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A Sailor's Journal
To the Core
05/16/12 at 10:16 PM by billyboatkid
"You only care about yourself. Never took the time to think about somebody else. You think about yourself, dragged me to the edge of Hell and never cared if I fell."

I can't put into words how perfect this line is..

"How can you live with yourself?"

Within the last 6 months there was a spot in my beard that had no hair. There was hair before, but I came to realize all the stresses and everything I was going through had made it fall out. Or stop growing. It was a perfect circle where the hair stopped growing. The other day I noticed that it had come back.. I don't have that spot anymore.. I got my beard back. Among other things.

Tags: The Audition, Life
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03/21/12 at 02:14 AM by billyboatkid
Up way to late. Thinking far too much.

Hair's super long.. But it must not look to terrible since I keep getting compliments lol. Feels good especially when I've been feeling so down.

Paid off my student loans finally! Feels so good to have that done. Little bit more on my credit card and only 2,000 left on my car and I'll be good. Then I will move the f out.

21 Jump Street was hilarious. Love Jonah Hill. Makes me wanna watch Superbad again. That movie is classic.

I wrote a new song and added a second guitar. Sounds pretty awesome.

What else is new.. Oh yeah, sisters 21st on Thursday. Going out Friday. Should be awesome. Took off this weekend because I know shit's gonna get crazy. Should be a good time. Gonna get her all trashed haha.

Found out some interesting stuff about my family this last week too. Good and bad. Man I wish too much.


Still can't get enough of the new The Audition EP. Haven't stopped playing it since it came out. Perfect. Just like their older stuff.

They have to be one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time up with Brand New and Journey. That's saying a lot for me haha. I even got her to love them. I wish I could show her the new stuff she'd love it too. Watched a bunch of acoustic videos on youtube and stuff. Man he can fucking sing so well live. It's awesome.

The Audition - "It's Gonna Be Hard (When I'm Gone)
Tags: The Audition, Life
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03/06/12 at 04:32 PM by billyboatkid
I can't wait till Sunday. Haven't been excited about a concert in a while. This EP is pretty amazing. And Jesus can Danny sing. I love his voice.

Tags: The Audition
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You Ruined This
03/10/11 at 10:44 AM by billyboatkid
Oh man I love The Audition. Threw on Great Danger and it's the perfect cd for this Spring type weather. Puts me in a great mood, loving life. Especially since it's Spring Break now. Super stoked.

Not gonna lie. They remind me of her. One of her favorites that I showed her, but I won't let her ruin them for me. The Audition are to great to give up. haha.

This Spring Break should be awesome. Have some stuff planned with friends all that good shit.

Man I really wish she even gave to cares about me. That's always been my worst thing. I never could understand how people can let go and give up on someone they "love" so easily. It's baffled me for all of my relationships haha.

Oh well. Here's to Spring Break and making bad decisions haha. The title of their album is exactly what I'm expecting this Spring Break haha. Great Danger!!!!!


"Ms. Crumby"
Tags: The Audition, Spring Break, Great Danger, her
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The Audition
03/18/10 at 11:22 PM by billyboatkid
Great Danger is the epitome of why I love The Audition.

One of the only bands the consistentaly releases awesome albums. And this could be their best one yet. Every listen draws me in more and boy do I love Danny's vocals. Man can he sing.

Everyone needs to pick this up. For reals such an awesome pop punk album. Just makes me wanna dance... and I don't dance lol.


EDIT: So just listened to the new I Can Make a Mess album... Wow. I love Ace. Eveyrhing I'd hoped it would be. :)
Tags: The Audition, Great Danger
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GoW 3 and Great Danger
03/16/10 at 12:21 AM by billyboatkid
Just went to pick up God of War 3 at midnight. The guys where even kind enough to let me pick up the new Audition album Great Danger also! So I must say I'm very stoked right now.

Watched the first 20 minutes or so of GoW 3 being played by my friend...

Literally one of the most epic/amazing things I have ever witnessed. Our jaws where on the floor the whole fucking time. This game is going to be epic as fuck..

Pick it up. Seriously.

