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Nathan's American Dreams
I finally got a new laptop. (I need 2010 recs.)
08/08/10 at 09:23 AM by mybreakingpoint
To replace the p.o.s. 10-year old desktop that finally took its' last shit like, 4 months ago. Not having the internet for so long has been super weird, but good for me.

Now that I'm back though, I need music recs. I've been out of touch with 2010 releases for the majority of the year and I barely have any music on this computer now (luckily, I still have my 200 GB of music on my external, but that's beside the point). I need recs. And a lot of them.

Help me out?
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Some new lyrics and updates and stuff
06/15/10 at 02:31 AM by mybreakingpoint
I still don't have my computer working, and this computer's a piece, so I'm not sure what all I updated on my last blog, so quickly...Kyle, our original guitar player when we started the band, has re-joined the band, replacing James who left for college in New Zealand in February. Then our drummer Ashton accepted a job on a cruise, meaning he'll be gone for 6 months so our occasional substitute-drummer, Dylan, joined the band.

We recently took new promo shots and started getting artwork ready for the new albums (featuring hundreds of army men, cowboys, and indians. Get stoked hahaha). We've been playing quite a few shows, and we've got a couple more coming up, including nex week in Toledo with Weekend Stars, zbrmike from here on AP's band. You've probably heard them on an AP Comp or two. I'm reeeeeeally excited about it.

We've been practicing our set a lot, polishing it to a point where we've honestly never sounded better live. Our set's a little...interesting, featuring almost all new songs or re-worked versions of songs. Or set list, for hour+ sets, looks something like this:

1. "Lord of the Rings intro" (a little minute long medley of 2 songs from the LOTR movies that segueways into our first song)
2. "Fair Game" (pretty much the only song from the upcoming records that we actually still play like it was recorded)
3. "Death Sentence" (new version--sounds NOTHING like the demos or what will be on the record haha)
4. "Faith" (done full band and not acoustic so also sounds NOTHING like it will on the new albums)
5. "Last Night" (new song, won't be on 2 new albums)
6. "9/10" (done full band, so sounds totally different from the upcoming album version)
7. "Visit My Grave" (new song)
8. "The Right Thing" (new song)
9. "Forgive Me" (sounds just like the abum version--including sax)
10. "My Night (aka The Fight Song)" (new song)
11. "Haunt You" (new song)
12. "A For Almost" (full-band, so notably dfferent from the acoustic demo)
13. "It's Okay To Be Alright" (new song)

I know not many of you care all that much about my lyrics, but for those of you that do, here are some of the lyrics to the new songs.

"Visit My Grave" is probably the best lyrical work I've ever done. Musically, it's the fastest song we've ever played, tempo-wise, and one of the shortest, moving along like a twangy folk-punk song. Seriously. It's so much fun.

"Visit My Grave"

Will you visit my grave someday, someday?
Will you visit my grave someday?
What will my tombstone say after I pass away?
Will it have anything more than just my name?
Will it have anything more than just my name?

I'll be sleeping through church Sunday, Sunday
I'll be sleeping through church Sunday
No, I just can't stay awake through anything they say
'Cause there are some sins no one's blood can wash away
Yeah, there are some sins no one's blood can wash away

Well, "True love conquers all" some say, some say
"True love conquers all" some say
Will they still say that the day death takes their love away?
No, I don't think they'll sing that song, will they?
No, I don't think they'll sing that song, will they?

I'll be bones in a box one day, one day
I'll be bones in a box one day
And when your hear bows to pray that God takes my soul away
Will you ask him why he wouldn't let me stay?
Will you ask him why he wouldn't let me stay?

Will you visit my grave someday, someday?
Will you visit my grave someday?
'Cause death is the only way my debts will be repaid
And no amount of prayer or love can take that day away
I guess I'll be dead asleep through Sunday anyway

"My Night" is another short, fast song. Very bluesy, with an early 60's pop vibe. I don't know how else to describe. Barely clocks in at 2 minutes. Very short and straightforward. We call it "The Fight Song" and it's a lot of fun to play.

"My Night"

I might've had too much to drink but I'm still
Thinkin' on my feet 'cause I know
If I let my guard down I might get chewed up & spit back out
Well, I've had it up to here with all your shit-talk
Let me make it clear, if you make me walk the walk
I'll step all over you 'til they pull me off

'Cause I'm not the type to give in without a fight
If you want to sell me short then plan to be surprised
'Cause every night's my night

I see you eyein' my across the room
Are you scared to come & make your move?
It's not too late to heard for the door
Unless you want your head put through the floor
If you wanna know how this ends
Then put your money where your mouth is
'Cause talk is cheap, but a fight is free
And you should probably put your bets on me

This last one I don't really think is lyrically all that remarkable. The music is what makes it special, I think. My girlfriend, girlfriend's mother, my mother, and my step-mother have all described it as "heartbreaking", "tear-jerking", and just "overwhelmingly sad", not only because of the lyrics, but just the vocal and piano melodies. This is the first song I've ever written with a piano-bridge, a "solo" of sorts, in the middle and end of it. It's modestly slow with a big build up and it's one we've already started getting requests for. It's a very personal song. I hope you all are able to hear it soon.

