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Welcome to the Soupbone
Everything Has It's Point
01/20/09 at 01:03 AM by Chris Fallon
Glad I had today off -- not sure if I would have been able to make it through class. Been so tired lately, and my sleep schedule has been so fucked. Not sure why, just haven't been feeling well.

I have two papers to get done by tomorrow. Both are relatively simple, just need to get them done. One is a creative writing essay, the other is a "review" for Hero (the Jet Li movie) for my Media Aesthetics class.

Welcome to Mike Kraft, our new staffer -- he'll be assisting with news posts and the release date calendar with Nathan.

In Bruges is a fantastic film -- I don't normally like Colin Farrell that often, but he was excellent in that movie.

Sadly, I won't be able to witness any of the Inauguration Day events live. I'll be in class all day until 2:00 p.m., so that bums me out. Missing something so extraordinary and historic -- sucks... and to think we've barely said "goodbye" to Bush. Kind of makes me LOL, just a tad.

Think I'll spend tomorrow night finishing up three or four reviews I have that need to be posted. The sooner I get 'em up, the sooner I can get The Loved Ones and Propagandhi.

Tomorrow, after watching Obama make history, go pick up Reel Big Fish and Let Me Run -- it will add to the smile glued on your face, I swear!

I think my cat's new nickname will be Tobama. Seems fitting for the next four years.
Tags: random, update, dude you are so boring
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We Make Noise. What Else Could We Choose?
01/15/09 at 04:10 AM by Chris Fallon

Great record. Been in the mood for The Matches recently, and this one hits the spot just right.

"Borderline Creep" is such a kickass punk rock song.
Tags: the matches, e.von dahl killed the locals, recommendation
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BOLD STATEMENT... It's what I do.
01/14/09 at 06:48 AM by Chris Fallon
Preparing to get my ass in gear...


In case you have not noticed, I haven't posted any reviews in awhile -- and the shitty thing is, I have a ton to do/have started on/need to complete.

My creative penchant for writing has been off and on, more based on blog rants... not actual critique/analysis.

Anyway, I'm going to make a bold proclamation here about my devotion to this website: a review each day, for as long as possible. Yep. That's a big statement to make, but I'm gonna start it this weekend so I can get something posted each day. That way, I feel like I'm utilizing my staff talents -- all I do now is moderate forums and edit some user reviews here and there (mainly hand-backs).

Who knows? Might throw some "classic" reviews in there; review some really small bands I come across. We will see.

Looking at Facebook profiles for people you went to high school with is depressing. Makes me feel like such a loser haha
Tags: bold statement, the year of the fallon
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Chris' Rant Corner: Douche Love
01/14/09 at 01:21 AM by Chris Fallon
VH1 used to be a guilty pleasure channel for me. Flavor Flav, Mini-Me, a plethora of countdowns on nearly every topic you could imagine involving "RAWK" and, on occasion, they even play music videos (like Cher's "Believe" or Enrique's "Hero" -- oh, mi amor!).

Recently, my rage has increased ten-fold becase any time I flip by VH1, it's either a rerun of "I Love Money," VH1's version of "Real World/Road Rules" challenge with the worst people to ever exist ever, or an advertisement for whatever version of "_____ of Love" they plan on airing.

At this moment, there are three reality dating shows featuring *ahem* "celebrities" on them. Now, let me be clear when I use that word, "celebrities," I am only usuing it because I figured douchebags wouldn't be clear enough.

Bret Michaels... what the fuck are you doing? One: Poison sucked. They will always be nothing more than a novelty band that wrote party songs and sappy ballads. "Unskinny Bop"? What the fuck does that even mean, man? Every time I hear one of your putird solo songs on VH1, they're about trying to nail some dumb whore -- and you wonder why you can't find true love. Could it be because you pick sluts who leave their legs open so much, John L. Scott hangs signs from their taint? Maybe the whole "I wanna maryy a stripper" thing is not really going to work out as well as you hope -- fuck, even Playboy Bunnies are skanky, but at least they are classy skanks and date successful musicians.

The other asshole is from another dating show -- he has no prior celebutard experience other than trying to fuck that New York bitch. Lord only knows why -- that chick looks like a stoned Gary Coleman with plastic tits. Sorry -- I digress.

