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A life of A... listener:
Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter - Initial Thoughts
01/21/14 at 06:45 AM by Explode
Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter

"Crystallized" stimulates my pop craving in all of the right ways. I can see it dominating the alternative airwaves similar to the recent campaigns by Imagine Dragons' "It's Time" or Bastille's "Pompeii." I just pray that they don't overplay it. I think those two are seen as more "mainstream" for whatever reason, so we should be in the clear.

Five tracks in, and I'm praying that the album won't be top-heavy. "Anagram" does it's job perfectly in that pole position. Here comes "Daydreamer" following up the title track. I'm putting a lot of pressure on this one, but I can take an average track to wind-down from the front line-up. Alright, it wasn't bad.

It sounds like "Firelight" is the real wind-down, which makes sense because it cuts the album in half. If they can pack the second half with as much power as the first, than I'd be very surprised. In itself, not an amazing track off the first listen, but it was enjoyable. Now "Camera" comes in, still pretty slow. Possibly going to pick up? It has to. You can't have two slow tracks in a row! You just can't! This track will go insane in a few seconds.... (1:00). Alright, things are interesting now, but still pretty chill (1:57). If anything, this is a build up track to "In My Home." "Camera" is sounding like something you'd open a show with before going crazy... or maybe just a chill song with a cool light show going on.

Here we go! "In My Home" is starting off wonderfully (:17). I can feel a great chorus coming. Was that a chorus, or a second verse?

I'm hoping there's a favorite hiding in the back section somewhere. There has to be something absolutely huge back there.
Tags: young the giant
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EOTY 2014
01/15/14 at 05:21 AM by Explode
Yep, starting early this year.

Late Discoveries


Volcano Choir

Hudson & Troop

EOTY 2014

Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter

We Were Promised Jetpacks - TBA

Walk the Moon - TBA

Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is

Inventions - TBA

XO - Heart

Nick Mulvey - First Mind May 12th

Foster the People

Motion City Soundtrack

Say Anything

Manchester Orchestra - Cope


The Menzingers - TBA


Matthew Mayfield

Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield 3-25-14

Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos

Snow Patrol

Greg Laswell


The Fray





The Colourist
Tags: eoty 2014
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How Spotify is ruining my life
07/17/12 at 09:39 AM by Explode
So since I found Spotify about a year ago, I've been so overwhelmed with new music. I remember the days of saying "Damn, I need new music." Well those days are long gone now. Long gone.

Even if I find a new album that I sort of like, I don't really consider it "listened to" until I give it maybe five full listens. That's really when you can think back and start to form an opinion. There are albums that take months or even a year to fully hit me. Driver Friendly's "Chase the White Whale" is a perfect example. At first, I only liked the first half of the album, up to "Remember When..." but now this album is one of my favorites of all time. I find myself rediscovering bands/albums that I've had on my iPod for five years.

I'm trying to give all of this music a fair chance and avoid "once-overs." In my current rotation are: Man Overboard, Fireworks, Pinsky, Walk the Moon, Eagle Scout, Owen, and Sucre. These are all bands that I discovered over the past few months and I've been able to enjoy their music because of Spotify.

Now that Spotify radio came out, my list of bands to check out keep growing... It will never end, and that is why Spotify is ruining my life.

Btw... if you haven't listened to Imagine Dragons yet, do yourself a favor and check out their Continued Silence EP. Their upcoming album is the AOTY for 2012 that no one saw coming. Check out my review here.
Tags: Spotify, Driver F, Driver Friendly, Chase the White Whale, Imagine Dragons
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