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Daily Recommendation 8/10/10
08/10/10 at 01:03 PM by Indoor Living
This one is going to be tough. After raving about the Reign Of Kindo yesterday, I don't know how to follow it up. I've been searching through music today, trying to find something that fits my mood, but is also a fun summer song. After about an hour of that, I finally found that song and that band.

Hailing from Canada, Tokyo Police Club spell words like 'Favorite' and 'Color' with a 'u' in there somewhere. Now, if their song 'Favourite Colour' wasn't so damn good, this would definitely bother me, but it is. It's one of the most fun, laidback summertime songs I've heard in a while. Lyrically, it's nothing original, but you can't help but relate. Singing along with vocalist David Monks during the chorus of 'Tell me, what's your favourite colour? Tell me, how's your younger brother? What grade's he in?' is inevitable. We've all been at that point in a relationship with somebody, where it's still very early on. At this point, it's probably a late night text-messaging conversation, you're playing 'the question game,' and you have to ask first. This song is a great musical definition of a summer fling, but it's also a great example of an extremely talented indie rock band. Changing the format of the chorus three times, in just over 2 and a half minutes, this song always keeps things fresh.

Off their stellar sophomore album, Champ, 'Favourite Colour' bats second in a great 11-song lineup. Tokyo Police Club has a formula for making fun, sing-a-long indie music, and after only two releases, they've done very well at refining it. So give it a shot!

Amazon Link
Tags: Daily Recommendation, Tokyo Police Club, Favourite, Colour
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Daily Recommendation 8/9/10
08/09/10 at 12:07 PM by Indoor Living
Well, I had my mind blown last night. I don't mean I heard a song and thought 'This is pretty cool.' I heard a song last night that made me stop everything I was doing and focus solely on the song; it needed to soak in. I've had this happen to me less than five times in my life. I've heard a lot of amazing music that needed to grow on me. No big, that happens all the time. Rarely, though, do I hear something one time (ONE TIME!) and immediately know it's something special. Scratch that, beyond special.

This Day & Age was a band that slipped through the cracks from 2000-2004. It's sad, yeah, but it's a way of life. Smaller bands aren't always going to make it, no matter how talented they are. Without the popularity, label backing, and funding larger bands get, it's tough making a living with music out there. Breaking up in 2004, the four original members gave it another shot in 2006, under a new (and much cooler) moniker: The Reign Of Kindo. Releasing a self-titled EP in '06, and a debut album in '08, I didn't discover this little gem until last night. Releasing their second album This Is What Happens, they start out by kicking you in the ass, as hard as they possibly can. They raise SO many questions within the first 15 seconds: 'What genre is this?' 'What do they look like?' 'How many damn hands does the drummer have?' 'Is the guitar player using a power drill with a guitar pick attached to the end of it?' It's unlike anything I'd ever heard in my life! So what genre are they, what's their 'image?' Here's the thing, they don't care! Music is their pawn, and they do what they want with it, caring not about how people view them, only focusing on making the best music they possibly can.

They don't want to be labeled 'post-modern neo-jazz,' 'indie mathrock,' or anything like that, even though both of those would fit perfectly. Here's my suggestion: '5 dudes that are talented beyond belief and just want to rock.' I think they'd be fine with that. Now, I'm going to spare the details here, and let this studio video of them speak for itself. Please, everybody! If there's any blog of mine that you read, let it be this one. Music does not get better than this! Here you go. 'Thrill Of The Fall' by The Reign Of Kindo. You're welcome.

Amazon Page
Tags: The Reign Of Kindo, Daily Recommendation, Holy Shit, This, Is, Blowing, My, Damn Mind
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Daily Recommendation 8/8/10
08/08/10 at 03:46 PM by Indoor Living
Three days in a row, and I'm still doing these somehow. Maybe I'll be a little more consistent this time around.

Today's recommendation wouldn't have happened without Christopher Columbus. Little did he know that his journey would, 517 years later, inspire one of the most interesting & passionate concept albums in the indie world. With most people knowing him as the extremely talented, yet seemingly timid multi-instrumentalist for the band fun., it makes sense that Andrew Dost's debut solo album would go very unnoticed. With an ear for melody matching the Matt Thiessens and Andrew McMahons of the world, quirky lyrics about our country's 'founder,' and a myriad of guest spots, Columbus makes for a informative, funny, and most importantly, enjoyable experience. Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, it's a fairly common running time for an album in this genre. Complete with gang vocals, spoken word, and a great storyline, this album has a little bit of everything, and definitely something for everyone. So check it out!

As always, included are a track from the album ('Welcome To Our Native Land' ft. a guest spot from fun.'s lead singer, Nate Ruess), and a link to the album's Amazon page, if you are so inclined to purchase it. Enjoy!

Tags: Andrew Dost, Columbus, concept album, Daily Recommendation, fun.
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Daily Recommendation 8/7/10
08/07/10 at 11:09 AM by Indoor Living
What a night I had yesterday. Got to spend it with a good friend, and hang out at a bar for a while. A lot of fun. When I got back, I was in the mood to listen to some stand-up, and that is where my recommendation comes from today.

Hannibal Buress is going to blow up. I guarantee it. By the age of 27, he's been hired as a writer for SNL, done guest spots on shows such Louie & The Awkward Comedy Show, and gained a spot on Variety's 'Ten Comics To Watch In 2010' list. The best part about Buress, though? He makes you feel like you could be a comedian. He doesn't get laughs by being over-confident in his material, and being loud and obnoxious. Instead, he awkwardly tells you about sitting in the corner at a party, drinking alone and texting your friends about how shitty the party is. Haven't we all been there? His quips about the process of Obama's promotion make you wonder, 'Why am I not doing this,' and his confusion about dating in Grand Theft Auto 4 comes as no surprise to gamers the world over. His talent much outshines his fairly timid delivery. He's the every man's alternative comic, but he doesn't have to be.

Included are a Youtube video of Hannibal performing at College Humor live and, if you like him enough (which you all should), a link to an Amazon page where you can purchase his debut album, My Name Is Hannibal. Enjoy!

Tags: Daily Recommendation, Hannibal Buress, Stand-Up Comedy
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Daily Recommendation 8/6/10
08/06/10 at 03:45 PM by Indoor Living
I know a lot of people go into these with good intentions and stop/forget about it in less than a week, but I'm going to do my best to post a daily song recommendation. I've been listening to such a wide variety of music lately, I feel like I should tell people what I'm into when I'm into it. So, without further ado, I guess.

The Juliana Theory were criminally underrated and far too short-lived, releasing only 4 albums in the approximately 7 years they were together. In honor of their upcoming reunion shows across the East Coast, I'm posting a link to the third track off their final CD together, Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat. Entitled 'Shotgun Serenade,' this song encompassed everything that was to unknowingly happen to the band months after releasing the album. A blunt, passionate song about disintegration and falling apart, 'Shotgun Serenade' opens with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro behind Brett Detar's soulful swoon, not taking long before kicking the listener in the ass. I hope you all enjoy.

Tags: Daily Recommendation, Juliana Theory, Shotgun Serenade
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