Now I doubt these pricks are really serious about the results -- getting laid by 25 girls itching for your jock is a rather tempting offer when you're a gigantic douchebag. Ray-J, strictly known for two reasons -- he fucked Kim Kardashian and documented it, and his sister is Moesha, is getting a dating show too. Maybe he's looking for another bedonkadonk-driven skank to film with? Who knows -- point is, there are too many hopeless dickwads on TV nowadays, scoring with ridiculously braindead women who are neither attractive (unless you like your ladies skanky, diseased and as smart as a stick of butter!) nor intriguing enough to root for.

I understand VH1 is not the only offender here -- MTV, the channel's sister station, is fascinated with Myspace-made 20-somethings who I think are actually mops with clothes on. Tila Tequila, that overdone pint-sized bisexual moron, and Brody Jenner, Musclehead Weekly's "Douche of the Year," have each received their turn in the spotlight -- and all it does for me is add one more layer of severe disappointment for where our world is headed.

Now that we have elected Obama and gotten rid of Bush... maybe television will improve?

Wow, being optimistic sure sounds retarded, huh?
Tags: chris' rant corner, vh1, i hate reality tv
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01/11/09 at 06:03 AM by Chris Fallon
I hate feeling this way. I thought new year's were supposed to be a fresh start, a new beginning, a reason for hope.

Maybe that optimism decided to show up late to the party. I'll leave the light on for him, I guess.
Tags: blah
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Recommendation: Fenix Tx's "Lechuza"
01/11/09 at 02:49 AM by Chris Fallon
Back in 2001, my glory days were spent smoking pot, listening to the Drive-Thru/Fat Wreck/Epitaph roster and hanging out with my "crew" (and no, I was not a bro back when I was 17-18, so shut it).

Looking back on the albums that made my teenage life so memorable, I always come back to the same ones. Sometimes, however, it's the lesser-known gems that always make you think back and respond with a monumental yelp of "Hooooo-leeeee shiiiit!" Funny, even with all these albums still in my iTunes collection, I can sometimes forget about them until hearing a song on shuffle. That moment you hear the stroke of the guitar neck or rhythmic pounding of a drum oftentimes sends you whirling back to days when everything seemed so much easier (when, in retrospect, was just as difficult as it always has been).

Today, I suggest you revisit - or check out for the first time - Fenix Tx's Lechuza. Released simultaneously on Drive-Thru and MCA, the band's sophomore effort was overlooked due to it's contrast to the self-titled debut, which was a rehash of early blink-182. The irony there is that Mark Hoppus, blink-182's founding bassist, was the band's manager.

Lechuza is more along the lines of pop-punk's fascination with metal riffs (e.g. Sum 41), following a blend of Allister & Midtown. William Salazar's more Sebastian Bach-like vocals help push this album into overdrive (particularly on the closer, "El Barracho") and while the content here is... well, largely masculine (songs deal with masturbation, sex, crime and violence - amongst other things), it's delivered in a hugmongous package, courtesy of producer Jerry Finn.

I suggest starting with "Katie W.," a terrific & addictive pick that shows a sweeter side to the band, and also shows off the impressive production. "Something Bad is Gonna Happen" is the album's most aggressive number, laced with profanity & throttling guitars. "A Song For Everyone" might be the most radio-friendly track, packed with enough fervor to keep pace with the disc, yet poppy enough for any mainstream pop-punk fan. "El Barracho" is the band's most ambitious track, starting off deceptively slow & brooding before launching into an enormous hook & outro.

The band toured for a short period of time a few years ago, with hopes of another album... however, those plans stalled and the band seemingly disappeared. Will Salazar had started up and made an album with a new band, Denver Harbor, in 2002 - but the band's dismantling in 2006 was thought to be due to Fenix Tx's reformation.

Whatever does happen with them, we still have Lechuza to look back on and fondly remember one of pop-punk's most underrated bands in the genre's biggest heyday.

Recommended if You Like: blink-182, Allister, Sum 41.
Choice Cuts: "El Barracho," "Katie W.," and "Something Bad is Gonna Happen"


"Katie W"

"Phoebe Cates"

"Tearjerker (Acoustic)"

"A Song For Everyone (Live)"
Tags: recommendation, fenix tx, lechuza
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Tell Them You're Batman!
01/10/09 at 05:56 AM by Chris Fallon
Picked up a great book today, perfect for any Batman enthusiast. Batman Unauthorized, which was published last year and then re-issued this past year to commemorate the release of The Dark Knight.

