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thebestkylever's Blog
new jamb with my homie.
10/26/10 at 05:27 PM by thebestkylever
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lua cover with my homegirl.
06/28/10 at 11:58 PM by thebestkylever
my friend cassi and i covered 'lua' and tried to make it sound not so goddamn depressing. we tried.

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My Raditude Review
10/25/09 at 05:08 PM by thebestkylever
Weezer- Raditude
Geffen Records
Release Date- November 3, 2009


It is not the mid 90's anymore. If you are still going to complain about the fact that Blue and Pinkerton will never happen again... stop reading now, and kindly go fuck yourself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rivers Cuomo has finally made it back to the good life.

Releasing their second album in as many years, Weezer is back with Raditude, and I still can't tell if they're trying to be ironic or not. That said, if you're ready to accept Weezer as one of the best pop rock bands in the world, as opposed to the kings of self loathing nerd rock, you will have fun with this album.

Recruiting a smorgasbord of producers and co-writers, the record is bound to be hit or miss... and it is. But when it hits, it is pure gold, and when it misses, it's off by miles. First off is the current hit single co-penned by pop writer/producer/performer extraordinaire Butch Walker called "If You're Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)." Telling the story about that awkward part right before a beautiful relationship starts, the lyrics hit as simple, yet relatable. And the music? Oooweeooo, it sounds just like Buddy Holly. Sorry for that, but this song would have sounded right at home in Buddy's hey day.

Unfortunately, that gem is followed up by a couple of weak cuts that feel like more lousy attempts at mass appeal (I'm looking at you... "Beverly Hills.") "I'm Your Daddy" had potential with a solid chorus that wouldn't have sounded out of place on Green, but the wince inducing lyrics and boring verses shot it down. Plus, the whole "daddy" thing is kind of weird. "The Girl Got Hot" is another boring wannabe pop-radio track that is destined to end up on the soundtrack to a future teen movie about a nerd girl that grows boobs and gets popular.

Next is the track that is bound to really, really, really, really piss off the people waiting for a proper follow up to Pinkerton. "Can't Stop Partyin'" is the antithesis of everything that their first record stood for, yet it is somehow awesome. Built around keyboards and drum machines, the song, which stems from an old demo featured on Rivers' second solo LP, is a tribute to the life Rivers longed for during that cold winter on the East coast he spent nursing his post-op leg and studying at Harvard. Odd, even for Weezer, is the cameo by rap-whore Lil Wayne. While the thought of this collaboration is a tad unsettling, it turns out to be completely fitting and entertaining. Weezer in this weezy... it had to happen some time.

The middle of the record is held down by a tune co-written by members of The All American Rejects. "Put Me Back Together" is the kind of song that you know will have a towering chorus upon hearing the first few seconds of the verse. I was extremely skeptical when I first heard of this match up, especially after the mundane, aptly titled "Gives You Hell," but they ended up hitting it out of the park. Kudos, fellas.

The second half of the record keeps to the fast, heavy on the rock, heavier on the pop formula aside from "Love Is The Answer" and the closer "I Don't Want To Let You Go." The former sounding like what Rivers would write during a long journey on The Darjeeling Limited, and the latter sounding like closest to the earnest, vulnerable Rivers we will get during this incarnation of Weezer.

Over the past few years, Weezer has made it abundantly clear that expecting anything in particular from them is an awful idea. You want thick black glasses? Well, here's a mustache. You want an argyle sweater? Well, I'm going to wear a jumpsuit. This band does not give a holy sweet goddamn about pleasing you. They are doing exactly what they want. If you want to cling to the past and shun the rest of their career, they're okay with that. But if you care to join them, they've never seemed so inviting. Looks like a blast to me.
Tags: weezer, raditude
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kyle's thoughts on cobra starship.
09/20/09 at 09:23 PM by thebestkylever
the whole situation reminds me of a break up where one party is bitter and one party is happy. sure, gabe and midtown and midtown fans had some incredible times together, but towards the end it seemed gabe/the band just wasn't happy any more. sad thing was, the fans still were. heart break ensues. to make it worse, the dance rock bug decided to swoop in and grab the rebound. now midtown fans have to see gabe all over tv with this new genre/set of fans from the opposite spectrum of what midtown was. finally, the last dagger would have to be how happy and successful gabe seems to be with this new relationship. he's feeling better than ever, and midtown fans are still aching over a split that happened almost a half decade ago. i think the time has come to cut losses, look back fondly on the past, and maybe hope for a pity fuck (small club tour for a few selected cities) in the future. congrats on all the success gabe, and try to avoid the clap.
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My friend won extreme home make over...part II
10/26/08 at 10:32 PM by thebestkylever
Why they won: My friend's parents have fostered over 250 children within the last 25 years, three of whom they adopted. Their last adoption was a boy named Jake who was born with what has come to be known as brittle bone disease (which also led to his dwarfism.) Basically, this is an extremely rare condition in which his bones are about the consistency of styrofoam. Naturally, this leads to numerous breaks (about once a week), and limits him to a life of getting around by scooting on his ass (he will never be able to stand, because if he were to try-- his legs would snap from under him). He is seven years old now, and is still the size of a toddler. Their current house wasn't horrible, but was very limiting to Jake. For instance, he could not use the restroom, get a drink, go downstairs, without assistance. Furthermore, in the event of an emergency such as a fire, Jake would have no means of escape. With the help of the extreme make over people, Jake will have a house that will surely give him the freedom to live as normal of a life as possible.

Status: Sweet lord, these people do not fuck around. Last tuesday, their house was a modest one story midwestern ranch style home. Five days later, they have a ski resort. From what I have seen at the jobsite, the house will have an elevator and a swim spa (hot tub the size of a pool). Jake has become a celebrity, and he has no idea. He is still in Florida on the vacation they sent him on with his family, and the producers took their phones away and are blocking their internet access to ensure the surprise effect for when they get home and see the house. Their story has been on all three local news channels nightly, wal-mart is selling shirts with Jake's face on them (proceeds going to help them pay off their old mortgage), and they are expecting over ten thousand people on tuesday to greet the family as they come home. Granted, this is all taking place within the confines of a 35k people town. pics links below...

old house...

jake and zac


jake shirts

new house (and the clusterfuck currently surrounding it)
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my friend just won extreme home makeover.
10/21/08 at 01:27 PM by thebestkylever
hot damn.

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