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Sic Transit Zeb's Blog
Going to rip off HckyGuitar, CircaTBS, Klatzke, Fly Guy
03/06/09 at 01:47 AM by Sic Transit Zeb
Top 5 so far, yup figured I'd switch it up.....

1) Kevin Devine- Brother's Blood----------Sooooo amazing.
2) Morrissey-Years Of Refusal
3) Husband and wife-Dark Dark Woods
3) P.O.S.-Never Better
4) Thursday-Common Existence
5) Cursive-Mama, I'm Swollen

Most Disappointing

1) I'm sad kevin devine's record leak so early. As much as I love it, I feel for him.
2) HockeyGuitar's list. :)
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anyone else
02/13/09 at 08:31 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
ever get random lyrics in their head alllll the time? It's really annoying

i hope life is going well for you,
i see you're putting on the pounds
every little bit counts for you but you're still so beautiful in my eyes,
i don't know why,
i can't take you off this pedestal i've put you on,
with every try another failed attempt with every wish another miss
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long distance relationships...can they work?
01/31/09 at 01:43 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
I live in South Carolina, she lives in Ohio. Is it possible? Give me your thoughts. Oh and it's like an 8 hour drive, according to map quest.
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I guess this is growing up
01/22/09 at 04:11 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
A lot of shit is coming down on me right now. For the first time in my life, I am actually having real life responsibilities, needs and demands. I've always been one to work, have been since I was 15, but recently been unemployed and it's no good. Plus, with job shake-ups within my family, I don't have a safety net. Albeit, one that was even more imaginative than the word.

And school, what the fuck. School? Really? I'm overloaded with hw right now and Im' not one to get stressed easily but I feel as if I can't help it this time. I'm not sure what it is but I think it's the realization of if I fuck up now; it can't be explained as a simple 'mistake' or 'i'm just a kid'. It's now a mistake that can be traced, followed and discriminated.

I feel as if I'm at a crossroads in my life. I go right, the future works out well, I'm happy, and I have a degree. I get the job and start working on the proverbial 'white picket fence and a family'. I've achieved the American dream. If I go left, life is harder and more complicated. I might get a manual labor job, have to work long hours, and have the feeling of disappointment because holding that degree will be a good feeling.

It will all work out eventually and the best thing I can do is keep my head above water. I must keep treading the water and hope I get to the shore soon. It's all up to me now, and I'm ready to take on the world. World meet Zeb. Zeb meet world.

P.S. My credit is fuuuuuuuuuuucked either way. Ha, whoops.
Tags: rant, rambling, unimportant things in your life but important in mine,
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Bon Iver-Blood Bank EP Review
01/08/09 at 05:21 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
Tell me where I suck! :)

Bon Iver’s(pronounced Bohn Eevair) EP “Blood Bank” , due out January 20th 2009, is the latest installment since the magical LP “For Emma, A Year Ago”. While following the trends laid forth in “Emma”; however, inclusions of a piano melody in “Babys” and the vocoder styling’s in “Woods” are new avenues for Bon Iver.

The EP starts off with a bang, albeit a familiar one, with the self-titled track “Blood Bank”. Gentle guitar strums and ‘ooos’ set the mood perfectly. Front man Justin Vernon, wastes no time in beginning his story. Lyrically, the song is very detailed and you feel you are there with him and ‘the girl’ he is writing about. Lines like “I’m in love with your honor, I’m in love with your cheeks, what’s noise up the stairs babe, is that Christmas morning creaks” strikes a chord with the listener. Not only due to the holiday season but also the feeling of ‘love’ is one lacking any details but is merely a feeling that once you have experienced it, you know all too well the infatuation it can bring to another. The song flows gently through your ears and only slows down so one can better be mystified by the airy vocals and the ambience of the backing instrumentals.

Where “Blood Bank” ends “Beach Baby” picks up. Along with the lyrics, “Only hold till your coffee warms, but don’t hurry and speed”, you’ll be aching for the song to continue. At a short 2:35, it feels too short but that is where the beauty lies. Any longer and the song would lose its beauty and meaning.

The final two songs, “Babys” and “Woods” finish the EP off right. The bouncy piano melody, although repetitive, seems to spark a fire into your ears. You’re awake from last night’s slumber and you’re ready for what the day holds. While “Woods” brings you back home, like the train ride from school or work, you’re settling down re-playing the day’s events in your mind. “Woods” usage of the vocoder is perfect, think Imogen Heap. It’s a perfect closing track for the EP putting your mind at ease and at rest.