Comprised of several chapters by different authors, all somehow connected to the world of Batman (whether it's in comics or film), each chapter focuses on questions, discussions and the history of the Caped Crusader. I'm a huge Batman nerd so I have no idea why I never picked this up earlier. Either way, it will make a nice addition to my collection.

Think I'm going to pick up The Essential Batman Encyclopedia next -- that is right up my alley!

Watched Step Brothers last night -- I'm a big Will Ferrell supporter, and I think John C. Reilly is wonderful in merely everything he's done. While it was better than Semi-Pro, it could have been a lot worse -- and for that matter, a lot funnier. By the time it was wrapping up, I felt like it was getting too long -- and the ending was just bad. Not funny at all.

I will admit I did laugh a lot for the first hour though -- I liked Reilly's character, especially when he was caught in an affair he didn't realize he was fully in.

Ravens and Titans play today -- I hope Baltimore pulls off a win. Also, Carolina... if you could crush Arizona, that would make my day.

Go Gators!
Tags: batman, step brothers, random
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I Won't Let You Fall Asleep Tonight
01/08/09 at 03:12 AM by Chris Fallon

All I can say is... The Swellers' album is going to knock your socks off. Melodic punk has never sounded so sweet.

These dudes will be going place in 2009. You heard it here first. One of the hardest-working, nicest dudes in the business.
Tags: the swellers, holy shit
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"Let Me Breath on Your Face"
01/07/09 at 04:33 AM by Chris Fallon
Tonight's two new episodes of Scrubs were so good. Great start to the final season of one my very favorite shows.

The past couple seasons have been rather disappointing. Minus a few select episodes, I haven't liked where characters have went and how cartoonish they've become. Last season seemed so disjointed, I tend to forget it ever even aired.

I miss Kelso's mannerisms, but I do like Courtney Cox's character -- sort of a variation on Kelso in a way. I also found Ed the intern to be charming in an "he's kind of an asshole" way. I just wish Jimmy the Touchy Orderly would have been introduced long ago -- I've always loved Scrubs' minor characters (Snoop Dogg Intern (Resident); Dr. Beardface; Hooch) and he had me rolling for his few precious moments.

If you have yet to see this show or get into it, the first four seasons are wonderful. Truly perfect comedy, with bits of drama placed in. Season 5 is where the downshift started happening, but I still have a good chuckle or two each episode (even the terrible ones).

"Steak niiiiiight!"
Tags: scrubs, recommendation
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Things I Would Rather Do Than...
01/05/09 at 11:04 PM by Chris Fallon
...listen to The Maine:

- Be Jonathan Cook's BFF

- Eat uncooked, disease-ridden meat off of Lindsey Lohan's stinky taint

- Listen to Envy on the Coast

- Watch only "2 Girls, 1 Cup" -- and nothing else -- for eternity, while trying to masturbate with a pinecone & getting a razorblade twisted in my asshole by Greta Van Sustran

- Listen to Tyra Banks and be interested in every word she says about herself

- Record my parents having sex, sell it for a ridiculous profit and then provide commentary for a re-edited/re-shot "Director's Cut" deluxe edition

- Buy a "Snuggie"

- Have Sarah Palin be President (alright, maybe I'm pushing it...)
Tags: the maine just might be the worst band to ever exist
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We Should Be Friends
01/05/09 at 04:50 PM by Chris Fallon
I finally decided to get myself a Facebook. Figured I'd join the real world, catch up with some familiar faces and have it for contacts.

We should be friends. So add me! Whoever you are, I like you -- even if the feeling isn't mutual -- and we should be pals.

Even you, Tom Higgenson.
Tags: facebook
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You Got A Lotta Nerve!
01/05/09 at 04:49 AM by Chris Fallon
Morrissey's new album is solid. Definitely a pleasant surprise and early candidate for my top albums list.

Reel Big Fish's covers album is a fun one -- I think their cover of "Talk Dirty to Me" might be a favorite. Reminds me of "Scrubs".

