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RawkStar...chea...I'm the shytt.
Anger Issues?
01/12/09 at 10:25 AM by RawkStar
Let me start by saying that i live in the middle of Nebraska. I'm originally
from Colorado, so cut me some slack for my angry-ness.

Old people, in Nebraska, annoy the shit out of me. And sometimes its not
just the old people who i hate, its just people who think they know everything
in general. Like people who think they are always right but when you prove
them wrong, all hell breaks loose. God forbid you prove them wrong.

My least favorite line that i unfortunately am starting to hear everyday:

"Back in the day when I use to have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and do
chores out in the blizzards. I would have to walk 5 miles to school.
Uphill......both ways, in the snow, barefoot. And i would never complain
because if i did my father would beat me within an inch of my life."

Do i care? Really?

Dude, i dont care about you, or your life, or your opinions.
So stop talking.

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Songs That Need To Become.....
10/21/08 at 01:35 PM by RawkStar
Hell Yes - Beck
"Duck don't look now company missiles
Power is raunchy rent-a-cops are watching
Makin their dreams out of paper mache
Cliche wasted hate taste tested

I'm callin you out I'm switchin my plates
(please enjoy)
Hell yes
I'm cleanin the floor my beat is correct"

[[just a few lyrics from the song]]
I dont hear it at all...anywhere...
and i think that it should be heard.
check it...

She Talks To Angels - Black Crowes
"She never mentions the word addiction
In certain company
Yes, she'll tell you she's an orphan
After you meet her family
She paints her eyes as black as night now
Pulls those shades down tight
Yeah she gives a smile when the pain comes
The pain gonna make everything alright

Says she talks to angels
They call her out by her name
Oh yeah, she talks to angels
Says they call her out by her name"

Its kind of a touchy song. but you really get into it.

Red Sky - Thrice
"I know what lies beneath ive seen the flash of teeth
Conspiring with the reef to sink our ship
The winds a cheating wife her tongue a thirsty knife
And she could take your life with one good kiss

Can you see the sky turn red
As mornings light breaks over me
Know tonight well make our bed
At the bottom of the sea

What You Give - Tesla
"Who's the one that makes you happy?
Or maybe, who's the one always on your mind?
And who is the reason you're livin' for?
Who's the reason for your smile?

I feel so lonely, yet I know I'm not the only one
To ever feel this way.
I love ya so much that I think I'm goin' insane.
I'm goin' crazy, outta my head.
Goin' crazy, outta my head.
Can't think about nothin' but your good, good love,
And what you give.

You're the one that makes me happy. Oh yeah baby.
And you're the one always on my mind. And a-yes it's true.
You are my reason, my one and only that I've been livin' for
Why can't forever be forever and nothin' more."

This is probably one of my favorite songs ever
made. hands down....if you havent listened to it...
get on it. its older 80s.... =]
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Odds and Ends
10/16/08 at 04:37 PM by RawkStar
So today was absolutely boring.....I woke up and took a shower..then came to school
and sat down in my seat for my first class aprox. 9 seconds before the first bell.
[[chyea because I'm talented like that..]]

And so here goes my day....

First hour is my first math class....
if you can multiply and divide...then you are golden.
so i got done with the assignment in the first 10 min.
of class...and then I fell asleep.

Second hour is my study hall..lucky me...
I had absolutely nothing to do so..again...I fell asleep.
my entertainment wasn't there [going by the name
Ashlyn...or 'sissy' as we call eachother...like sister.]
and so I slept the entire class period.

Third hour is my advanced bio...which is super boring...
yesterday I swear to god that he said we had a quiz
friday instead of today [being thursday]. and so I didn't
study for anything. we got to class and had an ef-ing quiz.

Fourth hour is american history....[[gag me]]...
honestly...we listened to him talk from 10:50 [class begins]
to 11:41 [class ends]....really...

Fifth hour is family and consumer science [better known as
home ec]...just to let everyone know...i EF-ING HATE that
teacher...a lot...and that said..it basically sums up that period.