“Blood Bank” is the fire to “Emma’s” cold. Where “Emma” leaves you out in the snow, “Blood Bank” brings you home to the fire. The flame, while warming your body, also keeps your eye. You are transfixed, cannot look away, and cannot blink. Just like the fire, you can’t turn off “Blood Bank” and are begging for the warmth it brings to your heart. If the EP’s lyrics, instrumentation, and vocals don’t’ move you, you should be advised to check your pulse. You might be dead.
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12/30/08 at 12:08 AM by Sic Transit Zeb
It seems Bon Iver's release, Emma, came out this year.

So, that would be top 3 in my list and I"m too lazy to fix it. Oh well. And with more thought, I'd put Jack's over Copeland's record

Ha oh well.
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Tops of 08 UPDATED WOO
12/28/08 at 02:27 AM by Sic Transit Zeb
Top EPs

5)Manchester Orchestra-Let My Pride Be What Is Left Behind
4)Bon Iver-Blood Bank
3)Stay Awake-Choices
2) You, Me and Everyone We Know-So Young and Insane
1) Moving Mountains-Foreward-I adore this band and this EP. If you haven't heard it, hear it...now. It mixes elements of many different genres and blends them supremely well together. Only qualm is it at times the songs run too long; however, I wouldn't change anything. I'm just impatient at times.

Top Albums

10) Jack's Mannequin-The Glass PassengerAnother good release from Andrew. Love this album/lyrics/musicianship and it was well worth the delays. Perfect for any day, any time, anywhere.

9) Underoath-Lost In The Sound Of Separation-My favorite hardcore release of the year. I'm picky when it comes to what hardcore I like, and these guys are around the tops for me. Such a tight record in every aspect.

8) Pompeii-Nothing Happens For A Reason-Assembly was good but didn't quite steal my attention like this album did. Many nights spent listening while lying awake. Such good stuff.

7) Good Old War- Only Way to Be Alone-Nothing better than acoustic guitiars, great vocals, and a happiness you can't help but feel when listening to the songs. So much music, it seems, is drowned in sorrow but these guys are quite the opposite. Their happiness/love of music is contagious and just a great time to listen to. My favorite memory was listening to the album while sitting around a bon fire; drinking with some friends.

6)La Dispute-Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair-Now these guys threw me for a loop. I was expecting something shitty but instead I was happily surprised. I'll be looking forward to the next releases and hopefully catching them at a show. Recommended for mewithouYou fans.

5)Lydia-Illuminate-Was my AOTY for a long, long time but I realized it lost its playback value after time. Maybe I listened to it too much but whatever the reason, it fell. Don't get me wrong though, I still do love this band/album.

4)Portugal. The Man.-Censored Colors-Haven't seen this on many lists and I'm confused as to why. Another great release by a band that continues to change, evolve, and surprise. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands and this album only helped to cement their spot.

3)Fall Out Boy-Folie A Deux-It's safe to say FOB are pop greats. Honestly, despite all the hate I will get for this comment but this is my fav release of their's...of all time. I know, hate me.

2)Sigur Ros-Meo Suo I Eyrum Vio Spilum Endalaust-Simply beautifully, breathtaking in every aspect. Perfect soundtrack for a nights sleep, a walk to class or simply whenever you feel the need to be stunned by stellar music.

1)City And Colour-Bring Me Your Love-Where do I start? I know this might be a little bit of a shocker to some people, especially those who find it boring and maybe it's just where I'm at in life but I just seem to connect to every lyric, every guitar strum and every everything in between. Me and this album have already been through a lot.

Most Anticipated of 09

5) Say Anything
4) Circa Survive
3) Portugal. The Man(????)
2) Manchester Orchestra
1) Brand New

Most Overrated of 08

5) Driver F
4) Deerhunter
3) Girl Talk
2) Vampire Weekend
1) Anberlin

Don't get me wrong, I like VW and Anberlin but I didn't think their releases were as good as I've read.

Well that's a quick rundown. Not enough motivation to do more. Maybe later I'll round out the top 10, we'll see haha.
Tags: tops of 08 omgzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
12/21/08 at 11:45 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
Finally back off the ban(it's a long story).


