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sean-reid's Blog
Progress - A little bit of info on AlreadyHeard.com
02/16/12 at 01:58 PM by sean-reid
As you may have seen, the new music website Iíve been working announced itís new name earlier today.

The site is called Already Heard* and will be fully launching in the coming months. The reason we havenít fully launched the site is for two reasons; the final design/layout is still being worked on and secondly, we wanted to have plenty of original content prepared for when the site is fully live.

From my perspective what is the point of having a site that looks great, if the content is pointless, right? So thatís what me and the rest of the Already Heard team are doing; making content and by content I just donít mean your usual music webzine/website/blog stuff; reviews, interviews, news.

Iíll admit the latter will be part of AlreadyHeard.com but one of our main aims is to produce original content that is interesting, engaging and possibly even thought-provoking.

Thatís not saying news wonít be part of the site. In this day and age of social media and the internet etc, people want news and information instantaneously, and Already Heard will be posting news but we know thereís tons and tons of sites out there covering the same stories etc. Thatís why our aim is to put emphasis on original content.

If you know me, thanks for your support and I hope my words above havenít put you off from continuing your support and interest in AlreadyHeard.com, and if you donít know me, then thanks for reading and I hope you will support the site in the coming months.

For me, today is a big, positive step forward. One that leaves me feeling hopeful for what is to come. I hope youíre excited as me and the rest of the AH team are.

Thanks again.

If youíre in a band, run a label or are generally interested in working with AlreadyHeard.com, send me an e-mail: sean@alreadyheard.com

Follow Already Heard

*Yes the name is influenced by Brand New, but I think the name has a nice sound to it.
^I forgot to mention above the fact that the site will be producing video content. Weíll using Youtube/Vimeo, so users/readers/viewers can easily share that content.
Tags: alreadyheard, already heard, music, blog, webzine,
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Unsigned but with a Good Work Ethic
02/08/12 at 03:55 PM by sean-reid
Apologies if this is a little incoherent. Itís just one of those ďblogsĒ where I just write whatever comes to mind.

This evening I started talking to a member from a fairly unknown, unsigned band that Iím Facebook friends with. After the pleasantries; how are you, howís the band and so forth, my friend said being unsigned ďsuckedĒ and that itís tough to get noticed in a sea of bands. The latter fact is something I regularly believe in.

I often think the internet has been good for smaller bands, as it has helped them get noticed but the downside to that, is that thereís too many bands wanting to get noticed, and the end result it that itís hard to pick out the good from the bad, and some bands with great potential just get forgotten about.

As for being unsigned, I questioned if a label was needed. I think depending on the bands aims and work ethic, they donít necessarily need a label. The band I was talking with are dedicated; released an EP last year, recently recorded some new songs and are aiming to record a full-length later this year.

Theyíre also open to have feedback, good or bad. Again this is something I think is essential and I respect. There are some bands who donít listen to feedback (from fans and critics) and tend to stick to what they know or even adapt to whatever sound/style/trend is currently popular. This is something I donít like. I find bands like that false and not true to themselves.

If you were involved in the music industry and had the chance to work with either a hard working, determined band or a trend-following band with a potential short shelf-life, which would you go for?

However as I discussed with my friend, bands who tend to follow trends (and in some cases quickly signed by labels) are often (quickly) forgot about.

This brief discussion reminded me of a feature I did last year; ĎHow To Promote Your Band The Right Way.í I liked putting this article together. I thought itíd be ideal to have different people from different areas of the music industry. I also felt I covered a wide-range of topics that may or may not help a band promote themselves; online, offline, playing live, free downloading, social networking etc.

My aim for that feature was to give some sort of guide and advice on how bands can promote themselves. I see some bands who tend to focus on some areas more than others. For example some ridiculously over-use social networking sites; Facebook is the be all and end all of the internet.

If I had the chance to sign a band or work with a band in some capacity, I would want that band to be honest, hard-working, with realistic aims; trust me Iíve seen enough press releases or band bios claiming to be the next whatever - I find it off-putting and kinda stupid really. I also like to see bands who are organised; however big or small your band is - put together a ďpress kitĒ (bio, links, facts etc) not just a Facebook link, it makes you look lazy.