"The Right Thing"

Trust you
I'm supposed to trust you
But it's easier said than done
You say the right words but you don't follow up

I don't try to be the type of guy who sleeps with the lights on
And keeps his eyes on the keys

Love you
Well, you know I love you
But I still have to protect myself
If I'm leaving it all on someone else

Who might believe it's time to breathe
But tries to ease my mind and sleeps
With her eyes on me, but she cries and thinks
At night that she needs to drive away to be happy
And when I finally see that it's time to let her leave
I'll try to close my eyes and sleep
As she kisses me and takes the keys

And I might believe I did the right thing
And I'll forget about my dreams, 'cause she's always been too beautiful for me

I don't try to be the type of guy who sleeps with the lights on
And keeps his eyes on the keys
And I might believe I did the right thing
And I'll forget about my dreams, 'cause she's always been too beautiful for me

And that's it. I could share a few more songs but it's late (almost 5 am). I'm just restless. I need a job. Badly.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or critique on the lyrics or anything else, I always love to hear it all. Thanks.
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Talk is cheap, but a fight is free.
05/25/10 at 06:25 PM by mybreakingpoint
Man, I need to get back on this blogging thing, don't I? So much has happened since the last time I wrote anything. New band members, new songs, new house, new...well, a lot of stuff. I miss all my AP friends; my computer took a shit and doesn't work anymore. I only get to get on here and facebook when I come to the student center at my school. And it's summer, so that doesn't really happen all that often.

I'll post some new lyrics and other various life updates sometime soon. Maybe tonight. We'll see. Hope everyone's doing well.
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My escape.
02/11/10 at 09:57 PM by mybreakingpoint
Have you ever pressed your hands into your eyes (shut, of course) and just held down? I used to do it all the time. I did it again tonight.

My life used to be all about escape. Escaping the world. Escaping the ordinary. Escaping my life. Even in elementary school, I knew my life was weird. And sometimes, I just needed to get away. Maybe this is what everyone sees. I don't know. I've never asked anyone before. But what I see are city lights. At first, they're in the distance. Within a few seconds, I'm speeding through these skyscrapers, these lights. I blaze through. Everything is so non-distinct and blurred, but I feel like I know where I am and where I'm going, though I don't really. But I feel like I'm on a journey, like I have a destination and I'm going as fast as I can to get there. I used to think if I did it long enough, sped through enough "cities", that I could travel through time. That I would remove my hands and open my eyes and I would be in the past. I could go back and re-live my life the way I wanted to do and do it all perfectly and make everything great. Sometimes I'd do it for minutes at a time, until my eyes started to hurt. I hoped and prayed over and over "Please let me wake up in my old house, in my old bed, with both my parents there to comfort me when I started screaming".

It never worked. I never changed anything. But I kept trying. The city lights were my comfort zone. No one could touch me when I closed my eyes and tried to travel through time. I'd pass through a city, then there would be darkness, but I could see another city up ahead, and I'd reach it and speed right through it just like the last one. Never speeding up, but never slowing down. At a constant pace, I flew through all these cities and lights without a care in the world. All I wanted was to reach the next city, and ultimately, my destination and I could open my eyes and everything would be perfect and wonderful and I would cry out of happiness and scream "I did it! I did it! I came back home and I'm going to make everything right again! I'm going to be happy and have no regrets ever again!"

A part of me needed that escape tonight. Needed it so badly it hurt. As I was standing in the shower, cold water pouring down me because I'd been in there for almost half an hour, I just wanted to leave. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to have to worry or wonder or wish or hope ever again. Who needs hope anyway? Hope is irrelevant if you don't make mistakes. If I could just go back, go back home and re-live every day up to now knowing what I know, I would know what to do. I would never ever have to wonder "What if things had turned out differently..." ever again because I'll already know what would happen and I'd know that my life would end up drenched in self-pity, self-loathing, regret, worry, fear, longing, and hopelessness. I don't want any of those feelings anymore. I want to feel free. I want to be careless and reckless and confident. I want to feel sure and safe and strong and secure. I want to believe in myself. I want to believe in others. I want to believe there really is something more out there. I want to believe that the world is beautiful, not an endless spiral of never-ending disappointments and days overwrought with frustration. More than that, I want to believe that I'm beautiful. That I'm worth something. That I'm making a difference, doing something important, that my existence in this place and among my friends and family isn't completely trivial and meaningless. I don't want to tell myself "If I were gone, they'd forget I was ever here." I hate that I tell myself that every day, but I do and I can't stop it. I can't make that angry, raging doubt inside my head go away no matter how hard I try.

Nothing I can do or say can change my mind about myself. I'm always going to feel like the leftover sock in your drawer without a partner. Like the penny you see on the ground and you think about picking up, but you go "Oh, it's just another penny. There are a million more just like it."

But in my cities, speeding through my lights, I feel important. I feel as if no one can touch me, I'm too high in the sky and I'm free. I feel safe. I feel comforted. I don't feel alone.

Now all I really want is to feel that safety and security, that reassurance, that faith in myself and in the world that everything is going to be okay. I want to feel all of those things. And I don't want to have to escape in order to feel that way.

I don't want to have to close my eyes.
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Recs: Greenland Is Melting, Strike Anywhere, The Autumn Film
02/08/10 at 09:55 AM by mybreakingpoint
Haven't given out any recs in a while. Figured it was about time.

Greenland Is Melting: Folky, punk-influenced bluegrass. Mandolin and banjo-filled, it doesn't get much better than this. Heartfelt, sincere, simple, beautiful. There aren't enough positive adjectives in the English dictionary to describe their full-length "Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue", and do it justice. Best of all it's FREE. They're giving is way on their website. So really, there's not an excuse in the world one could have to not give these guys a shot. Give "No More Sorry Songs" a listen here http://greenlandismelting.com and prepare to fall in love, and subsequently download their album. There needs to be a hype-train started for these guys, and I'm more than willing to try and start it.

Download their entire album free here: http://greenlandismelting.com

Strike Anywhere: I've been pretty big into these guys since 10th grade, but I didn't start paying a lot of attention to them again until a couple weeks ago. I'd given their Bridge 9 debut "Iron Front" a few listens last year when it came out, and I really enjoyed it, but eventually forgot about it. Well, a couple weeks ago a song from "Iron Front" popped up on my shuffle and it inspired me to play the record again, and it's been virtually all I've listened to since. I seriously can't get enough of it. Frantic, hectic, pulsing, energetic melodic pop-punkish/hardcore/whatever. I don't know what they are, but I love them. It hasn't surpassed "Exit/English" in my book as my favorite SA album, but it could here pretty soon. Fans of old Crime In Stereo, Latterman, Lifetime, and old Rise Against will probably be able to get into these guys if they haven't already.