And then I had lunch.......school food....enough said.

And then i have sixth hour which is english..i love that teacher
because she is 24 and can relate to us on a different level..
we just read...and she yelled at the guys in my class which
isn't surprising. and i slept...again.

Seventh hour is choir...and it should be my favorite class because
i'm a god a singing..but it really isnt because i'm the only one who
actually sings in that class. and it gets annoying after a while.
so i went down to the english room and painted cabinets.

My last hour....eighth. it is my other math class that i am dropping
this coming semester change because having two math classes
isnt needed for me to graduate...and honestly...who wants two
of them?...not me. its all just business though. so no biggy...
we had a test today that took me like...15 min. to do and i'm pretty
confident that i got an A on it. woop woop.

i'm tired...and cranky though....so i'm outtie.

....Duces* \/
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10/13/08 at 09:36 AM by RawkStar
So my birthday was October 11th [[saturday]] and I spent the weekend with my
boyfriend in Lincoln [[where he goes to college...UNL]]. It was the greatest weekend/birthday
of my life.

So the reason this is called "Zen" was because I got a new music player...I would call it
an iPod but its not. its called a Zen...and its the greatest thing EVA!

bells going to ring so I've got to go.

.....Duces* \/
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In Math...ick.
09/26/08 at 06:58 AM by RawkStar
So i'm bored...no....i'm SUPER bored.
I'm in math class right now and just got done taking a test. [[gag me.]]
Pretty sure i aced the shytt out of it! Which makes me uber
happy. Wish me luck!!

On another note...

Today is going to go by super fast....at least i hope so.
It's Friday....which means its the weekend. And i couldn't
be happier. Except I have to work tonight [5:30-10:00]
and Saturday morning [11:00-3:00] and Sunday night
which is the same as tonight. It's money so its worth it
i guess....I'd still like to have some time to chillax.

But that's what I do yo!!

Class is almost over and i spent most of my time looking
at those smilies...[and if you haven't looked at them yet...
you should because some of them are pretty entertaining].

I spose...hit me up with a comment or two.

I'm out...for now.

.....Duces* \/
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Maybe you dont know.....
09/25/08 at 06:50 AM by RawkStar
So I'm bringing this to everyone's attention because I am just amazed.
If you don't listen to Secondhand Serenade....you should GET ON IT!
John Vesely is amazing. And I might be in love. <3

I'm just saying.....listen to them.

Fall For You
It's Not Over
I Hate This Song
Your Call

just a few of my personal fave's.
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Mucho Better!
09/18/08 at 09:30 AM by RawkStar
So I'm sitting in my American History class and all I want to do is fall asleep.
Obviously I can't fall asleep...so I'm going to consume my time writing on here.

So I have been sick. Really sick. It all started almost two weeks ago.
I have this...stuff..on my arms. It looks like I am on meth (in which case I am
most deff. not!). I've had it since I was about 12. It got really bad...so we went
to the dermatologist. A few days later, my left ear started hurting pretty bad.
I started not being able to hear out of it. So I went to the Dr. for it. I got put on
bunches of antibiotics. A few days later..I had to go back in because I still couldn't hear
out of it and I felt like major poo. That day, as I was walking into the Dr....they told
me that they had just received a fax from my dermatologist.

I have staff. Which is just great. We found out that my staff had been in my system
enough so that it's not contagious and it gave me the ear infection. I was about 80-85%
deaf in my left ear. I was on 6 pills, ear drops, and this cream stuff that I had to put in my
nose for my staff.

All of those pills and such that I was taking made my kidneys freak out on me.
So my back hurt really bad. I would fall asleep and wake up every night in a major
pain. You have no idea the hurt I was feeling. So for two days....I got maybe 2 hours of sleep.
And being a teenager....I'm use to staying up late...but I like my sleep. I'm sorry!
So I had to go to the Dr. for that. I found out that I have a urinary tract infection.
So now I was on 8 pills, ear drops, and cream stuff to put in my nose for my staff.

