your life? Do you think you'll still appreciate them 20+ years from now?

Which reminds me, what band shirt should I wear tomorrow? *Rummages*
Tags: life, inspiration
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Pillowcases are something for when reality gets obscene.
03/25/08 at 04:52 PM by Gumbyjag
Spring Break, while ending for me and the rest of the kids in this town, is just beginning for some. Mine, while full of good times, seemed longer than usual. It also gave me time to reflect, as my last blog specifically ventured into. Thanks for all your nice words, it means a lot to me knowing that someoneís there to listen, no matter what your stance is on my issues. I wish I was the type of person that could just get over themselves, believe me, if reading my tirades inspires you at all, I assure you, there are way more important matters out there than another teenage dirtbagís dilemmas.

Today was the first day of school in a week. Arriving to find most of my friends in a daze of drowsiness and an indifference for actual learning made the day equally uneventful for us all. As we look forward to only nine more weeks of corrupted breeding, the seniors in the school are feeling more and more anxious while awaiting their high school retirement. In Journalism Ms. Garcia informed the class that we would be fabricating the yearly senior issue, which features remember whens, senior wills, and what we will all miss about high school. I am personally exciting about taking on this project and heck, I even get an editorial, how cool is that? Other than that, no fights, fucks, or freak outs held this school day up. Thereís always tomorrow, right?

So April is around the corner and what an important month that is. Truly crunch time for grades, I certainly need to get my head in gear. Also a good time to spend cavorting with friends before the final month of May begins and graduation draws nearer. April Foolís Day is gonna be a blast, I know it. Iím really not sure when prom is (probably in May) but Iím covering that dance as well (totally all over Sadie Hawkins). It looks like Iím going alone, so a night of small talk, dancing with other dudesí dates, punch-pouring, and chilliní with the DJ seems to be the plan. Itís SENIOR PROM man. I should bring condoms to give out.

Itís not like Iíll be using them anytime soon.
Tags: life
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Pictures only prove you can't convince.
03/22/08 at 04:44 PM by Gumbyjag
Hi peeps. Whatís going in your guysí lives? Iím here to tell you of my journeys. This week has been long and full of life.

On Thursday I went with my good friends Justin, Derek, and John on an excursion to the Gila River, the part that streams into Roosevelt Lake. The whole night was stacked with fishing, sex stories, shit-talking, and freezing our asses off. The next morning we continued some real open-fire grilling and determining just who ended up being more manly by the end of the trip. It was a refreshing experience (albeit no chicks) and the four of us got some huge bonding time.

Last night was an open-mic night at Vida. Tequila Promise, Cecilia Ann, and Formerly Known As Happy all tore it up with their own respective sets, all pitch-perfect and cover-happy. The night ended after an expected trip to Judyís.

This break from school has given me ample time to think, as if I donít do that enough already. It seems that no matter what I do, I seem to alienate myself from others. Not because theyíre one way or another, itís because I am not that way myself. Not to be such a downer, itís just that I canít seem to relate to people lately. Ever heard the song "A Praise Chorus" by Jimmy Eat World (who have been pretty much owning my life the past two months)? The line "are you gonna live your life wondering, standing in the back looking around". Thatís me, Iím that guy, the one who canít live up to his own expectations or confidence. The one who keeps a corner to himself and waits for chicks to talk to him instead of leading them into the bedroom x amount of hours later. Not that thatís what my intentions tend to be, but my sick mind can compare just about any everyday function into a fantasy. My execution stops there.

Thatís just the problem. Reality is assorted with my delusions, things that I want to happen in the situation but canít follow through with. This leaves me with many overlooked opportunities and many coulda, woulda, shouldas.

I hate to be the self-deprecating hopeless sad-sad but really, who else is gonna stop what theyíre doing and listen to me?

I am my own damn psychiatrist.
Tags: life, lameness, pathetic
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Last year's wishes are this year's apologies.
03/17/08 at 11:57 AM by Gumbyjag
Up and at íem, Iím back to blog again. Ever get tired of me? Too bad. This keyboard is my best friend, and Iíll be damned if you try to keep us apart. So whatís new, guys? Anybodyís spring break been wilder than usual? In case you hadnít noticed, itís St. Patrickís Day.