"Failed State" (from Iron Front): http://www.midwesternhousewives.com/...ed%20state.mp3 (Right click --> Save As)

"I'm Your Opposite Number" (from Iron Front): http://aolradio.podcast.aol.com/aolm...e_Nu mber.mp3 (Right click --> Save As)

"Infrared" (from Exit/English--this is the song that made me fall in love with them): http://jd187144.googlepages.com/Infrared.mp3 (Right click --> Save As)

The Autumn Film: I'll get this out right now: I don't like female-fronted rock bands. I have Michelle Nolan's full-length on my iPod, but haven't given it a proper listen. Besides Lydia, Nickel Creek, and Straylight Run, I don't have any bands in my collection with a girl in the band who has a prominent vocal part in the band. Until a few months ago, that is, when I discovered The Autumn Film. I don't remember what it was that made me want to check them out, besides the free EP they were giving away in the Free Music Friday section. But I'm glad I did, because what I discovered was one of my favorite EP's of last year, and one of my new favorite up-and-coming bands. I ended up finding 2 other EP's on their website that they were giving away, and then purchased their phenomenal 2008 debut full-length, Safe & Sound off of iTunes and I haven't looked back. This melancholy, piano-driven band out of Colorado has me completely smitten. I am in love with this woman and I've never even met her. She doesn't have one of those wanna-be-diva/Disney Channel pop-star-girl-bullshit voices. Her voice is engaging, enchanting, familiar, deep, and moving. Her songs are full of heartbreak and passion, and her melodies will get suck in your head for days at a time.

They have 3 EP's available for free via their website: http://theautumnfilm.com/share

I highly recommend all 3, especially "The Grey EP", which features my favorite song of their's, "All Coming Down."

I also recommend purchasing their first full-length Safe & Sound, and then being on the lookout for their upcoming album, The Ship & The Sea. It's my most anticipated album of the year at this point, right up there with Jimmy Eat World.

"Because We Are" (incredible song from [i]Safe & Sound[i]): http://www.presentmagazine.com/media...1194577645.mp3 (Right click --> Save As)

"Safe & Sound" (from Safe & Sound): http://presentmagazine.com/media_vau...1194579004.mp3 (Right click --> Save As)

I have several more bands I'd like to recommend, but that'll have to wait until either later today or later this week, because I'm now out of class. If you gave any of these bands a shot and enjoyed them, please let me know.
Tags: Greenland Is Melting, Strike Anywhere, The Autumn Film
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everybody loves acoustic songs.
01/27/10 at 07:58 AM by mybreakingpoint
so here's a new one: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2i2qoc

i think i posted the lyrics a while back.

recorded on monday on wil's mac. one straight-through live take. this song won't be on the new album, but we're going to be doing a split acoustic ep and this song will be re-recorded for it. it's called "a for almost". not perfect, but gives one an idea of what we're doing. my second or third most recent song, so it gives you an idea of what my newest material sounds like, since by the time the new records actually come out, most of the songs on there will be over a year old.
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Some things I've needed to say for a long time.
12/21/09 at 01:21 AM by mybreakingpoint
i swear i tried
can i get an A for effort
or at least for 'almost'?
i did my best
i came up short but i went down swinging
and i got back up with my ears still ringing
is that enough?
is that enough for you?

i can't seem to
say i'm sorry enough ways
to satisfy you
i can't look you in the eyes without
fighting back the tears i refused to cry
all the times you said i was "damaged"
and i knew you were right
you were right
you were right

i broke you out
you slowed me down
and you told me to leave you
but i stuck around
kept your head above water, brought your every meal
but once you could stand you said you "couldn't deal"
with all of my issues, that you couldn't be
everything i was for you for me
you would never be able to do that for me

what did you ever do for me?
did you ever earn my sympathy?
you used to say you wish you'd "just die"
now i wish i'd said "so do i"

i feel a lot better after getting all of that out of my system. that song was a long time coming, and with my new keyboard set-up in my bedroom so i can play piano at any time of night, whenever i want, i'm finally able to write full songs in one night again.

despite what that song, and most of my recent songs, might allude to, i'm actually really, really, really, really happy lately.

i met a nice girl. we've been dating a few weeks now. remember the song i posted a while back about my beard, with the two girls playing and singing in a youtube video? she's the one playing the ukulele haha. she's a doll, she really is. we've sort of had mutual feelings/crushes on one another for over 2 years now (she would come to my band's shows, i would go to her's, we'd occasionally play together), but neither of us ever had the 'nads to really say much to the other. well, facebook brought us together hahaha. so did me shaving my beard. she was very upset that i'd done that, and we began talking every day for hours, then started hanging out when she came home (she goes to school 3 hours away, but her family and she reside in the town next to mine), and then started seeing each other and it's been brilliant ever since.

not only that, this is my first official semester since my very first semester of college 2 years ago where i didn't fuck everything up. 3 A's, 3 B's, 1 C. i did pretty well. my family's happy, i'm happy.

i got texting. THAT's been interesting hahaha. i used to be the only 18 year old i knew without a cell phone. then i was the only 21 year old i knew without texting. now i feel like a normal person again.

i drank for the first time. a jagger-bomb (sp?) and a shot of tequila at fricker's, which my friends bought me and insisted i drink. it wasn't exciting. i've drank a handful of times since, but never more than one bottle of smirnoff or more than one dessert-drink from applebee's. i've still never been drunk, and don't plan on getting that way anytime soon.