I know you've missed me....

ha, actually probably not.
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Dear Mindy White
11/19/08 at 11:49 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
You ruled today, here at New Brookdland Tavern in South Carolina.

Have I mentioned I think you're any emo kids wet dream?

Have I mentioned I think you're gorgeous?

Well, prolly not but all in all, you dominate life. Keep doing you.



Stay Awake motha' fuckin' rules; by the way.

Disclaimer- Sorry for the creepiness, I was super drunk and not thinking at all when I made this. I'm nto a stalker, I promise.
Tags: Wow, amazing, thank, you
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Lydia/Copeland/hot girl from Lights tonight!!!
11/19/08 at 02:48 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
Can't waitttttttt, t minus 2 hours.
Tags: Boner,
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Song idea...
11/18/08 at 01:02 AM by Sic Transit Zeb
her words better typed/his spoken/being so far away/he is broken/she's a ghost behind her computer/not tangible

It's like a guy and a girl, have a romance over the internet, fall for each other, the build up to see the other person, and then finally see each other in real life, realize they lied the whole time and then that's the end.

It'll be finished sometime, I'll share it.

It's inspired by cassus. Your stories inspired my own creativeness.

Tags: go, to, amazon, and, buy, copeland,
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Could it be sun stroke?
11/17/08 at 12:30 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
Wow, I'm loving the new You, Me, And Everyone We Know EP. These guys really do pop-punk, whatever you wanna call it, great. They blow The Cab/Maine/Gay Station out of the water...by farrrrrr.

Also, I'm over school. Can't wait till turkey break/christmas.
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Chase Pagan
11/16/08 at 05:43 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
is amazing. He needs more press.

Here's the great review done by APs own, Steve Henderson. Read it, get it, love it.

Tags: Chase Pagan blows minds
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I'm Gonna Send A little Rain Your Way
11/14/08 at 10:19 PM by Sic Transit Zeb
I'm home at midnight on Friday night. Why? Parties I went two were terrible. First one, couldn't even classify as a shin-dig...so bad. Second one was better, still boring as hell though. Time to move on. I just got The Eventually Home and I'm super pumped to listen to it tonight. Andy Hull is amazing, at 22 his songwriting is just incredible. You rule Mr. Hull.

A few things before I go.....

#1-La Dispute is good. I'm a huge mewithoutYou fan, so it's only natural I like La Dispute as well. Don't get me wrong, they are not a rip off at all. Also, Blake's review was great, as usual.

#2-Rumor has it Madonna is hailing Arod as having "a poet's heart trapped into a really, really gorgeous body". That's like saying a band is "sigur ros trapped in Underoath". Whatever Madonna, you're weird.

#3-My buddy has a thing a for a junior in HS. He's 21 and a senior in college. Believe me, I've told him how weird it is.....some people, ya know?

#4-Every lyric in Polaris, by JEW of course, is amazing. One of the most heartfelt songs. The closing songs on that album are just insanely beautiful.

#5-Dear Brand New, I'm patiently awaiting the new album. I know it will stun me once again, and I can not wait for it. Love, Me

#6-I've just realized how cool lists are. I might start doing more of these.....

That is all. Thanks for reading.

If you feel restless where you are, it may be easier to stay.
There are a million other fools to make your bed.
And they'll be closing all the shades
To keep you right there in that grave.
And I'll be knocking cause you never left my head.

But you're far away now,
And you've got troubles, all your own,

Just to spend your whole life shooting down.

I adore those lyrics; so damn good.
Tags: Need a girl, lists are a God send, bored, lyrics, copeland, OMGZ Jesse Lacey, AH=God.
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"I would not be surprised if Obama gets assinated his first year into his p
11/08/08 at 02:06 AM by Sic Transit Zeb
Said the cop who pulled me over tonight for driving into an alley-way at the fork in the road. Wow.

I passed his DUI tests, and he then tells my buddy to call for a ride home.

We get one.

He then says I ran over a 'median'. Lie.

I did not.

So I then say, "wow, how about Obama." I live in South Carolina, I like to fuck with conservatives, granted this was after my buddy called for a ride, and we were told no ticket would be issued. Why? cuz I passed his field sobriety tests.

he says.

"I did not vote but I would not be surprised if Obama gets assassinated for presidency."

Wow, good to know that Obama would get the full protection in South Carolina.

Didn't vote my ass. Lol, yeah right ***, vote for McCain again, bitch.

Fuck da police.
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