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Day Twenty
10/21/12 at 02:42 PM by me7719
Day Twenty
Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory
Released: June 7th, 2005
Justin Pierre - Lead vocals, guitar
Joshua Cain - Guitar, vocals
Jesse Johnson - Moog, keyboard
Matt Taylor - Bass, percussion, piano, vocals
Tony Thaxton - Drums
Length: 39:19

I have seen this band live more than any other band I like (8 times). The reason for this is not only do they have some of the best lyrics but their music is so full of hooks you can’t stop yourself from singing the songs all day, plus they put on an incredible energetic show (including Jesse Johnson doing handstands on his keyboard). I have to thank my best friend Matthew Ezekiel Tibias Bouque for getting me into this band way back in 2003 for their first album I Am the Movie. Full of clever lyrics and lots of moog and keyboards, I could not help myself from being addicted to this album. Then when they released Commit This to Memory two years later, produced by Mark Hoppus (Blink 182, +44), I was in love. This album front to back has the best songs the band has ever written. Songs about Justin Pierre’s problems with alcohol and drugs gives you insight into personal demons most musicians wouldn’t allow. They followed it with Even if it Kills Me in 2007 and it was a bit of a miss for me, I think I am in the minority on that one but I just did not connect with the songs or lyrics nearly as much and it just didn’t hook me like the previous two albums did. But then like Jesus coming down from the heavens Mark Hoppus returned to produce My Dinosaur Life in 2010 and it would become my second favourite album by the band. A return to big hooks and clever lyrics I still spin this album on a regular basis. Lastly they released Go in 2012 and it sadly was a complete miss for me, it just doesn’t feel like a Motion City album and had no lasting value outside of a week after release. I am hoping Mark Hoppus will return to produce their next album, he seems to know how to get the best out of the band. My favourite track from the album is L.G. Fuad but you can’t go wrong with any track on the album if you are curious of their sound.

1. Attractive Today
2. Everything Is Alright
3. When You're Around
4. Resolution
5. Feel Like Rain
6. Make Out Kids
7. Time Turned Fragile
8. L.G. FUAD
9. Better Open The Door
10. Together We'll Ring In The New Year
11. Hangman
12. Hold Me Down
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Day Nineteen
10/20/12 at 07:51 AM by me7719
Day Nineteen
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Released: July 27th, 1984
James Hetfield – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Lars Ulrich – drums
Cliff Burton – bass guitar, backing vocals
Kirk Hammett – lead guitar
Length: 47:23

Metallica are arguably the most popular metal band of all time, and this was their second album and my personal favourite. After releasing Kill ‘Em All in 1983, which has a much more raw garage sound, Ride the Lightning is a much more polished and ambitious album which redefined the band and metal music. Kirk Hammett has some of his best guitar solos on this album and Cliff Burton, Metallica’s best bass guitarist in my opinion (he tragically died in a bus accident in 1986), lays down some awesome bass grooves that are missed in their later material. Also my favorite Metallica song appears on this album which is Fade to Black a very dark epic song about suicide. They followed Ride the Lightning with Master of Puppets in 1986 which most fans consider Metallica’s best album and followed that with …And Justice for All in 1988. After this the band drastically changed their sound and style and never came close to matching the greatness of their first four albums. Their self-titled or Black Album came out in 1991 and took their seven to nine minute epics and changed them to three to six minute songs that were more radio friendly. Although this took the band mainstream and made them even more famous it really removed what I love about the band. The band really took a turn for the worse with Load and Reload in 1996 and 1997, which are by far their worst albums and have a few good songs per album with ten songs of filler. The band would not release another album till 2003 with St. Anger after Jason Newsted their replacement for Cliff Burton had left the band and James Hetfield had went through rehab for drug and alcohol problems. St. Anger was a return to the epic songs lengths and had again a more garage band sound, very raw but sadly unfocused, it sounds like a band trying to find its footing again with much uncertainty. Their most recent album is Death Magnetic, released in 2008 it in my opinion is their best album since ..And Justice for all and returns to that type of sound and returns guitar solos which had been really missing since the band for the most part since the Black Album. Also the band has released a double album of cover songs called Garage Inc. in 1998 and two live albums Live Shit in 1993 and S&M in 1999, the latter of which features an orchestra playing with them that really reinvents a lot of their older material. I’d recommend all 3 of these albums as they really give you a look at the band in different stages of their careers as well as what influenced them with their cover album. They are expected to make a follow up album to Death Magnetic in early 2014 and I am cautiously excited to see where the band goes next. Love them or hate them they really have been at the forefront of the metal scene for 30 years and have been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame for doing so, and you have to give them credit for that.