i guess there's a lot more going on than that, but it's 3:15 AM and i'm supposed to record piano for the new album from 9:30 to 12:30 today. the record's coming along great. all the drums are done, 90% of the bass is done, and 85% of the guitars are done. this is all for 22 songs, plus 2 more ("adrian generica" and "home"). i've done piano for 3 or 4 songs now, but no vocals yet. we're getting there. looking like there will be 3-6 guest vocalists on the record, including ashley (who sang on "wait" on the last record) and my girlfriend, that should be cool.

james leaves for new zealand in almost exactly a month. we still haven't found a replacement. at this point, i don't know if we will. none of us really know what we plan on having the band do once james leaves. it's all still up in the air, but i guess we'll figure it out here in the next couple months.

it's monday now, so i leave for houston tomorrow. i'll be there from the 22nd to the 27th, to celebrate my "holiday in houston" (har har har, see what i did there?). then i'll be spending new year's in chicago with amber and will be staying 3 nights at the home of an infamous former APer who shall remain anonymous.

if i get time tomorrow, i'll post a more in-depth life update. knowing me though, i probably won't. but if i feel like it/remember to, i will. i finally got DVD copies of the extended cut of That Thing You Do!, the new Star Trek, all 4 Lethal Weapon movies ($7, what a steal) and the entire Millennium series in a box set, so i'll be spending many a late night watching all that and more.

hope everyone has a fantastic break and holiday.

i'm not really sure who reads or keeps up with this much anymore. if you read through this, please leave a comment and say hi along with anything else you care to say

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A song for my aunt.
12/01/09 at 04:06 PM by mybreakingpoint

i heard you're having trouble with the treatment
it never seems to end
and i bet you sometimes think it might be easier
to stay in bed
but you can't give up yet
gotta tell yourself it's worth it to keep on trying
you can't believe it's too hard
there's always a reason to keep on fighting

and you can always think of christmas
to get you through the year
'cause you know that we'll all be there
savoring every day you're here
and you can always think of christmas
when you need a reason to make it through the night
'cause i won't be sleeping either
just singing about how i need you in my life

i think about you every day
i've never lost someone so close to me
and it's hard to think of what to say
'cause i want you to know how much you mean
to everyone that's even known you
to your whole family who only want to be around you
just know you're there
'cause we're incomplete without you

and you can always think of christmas
to get you through the year
'cause you know that we'll all be there
savoring every day you're here
and you can always think of christmas
when you need a reason to make it through the night
'cause i won't be sleeping either
just singing about how i need you in my life
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Better Places
11/27/09 at 10:07 AM by mybreakingpoint
So we posted a new song on Myspace today called "Better Places." http://myspace.com/theinjuredlist It's a b-side that won't actually be on the new record; we're hoping to stick on a 7" or a split of some sort here in the near future.

I knew as soon as I'd finished writing it that it wouldn't end up on the final record, and once the guitars and everything were finished, I was definitely dead-set on it not being on the record. Honestly, it's just more pop-punk than any other song we've done and it wouldn't really fit in anywhere. It sounds like a throw-away New Found Glory song to me at times, especially the beginning. If you spent a lot of time with Coming Home I think you'll know what I mean. But I like the song, it was fun to record and I think some people could get something out of it; I just don't think that musically, or lyrically, it really fits anywhere among the new songs. I think it would stick out like a sore thumb as "one of the more pop-punkish tunes, but not nearly as catchy as the other ones."

The song's about the town I live in and a few friends of mine who are trying to find their way out of here, but are having a hard time with it. They consistently complain about how there are no opportunities here and that the town, the people in it, and everything about it is just dragging them down and sucking them in and they're going to end up stuck here forever. I always tell them they need to just leave, try something new, get new experiences. I had one friend join Ameri-Corps and he's working in Mississippi; his brother flew out to California to live there for a while, and give it a try, and I think they've both grown & learned a lot from getting out of here, and I really just wish some more of my friends would take a leaf out of their books and get out of dodge. They're always talking about how something's missing in their lives, so why not actually go out and try to find it, right? I hope maybe one of them will hear this one way or another and know what I'm trying to say and listen, 'cause I hate seeing so many of my friends throwing their lives away simply because they're too scared or lazy to take a chance, risk it all. Isn't that what you have to do eventually, at some point, if you're going to get anywhere in life? I think so, and I hope they figure it out soon.

This town is a leech
It sucks you dry of all your dreams
Pulls out your teeth
It's fingernails won't let you leave
It's like barbed wire around your feet
It drags you down onto your knees
And you won't feel a thing until there's nothing left to bleed

But try a few less cigarettes
And try to take some deeper breaths
And you might feel a little better
And when the smoke clears you'll see the weather's been begging
To take you to better places
To fill in the empty spaces and let you breathe

This town is a tombstone
A giant reminder of your failures
And everybody treats you like you're dancing on their graves
And they'll haunt you until you go crazy
Or find a way to tell yourself it doesn't matter what they say

And try a few less cigarettes
And try to take some deeper breaths
And you might feel a little better
And when the smoke clears you'll see the weather's been begging
To take you to better places
To fill in the empty spaces and let you breathe

But don't worry you're better off without them anyway
I swear you can find a better place if you

Try a few less cigarettes
And try to take some deeper breaths
And you might feel a little better
And when the smoke clears you'll see the weather's been begging
To take you to better places
To fill in the empty spaces
To take you to better places
To fill in the empty spaces
And let you breathe

So there ya go, this'll be the first new song that's 100% finished as we continue to finish the tracks that actually will make the final cut for the record. Tuesday, December 1st we'll be posting our new original Christmas song, "Think Of Christmas." When we do, I'll do the same thing I did for this song, and give some background on the song and the lyrics. That song especially has a lot of meaning to me, and I'm excited to get to share it with everyone.