If youíre a band or artist who are all the above (honest, hard-working, dedicated, realistic and organised) then youíll have mine and Iím sure plenty of others respect.
Tags: music, unsigned, writing, blog,
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Recommend Reading: In Online Music Reporting, Is It Better To Be First Or Factua
02/22/10 at 11:28 AM by sean-reid
Recommend Reading: EXCLUSIVE! In Online Music Reporting, Is It Better To Be First Or Factual?

If you have a few minutes to spare I would recommend reading this piece Luke O'Neil did for Alternative Press, which stems from the recent "story" about Brand New going on an indefinite hiatus.

Personally I agree with the fact that way 'breaking news' is done has evolved and that is affecting magazine and newspaper publishers. Although some of them are embracing online media (credit goes to NME and Rock Sound magazine).

As writer for a music website; I don't consider myself a journalist or blogger nor do I label Alter The Press! as a blog, I am all for online music news reporting as I often believe and say that we live in an "instant society", as growths in technology and the media has enabled us to have information at our disposal whenever we want it. In the year 2010, we as people want information and we want it now!

Thankfully with online media and social networking sites, this is possible. Just look at the story of when Michael Jackson died last June. Web traffic overall was 20% higher than normal, simply because people wanted news there and then.

However as the Alternative Press piece states, reporting news instantly can have it flaws (trust me I would know). Errors, inaccurate and false information are common mistakes but these soon can be rectified at a click of a button.

The effects are summed up in the article by Jerry Graham of Warm Fuzzy Publicity:

The internet "brings amazing and new possibilities for promoting record releases and tour dates. However, because of this, we are sadly watching music magazines and television channels go out of business. People want their music news now, and they want it for free."

For several years now the internet has both helped and hindered the music industry. Nevertheless Graham is right when music sites can help a band in some form or another. I can think of several bands who would be nothing, if it wasn't for there constant appearances on sites like AbsolutePunk.net and attractive MySpace page.

I remember listening to one of Alternative Press's podcast interviews. AP founder Mike Shea was speaking to Francesca Caldara (Equal Vision publicist), who made a valid point for music sites/blogs which was along the lines of that, only 15 or so people may read an interview with a band on some site but they may go on to buy that album, go to a show, link the interview elsewhere etc, and on the whole have an affect on that bands career, whether it be big or small.

Again like the above article states, the growth of music blogs/sites can be competitive (again I would know) and it is great when you (think) you're the first to report a story. However I personally dislike sites like SupJustin, as the majority of the time they are merely speculating or reporting gossip/rumours. I'll admit that AlterThePress.com does re-post these stories, but we always a.) link to the original source and b.) label it as a rumour. In some way sites like them are like tabloids; founded on rumour, gossip and slander.

On a personal end note, I hope Alter The Press is considered by some as a credible source, and I know we can't win everyone over, as at the end of the day we're just one of hundreds and thousands news reporting websites/blogs in a battle against numerous Goliaths.
Tags: AbsolutePunk, News Reporting, Blogging, Music, Alter The Press, Alternative Press,
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I now have a portfolio
06/12/09 at 02:27 PM by sean-reid
Recently I've been looking more into getting freelance work as a writer/journalist, even though I don't have Journalism qualifications or proper experience, I thought I'd give it a try.

I have decided to start a full portfolio site, which can be found here.
Tags: blog, portfolio, journalism,
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Taking a break.
05/10/09 at 02:19 PM by sean-reid
Today I decided I'm going to take a bit of a break from Alter The Press! due to personal issues I'm having.

I will still do the odd bit here and there but not as much as I was.

I don't know when I'm going to become involved "full-time" again but I think it may just be a few weeks.
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Guess I should blog for once
05/05/09 at 04:28 PM by sean-reid
The past few days I've been going through various emotions; confident, upset, selfish, lost etc.

This is a result of personal happenings that I won't go into much on here. For the most part I've lost a bit of trust in some people, people who thought would support me and that I could rely on, but now I'm not to sure.