Between the sex, drugs, and alcohol owning todayís teens, (I refrain myself from such, but Iím totally willing to get laid) there presents an inflicting sense of responsibility among our youth to pretty much take care of each other and ourselves. If youíre old enough to drive, you should be old enough to drink, right? Wrong, homey. Last time I checked, it was a free country. While I was there, I also found out that you are responsible for your own actions, and their consequences. We all know that getting fucked up is just a phone call away around here. With high availability of pretty much anything you can ask for, and adults who support and take part in illegal acts, itís no wonder we see 16-year-old alcoholics and 7th grade potheads. Argue with me, Iíd like to know why it is imperative for me to get wasted or high off my ass. Maybe thatís just my ignorance taking but at least I can proudly say that I am one of the only survivors (in this town, at least) of peer pressure.

Where does responsibility come in? Look around you. I know I have no control over what people do, and I never said drinking or drugging is wholly bad, but you know what, it is. Itís time for people to start growing balls around here and stop walking down the same detrimental path. Instead of talking out problems, people hide and do stupid shit to forget it. Call me a party pooper, but I can have just as much fun on my own. Iím tired of being a goody-two-shoes. I wouldnít be if everyone else had decent morals. Donít get me wrong, this is not a stab at the teenage collective of Globe-Miami. This is a stab at the irresponsible teenage collective of Globe-Miami. Thereís a difference between casual and occasional, you know what Iím talking about. Get a life. Contribute to society in a positive, progressive way.

Whatever you see as fun is of your discretion, I canít judge a person, I can only judge what they do. I, for one, am tired of defending my sobriety. Iím not the most responsible person ever, there are endless FAIL moments that couldíve been great pictures, I make mistakes too. I just donít see the camaraderie in being incompetent. Why must we all crash into the same wall? One person down is bad enough, two is just disappointing.

Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice.
Tags: life, ranting
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I've just gotta get myself over me.
03/16/08 at 11:07 AM by Gumbyjag
Whatís up guys, itís your pal Josh again, blogging in spite of my groundedness. Iíll get right to this weekendís recap.

Fridayís listening party proved to be a success, listening to In The Aeroplane Over The Sea on vinyl was a truly captivating experience. It was also great to have the company of some of my good friends there. Hopefully we can continue these sorts of things in the future and get more people to attend as well. My night of immense fun was cut short by my motherís demands for me to drop in at the Sadie Hawkins dance. Not to get down and dirty with some fine female booty, no, I showed up to get everyoneís take on the dance for an article in a future paper. I ringed in quite late, so I missed the huge crowds. The night seemed okay overall, and I helped clean the place up. It wasnít bad.

Saturday was a long day indeed. Mine started with a phone call from my boss asking me to work at Globeís Safeway. Not too concerned at the time of my later plans, I obliged to working 3-10. It wasnít bad but I had my share of faults, including dropping and breaking a formidable bottle of wine. They were nice people though, and they kept me fairly busy. I seemed to have missed all of the Hangout as well, coming in as they turned on the lights, in time to start mopping. Not all my day was work-filled though. My sisterís birthday party was yesterday and I got to chill with a couple of friends along with some long-seen family. The Hangoutís aftermath was equally fun, as a bunch of my friends and I partied it up at Judyís up until closing time.

Not too much fun today, gonna hang and go to work, thatís really it.

Donít let my life become a borefest guys. Give me something to talk about. You know Iíd be nothing without you, my friends. That was really my weekend recap. If you found something worth knowing in those meaningless two stanzas, Iím glad to have filled you in. Iíll have better stuff in the future, when this week is officially over.

Have fun guys.
Tags: weekend recap
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Not that she was the answer I seek. It was the time that she gave to me.
03/14/08 at 07:54 PM by Gumbyjag
Hey all, Iím sort of rogue blogging tonight, as I am supposed to be grounded from the comp. My grades and self is to blame for that. Iíve come to the conclusion that this is, if not of my life, the shittiest week Iíve had in a long time. Constant lameness, from Monday (woot, Iím single now -_-) to Friday (the fall of the Vandal Shop, leaving me with one job). I only hope it doesnít get worse.