When "Better Places" actually gets posted, we'll probably still be at our show in Napoleon, so I won't be here to post this then, so I figured I should post it now so it's here when the song goes up. Please let me/us know what you think of the song and if you're excited for the new record, what your expectations are, etc. I'd really like to know what everyone is thinking. Thanks.
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New songs coming this week + other stuff?
11/24/09 at 12:40 AM by mybreakingpoint
"Better Places", a b-side from the new record, will be posted on Friiiiiday.

"Think of Christmas", our new Christmas song, will be posted a week from tonight, next Tuesday.

Both for streaming on Myspace and free download.

I'm excited.

I'll post blogs on each day with lyrics and background stories for each.

And yeah, should be cool.

I wrote this song tonight. I like it. Very folky feel. Who knows if it'll ever go anywhere, but it's a nice song for now.

I think I'm gonna call it "Last Night". Original, right? hahahaha Man, I really am in a rhyming mode, as you'll see/read in this new song.

last night, last night
i saw the golden light
and he told me that i wouldn't be forgiven
not this time
and i tried, oh i tried
to smile back and act surprised
but he knew i understood
yeah, he could see it in my eyes

and i won't ask him to apologize
i don't think it'd be right
sometimes we have to get what we deserve if we're to learn how to survive
we can't expect to be accepted at the expense of consequence
so i won't ask him to reconsider
i just don't think it'd be right

last night, last night
she told me everything was fine
but in the morning she was crying
said her dreams had changed her mind
and i tried, oh i tried
to hold my tongue and be polite
and after she had packed her bags
she turned & sighed & said goodbye

but i won't ask her to apologize
i don't think it'd be right
it's my fault for not seeing the signs
i should've never made her cry
and it's her right to know that she's earned more than fights and lies
so i won't ask her to reconsider
i just don't think it'd be right

last night, last night
i asked you to hold on tight
this might be a bumpy ride, but i'll find a way back to the light
and i'll try, oh i'll try
to make you see before i die
that i'm not completely blind
once in a while, i swear, i can do something right

i can do something right.
i just want to do this right.

Goodnight, everyone. Thanksgiving break has started for me and I'm gonna get it going by sleeping in til 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
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It's my 21st birthday.
11/09/09 at 11:31 AM by mybreakingpoint
It's been a good day, I think it'll continue being sweet.
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I love ballads.
11/05/09 at 03:53 PM by mybreakingpoint
And it's been a while since I've written one, so I finally finished one today that I'd started probably 4 or 5 months ago. I've had the music, first verse, and chorus set in stone for that long, but never got around to finishing this sucker 'til now, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Youtube video of it plus 5-8 more songs coming...eventually.

P.S. My 21st is on Monday. SWEET. Not only is Winston Audio and All The Day Holiday opening for us Monday, but I get to open acoustically for Winston Audio next Thursday in Holland. I'm stoked. I adore that band like no other.

Here's my cheesy, cheesy, cheesy ballad, that I'll probably just end up calling "Home":

can you imagine how sad old folks must feel sometimes,
thinking all their old friends left without saying goodbye?
can you imagine how lonely it must be for them,
thinking everyone they knew must have forgotten them?

but i know how they feel
i know what it's like to lose touch with everyone i used to love
i know how they feel
i know what it's like to hope you cross their minds from time to time
and i'll say

"i don't know where to go, i just want to go home.
i just want to go home.
i don't know where to go, i just want to go home.
i just want to go home."

can you imagine how sad old folks must feel sometimes,
waiting, counting down the days until they finally die?
can you imagine how lonely it must be for the,
wondering if they really were forgiven for all their sins?

but i know how they feel
i know what it's like to lie awake at night and feel your bones go dry
i know how they feel
i know what it's like to think you've lost your mind from time to time
and i'll say

"i don't know where to go, i just want to go home.
i just want to go home.
i don't know where to go, i just want to go home.
i just want to go home."

can you imagine how old your folks must feel sometimes,
watching as their kids grow up each time they blink their eyes?
can you imagine how lonely it must be for them,
when their children decide their home's no longer with them?

but i know how they feel
i know what it's like from the other side of that goodbye
i know how they feel
i know what it's like to realize that goodbyes are just a part of life
but i'll still say sometimes

"i don't know where to go, i just want to go home.
i just want to go home.
i don't know where to go, i just want to go home.
i just want to go home.

i just want to go home."

Though this song may lead one to believe otherwise, I've actually been remarkably happy and doing incredibly well. Good grades, good job, band's doing well, met a girl, the works. Things are good.
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I wrote a song on a banjo.
10/27/09 at 01:05 PM by mybreakingpoint
And it goes a little something like this.

I'm a novelty
And my shine is wearing off
So you're bored with me
It's time to take me to the shop
It'd be much too expensive
To pay for the repairs
So you leave me there
I can be another person's burden to bear

I've been worn-down from over-use
Not because of age
And I used to feel essential
'Til my voice began to change
'Cause I wasn't only getting older
I was learning every day
That after every time you dropped me
My voice never sounded quite the same

But here I am today
With so much to say
And so few things to complain about
It's been hard for me
To believe I've done something important with my life
But you've helped me find a reason to sing

I could tell you of the times I've been
Discarded in my life
And I'd lay there on the sidewalk
Avoiding everybody's eyes
Until finally I'd catch one
And go back to where I was
But I'm done with telling stories
About when I wasn't happy just because

Look where I am today
With so much to say
And so few things to complain about
It's been hard for me
To believe I've done something important with my life
But you've helped me find a reason to sing

I'm not such a novelty
That I can't be
Essential to someone eventually
I'm only meaningless
If I don't think
That I don't mean something to somebody

Even if it's only when I sing
At least that's something

It's bouncy and twangy and fun. Feels like an Avett Brothers song, not gonna lie.

