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Music Mends Broken Hearts
Inside AP.net: Adding Some External Site Links
11/10/08 at 02:27 PM by Jason Tate
Since I know people have a variety of different websites they use (myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.) - I never really designed AP.net to be a place to replace any of the social networks. It's just not going to happen -- we're not that kind of website. However, I did (and am) design the website to be a place that can contain all of that information in one central location (easy to use/view/etc) so that your friends on AP.net, or anyone you point to your profile, can easily find everything out they want. So, I added three new options to your edit profile page:

This will allow you to put a twitter link, facebook link, or shared google stories link right on your AP.net profile:

Note: This only works in the new, beta, version of the website.

Of course, this is the kind of thing you can also put in your signature; however, it makes sense to have it on your profile as well! Unregistered users can now view the beta if they choose -- you can do so by visiting this link. To change back to the old you'd have to do so manually via this link.
Tags: ap related, inside ap.net, image, profile, beta
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Inside AP.net: New AP (Beta 1)
11/08/08 at 08:55 PM by Jason Tate
You can use a beta version of AP.net by changing the skin in your options. Currently it only comes in one flavor and color -- and it's definitely a beta. More information here.
Tags: ap related, beta, inside ap.net
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Inside AP.net: New Postbits? Maybe? Dunno. (Round 2)
11/20/07 at 01:53 AM by Jason Tate
Well, I kept playing around with postbits today. This is the next incarnation I've come up with. It's more of a mix between the current one and what I posted yesterday. I've already implemented the new buttons (very small changes made) as well as the new "quoted" portion on the website. I've also changed the sizes allowed for avatars on the website ... regular members are now at 75x75 - prestigious at 130x130. It just didn't make sense to keep them so small they were barely noticeable. I have to mess around with some things tomorrow - but this looks to be the direction I'm heading in. Thoughts are welcome.

Once I finish this project I'll be re-tooling some of the buttons around the website as well as fixing up a few other minor things. Then I'll be re-working my "to-do" list for 2008.

Tags: inside ap.net, image, beta
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Inside AP.net: New Postbits? Maybe? Dunno.
11/19/07 at 01:09 AM by Jason Tate
I've been playing around with a new version of the classic postbit for the forums. I dunno ... I kinda like this one the best at the moment. Haven't decided if I want to move over or not yet. I'm always trying to simplify the website design and make things more streamlined and "clean" -- I like where this is going though. Not sure what else is needed ... I feel like it's missing/needing one more thing. Hmm, I'll play with it again in the morning - I need to go to bed.

PS: Some friends and I are thinking of starting a podcast. Nothing official, mostly just us being the raging morons that we are to start with. It'd be about music, AP, answering questions, sex, movies, all that stuff. So if anyone has any questions they'd like answered on our test run ... leave them in the comments and I'll pitch them to the guys. This will be interesting because it's the first "mix" of my real life and my online life ... hopefully it will be interesting for people to get my opinions on things and see how my "real" friends react to different things going on. People that have known me for my entire life ... it'll be a different angle than we've ever explored before. I'd assume it will be three opinionated guys (who can easily argue/debate with me better than anyone) who swear too much and think we're vastly more humorous than we actually are. So keep an eye open ... we will soon be just another waste of bandwidth.
Tags: inside ap.net, image, beta
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