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A Sailor's Journal
Shot for Me
11/15/11 at 01:39 PM by billyboatkid
I know I said I wasn't gonna write another blog for a while, but today has been a good day. A really good day.

Stoked for Glee tonight, yeah I like Glee. What of it haha. Went to Best Buy and picked up Drakes album after class which I learned I have straight A's in. So that's a plus. It's a gorgeous ass day. Among other confidence boosters that happened at Best Buy. Saw a box set of what I was gonna get her for Christmas (I should have got it).. Picked up American Dad! Vol. 5. Love that show. So here's a happy blog. So take a shot for me..

"And you're wasted with your ladies
Yeah I'm the reason why you always getting faded

Take a shot for me

Ok look, I'm honest
Girl I can't lie, I miss you
You and the music were the only things that I commit to
I never cheated, for the record, back when I was with you
But you believed in everything but me girl, I don't get you"

Another song has been stuck with me too a lot of The Dangerous Summer. "No One's Gonna Need You More" so good. It's the truth too.

Tags: Lyrics, Drake, Good day,
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The Positive
11/13/11 at 11:50 PM by billyboatkid
I will always be too optimistic.

I read all these blogs and I look at old pictures and notes and everything. I've posted blogs about how I've known she was the one since last year. I realize where I went wrong. We've had hard times, but we've just as many great ones. I just love that girl too much. Only girl I've ever changed for, bettered my self for. And would do it until the day I died.

I make mistakes like anyone else. Never cheated on her or anything like that. Our problems were communication and me being a fool about certain things. If she could forgive me and let me show her me the real me and the way I am in relationships we'd be perfect, but it's always too little too late with me. We are so perfect for each other in so many ways and have become such a big part of one another. It's crazy

There is a lot I have yet to give and show and I know it's the same with her. I'd have loved to see it. But I guess I'm backing off.. It's been officially a month we've been apart today or yesterday. I'm not sure. Seems like an eternity. God I miss those kisses. It's a love that you never expected to happen, a hard love, but in the end one worth every tear and smile and laugh. If she could only see inside my head.


I will always love The Spill Canvas. So many songs. Especially on One Fell Swoop

Teleport A and B
This Is for Keeps

So many.. I loved that she accepted my music and loved it just as much. I love her dorkiness it suited mine so well. I hate feet, but I loved hers. I love how driven she is about school and teaching. It's truly amazing. She's going to be an amazing teacher.

I miss Damian. He's like my little sidekick buddy. I remember the first day I met him up at this pool. We totally hit it off right away it was funny. It's also funny cause he's so young. He totally loves me. He made me realize that I could be a good dad someday. Or so I think haha.

Well I thought I was ending this but I kept on spilling. Oh well. I'm starting to write lyrics again.. Probably pretty terrible, but whatever.

"So lets fall asleep and see what my dreams have in store. Hopefully it's you just a little more. (come on, come on) just a little more. Cause breathing was never this hard, slurred speech through gritted teeth. You're the only addiction I need (come on, come on) just a
little more"

PS. My beard is out of damn hand.
Tags: Life, Being positive, Lyrics, The Spill Canvas
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What does it feel like to die?
04/24/09 at 05:44 PM by billyboatkid
I was talking in some threads a few minutes ago and something hit me. A type of idea for a song. I don't usually share my lyrics or poetry or anything like that on this site. I already know it's pretty juvenile and I don't enjoy getting tore down by other members, but I thought I would just throw up this idea that hit me. I like it, maybe someone else will or can do something with it.

Laying in a body of water (with my back to the sky) looking at the sky, (other) floating on my back like I'm swimming in the clouds. But there aren't any clouds today, so I lay her stuck in limbo wondering what it feels like to die.

The ending is pretty emo, but whatever. Welp go ahead tear it apart or do what you like with it. Just something quick that I thought I'd write down.

Hope everyone is better than the day before and is better tomorrow than they are today. :)

"Don't wait for me I'm no Saint ya see"


ps. I'm at work and I drank a NOS a few hours ago. Good lord was I hyper as shit. I hadn't an energy drink in ages.
Tags: Lyrics, The Audition, Energy drinks
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So Much.
02/02/09 at 09:30 PM by billyboatkid
So much has happened in the last few weeks. It's crazy.

I'm seeing this amazing girl that I've known since Elementary school. We just started hanging out and hit it off really well. Other than that school is good, I'm doing well.. I hope.

"He woke up this morning to a storm outside, and to his surprise it's how he felt inside"

Tags: My Lyrics, Girls, Life,
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Guns Don't Kill People, Girls Kill People
04/29/08 at 10:17 PM by billyboatkid
"and I don't even know whatís right anymore, waiting day and night for your kiss... just once more because Iíd love to feel my heart soar, instead of this heart sore
and i donít even know whatís right anymore, so come on everybody lets see if i can die a little more..not only on the surface, but were it hurts the most..

please donít play games/because i was never good at them (my heart is not a toy)
please donít play games/because i was never good at them (I am not a toy)
please donít play games/because i was never good at them (toys can be fixed)

please donít play games/because i was never good at them (especially with the heart i donít have anymore)"

hahaha, Okay I wrote this Chorus a while back. I was listening to a lot of Brand New at the time. I would like anything you can bash it you can say cool. W/e just leave a comment. I really wanna know what you think. I've never thought my self to be a good writer, but I like it.

SO hit it up! Please


Edit: I'm also aware that it may be pretty clique, but that is okay. Can't write songs about railroad tracks, or fucking hoes all the time.
Tags: Lyrics, Comments, BN
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Deep Breaths
04/07/08 at 12:01 AM by billyboatkid
Okay so you know how when you're just relaxing and thinking and something clicks in your mind and you come up with lyrics. Well that just happened and I felt the need to write them down. So tell me what you think or not it's all good.

Lies are like oceans, the deeper it gets the colder you are. My lungs have failed me, I breathed you in (to deep) but I can (could) only hold my breath for so long.

You left in a flash like the air getting knocked out of me. I know recovery is the best part, just let me know when I'll be able to breath again...

I feel like I could keep going, but yeah.

If anyone reads this and has a second give me some pointers or anything would be cool.


Tags: Lyrics, Something I Wrote
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03/21/08 at 04:43 PM by billyboatkid
So don't you just love how everything is peachy-kean then all the sudden everything goes to shit!

Well it seems to happen to me a lot... Whoever is controlling or whatever is controlling what goes on in my life must really fucking hate me.

So apparently while I was out last night after I cashed a 40oz and was bowling with some friends (which by the way is damn fun) my car got broken into for the second time in three years.

They took my deck and my 12" bazooka tube (which is a bass if you didn' know). I loved that bass, I had purchased it right after my shit got stolen the first time. So I'm pissed..... and to ever lets this stuff happen well Fuck You too.

"Then there are just so many words left in my mouth waiting to spill out, like water in your ears. I'd do anything to get back all those wasted years"

Tags: My lyrics, Anger, Fuck
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