Things have been going really well lately.

9 songs have final drums now. 3 won't have drums. So 10 more to go and we move onto final takes of bass and guitars.
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My Favorite 50 Albums and 10 EPs of 2009
10/22/09 at 02:15 PM by mybreakingpoint
These are my top 50 favorite records and 10 favorite EPs to be released this year. It was such a ridiculously good year for music; this was almost impossible to make. Please don't mistake "favorite" with "best" as many people tend to do, 'cause I'm not claiming that my opinion is any better or more informed than your's or anyone else's. I like to do this every year to look back on later and help me remember the year in music; I think it also lets some people hear about records and bands they might not otherwise hear about or know of, so maybe you can find yourself a really great album in here. Feel free to share your thoughts.

According to my iTunes and last.fm, I've listened to over 150 albums that were released this year and almost 80 EPs. That might not seem like very many compared to someone who reviews albums and whatnot for a living, but I still feel like it's quite a bit of music, so this was a tough list to put together. I made a list of 100, narrowed down to 80, then 60, and finally, 50. It was not easy.

This list is also subject to change once Say Anything's self-titled new album, Weezer's "Raditude" and John Nolan's solo record, "Height", come out, along with any other late-year releases I'm forgetting about.


1. Winston Audio - The Red Rhythm (Seen them twice this summer, seeing them again on the 9th. This record hit me like few records have in recent memory. So much fun; so dark and brooding, it was really the soundtrack to my summer this year.)

2. Weekend Stars - Tambourine Girl (My friend Mike's band from NY (UNSIGNED? WTF?) shat this out and rekindled my love for underproduced, raw, emotional rock albums. Think American Football meets Mineral meets the raw quality of Tell All Your Friends. So good.)

3. Tigers On Trains - Grandfather (Remember those fake Brand New demos that surfaced in mid-summer that turned out to be by Republic of Wolves? Tigers on Trains are those guys, but this is their main project. This is by far my favorite folk album ever, and it's opened a lot of doors for me, musically, since I downloaded their 3 EPs earlier this year. These guys have such a bright future ahead of them.)

4. Mansions - New Best Friends (I was obsessed with this record for months on end, even before it came out. "The Worst Part" and "Talk Talk Talk" make me laugh out loud, while "Tangerine" humbles me like few other bands know how to. This album is well-balanced, catchy, and relatable on a snarky, witty, hipster in the back of the room kind of way.)

5. Brand New - Daisy (You either loved it, or hated it, but I loved it immediately. Not a single track I don't enjoy, but "Gasoline" is probably my song of the year. I hope these guys never stop.)

6. The Ghost Of A Thousand - New Hopes, New Demonstrations (I don't like a lot of hardcore, just because I don't like a lot screaming, but there's something about this band that's had me hooked since the first time I heard their last record, "This Is Where The Fight Begins", which is my favorite-album-of-2008-that-I-didn't-hear-until-2009. Intense, aggressive, and intelligent, in my book, they overtook Gallows this year as the UK's premiere hardcore band.)

7. Audrye Sessions - Audrye Sessions (Collectively, this album may have the most catchy, nostalgic, beautiful choruses ever compiled on a single album, for me anyway. An amazing driving record, these guys knocked me on my ass when I heard them live, and this record hasn't let me get up since.)

8. Idlewild - Post Electric Blues (One of my favorite bands still making music these days, this albums harkens back to "The Remote Part" and "Warnings/Promises" in the best way possible. They've kept their signature sound, and yet still evolved and grown, making them consistently one of the best bands in the world today. Period.)

9. Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing (I purposely missed the bandwagon on these guys, and now I regret it. All everyone talked about for 2 years was "I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child", so I waited for the hype to die down before I got into them. I don't think they're the revolutionary band a lot of people seem to think they are, but there's no doubt that Andy Hull writes some of the best lyrics I've ever heard, and that these guys know how to perfectly blend accessible pop and catchy rock seamlessly. These guys will be kings of the scene in no time.)

10. Anchor & Braille - Felt (I'm not an Anberlin fan, but I always knew Stephen Christian had great pipes, and this showcased them in a way Anberlin never has and likely never will. The instrumentals were put together by Aaron Marsh of Copeland fame, so that alone should make one interested. If that doesn't grab you, just give them a listen anyway and let their sad, melancholy, mostly piano-driven, bluesy, beautiful songs suck you in.)

11. Sounds Like Violence - The Devil On Nobel Street (Does Andreas Söderlund have a beautiful voice? Not by anyone's standards, I don't think, but it's definitely unique and original and he uses it as a powerful tool to convey just how pissed off and miserable he is most of the time. This record hasn't put a strangle hold on me yet like "With Blood On Our Hands Did", but it still kicks me in the nuts every time I hear it and it's all I listen to for days at a time. I think in a couple years, I'll be calling this one of my all-time favorites.)

12. RX Bandits - Mandala (Can these guys write ANYTHING bad? The answer is no. Even their worst songs are better than 95% of the trash circulating the internet right now. This album was interesting, but it didn't have the staying power of "...And The Battle Begun" or even "The Resignation", but their musical chops are showcased in this album even moreso than they are on their Sounds Of Animals Fighting albums. This is another one of those bands that should just never ever ever stop making music.)

13. Cursive - Mama, I'm Swollen (I honestly expected to hate this album, and while it didn't top "Happy Hollow" in my book, and it certainly didn't touch their classic "The Ugly Organ", it was still a fun and interesting listen. It was a good blend of a Cursive and a Good Life album, as Kasher finally decided to blur the line between the two and just write and release whatever he feels like. For the most part, it worked, but I'm hoping the next record will be a little more consistent and flow a little better. "Mama, I'm Satan" is one of my all-time favorite Cursive songs though.)