1. Fight Fire with Fire
2. Ride the Lightning
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Fade to Black
5. Trapped Under Ice
6. Escape
7. Creeping Death
8. The Call of Ktulu
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Day Eighteen
10/19/12 at 08:18 AM by me7719
Day Eighteen
Led Zeppelin – IV
Released: November 8th, 1971
John Bonham – drums
John Paul Jones – bass guitar, electric piano, mandolin, recorders, acoustic guitar
Jimmy Page – acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin
Robert Plant – lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine
Length: 42:25

What can be said about Led Zeppelin that hasn’t been already said for thirty years? This is one of the greatest most well-known bands ever outside of the Beatles. If you have not heard of Led Zeppelin you are not from this planet or you went into a bomb shelter in 1950 and have just come out after 60 years, either way welcome. This album has sold approximately 25 million copies worldwide since it was released and of course had the song Stairway to Heaven, probably Led Zeppelin’s most well-known song. I had a hard time picking between their first five albums (I-IV and Houses of the Holy released between 1969 -1973) and really it could be any one of those albums here because they are all practically perfect albums, I just chose IV simply because it has my favourite Led Zeppelin song Going to California. The band has tragically been broken up since John Bonham’s death in 1980, and though they have had a few reunion shows since then, they sadly have no plans for more. If you somehow missed any of their albums and want a look into a classic hard rock band look no further.

1. Black Dog
2. Rock and Roll
3. The Battle of Evermore
4. Stairway to Heaven
5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Four Sticks
7. Going to California
8. When the Levee Breaks
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Day Seventeen
10/19/12 at 08:18 AM by me7719
Day Seventeen
New Found Glory - Sticks and Stones
Released: June 11th, 2002
Jordan Pundik - lead vocals, lyrics
Chad Gilbert - lead guitar, backing vocals, composer, lyrics
Steve Klein - rhythm guitar, lyrics
Ian Grushka - bass guitar
Cyrus Bolooki - drums, percussion
Length: 62:23 (Hidden Track makes up about 20 minutes of this, the cd is actually about 45 minutes)

This was another band that I really struggled with choosing only one of their albums to put on this list. They have seven albums and for me it could have went five different ways for which album made it. I chose this album partly because of nostalgia and partly because it is just a great pop punk album. Their self-titled disc before this was one of the five that I could have put for them, it’s the album I got into them from and all through high school I spun that album regularly. They followed Sticks and Stones with Catalyst in 2004 and to me that is by far their worst album, it has a few catchy tracks but it’s just not a fun album and doesn’t have the same hooks as their other albums. Coming Home followed Catalyst in 2006 and it doesn’t really sound like any other album they have released, which is probably why most fans were so disappointed by it. Coming Home is mostly a piano and keyboard driven album that’s more of a mellow rock album than pop punk but it’s still a great album and should definitely be checked out. Mark Hoppus (Blink 182/+44) produced their next album Not Without a Fight and it was a return to form for the band and another incredible effort, it is a fantastic summer album about girlfriends and break ups and deserves to be looked at if you missed it. Finally in 2011 they released Radiosurgery which brings the band full circle and totally belongs in 2001. Any of these albums minus Catalyst deserve to be looked at and loved. I can’t wait to see where this band goes next and hope that they continue on in their current fantastic direction.