What a great two weeks I had. So i missed 5 days out of the 7 days I had school.
I guess I'm getting better now. Yesterday as of 4:15pm...I can hear now. I only have to
take 5 pills a day now and do ear drops. I'm pretty excited about it.

Except I'm in school...and I have no idea what's going on. So I think I'm just going to get notes
from someone else for today. I just don't feel like paying attention. It's homecoming week....so
we shouldn't have THAT much homework. I have most of it caught up...I just have to study for
3 or 4 tests. Not that bad.....I guess...I better get back to paying attention [sleeping haha].

later...for now.

....*Duces \/
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09/15/08 at 03:13 PM by RawkStar
Although I'm not much of a "God" person.....
play this at my funeral....

Smiling Down

You make it so hard on yourself
But theres nobody else
That could ever understand
The feelings that you felt
I could hear you think about
All the time I was around
If you could only see me now
I'm right here looking down

So next time that you feel like crying
Next time you don't feel like trying
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you
In the morning you don't feel like rising
Next time you feel like compromising
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you

I know you won't forget
All the time we got to spend
Just because it's been a while
Doesn't mean that its the end
So right here and now
I'll swear you a vow
That I will always be with you
Whenever you feel down
Nothing ever will come between us
Now I'm holding on to the hand of Jesus

So next time that you feel like crying
Next time you don't feel like trying
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you
In the morning you don't feel like rising
Next time you feel like compromising
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you

I'll be right there looking down
Even when the shine don't shine
I'll be right there looking down
All along the winter night
I'll be right there looking down
With a smile on me face
I'll be right there with my arms open wide
Right here on Jesus' side

So next time that you feel like crying
Next time you don't feel like trying
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you
In the morning you don't feel like rising
Next time you feel like compromising
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you

So next time that you feel like crying
Next time you don't feel like trying
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you
In the morning you don't feel like rising
Next time you feel like compromising
Just remember I'll be right there
Smiling down on you
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Have You Noticed?
09/14/08 at 03:36 PM by RawkStar
Most of my shytt is depressing.
I'm not really that depressed.
It's just what comes out I spose.

Really..I'm a happy person!
Trust me!!

.....*Duces \/
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Let Go
09/13/08 at 05:20 PM by RawkStar
I have no one to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Everything that I once thought I had..gone in an instant.

Everythings been turned upside down and nothing in my favor.

As the tears still stream down my cheeks...I see you smile and

Then I wonder if anyone else has this feeling that I have.

I wish you could feel my pain...Share my discomfort.

It's the true feeling of being alone that I hate most.

But I can't seem to escape it.

Not until everything comes to an end...

or maybe just...a new begining.
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09/13/08 at 05:19 PM by RawkStar
DONT/ cry / touch / eat that / say that / shout / be late / lose it / get it / forget it
/ like / know / care / give a damn / lie / cheat / steal / kill / hate / touch / look at that /
believe your eyes / have time / have the guts / give up / even think about it /
expect much / stop / have what it takes / bother / count on it / worry /
go so fast / make me hurt you / leave me hanging / do this to me / take me for
/ walk away / know why / understand / see the purpose / cry /
hope / trust / LOVE
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Boring? I Think So...
09/10/08 at 10:20 AM by RawkStar
So I am sitting here..in my American History class..
and I cannot STAND this class. At all. Sure you are supposed
to lecture and discuss certain stuff...but seriously?
There is a thin line...and my teacher crossed it.
Hard Core.


...*Duces \/
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New...Figure It Out.
09/09/08 at 07:58 PM by RawkStar
So I'm kind of new to this whole schpeal...
and I'm still trying to work some of this out.
I've got pictures and such...filled everything out.
I've also posted on a couple of forums...but it
won't let me add friends. At all. And I'm not going
to lie....it's pissin' me off!!

Any suggestions??

....*Duces \/
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