14. The Avett Brothers - I And Love And You (Whatever you're listening to right now, I can say with almost complete certainty that this is better. Way, way, way better. The album track is one of the best songs I've ever heard; I can't believe these guys aren't running the music industry already.)

15. Ace Enders & A Million Different People - When I Hit The Ground (Despite its missteps ["Bring Back Love" is such a terrible song], I'm not afraid to say that this album showcased Enders as one of the scene's premiere songwriters way better than any Early November album did, and while it can't really be compared to his I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business release, this album provides some of my favorite songs of this entire year. There was a point this summer where the only song I listened to for 4 days was "When I Hit The Ground" [his Days Away shout out is brilliant, I like it more than his TGUK quote in "The Room's Too Cold"], and I'm still convinced that "Over This" is THE catchiest single-that-wasn't-a-single of 2009)

16. empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward (Midwestern 90's emo isn't dead. American Football's legacy lives on. This album proves it. In my book, they actually out-did like-minded peers like Look Mexico and This Town Needs Guns for the most part. I need to see this band live right NOW. So do you.)

17. fun. - Aim & Ignite (I didn't get into the Format until I saw fun. live; they were another one of those bands that everyone and their mom's and dog's and little sister's were into, so I just didn't give them a chance, but this album opened my eyes to the brilliance that is Nate Ruess's vocals and lyrics. This album is the closest thing to a musical I'll ever admit to liking.)

18. Relient K - Forget And Not Slow Down (It doesn't top "mmmhmmm" [At this point, I doubt they ever will], but it's definitely got more to it than "Five Score And Seven Years Ago" [even though I LOVED that album]. Matt Thiessen and Relient K continue to do what they do best, which is to show everyone that they are consistently some of the best pop-song writers of the last 10 years. I'll be listening to Thiessen when I'm old and deaf, as will my kids, grandkids, and everyone after that.)

19. Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg (This album earns them the crown of best pop-punk band around. They've almost made me completely forget who Latterman is...almost.)

20. Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed (The former Million Dead front-man shows the world that he is the reigning king of folk punk. If he doesn't break into the mainstream in the next 2 years, I will lose all faith in the music industry.)

21. Tinted Windows - Tinted Windows (Anything billed as "current and former members of Fountains of Wayne, Hanson, Cheap Trick, and Smashing Pumpkins HAS to be good. There are some really bad, cheesy lyrical moments, but I'm a sucker for releases like these, and this is pure pop goodness.)

22. Augustine - From These Ashes (I might be biased for having them on here after doing a guest vocal spot on one of their songs, but I'm not kissing ass when I say that everybody needs to look out for these guys. They emulate the early-00's pop-punk vibe without going over the top, making themselves equal parts Spitalfield, The Get Up Kids, and Armor For Sleep, while still managing to have a unique sound of their own. If anyone's looking to relive their early high school/late middle school pop-punk glory days, this is the record for you.)

23. Say Hi - Oohs & Aahs (I miss when they were called Say Hi To Your Mom, but these guys (this guy?) gets progressively better and more interesting with each release, something many of his like-minded peers are unable to say.)

24. All The Day Holiday - The Things We've Grown To Love (Fans of amazing live shows, beautiful atmospheric pop rock, Mae, Copeland, and people named Nathan will not be disappointed with this album.)

25. The Swellers - Ups And Downsizing (Everyone told me to listen to them, and I didn't want to because...everyone was telling me to. Eventually, I gave in and discovered the 2nd best band in Michigan (Sorry, La Dispute--Your Best Friend is still the best). These guys are going to blow up fast. If you tell yourself "You know, I'd kind of like A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong if it weren't for all the pointless, stupid, annoying, useless screaming..." then this is the band for you.)

26. Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget (Next time you're pissed off and you need something to simultaneously release stress from you and get stuck in your head, turn on this record, sit back, relax, and break something.)

27. Golden City - Golden City (If you have to wait for me to finish this sentence after I say "featuring former Christie Front Drive vocalist Eric Richter" before downloading this record, then you might as well go jump in a balloon and never, ever come back because you have terrible taste in music. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but seriously. CFD has always been billed as "the band Jimmy Eat World always wished they were", and if that doesn't peek your curiosity, then just stop reading this and go back to telling yourself that Nickelback is a deep band and buy your tickets to the upcoming Creed tour.)

28. Thursday - Common Existence (The only reason this isn't any higher is because it didn't have half the staying power of "War All The Time" or "Full Collapse", and it's not because they didn't make a record almost as good as both of those albums, I guess it more has to do with the fact that I'm not into this style of music as much as I used to be. It's still an incredible album and Thursday are still one of the best bands around.)

29. Weatherbox - The Cosmic Drama (Doesn't hit you like "American Art" did, but it's still a breath of fresh air, even if the air's laced with just a few more illegal substances than it was the first time around.)

30. American Art - Deceiver

31. Gallows - Grey Britain (The band that really kicked my appreciation for hardcore into gear keeps my hopes alive that someday kids won't call bands like The Devil Wears Prada "hardcore".)

32. Showbread - The Fear of God (Doesn't top "No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Pracitical", but it tops the double album and it has my favorite artwork of the year. A lot of people think they sound the same on each album, but that's just who they are. Why fix ain't broke?)

33. Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic (I had high hopes for this, and I like it, but it hasn't stayed with me much. I expect to listen to a lot more in the coming weeks though.)

34. My Heart To Joy - Seasons In Verse

35. The Motorcyle Industry - Electric Education

36. Strike Anywhere - Iron Front (This album is as close to recreating "Exit English" as they've gotten in recent years, but it's still a step forward and it's still a lot of fun. I think these guys still have hope to break into the mainstream a la Rise Against, so let's hope Bridge Nine gives them that extra boost.)