1. Understatement
2. My Friends Over You
3. Sonny
4. Something I Call Personality
5. Head on Collision
6. It's Been a Summer
7. Forget My Name
8. Never Give Up
9. The Great Houdini
10. Singled Out
11. Belated
12. The Story So Far
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Day Sixteen
10/19/12 at 08:17 AM by me7719
Day Sixteen
Slipknot - Vol 3. The Subliminal Verses
Released: May 25th, 2004
(#8) Corey Taylor – vocals
(#7) Mick Thomson – guitars
(#4) Jim Root – guitars
(#2) Paul Gray – bass, backing vocals
(#1) Joey Jordison – drums, mixing
(#6) Shawn Crahan – custom percussion, backing vocals, art direction, photography
(#3) Chris Fehn – custom percussion, backing vocals
(#0) Sid Wilson – turntables
(#5) Craig Jones – samples, media, keyboards
Length: 60:09

Slipknot is a band that I didn’t get into right away, this changed the first time I heard Duality. I had checked them out previous to this but just didn’t quite know what to think about them, but once you take in the musicianship of the group it is hard not to be hooked. Corey Taylor has a remarkable voice and Joey Jordison is in my opinion one of the best drummers in the world today. Outside of the masks and the numbers this is just a very talented group of guys. They released their self-titled album back in 1999 and going back to it now it is a good album with some great tracks but 2001’s Iowa is a much better and complete album front to back. Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses is by far their best album and was a bit of a change for them, not having every song heavy allows the album to have its slower moments and gives Corey Taylor a chance to really show off his vocals. Their latest album is All Hope is Gone which came out in 2008, for me it was a huge let down and although there is a few awesome songs on it overall there is a ton of filler and I would recommend completely skipping the album. Check out Wait and Bleed, Spit it Out, People = Shit, and The Heretic Anthem from their first two albums, and my favourite track from Vol 3 Pulse of the Maggots to get a feel for the band. When you are having a rough day this album is definitely a good angry album to fit that mood.

1. Prelude 3.0
2. The Blister Exists
3. Three Nil
4. Duality
5. Opium of the People
6. Circle
7. Welcome
8. Vermilion
9. Pulse of the Maggots
10. Before I Forget
11. Vermilion Pt. 2
12. The Nameless
13. The Virus of Life
14. Danger – Keep Away
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Day Fifteen
10/19/12 at 08:17 AM by me7719
Day Fifteen
System of a down – Toxicity
Released: September 4th, 2001
Serj Tankian – lead vocals, keyboards
Daron Malakian – guitars, vocals
Shavo Odadjian – bass
John Dolmayan – drums
Length: 44:01

I have loved System of a Down since the first time I heard Chop Suey. After having missed their self-titled first release I went to the store and bought Toxicity and their first album and fell in love with this band and have bought every album since. The band formed in California and has released 5 albums to date. Their self-titled debut came out in 1998 which found them an underground following and led to them releasing Toxicity to perfect reviews in 2001. They followed it with Steal this Album, an album of B-Sides that was written during the Toxicity recording but didn’t flow with that album in their eyes, it’s as good of quality as any of their other releases and should not be looked at any differently. Lastly the released Memorize and Hypnotize in 2005, a double album released 6 months apart that gave them two number one albums in one year. After this the band took a long hiatus and only recently have rejoined and started touring again, but with no indication that they are back recording another album. During this hiatus Serj went on to record solo material releasing 3 albums, and Daron and John formed the band Scars on Broadway that released one album. Though none of the side projects quite reach the height of System’s work, both projects are worth checking out. My favourite song from Toxicity would be Science but anyone should recognize the previously mentioned Chop Suey and Toxicity.

