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A Liberal-NDP coalition will not happen and could not work
11/29/08 at 12:45 AM by Just Matt
Today the Liberals and the NDP told Canadians that they are in serious talks to form a coalition government. Two weeks from now the federal budget will be voted on the two parties might reject it in the hopes of usurping the current government. I’m really frustrated to hear this, I just cast a ballot two months ago and we’re already thinking of changing governments? It almost seems like democracy is being co-opted when the ruling party is stripped of its power without a vote. I don’t think that the Governor General will let it happen…

…but here’s how our system works.

When updates in the federal budget go before the House for approval Members of Parliament will submit a “confidence vote” on whether to pass or not pass the bill. If the vote fails to pass, the House is said to have “lost confidence” in the current government and the Governor general will ask the Prime Minister to “drop the writ” (dissolve Parliament). The Governor General must then decide if another party can form a coalition that can retain the confidence of the House. If this is possible then the Governor General will call a general election.

History shows that the Governor General will rarely ever take this course of action. The last time it occurred was under exceptional circumstances in 1926 when Lord Byng of Vimy (the Governor General at that time) asked Arthur Meighen to form a coalition government. Prime Minster Willam Lyon Mackenzie King was about to face a vote before the House on government corruption when he opted to step down in order to dissolve Paraliament. If Lord Byng allowed Lyon to do this, it would have disrupted the reprimand of a public official and violated freedom of speech in the House. Lord Byng found it unacceptable to dissolve the House during a motion of censure and asked Arthur Meighen (the opposition leader) to form a minority coalition government.

So now that you know the history, do the math.

the Conservatives have 143 seats, the Liberals have 77, the BQ have 49 and the NDP have 37. The Liberals and the NDP combine for a total of 114 seats. They would need the help of the BQ to pass any legislation whatsoever. Getting me to believe that two parties with different political ideologies are able agree on anything substantial is difficult. Even if you disagree and say that the 2 can form a party, three would be a crowd. Good luck on getting the BQ to cooperate without making massive concessions to Quebec.

We’ve had 3 elections in the past 5 years due to the inability of a minority government to work well with others. I’m not convinced that a Liberal-NDP alliance will successful for long, in fact I’d predict the fastest failure of government since Arthur Meighen’s 10 days in office.

Why did Canadians have to go through another meaningless election for our leaders in Ottawa to decide that it was irrelevant? Constant elections is a HUGE waste of taxpayer money especially when it accomplishes nothing. In all likelyhood the Governor General will not allow the Liberals-NDP to form a new government because there is no precedent. We are going to be thrown back into another election cycle 6 months after our last one.

And also a quick sidenote…

Under Stephane Dion’s leadership the liberal party failed to pick up any additional seats in the last election. Right now the party wants to find a replacement for him. How can a minority coalition work if the party with the most amount of seats isn’t confident even in their own leader? That’s plain bad timing.

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Tags: politics, history
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Horror Movies
10/27/08 at 08:52 PM by Just Matt
It's just a couple of more days until All Hallows Eve and I'm looking forward to discovering some great new horror flicks. Any reccomendations?

1. Dead Alive (Braindead)

Who would have guessed Peter Jackson's directorial debut was a campy zombie movie? Patrick and Ben had already watched it before when we went to the Cinematique, but Stephanie and I had no clue what the movie was going to be like. For the next hour we both laughed our arses off at the outrageous action and tried not to gag at all the gore. If you liked Shaun of the Dead, you'll definitely love this.

2. Slumber Party Massacre II

I had the pleasure of viewing this gem at a high school halloween party at Brian D's house. An all girl rock band goes to a condo for the weekend to play music and have fun with their boyfriends. Upon their arrival a Gene Simmons-sized heavy metal guitarist called the "Driller Killer," offs the girls one by one with a gigantic drill on the end of his guitar which spins every time he plays it. I don't know who picked this movie, but it gets an A+ for the premise

3. Saw II

Chances are if you've paid any attention to recent horror movies you alraedy know about Saw. But if you've been living under a rock these past few years, go rent Saw now. The original trilogy follows the Jigsaw killer, a serial killer who build elaborate traps for his victims based on their personality flaws. The movie itself isn't scary at all really, but it really makes you wonder how sick and twisted the individual who designed the series must be.
Tags: horror, movies, halloween, question, facebook
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Fallout 3 tommorow
10/27/08 at 01:36 PM by Just Matt
Fallout 3 comes out tommorow and I plan to play it as soon as my exams are finished. I have never played any of the previous titles in the series, but the whole post-nuclear/apocalyptic/distopian/cyberpunk genre has always appealed to me. I think a big part of that can be attributed to FFVII, my second all-time favorite RPG after Chrono Trigger. Being exposed to excellent books such as 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 probably helped as well.

I was scanning the internet for some early reviews, and to my dissapointment I was only able to find one. The Reviewer was able to sum up his feelings about the game in one epic sentence.

It feels like a huge orgy where no ones want to actually “do it”.

Tags: Fallout 3, orgy, review, rpg, distopian, xbox 360
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The Dissolution of Delusion
10/21/08 at 01:31 PM by Just Matt
I decided to post a short poem that I wrote awhile ago...

I'm through the looking glass,
In a word absurd and supremely obscene,
And you're just a pawn that moves like a queen,
breaking the rules of the dream

So there's no sense or circumstance,
In vexing you trickster, cheschire-fiend,
It's pointless pointificating against your irrational
actions and words it seems

Yet i'm not the one who's mad,
I'm not even angry
Tags: poetry, song, alice in wonderland
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Obsessed with "The Office"
10/05/08 at 02:13 PM by Just Matt
Have I really become so obsessed with "The Office" that whenever I find a real-life connection to the fictional workspace, my face lights up and foreign wars cease to matter? For instance, I now know that democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania; the very same city where Dunder Mifflin Inc. is located. I want to take that man out for a good old fashioned Yeungling beer right now.

Additionally, does anyone else who blogs on absolutepunk.net write in a word editor before submitting a new entry? If I didn't mine would be riddled with spelling errors, and if I accidentally clicked back on my browser I might lose my progress (just like my damn facebook).
Tags: the office, word, politics, democrats, facebook, beer
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A naming convention only I attended
10/05/08 at 02:03 PM by Just Matt
I decided to start a new account after I began feeling a disconnect with the moniker “Bad Karma.” I came up with that name when I was still in junior-high, not really grasping what those words meant, and now 3 years into university it just doesn’t stick. I’ve been coming to absolutepunk.net ever since the early days, and like the site, my tastes in music have evolved over the years. I didn’t leave a very big legacy behind with my old username; about 150 posts, various news submissions and a blog entry here or there, but I still felt like I needed a fresh title to go by.

It is very hard to pick a name that you’ll be happy with forever, not to mention one that you’ll fall in love with right away. In the end I decided on something simple and obvious...

Nothing fancy. “Just Matt.”

Wait until I have to name my own child someday, then the real fun will begin
Tags: username, first
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