Oh well... tomorrow I have an interview with Internet Anti-Virus software company AVG Technology. I've done a fair bit of research on the company and practising my answers for possible questions. So I'm feeling confident about it at the moment.

However 2 days ago I wasn't feeling so confident, I was being a coward and just wanted to run away from my problems, literally. As always I've just got to pull through all this shit.

I've also been thinking about possible ways to expand Alter The Press! One way is by having advertisers on the site. Here comes the somewhat selfish bit (kind of), Me and Jon have been doing this since August of last year and it's been a great experience but I, personally think we should reward ourselves for the amount of work the pair of us part into the site. So if you would like to advertise on Alter The Press! CLICK HERE.

I do feel a little bad about asking for advertisers etc but hopefully someone out there understands.

Any idea I've had is to have album/EP streams on the site, however I would have to figure out how to work this out but I think it would be pretty cool to have.

Anywaysssss better shoot off.


Listen to The Dangerous Summer's new album 'Reach For The Sun'.


If you're a wrestling geek, like moi, download EWR. It's a wrestling booking freeware game. I like to think it as bit like a wrestling version of Championship Manager. I'm currently in a scenario where Eric Bischoff brought WCW in 2001 (instead of WWF) and I'm in charge. Fun times.
Tags: Alter The Press, Blog, The Dangerous Summer, wrestling
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Anthony Raneri Speaks Alot of sense
03/08/09 at 08:31 AM by sean-reid
This is so true.
Tags: Bayside, Blog,
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03/03/09 at 06:02 PM by sean-reid
I'm not one for poetry or anything but...

Some days I feel so positive about life.
I feel I can do anything.
There are many things I want to do.
However I don't feel motivated or get distracted.

But there are other days when I feel hopeless.
Sometimes you just have to believe you can do anything,
no matter what or who puts you down.
I guess it's just me being human and having feelings.

Anything is possible.
You just have to believe.

(apologies for being emotional).
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A Good Monday
03/02/09 at 08:40 PM by sean-reid
Despite having a sore thorat all day I got alot of what I wanted to do today.

I confirmed my job interview for next monday.
Wrote a new album review.
E-Mailed some people about interviews.
Played and completed a few tasks on Skate 2.

Ok so that last one wasn't on my list of things to do today but oh well.

Tomorrow I might go down to the learndirect centre and do some work because basically I'm on to the last module of the Level 1 bit of the ECDL. It's pretty easy, as it's all about using the internet and e-mail etc. So I'm going to try and get most of that done this week, so I can do the test next week and then have the ECDL level 1.

I'm trying not to think to much about my interview next week.

Oh and my preparation for this year's Wrestlemania has started. I'm going to attempt to watch every Wrestlemania from 1 to 24 before 25 on April 5th.
Tags: blog
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A Good Monday
03/02/09 at 08:40 PM by sean-reid
Despite having a sore thorat all day I got alot of what I wanted to do today.

I confirmed my job interview for next monday.
Wrote a new album review.
E-Mailed some people about interviews.
Played and completed a few tasks on Skate 2.

Ok so that last one wasn't on my list of things to do today but oh well.

Tomorrow I might go down to the learndirect centre and do some work because basically I'm on to the last module of the Level 1 bit of the ECDL. It's pretty easy, as it's all about using the internet and e-mail etc. So I'm going to try and get most of that done this week, so I can do the test next week and then have the ECDL level 1.

I'm trying not to think to much about my interview next week.

Oh and my preparation for this year's Wrestlemania has started. I'm going to attempt to watch every Wrestlemania from 1 to 24 before 25 on April 5th.
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Here's What You Might of Missed:
02/25/09 at 04:32 PM by sean-reid
I've been using Tumblr loads more for personal blogging (sorry blogger).
It's easier to post music, photos and video.

If you havn't seen it, here's what you've missed recently:

Alter The Press! on Twitter:

Iíve decided that Alter The Press! should have its own twitter page..
Iím quite proud that Iíve managed to connect the twitter updates to ATPís RSS feed.

I really think RSS feedís are great, in a geeky kinda way.
It saves so much time then going from site to site.