1. Prison Song
2. Needles
3. Deer Dance
4. Jet Pilot
5. X
6. Chop Suey!
7. Bounce
8. Forest
10. Science
11. Shimmy
12. Toxicity
13. Psycho
14. Aerials
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Day Fourteen
10/19/12 at 08:16 AM by me7719
Day Fourteen
Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
Released: September 14th, 1998
Marilyn Manson – bass, electric drums, guitar (rhythm), piano, production, synthesizer, vocals (lead, background), vocoder
Ginger Fish – drums, vocals, vocoder
Twiggy Ramirez – bass, guitar (electric, acoustic, rhythm)
M.W. Gacy - drums, keyboards, piano, sampling, synthesizer
John 5 - live guitarist for Mechanical Animals
Zim Zum - composer, guitar (electric, acoustic, rhythm, synthesizer), keyboards
Length: 62:30

Marilyn Manson is one of my favourite bands everything they have done even if mediocre at least has an intelligent purpose, he is always saying something with his music. Whether it be about drugs, sex, being a musician, fame, love, death etc. his songs have purpose and are well thought out. This is my favourite album by the band. I love the concept and lyrical content and while I was going through a tough break up leaned on this album a lot. Basically the concept is one half from the view point of an alien Omega who is a substance addicted musician in the band the Mechanical Animals, the other is of the view point of Alpha a character based off of Manson’s experience while on tour for Antichrist Superstar a previous album, he observes the world and its people to be emotionless or mechanical animals. So split between the two characters each getting 7 songs, each having a different feel. This album has just a different tone and style than previous and future albums and to me this is why it stands out in their discography. Instead of breaking down their 9 albums I will just say that everyone should be checking out Antichrist Superstar (1996), Holy Wood (in the Shadow of the Valley of Death) (2000), The Golden Age of Grotesque (2003)(my second favourite album), and Born Villain (2012). The rest of the bands albums range from mediocre to good, just not great, each with some select stand out tracks but never getting to the level of other efforts. The Speed of Pain is my favourite track on the album but the album should be taken in as a whole.

1. Great Big White World
2. The Dope Show
3. Mechanical Animals
4. Rock Is Dead
5. Disassociative
6. The Speed of Pain
7. Posthuman
8. I Want to Disappear
9. I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)
10. New Model No. 15
11. User Friendly
12. Fundamentally Loathsome
13. The Last Day on Earth
14. Coma White
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Day Thirteen
10/14/12 at 12:00 PM by me7719
Day Thirteen
Taking Back Sunday - Tell all your friends
Released: March 26th, 2002
Adam Lazzara – lead vocals, guitars
John Nolan – vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards
Eddie Reyes – guitars
Mark O'Connell – drums, percussion
Shaun Cooper – bass
Length: 33:42

If you ask anyone what their favourite Taking Back Sunday album is, this is the answer. It is an easy answer because this is one of the best pop rock albums ever released. If your unfamiliar with this band, they have had quite the bumpy ride going through many (many, many many) lineup changes from this album to now. Adam Lazarra, Eddie Reyes and Mark O’Connell are the only members that have been on all five albums, the two other positions have flipped in and out depending on the album. They followed Tell All Your Friends with Where You Want to Be in 2004, which was a solid album but lacked some of the lyrics that really hooked fans on the first album. They released their worst album Louder Now in 2006, and followed that with New Again in 2009. Now most fans would say that with each album they got worse but I strongly disagree with that perception. I think that New Again has some of the strongest hooks since TAYF and I think that album gets a ton of hate, lyrically it is not their best work, but it’s my personal second favourite album by Taking Back Sunday. Their most recent album is self-titled and came out in 2011. It reunited the original lineup and was expected to be a return to form after fans had been hugely disappointed with the direction of the band, for me it wasn’t. It didn’t really meet the high bar that came naturally with the expectations of the original line up reuniting. It does have some great tunes but also has some filler tracks that really break the momentum of the album. Regardless of who has been in the band this band is great to see live, Adam Lazarra’s stage presence is something that needs to be seen and the band always puts on a fantastic show (I have seen them 4 times with their various lineups). For someone new to the band I would say check out my favourite track from TAYF, You Know How I Do, but also check out Cute Without the E, This Photograph is Proof (from Where you Want to Be), Spin (from Louder Now), Lonely Lonely (from New Again) and You Got Me (from their Self-titled album). This will give you a good idea of the band through its different iterations and are some of my overall favourite tracks.