Tonight is the listening party, I cannot wait. Everyone is invited, itíll be at Kevinís house soon. Itís also the night of Sadie Hawkins, and Iím supposed to go on a journalistic note instead of a fun-having one. Eh, itís not like I have a date anyways.

Spring Break has also begun. Iím not trying to make any plans because there is a chance that I will not be able to carry them out. Iíd love for anyone to chat me up somehow, I doubt Iíll see much of my friends this week, albeit at work if I do.

Iím alive though, and hopefully I can catch up on some much-needed sleep. I love you, I really do. Oh yeah, if youíve ever wondered where I get these random blog titles from, they are from song lyrics, and I try to pertain them to the blogís subject or my real-life feelings (the last one especially).

"...the only girl Iíve ever loved was born with roses in her eyes..."
Tags: life, week recap
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Maybe I would've been something you'd be good at.
03/11/08 at 08:54 PM by Gumbyjag
Hey guys, it's Tuesday. How're you, my day hasn't been so great to tell you the truth. The most productive I got was editing articles and reading about three chapters of my book. I'm not getting into any details on here, but if you really want to know why I had a long face, come talk to me. Just know that the smoke has not yet cleared and I cannot give you any ansyers at request. Either way, it's none of your business, beyatch!

On a lighter note, I learned that I now have a "D" in english, which will save my ass from immediate groundation. I need to step up in that class and in journalism, I know, but I'm trying man, I am. Went out to lunch with my good friend Austin, pretty much spent the rest of the day alone, I didn't really feel like talking to many people. Thanks for everyone who commented on my hoodie though, I really just needed something to hide under, I didn't want to figuratively wear my heart on my sleeve. It's good to know I have friends though, I could use some getting-off-chest-ness right about now.

Tomorrow's the Silverstein show. It'll be nice to get away for a bit and recollect myself again. The show will probably be awesome too and I'm excited to see The Devil Wears Prada and Protest The Hero as well. Hopefully I can-not get lost in Mesa again (inside joke).

All the same, I love and appreciate whoever is reading this, no matter who you are. If you leave some much-needed commentage and are kudo-friendly, I'll like you a lot more. Communication is key, it saves lives.

Talk me out of my self-inflicted misery.
Tags: sad sad, emo, feeling bad for myself
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Everthing I have, I stole. It's just cheaper that way.
03/10/08 at 10:42 PM by Gumbyjag
Erghh, it's Monday and I still have much of the week ahead of me. My current lack of sleep doesn't help much either, but I'm keeping my head up, for there is much to rejoice life over.

Today's special, the arrival of my NMH vinyl. It is nothing short of amazing, and I am ecstatic to have it in my hands finally. There will be a listening party this very Friday night of the album, at Kevin's house. Anyone interested to listen to this particular recording is invited, we'll cram as many people as we can into that shed. Believe me, anyone who does not own this album is missing out, it is a truly moving experience from beginning to end. Download it, buy it, love it.

Which brings me to this next question, which has been asked by many a writer and music fan: What price are you willing to pay for music? Is it really worth spending your hard-earned money on? Do you illegally download? What do you think is a reasonable price for cds or even downloads? I'd love to hear some responses.

Erghh, it's Monday and I still have much of the week ahead of me. My current lack of sleep doesn't help much either, but I'm keeping my head up, for there is much to rejoice life over.

Today's special, the arrival of my NMH vinyl. It is nothing short of amazing, and I am ecstatic to have it in my hands finally. There will be a listening party this very Friday night of the album, at Kevin's house. Anyone interested to listen to this particular recording is invited, we'll cram as many people as we can into that shed. Believe me, anyone who does not own this album is missing out, it is a truly moving experience from beginning to end. Download it, buy it, love it.

Which brings me to this next question, which has been asked by many a writer and music fan: What price are you willing to pay for music? Is it really worth spending your hard-earned money on? Do you illegally download? What do you think is a reasonable price for cds or even downloads? I'd love to hear some responses.

I just now learned of something that is kind of crushing my world right now, so I'm gonna cut this short. I'd appreciate your comments, though, keep being the people I live for.

And would totally die for if it came to it.
Tags: life, my girlfriend broke up with me
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