Video: HERE

Audio: Guilty Peasure: Miley Cyrus - 7 things
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Alter The Press Stuff: 3 New Reviews and Forum etc
02/18/09 at 06:27 PM by sean-reid
3 New Reviews:
The Sleeping - What it Takes
Oh No Not Stereo - 003
The Auteur - Hey Watch This... (Single Review)

Reminder: We have our own forums- fill it up with random stuff etc.

I finally started planning something new for Alter The Press! I'm hoping it all works out well.
Tags: blog, Alter The press, The Sleeping, What it Takes, 003, Oh No Not Stereo, The Autuer
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Fast Week
02/18/09 at 06:18 PM by sean-reid
Apologies. I'll be making 2 posts. This is the first.

I posted this a few days ago on my tumblr

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Fast Week
I guess I should talk about myself and my life, as thats what you do in blogs.
Anyway I'm happier and feel better about myself since this happened.

My IT course is going well and getting alot of 90%, which is much better then the 75% which is expected of me. I'll admit its pretty easy for me but in the end I'll have a qualification to show I'm pretty handy with a computer.

On the job front, its been pretty hard which I kinda expected as companies and businesses continue to let people go etc.

Alter The Press! is going pretty well, numbers went up a fair bit after we introduced the new layout but they've fallen a little bit, but like I said its still good.
I've started making plans for a little project I have for ATP.
There was a bit of bother concerning ATP! with another site. I don't really know why or how its started. To be honest I thought it was all a bit stupid.
We also launched our own forum.

I brought Skate 2 for Xbox 360. I'm kind of disappointed by it as the demo made it look really good but I'm sure I'll be playing it for awhile, as its harder than the first one.
I'm selling the first Skate game for £15 if anyone is interested and Halo 3 for the same price.

I decided against to get a new phone, mainly because of my current financial situation. Instead I'm staying on o2 and having a simplictiy SIM card. I am now on the £10 a month tariff and I can change it each month or even go on another contract whenever I want to.

It'll save me £20 a month. It was shocking to see how little I use of my old contract. I was paying for 400 minutes and they told me last month I used 5 minutes. Such a waste.

This week I've been listening to:
Lydia - Illuminate
Manchester Orchestra - I've Got Friends
Automatic Loveletter - Hush
and loads of Blink 182, even more than I did according to my Last.fm. I left my iPod on repeat for a few hours playing them.

This picture of London is brilliant. I want to go there again one day.
Tags: Sean Reid, Blog,
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Spotify FTW
02/13/09 at 02:51 PM by sean-reid
I was told about this bit of software a few weeks back.
Basically its a bit of software that allows you to stream.

From their website:
ďWhat is Spotify?
Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. Simply download and install, before you know it youíll be singing along to the genre, artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want.
There are no restrictions in terms of what you can listen to or when. Forget about the hassle of waiting for files to download and fill up your hard drive before you get round to organising them. Spotify is instant, fun and simpleĒ

Visit http://www.spotify.com/en/

Once you have downloaded it, you can create and share playlist.
Heres mine.
Tags: BLOG, spoitfy
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Should Blink 182 Reunited?
02/10/09 at 08:50 AM by sean-reid
Iíll admit I couldnít help but smile when I heard they were reuniting but I am optimistic about the reunion.

It will be hard for them to see if re-create their past success. Bands in the past have reformed, some failed whilst others some succeeded.

However their post-Blink projects and the bands untitled album show they can shake off their Ďgimmickí of poop jokes etc.

If they were to have a successful comeback they would have to make an album that shows a band that have changed and evolved and that the bands core fanbase, which is now mainly people in their 20ís, can relate too.

I think the only way it would fail if they were to be the band they were 10 years ago. Sure when I was 15 I thought 3 guys running round naked in a music video was pretty funny but if they were to do something along those lines now, I think itíd be pretty stupid. Basically if they were to go back to acting stupid etc, I would consider it to them ďselling outĒ to a certain extent and I would majorly be let down by a band that I once loved and listened to on a daily basis.
Tags: blink 182, reunited, blog,
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