1. You Know How I Do
2. Bike Scene
3. Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)
4. There's No 'I' in Team
5. Great Romances of the 20th Century
6. Ghost Man on Third
7. Timberwolves at New Jersey
8. The Blue Channel
9. You're So Last Summer
10. Head Club
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Day Twelve
10/14/12 at 11:58 AM by me7719
Day Twelve
Fun. - Aim and Ignite
Released: August 25th, 2009
Jack Antonoff Vocals, guitar
Andrew Dost Range of instruments
Nate Ruess Lead vocalist
Length: 42:15

Pretty much everyone knows who Fun. is now, after Some Nights came out and you have owned a radio/TV/left your house you have heard We are Young. But their much superior album Aim and Ignite is what they started with, and where I got into the band at. Nate Reuss was in the band The Format which is similar sounding although not nearly as good, previous to Fun. Jack Antonoff was in the band Steel Train which is another amazing band that just barely didn’t make my top 30 (check out their Self titled album as well as Trampoline). Aim and Ignite is just super catchy full of hooks clever lyrics and fantastic instrumentation. Also this band is incredible live sounding better than they do on their album. My favorite track on the album has to go to Take your Time, but the opening track Stay Calm is a song I go to very frequently when I am in a really bad mood, for some reason this song just instantly relaxes me and makes my day not nearly as bad. The band may be very famous and popular now but the album they started with was missed by most people and deserves to be checked out, so get on it.

1. Be Calm
2. Benson Hedges
3. All the Pretty Girls
4. I Wanna Be the One
5. At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be)
6. Light a Roman Candle with Me
7. Walking the Dog
8. Barlights
9. The Gambler
10. Take Your Time (Coming Home)
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Day Eleven
10/14/12 at 11:55 AM by me7719
Day Eleven
Brand New – Daisy
Released: September 22nd, 2009
Jesse Lacey – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Vinnie Accardi – lead guitar, backing vocals
Garrett Tierney – bass guitar
Brian Lane – drums, percussion
Derrek Sherman – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Length: 40:47

This was another band I really struggled with choosing only one album for this list and not just one album but which album. Brand new is absolutely one of my favourite bands and one I am yet to see live, and for me they have three incredible albums and one not very good album. Most fans would disagree on my assessment of quality but Your Favourite Weapon is not only not very good, but sounds nothing like Brand New of today. My recommendation is start with Deja Entendu which came out in 2003, not only did the band jump from a very mediocre cliché pop punk band to a very original sounding alternative rock band, but lyrically and musically matured so much in just a few short years. This album is incredible and if you do not know this band than you cannot go wrong with Deja Entendu. They followed it with The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me in 2006, which kept some of the same style as Deja Entendu but at times slowed it down and let the lyrics breath that much more. Then their most recent album is Daisy, the reason I picked this as my favourite by them is mostly it caught me by surprise. After two albums of mostly slower songs that are about love and death, the opening to Daisy is just brilliant punching you in the face and getting you ready for what is to come. On first listen I had to make sure it was coming from Brand New and that I didn’t somehow put on the wrong album, even though Jesse’s voice is one of a kind, Daisy’s opening catches you by surprise. The rest of the album jumps between slower songs like you had seen from the band to harder rock songs and both are great. Check out Sink, it is my favourite on the album, but the entire album is fantastic with songs like Vices (the opener I brought up earlier), At the Bottom and the album closer Noro. I can’t wait for the bands follow up hopefully sometime next year to see where they go from here.

