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CaptainJacksHat's Blog
In Gold Blood
06/05/11 at 07:03 AM by CaptainJacksHat
Why do Kids In Glass Houses not get much exposure on this site? They're far better than some of the bands that get attention on here.

Ahh well, August 15th will change all that..
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These Are Hard Times,
02/07/11 at 03:14 PM by CaptainJacksHat
My girlfriend's 4 months pregnant. It's true what they say, pregnancy makes women bitches. So fucking frustrating. Ever so lazy, just directs me around, my sleep pattern changed.

Decorate. Job Interview. Decorate. Eat. Job Interview. Decorate. Baby stuff x384738047 ..whilst she...lays on the sofa demanding cups of tea's 1000 times a day and complains when i say i have to finish cutting in a wall first. ugh.

It's so hard, apparently only 1 in 5 couples say they are happier and closer through child. The rest say it put them on breaking point and only stay together for the kids.

This year was meant to be our holiday year. A time of laughing, poppin' champagne and letting go. Now all i feel like doing is @!#@! I thought the hardest part would be that the future freaks me out but it doesn't, so far minus the temper my girl has acquired, being a father to be is relatively simple. It's just her attitude that gets to me. I'm only 23 but i've lived through alot harder stuff than this so far, unfortunately.

I try to talk to her but she can never be bothered. I guess she doesn't get it.. i feel pretty much like i never can relax. It's not like i can just drop the girl, we live together and obviously have a child on the way. I just feel i should mean more.
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torres torres what's the score?
02/06/11 at 12:34 PM by CaptainJacksHat
joined a better club?!?!

That was fantastic. Come on Liverpool!!
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Torres my idol; Torres the traitor
01/31/11 at 04:42 PM by CaptainJacksHat
he said he knew what it meant to be a red, torres torres
he never meant a single thing he said, torres torres
into our backs he dug a knife
i hope john terry shags his wife
fernando torres
the big fucking liar...........


Kinda heartbreaking when your idol turns out to be a massive tool. Memories tarnished forever. Nobody is bigger than our club.

Liverpool FC; You'll Never Walk Alone
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Above The Noise - McFly.
01/11/11 at 03:45 AM by CaptainJacksHat
A concept album. Which in itself is metaphorical. The album is about (shockingly enough) meeting and falling for a girl. The whole situation being a metaphor for music. For finding a new direction, to stand 'above the noise.' Do the songs on the record do justice to the bold claim? in a word; No. For that to have been true each track would have to be compared to their most similar competition. The most common comparisons include; Lady GaGa, JLS, Justin Bieber. Which we have to thank their producer, Dallas Austin, for.

McFly made an album way out of their comfort zone. Every single thing was done differently. The writing process being a key example. Dallas would provide a loop; McFly would then play around with a few chords til something stuck. Lyrically? Dallas would write with them. For the first time McFly were not left to do it all themselves, Dallas was a producer, not an engineer. There is even a track on the album that McFly didn't write any of the lyrics for. I find that particularly disappointing. Also, the track is called iF U C Kate. Hilarious.

The album has references to MoTown, dance, urban and less prominently the McFly of old. It's not what you'd expect from them. It's probably not what you'd want from them but at the end of the day, this is them. This is where they wanted to go with their sound. It'll probably be completely different next album but for now, McFly have tried urban pop rock.

I'm a fan. Followed McFly from the beginning. This was a huge shock to me as a record. It took a few listens. I grew to love it and appreciate that they could have played it safe but chose to not let the band get stale. My verdict is, older McFly fans will enjoy some if not all of it. Younger ones will probably crave the old five colors in her hair style stuff. As for previously Non-McFly fans? I think it's worth a listen.