Tags: The Audition, Great Danger, God of War 3
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What does it feel like to die?
04/24/09 at 05:44 PM by billyboatkid
I was talking in some threads a few minutes ago and something hit me. A type of idea for a song. I don't usually share my lyrics or poetry or anything like that on this site. I already know it's pretty juvenile and I don't enjoy getting tore down by other members, but I thought I would just throw up this idea that hit me. I like it, maybe someone else will or can do something with it.

Laying in a body of water (with my back to the sky) looking at the sky, (other) floating on my back like I'm swimming in the clouds. But there aren't any clouds today, so I lay her stuck in limbo wondering what it feels like to die.

The ending is pretty emo, but whatever. Welp go ahead tear it apart or do what you like with it. Just something quick that I thought I'd write down.

Hope everyone is better than the day before and is better tomorrow than they are today. :)

"Don't wait for me I'm no Saint ya see"


ps. I'm at work and I drank a NOS a few hours ago. Good lord was I hyper as shit. I hadn't an energy drink in ages.
Tags: Lyrics, The Audition, Energy drinks
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The Audition
04/11/09 at 11:55 AM by billyboatkid
Man I am sooooo freaking stoked for the new album from The Audition.

"Self-Titled Album"sounds like it's going to be fucking dance groove-tastic.

I've personally loved everything that The Audition have released. CLC was awesome when it came out and I still spin it. Great cd.
Champion was also a great follow up. It only took three years to come out, but I loved it.
Now this barely a year later is coming out and it already sounds better than the previous two. Just from the clips. I'm addicted I keep listening to them.

So catchy and such a great listen.

It sucks cause I really want and don't want this to leak early. I remember back in the day when I hadn't heard a single line or track until I purchased the album and threw it in my car. The best way to first hear a cd. Now I always give in and DL it before and then buy it. I think I'm actually gonna hold out and buy this before I hear it all. It already sounds promising and I love The Audition so I think I'm alright. I love that feeling and I want it back. First hearing a great cd in your car and not knowing the lyrics or titles. Oh it shall be awesome.

The third clip got posted sometime yesterday. I submitted it as news, but my news never gets posted... Gay. Oh well. I'm loving the behind the song feature too on their myspace. It's awesome.

Pick it up!! It's gonna be a great summer cd. I can feel it in my bones.

"I like the way that you move"


Can't wait.
Tags: The Audition
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100th Blog
03/07/09 at 10:25 AM by billyboatkid
So my friends, it's looking like this is my 100th blog.

It's funny because I didn't start using this thing right away and never thought I would use it as much as I do.

Actually really love just writing my thoughts down on this little internet tablet. I don't have much to say, but it's okay because I didn't want to make this a crazy 100th blog. Just a reflection really.

Hmm, so same things as usual I guess.

Everything is going good with the girl, she is amazing and perfect for me in every way. We have so much fun together and her parents seem to like me a lot. So that's a plus. I'm really trying to loose some weight, that shit just creeps up on you and you don't realize until your 15 pounds overweight.

Just a little tidbit, as I'm typing this at work I realize how dumb some of the people are in the world. Sorry little rant.

What else, Well there are a few concerts coming up that I'm stoked for. I'm really stoked for Silverstein and The Auditions new albums. Don't judge me. haha

I still hate school, so if you where wondering about that it hasn't changed.

I think that's about it for now. Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and here's to a 100 more.

"I want my life to be more like a symphony
With chords encased, and scores of grace that rivals symmetry
I want my chance to behold the truth and watch it unfold
As complex equations are worked out with patience
Where angles are right and sides are adjacent"

Tags: Silverstein, The Audition, Self Against City, 100th Blog!!!
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The New Myspace
01/14/08 at 09:50 PM by billyboatkid
Wow, I just realized this is like my new Myspace.... but a million times better cause I actually see news that I care about and talk to people who are way cooler, and easier to meet.

Well if any ladies read this and would like to meet someone new hit me up I'm single lol and ready to go, go leave me a picture comment or something since this is my new Myspace and all.

Thanks Tate for making this site. Its Number One!

"You thought you had me baby, you never had me baby"

Tags: Myspace, Ap.net, Tate, The AUDITION
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