37. Anti-Flag - The People or The Gun (Yeah. I like Anti-Flag. Wanna fight about it?)

38. Maylene & the Sons of Disaster - III

39. Rhett Miller - Rhett Miller (I'd rather have a new Old 97's album, but this was still pretty fun. A little stale and boring at times, but he's still one of the few singer/songwriters I don't think I'll ever get sick of.)

40. David Moore - My Lover, My Stranger (Ex-Chamberlain frontman pretty much picks up where he left off with "Exit 263".)

41. Silversun Pickups - Swoon

42. Dead Man's Bones - Dead Man's Bones (Ever seen the movie "The Notebook"? Or at least "Remember The Titans"? If so, you know Dead Man's Bones frontman Ryan Gossling. This album is creepy. Really creepy. In a good way.)

43. Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News (Pop-punk revival, eh? Well, let's hope it's led by bands like Broadway Calls and not bands like All Time Low.)

44. Sleeping At Last - Storyboards

45. Moneen - The World I Want To Leave Behind

46. The Mars Volta - Octahedron

47. Closure In Moscow - First Temple (I didn't want to like this album. Adam and Aaron were right though, it's really really good and makes up for the fact that the Mars Volta album felt really bland.)

48. Portugal. The Man - The Majestic Majesty

49. Oh, Sleeper - Son of the Morning

50. The Fold - Dear Future, Come Get Me (This album made me re-fall in love with this band.)

3 MOST DISAPPOINTING FULL-LENGTHS OF 2009 (that a lot of people really liked)

1. Taking Back Sunday - New Again (I'm not a "If it's not TAYF, it sucks" kind of TBS fan. I loved WYWTB, and I liked about half the songs on "Louder Now", but this album was utter garbage. 2 good songs in the bunch. What a disappointment.)

2. New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight (This album just sounded so forced. It was like "Catalyst" part 2 for me; it just feels like they were trying too hard with this one. They took a huge step forward with "Coming Home" and a significant step backward with this collection of songs they've already written 198279 times.)

3. mewithoutYou - It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright (Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring. Where's the intensity of "Catch For Us The Foxes"? I want to drive around screaming "Jaaaaaaaanuary 1979!" at the top of my lungs, not feel like I'm a middle school Christian camp around a campfire. Come on, Aaron Weiss, you can do better than this.)


1. The Devil And The Lion - The Devil And The Lion EP (So you were disappointed that Brand New's new album didn't sound enough like "The Devil & God", eh? Well, quit bitching and download this EP (it's free from their website). It's too bad they've already broken up though.)

2. Bayonets - Wishes & Wishes (Right these guys off as Brand New/Manchester Orchestra wanna-be's all you want, but they're so much more than that.)

3. Nightmares For A Week - A Flood Tomorrow (Ex-Anadivine should get you interested immediately. If not, RIYL: Blackpool Lights, Limbeck, The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids. There. NOW go listen to them.)

4. Mae - (m)orning EP (Mae is on the rise again. "Singularity" was complete garbage. This is....well, the opposite of complete garbage. Take that as you will.)

5. Millions of Brazillians - Half Horse/Half Horse (Think a full-band Death From Above 1979 and then get ready to hurt someone while you dance around your basement.)

6. Fly Upright Kite - Weightless (God, he sounds so much like Aaron Marsh of Copeland sometimes it's almost painful...in the best way possible. Do you miss the days of "Beneath Medicine Tree"? Well, these guys are going to take your pants off. Socks, too.)

7. Modest Mouse - No One's First, And You're Next (8 collective b-sides from their last 2 full-lengths. It shows off what diverse musicians they are and that they really know how to push the boundaries of pop rock.)

8. The Reptillian - Boys' Life EP (One of MI's best bands right now, get on the bandwagon before everyone else.)

9. The Seams - EP (Jonathan Lallo of Down To Earth Approach fame's new band. This release is just a tad underwhelming, but it still has me really excited for a full-length in 2010.)

10. Transit - Stay Home (How the hell are these guys still in high school? This is ridiculous.)

And lastly, my 50 most anticipated albums of 2010. I'm expecting big things from...

(in no particular order)

1. Far
2. The Juliana Theory
3. Further Seems Forever
4. The Get Up Kids
5. Small Brown Bike
6. Sunny Day Real Estate (if you weren't aware that all 6 of these bands had reunited, stop living under a rock already.)
7. Jimmy Eat World
8. Saves The Day
9. Your Best Friend
10. Good Old War
11. Circa Survive
12. The Reign of Kindo
13. The Automatic Automatic
14. Bars of Gold
15. Straylight Run
16. Comeback Kid
17. Crime In Stereo
18. Copeland (Maybe?)
19. The Snake The Cross The Crown (There are rumors...)
20. Travis Bryant
21. Damien Rice
22. Motion City Soundtrack
23. Dear & the Headlights
24. The Seams
25. Bayonets
26. Frontier(s) (Welcome back to music, Chris Higdon. We've missed you.)
27. Fountains of Wayne
28. Funeral Party
29. Jet Lag Gemini
30. Limbeck
31. Kiernan McMullen
32. Mêlée
33. Cassino
34. I Am The Avalanche
35. Modest Mouse
36. The Graduate
37. Lifetime
38. Jack's Mannequin
39. Nightmares For A Week
40. The Gaslight Anthem
41. Mason Proper
42. Death In The Park
43. Sugarcult
44. Koufax
45. Paulson
46. Jeff Caudill
47. Moving Mountains
48. Logh
49. Ride Your Bike
50. One Small Step For Landmines

It's obviously going to be another great year for music in 2010

I'll be very impressed if anyone was actually bored enough to read ALL of that hahaha
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I have my own motivational poster.
10/18/09 at 05:31 PM by mybreakingpoint

If you don't get it, we're probably not friends.

Thanks, Austin.
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