1. Vices
2. Bed
3. At the Bottom
4. Gasoline
5. You Stole
6. Be Gone
7. Sink
8. Bought a Bride
9. Daisy
10. In a Jar
11. Noro
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Day Ten
10/11/12 at 02:12 AM by me7719
Day Ten
Our Lady Peace – Clumsy
Released: January 23rd, 1997
Duncan Coutts - bass guitar
Raine Maida - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Jeremy Taggart - drums, percussion
Mike Turner - electric guitar
Length: 45:43

The first cd I ever owned was Our lady Peace – Clumsy, that automatically tells you I have loved this band for a great many years. In their early career they were much more of a hard rock band and their first two albums and even their third and fourth to a point are exactly those fantastic rock albums. Later in the career the band became much more of a radio friendly rock band and lost a lot of their punch they once had. Starting back in 1994 with their album Naveed, you have to instantly fall in love with Raine Maida’s voice and that has never changed throughout their career even though their style has. They follow Clumsy with Happiness is not a Fish that you can Catch in 1999 and the concept album Spiritual Machines in 2000. All those albums are fantastic and I recommend you to take a look at all four. Then the band started to go mainstream and lost a lot of appeal in my eyes. Gravity in 2002 led the band to be MTV and Much Music main stays with songs like Somewhere Out There and Innocent. Healthy in Paranoid times 2005, and Burn Burn 2009 is their two worst albums by far in my opinion and you are not missing much by skipping these. Their most recent album is Curve which brings back more of their early sound and is definitely worth checking out. My favourite track on Clumsy is Car Crash but Superman’s Dead and Clumsy should be recognizable to anyone growing up in Canada.

1. Superman's Dead
2. Automatic Flowers
3. Carnival
4. Big Dumb Rocket
5. 4am
6. Shaking
7. Clumsy
8. Hello Oskar
9. Let You Down
10. The Story of 100 Aisles
11. Car Crash
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Day Nine
10/11/12 at 02:11 AM by me7719
Day Nine
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
Released: July 17th, 2001
Jim Adkins – vocals, guitar, percussion, bass guitar
Rick Burch – bass guitar, vocals
Zach Lind – drums, percussion
Tom Linton – guitar, vocals, organ
Length: 46:45

This was probably the band I struggled with most on which album of theirs to put on, Futures or Bleed American. The right answer of course is Bleed American. Released in 2001, this album has song after song of just classic summer pop rock jams that belong at full volume on the stereo. The band started with the album Static Prevails in 1996, and followed it with Clarity in 1999, both of which are a much different sound from the band. Although many fans would disagree strongly I don’t really like either album much. After Bleed American they released Futures in 2004 which is also an amazing album and comes highly recommend. In 2007 Chase this light was released and although not as good as the previous two albums still has some great jams on it, the much weaker Invented followed it in 2010. The band has completed their follow up to Invented and it should be released sometime early 2013. My favourite song on the album is Get it Faster, but people not familiar with the band will instantly recognize Sweetness, Bleed American, A Praise Chorus, and The Middle as all four were on the radio constantly in 2001/2002. Pick this up, I promise you will not be disappointed.

1. Bleed American
2. A Praise Chorus
3. The Middle
4. Your House
5. Sweetness
6. Hear You Me
7. If You Don't, Don't
8. Get It Faster
9. Cautioners
10. The Authority Song
11. My Sundown
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Day Eight
10/11/12 at 02:10 AM by me7719
Day Eight
Metric – Fantasies
Released: April 7th, 2009
Emily Haines – synthesizers, vocals
James Shaw – guitar, vocals
Josh Winstead – bass guitar
Joules Scott-Key – drums
Length: 42:30