Watched Baby Mama tonight with my girlfriend. Pretty funny movie. I usually like Tina Fey (I'm a "30 Rock" supporter) and Amy Poehler is oftentimes reliable (although, I admit she's better in smaller doses). A few memorable quotes and overall, not a bad way to spend an evening -- the ending was a tad rushed, but that was my only major gripe.

Think we're gonna stay in all day Monday -- lots more snow expected, might be rough driving around. We got around 3 1/2 inches tonight and are supposed to get more. Enough already, god damn it! Plus, I don't work til Wednesday, school is back on this week... I just want to be lazy one last day.

Classes start back up Tuesday -- color me numb. I need to get a bunch of reviews up tomorrow. I have a slew sitting here, waiting for the final touches -- just a bunch of Once Overs, but they need to be finalized and posted (which is the hard part haha).

Listen to Allister and reminisce about when pop-punk & Drive Thru Records made you feel on top of the world.
Tags: talking endlessly about nothing in particular
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Recommendations: 01.04.09
01/04/09 at 03:16 AM by Chris Fallon
First rec of 2009. Figured I'd stick with my technique of recommending old favorites.

Listening to Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat and Emotion is Dead last night made me realize how great The Juliana Theory were. Brett Detar's voice seemed to improve with each record, and capped off with a marvelous -- and vastly unappreciated -- final record.

While many argue Emotion is Dead is their landmark release, I find Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat's live recording and overall production to be fresher than their other work. The band was idolized in the early part of this milennium before breaking up in early 2006 due to some mishaps with their new label and a "dwindling fanbase". Frankly, it sucks to hear that a band you respect and love isn't making enough money to continue doing what they do best -- all the members' talents are deeply missed.

In case you are unfamiliar, check out some videos of choice songs and be sure to go purchase their records. Even though the band is no more, they are far from gone.

For fans of: Anberlin, Further Seems Forever

You Like? You Buy:

Tags: recommendation, the juliana theory
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Quotes You Never Want to Hear
01/03/09 at 04:25 AM by Chris Fallon
"Bar exam? You idiot -- I want to be lawyer, not a bartender."

"To me, racing is an artform, therefore I like to consider myself an artist of sorts. Or better yet, a racist."

"I'm not an alcoholic -- I'm just very passionate about drinking."

"The writers on Family Matters were comedic geniuses."

"Patrick Duffy... what an actor!"

"I'm not a pedophile -- I'm just very passionate about children."

"Shut up! Those Geico cavemen are on!"
Tags: quotes you never want to hear, real cfal of genius
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There's Treasure Everywhere
01/02/09 at 04:01 AM by Chris Fallon
2009. Welcome new year... better not speed by like 2008 or suck, because I will be pissed.

In retrospect, 2008 had its pitfalls, sure... but dude, I got hired by this very website (so now I'm an asshole nationwide!) and landed an amazing & beautiful girlfriend. Not all that bad, right? Oh and yeah, I met some nice people at school, got a cat named Toby (and lost my beloved Maddie) and got on the bad side of Tom Higgenson.

My only resolution is to become a better individual, on all sides of the coin. I want to be able to look at myself and be happy with who I am & who I will be. Hopefully, you'll notice some changes in my attitude here in the blog, on the forums, in my work ethic, etc. If I become worse, you slap me into place AP Faithful. That is your God-given duty.

Penn State lost the Rose Bowl today. I'm pretty upset, but glad they stuck it out and came within 14 despite some rather large & costly mistakes. Sad to see Butler, Williams and Norwood have to go out like that... and hopefully they can have JoePa back one more season & give him the opportunity to leave on top.

With that said, I changed my avatar to a winter-themed still of my favorite comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. Been reading a lot more of this recently, since I grabbed all my old books over Christmas. Not only are they great books to read in the bathroom, but they're just great wherever!

I can't believe I read that as a kid -- I never understood half the jokes, so you treasure it a little more when you're old enough to understand. Isn't it funny how that strip ended in 1995, yet many of the issues Calvin discusses (politically, socially, economically) are still prevalent today?

Snowing again here. Pretty hard, too. Grr. I'm sick of this shit, to be frank. I never thought snow would become such a burden -- it's beautiful & mesmerizing... until it gets in your way.
Tags: 2009, 2008, new year, rose bowl, avatar change
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