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Blog of the Edd
Holidays and VersaEmerge...
08/18/09 at 08:10 AM by Thesleepingwell
What is so good is that I'm off on holiday this week and enjoying my rest.
Yeah can't complain, things are rad. I bought some more clothes yesterday.
I have this addiction called Primark - you can anything like a jade coloured polo shirt for under 3 quid...

I also uncovered another gem lurking on a HMV shelf. This time a comp of prog rock songs that were done back in the 60s for a label called Decca. There's some pretty crazy stuff and yes there's an Al Stewart song on it. I love 70s prog - I was brought up on Pink Floyd and Supertramp who were my Dad's favourite bands (he also liked Yes, Quiver and Curverd Air) and this stuff is so clever and awesome.
That's the offical tale of my avatar. Just original... It's a shame heavy metal doesn't learn from their cohorts.

Speaking of originality, I think of VersaEmerge. Their EP has really grown on me and Sierra's vocals are ace and I've seen live clips on YT of them on the Warped Tour this year. Personally I get the feeling that their music does not have much of a punky sound but feels like prog rock (of sorts). I'd like to see what Sierra could do if she could play a keyboard and how that would add to the atmosphere of their music. All of the songs on the EP use effects that sound like they were done using a keyboard... it would be intresting to see. But she's got one hell of a voice and yes... she looks good too. I think the best song on the EP would be 'Clocks' - I love how the majority of the song is done acoustically and the final part is back to the norm. This is a band to look out for and they won't go down the same route Paramore have. I'm excited to hear their full length ablum when it comes out.

And all else is good.
Oh and because I yakked on about VersaEmerge:

Tags: VersaEmerge, Edd, prog rock, Primark, EP
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Midnight Gibberish (where exactly?)
08/15/09 at 04:45 PM by Thesleepingwell
I'm having an awesome weekend and I'm like how?
You know, my world is getting brighter. For the first time something decent is happening.

I'm off work all week and the promise of change of department at work gives me excitement.
Had an awesome driving lesson this morn and I'm looking forward to a week of awesomeness.
Going back to my roots (or my mum's) on Monday.

Yeah it's all good.

So it means I'm doing all crazy things.
But... you know... happiness does that.
MSN is also awesome, like Type O Negative.

Tags: Happy, Edd, Crazy, Roots
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Nice enough day and a nice find...
08/04/09 at 02:15 PM by Thesleepingwell
Yeah it was! Really!

It was a long day, with the usual stuff.

Although I spent most of it thinking about this holiday I've deicided to have on the Wirral coast.
Some would say that travelling to Merseyside is rather insane, but I do have a friend or two there.
But I need some big adventure and thought sod it, lets travel far. I'll have to endure a 6 and a half hour coach trip i the process!
Hey it's worth it. It's taking place in my favourite time of the year - the late autumn. It's exciting and worth the fun!

But yeah I can admit the day was so boring I allowed my mind to drift.
In to the future and what I might be doing there. I know one thing, it will be more intresting than what it is now.
Either way thats good and fine, but I'll let everything pass on for a day or two, it's about rest.
Sleep is the best thing too!

Currently listening to Type O Negative - suprise, suprise.
World Coming Down and it's dark Sabbathness is always good for self relflection.
I'd sing along, but I lack the energy. But it least it's amospheric.

And I went on a YouTube search and managed to find new footage of Seventh Void.
This band have 50% of Type O making up the line up and Mr Hickey fronts with guitar in hand.
And Johnny rocks on the drums as usual. I just wish they play in Europe!!!
It's pretty darn heavy if you ask me...

You be the judge:

Tags: Edd, Seventh Void, Type O, YouTube, The Wirral
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The first of many...
08/02/09 at 02:39 PM by Thesleepingwell
Yeah well, this is a first. A blog and I recall never doing one till now.
Not that I should worry. This is not the first music blog though.

Anyway so it's a Sunday night, my weekend is over.
And it's been pretty low-key because I stayed awake late Friday which was not clever.

But to the point of this blog?
To talk about the most significant person being myself.

Things are good actully...
Work is going well despite the fact it's such a miserable place to be.
Even my supervisor has been nice. I'm not sure that will last.
And I've found that my iPod is the most important thing I own at the moment.

First blog entry and Edd actully does NOT have something to really rant about.
Ranting? I don't think I've actully had done ANY since joining AP a few weeks ago.

Yeah meh.
This is gibberish.

Anyway things are awesome...
Just like AP.



I'm also becoming obsessed about Paramore.
Is there a cure anyone?
Tags: gibberish, Edd, Paramore, anyway
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