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Memories Made In The Coldest Winter
Little Weapon
03/23/09 at 02:50 PM by hockeyguitar99
"Little Terry got a gun, he got from the store,
He bought it with the money he got from his chores,
He robbed candy shop told her lay down on the floor,
Put the cookies in his bag took the pennies out the drawer.

Little Kalil got a gun he got from the rebels,
To kill the infidels and American devils,
A bomb on his waist,
A mask on his face,
Prays five times a day,
And listens to Heavy Metal.

Little Alex got a gun he took from his dad,
That he snuck into school in his black book bag,
His black nail polish, black boots and black hair,
He's gonna blow away the bully that just pushed his ass..

I wish every rapper could write lyrics like this. It's terrible for the hip-hop world that The Greatest American Rap Album will be his last.

Tags: Rap, Lupe Fiasco
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E-mails, contacts, and sleep
01/05/09 at 12:30 AM by hockeyguitar99
So today, I decided to take some initiative and e-mail some labels about releases. I hit up Vagrant for Two Tongues, TMG for The Appleseed Cast, Epitaph for Thursday, and I was looking for an RJA contact, but couldn't find one. I want to hear the record, partially because Steve said that sans "You Better Shoot Yourself In The Foot With A Shitty Single (better known as You Better Pray)" it was actually a pretty decent record, and because I already thought of an awesome intro using the shot in the foot thing. I also don't want to buy it. If anyone knows where a press contact for the band is, I'd love for some help. Also, it's 1:30 AM, I have to get up in 5 hours. I need sleep. Damn.
Tags: bands, highbeam, RJA, Two Tongues, The Appleseed Cast, Thursday
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Reviews, reviews, reviews
11/20/08 at 05:41 PM by hockeyguitar99
Right Away, Great Captain! - The Eventually Home
Alive In Wild Paint- Ceilings
Dear and The Headlights - Drunk Like Bible Times
Rise Against - Appeal To Reason
Anathallo - Canopy Glow

Take a few minutes to read these, thanks.
Tags: Right Away Great Captain, Alive In Wild Paint, Dear and The Headlights, Rise Against
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Why am I still up?
11/12/08 at 12:56 AM by hockeyguitar99
I decided that I would finish up my two articles that are due 4th period tomorrow starting at 10:30, I finished about an hour ago, but haven't been able to sleep. They were both really interesting, one dealing with how personal lives of artists should/do effect peoples opinions and the other with the health affects of our generations technology addiction. The latter opened my eyes to a lot of things that are causing problems in my life, mainly overuse of my computer, but I can't really change that. I have to write all of my reviews on the computer, most of my homework is one the computer, any research I have to do is on the computer, and I have to communicate with friends, co-workers, and managers/bands/labels through AIM and e-mail, both on the computer.

O, well. I'm off to sleep.

BTW: I listened to a lot of great stuff tonight though.
Thrice - Alchemy Index's III & IV
As Tall As Lions - As Tall As Lions
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Jaguar Love - Take Me To The Sea
Tags: insomnia, newspaper, article
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Full Collapse/War All The Time
10/04/08 at 04:29 PM by hockeyguitar99
I pulled this albums out yesterday night in anticipation for the new Thursday/Envy Split. These records are both truly great albums. I'm holding out on listening to leak, it's killing me, but I'm glad I'm doing it. I can't wait for my Pre-order to come. Anyway, if you don't have these (but who doesn't?), please pick them up, you'll be doing yourself a service.
Tags: thursday, full collapse, war all the time, envy
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Highs and lows
09/13/08 at 09:53 PM by hockeyguitar99
Today as been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. I got some bad news about my homecoming date, and how she just wanted to be friends. It's been hard on me and still is, but I'll get past it, thank god for Bright Eyes.

On the other hand i got tickets for the My Morning Jacket concert at the Chicago Theater on Oct. 10th. I've heard some insanely good things about their live show, and I couldn't be more excited for that, I'm also seeing The New Pornographers next sunday.

Well, I'll stay positive and push through.
Tags: homecoming, ups and downs, bright eyes, my morning jacket, the new pornographers
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some people just make me laugh...
07/15/08 at 03:34 PM by hockeyguitar99
It's amuses me when people get angry when others don't have the same opinion as them. I have no problem with disagreeing with someone or them disagreeing with me, but it's immature and idiotic when they stray away from the original point. There is no reason for people to make it a personal matter, it's a forum, not everyone is going to agree, and some people just need to get over that.
Tags: arguments, opinions, people, AP, forums
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Recommendation - Maps & Atlases
07/13/08 at 05:38 PM by hockeyguitar99
Maps & Atlases - You and Me and The Mountain

They are more creative and better than whatever you're listening to right now. The stuff is not only original, but it's also fucking catchy.
Tags: maps & atlases, math rock. recommendation
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reviewing - psh
07/05/08 at 06:59 AM by hockeyguitar99
Much to my surprise I actually made a lot of progress in my reviewing this week. Mostly because I forced my self against my will to listen to the albums. All I wanted to listen to was Alk3 and HTL. I did hear a decent album or two, but as soon as I was done I listened to all of Agony & Irony twice. Thats probably one f the catchiest records that will come out this year. Anyway, even though I've submitted like 5 reviews this past week I still have five or six to go, which kind of sucks. Well, now I've forced myself to listen to the paper rival record. It's alright, but I'd rather be listening to Alk3.
Tags: alk3. reviews, Hit The Lights, HTL, Alkaline Trio, Paper Rival
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