Anyone that knows me, knew that Metric would appear somewhere on this list. After seeing them live for the second time this past September my love for this band only continues to grow. Anyone not knowing this band as a Canadian, first off shame on you, and secondly seriously shame on you. They are an indie rock band based out of Toronto, Fantasies is the album that made them more widely well known but all of their efforts are incredible. Also Emily Haines is not only gorgeous but just insanely talented, her voice live is better than album quality. Anyways they started their careers with Old World Underground, Where are you Now? in 2003, check out Combat Baby, Succexy or Dead Disco and you will be hooked. They followed this with Live it out in 2005 and Grow Up and Blow Away in 2007. Their most recent album Synthetica is my personal contender for album of the year, go grab it on vinyl. Their singles from this album are Help I’m Alive, Gimme Sympathy, and Gold Gun Girls. My personal favourite is the last track on the album Stadium Love. Please give money to bands like this by buying their albums or going to a show, support live music and maybe we can weed out some of the garbage that is out there today.

1. Help I'm Alive
2. Sick Muse
3. Satellite Mind
4. Twilight Galaxy
5. Gold Guns Girls
6. Gimme Sympathy
7. Collect Call
8. Front Row
9. Blindness
10. Stadium Love
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Day Seven
10/08/12 at 10:39 AM by me7719
Queens of the Stone Age is a hard rock band out of California. Songs for the Deaf in my opinion is the best hard rock album of the last 15 years. You probably have heard the songs No One Knows or Go with the Flow, but the entire album is full of gems. Also yes you saw that right Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) lends his skills for this album playing the drums and briefly touring with the band after its release. First releasing their self-titled album back in 1998, they followed that with Rated R in 2000 which led Grohl to be interested in the band. They followed Songs for the Deaf with Lullabies to Paralyze in 2005, which is a mellower album over all, although still spawning the single Little Sister which many will recognize. Most recently they released Era Vulgaris in 2007, which is in my opinion their second best effort with some great tracks such as Sick Sick Sick and 3’s and 7’s. You can’t go wrong with any of those tracks if you are curious of the band’s sound, I’d personally recommend A Song for the Dead, I love the guitar and drum intro that goes on for the first minute of the song. Pick this up today, and make the neighbours enjoy their holiday off.

1. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
2. No One Knows
3. First It Giveth
4. A Song for the Dead
5. The Sky Is Fallin
6. Six Shooter
7. Hangin' Tree
8. Go with the Flow
9. Gonna Leave You
10. Do It Again
11. God Is in the Radio
12. Another Love Song
13. A Song for the Deaf
14. Mosquito Song
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Day Six
10/07/12 at 08:30 AM by me7719
Day Six
Tegan and Sara – Sainthood
Released: October 27th, 2009
Tegan Quin: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Sara Quin: Vocals. Guitar, Keyboard
Length: 36:55

Tegan and Sara Quin are twin sisters from Calgary that write the catchiest indie pop rock songs I know. It is amazing to me that this band is not one of the biggest bands in the world. I dare you to listen to Sainthood and not have songs stuck in your head all day. They have 6 albums out, starting in 1999 with Under Feet like Ours and their most recent being Sainthood in 2009, and have a seventh album coming out early 2013 called Heartthrob. I think their discography only gets better with each release, becoming catchier lyrically and musically as time went on. I would also highly recommend their web series Carpool Confessionals that were filmed during the recording of their new album, the 8 part series can be found on YouTube and gives you some insight on the twins recording process and also is extremely funny. My favourite track on the album was a difficult choice, but has to go to Hell, even though the entire album is full of should have been singles. They are in my top five bands that I am yet to see live, I am hoping with their new release a small venue headlining tour is coming in 2013.

1. Arrow
2. Don't Rush
3. Hell
4. On Directing
5. Red Belt
6. The Cure
7. Northshore
8. Night Watch
9. Alligator
10. Paperback Head
11. The Ocean
12. Sentimental Tune
13. Someday
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