The album ends with the girl they fell for, leaving. Got her but failed to keep her. So as for the music metaphor? Well the album sorta failed also. Sold barely anything in comparison to their previous efforts. The attempt to stand out from the crowd, to be 'above the noise' was a risk. Album may have sold poorly but they did give it away for free a week before general sale. They also generate massive revenue from their one of a kind subscription site Super City. They re-signed to Universal. Their arena tours still sell-out. The singles they release still hit the top 5. So minus the change in sound, things are pretty much the same as they have ever been with McFly.
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I'll just lie here incase you need me.
11/25/10 at 12:11 PM by CaptainJacksHat
Standing beside me
Seemingly listening intently
Pretending and ignoring the ending
'I don't know i really don't'
We're smiling politely
Tiring of the niceties
The only thing constant in all this
Was our inconsistencies and ridiculous indifferences

See a sure sign
A clear skyline with storm clouds on the horizon
Tears coinciding with the rain arriving
'If this was it you'd be sure'
They say walking in the rain cleanses
But we fought tooth and nail to mend this
The only thing we have in common is we're defenseless
To outside interference and love's disappearance
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Hockey gig last night...Free bar..
05/04/09 at 10:29 AM by CaptainJacksHat
Awesome. Simple as that. Not only were both support bands actually really good and not only were Hockey energetic and brilliant, but! they also put money behind the bar and let fans drink for free. Tequila chasers, beers and jager bombs with the band was pretty memorable. Asked them alot of stuff, they were all real approachable and happy to answer anything asked. How bands should be! I told them to do some form of Absolutexclusive, they said they will look into it hmm! Probably means they won't but i'd like that. If you get a chance to see Hockey, do it! Even if they don't provide free alcohol they are definitely worth seeing. If you're in the UK they are supporting Friendly Fires now, 6 - 8 quid a ticket. Go!
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So having fulfilled her life's dream for her... (RIP)
03/11/09 at 05:59 AM by CaptainJacksHat
Long story short. My ex girlfriend died around 2 years ago. Her favorite bands being Death Cab For Cutie and Something Corporate. Unfortunately she never saw either band live so i made it my goal to see them. With SoCo being disbanded either temporarily or permanently, i figured Jack's Mannequin would more than suffice. A few months ago i saw Death Cab For Cutie for the first time and i'll be honest, it was a big emotional struggle for me when they played Transatlanticism which was one of our two Death Cab songs, the other being Photobooth which they did not play unfortunately.

However, seeing Andrew McMahon, who was her hero not only for the words he wrote and sung but for his own battle against Leukemia, was going to be alot harder. So last night i completed her dream. They also played one SoCo song, Cavanaugh Park so that made me extremely happy.

Andrew McMahon has such energy on stage and such brilliant crowd interaction. Then there was his voice, which was simply incredible. Pretty much the best show i've ever been to. It's a shame she couldn't have been there.

It all feels a little more over now, in a good way if that's at all possible.
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Radio:ACTIVE - The step they needed to take.
07/20/08 at 03:42 AM by CaptainJacksHat
So with every McFly album comes great expectations. Expectations that can sway how an album is percieved. Older, more mature fans of McFly long for the day that they break out of the teenybopper pop scene and finally achieve some respect. With three studio albums under their belt before Radio:ACTIVE, came two false dawns. It appeared with the live show after Room On The Third Floor becoming less poppy as the tour went on, it was thought that Wonderland would be aiming at the older fans. In a way it was but not in the way that got them respect from peers or critics. The lyrics were deeper and ultimately darker. The music was far less poppy but still the way McFly acted, held them back. Through no fault of their own they were restricted, unhappy. On Wonderland that showed in abundance. Then came Motion in the Ocean, in some ways a mix of their debut and sophomore effort. It was happier but there were still the corporate chosen suit and tie songs. The songs to make Island Records a fortune and to put McFly into even more debt regarding how much respect they had. Quite simply, in most quarters McFly had none. McFly know that bands have to change with the times in order to survive. If they carried on down this path it would destroy the band they love and the brotherly like bonds they had created. So McFly chose to tackle the problem head on, attack the belly of the beast and be done with it once and for all. They faced their record company and demanded to be released from their contract. The safety of the biggest record label in England, all the millions they pump into the band with CD's, advertising and tours. From there, comes this.

Radio:ACTIVE. The first album on their own self funded record label, Super Records. So here we are, the ability and power is now theirs, they can make anything they wish to make and get it out there. So; is self sufficient McFly all that different from corporate sponsered McFly? The answer is a big, fat resounding YES. From the minute the album kicks off the intent is there. Do Ya starts and you can tell it's traditional McFly but in the sense that it's harder or as they put it, more ballsy. It's got the catchy chorus' that they are reknowned for, it's got the beats, the melody, everything. But it's THEIR'S. Everything you hear is how they want you to hear it.

They are not now going to start swearing every other line but it's the fact that if they DID want to, they could. It's about the fact if they want a riff somewhere, they can put it there. It's things like that, complete control that they strived for. They got it and they seriously have not wasted it.

I don't like reviewing track by track but to highlight the change in the music, i simply can't not.

Track two Falling in Love has 'woah oh oh's' that are meant to be shouted inside packed out arena's. It has the overlapping lyrics even overlapping each other! Musically even after two songs, you're aware just how talented these guys actually are. Also, how restricted they really were. Die hard fans will say the old songs are good, however, i can't help but wonder how good they COULD have been should McFly have written them under these circumstances instead of being told what to do.

Track three Everybody Knows is the energetic, bouncy type song we're all familiar with. It just makes you want to break out your air guitar whilst wrecking your bedroom. It's about how their band has changed as it needed to 'We're gonna die in this town' referring to the fact if they had stayed, it was dead. Which leads into 'Smile' the perfect follow up song, it's one of the biggest curveball on the album. It's almost barbershopesque. A feel good song, showing just where the band are now. Where? They're happy and it shines through. Next is the single One For The Radio which is the weakest new song. It's basically there to help highlight their step up in music.

'I'm lookin at you from another point of view / I dunno how the hell i fell in love with you' Sang with such emotion you can tell this isn't a fictional song. POV is one of the strongest songs on the album. With quiet and slow verses jumping to loud and fast chorus'. Both showcasing the lyrical skills of the band. Tom's voice really makes this song what it is, on the chorus. He displays such raw emotion it's obvious he's hurting when he sings this song and you hurt for him. This song nicely sets up 'Corrupted' to follow on the album, Infact the biggest change for McFly is in this song. It's absolutely angry. It's the darkest song of McFly's career to date. From the guitar, to the drums and the bass, along to the lyrics and the way they are sang. This song is full of hate. 'It chews you up when you feed it but everyone needs to eat / Do you remember how it started? / Fairytale got twisted and decayed / The innocence has long been broken'

Up next is the main problem with the album, an old song which should not have been included. It's a good song, don't get me wrong but we've heard it. Many times. I can only assume it's on the album incase new fans buy the record and are yet to hear it? If you've not already heard the song, it's actually one of McFly's most grown up and depressing songs. Well worth listening to unless you're like me. Next is 'Going Through The Motions' which musically i think is one of the best on the album. As is the intensity in Danny Jones' voice, it really showcases his talent.

So here it is, the last song, appropriately titled 'The Last Song.' By far and away this is the best song McFly have EVER made. It's absolutely epic. Truly epic. From the ballad type beginning, to the fast and heavy middle right through to the perfect ending, this song never lets up. It grabs you and forces you to take notice. There is no getting away from this song for the entire almost 5 minutes it plays. The piano is beautiful and the lyrics are telling. This is it for McFly, this album is their blood, sweat and tear's. They have put everything they have into this album, in this one song you can feel it all. The emotion and the energy, they've done nothing quite like it before.

'If this is the last song i'll ever sing / then i'm giving it everything / I'm giving it all / If this is the last song i'll ever play / I guess it's time to take / Our curtain call / I'm dying to thank you all'

You really have to hear this for yourself to understand. This is the REAL McFly. Forget what you know. The Last Song is the first song by the real McFly. There is not one person who after hearing this can claim McFly are teenybopper pop. The very last line on the record is 'I guess it's time to say / We thank you all' And that is almost definitely the way this album should have finished. I can think of no better way. A thank you to the loyal fans who stuck by them through all the stick.

'So bury me with my guitar and on my way to hell I'll play' Something McFly could never have said before. but it sums up this album. They play, and they play like hell. Give them a chance and you might just like them. If you need a song to listen to, choose The Last Song.

This album is for the fans and for the people who said they would never be anything other than people young teenage idols. This album is a big fuck you.
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