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Getting Past the Industry to Love Music Again
The FTC Won't Let Me Be
10/07/09 at 03:35 PM by Adam Pfleider
You want to read it? Good luck. I think I'd rather read through a dishwasher manual than read it again.

What does this mean for this site and others?

Well, let us first understand the reason behind such a needed change of law. See, the Internet is this breeding ground - usually filled with porn - for the new digital forum of ideas and creativity.

It also has changed the spectrum of "true" journalism for either the better, or worse. Unlike the staying power of a (once) blog like Pitchfork, that has turned into a make or break system for upcoming artists (obviously those guys aren't getting paid off), there are smaller blogs across the Web, some of which you and I have never seen that can get pull quotes for good/decent reviews for some of the worst music out there.

In fact, the FTC has found/seems to think that some of those blogs are started by the companies behind the entertainment. The acts of payola on a prehistoric system known as radio has moved its way over into hyperspace, sans the Tron factor.

If you can't trust Rolling Stone anymore, who can you trust on the Web?

Now this doesn't cover just the Web. Celebrity endorsements, etc. will surely be put in a slump with those late night infomercials trying to shrink that freshman fifteen for many of us through a single pill, instead of proper food consumption and at least a damn walk around the block while that pirated episode of LOST is loading.

The bill also counts "gifts" as forms of payment, not unlike payola. For all of Jason's treasures and Drew's free advances, they're in deep shit now! Oh-oh!

But really...

If anyone doesn't know, music journalists don't make shit, and sometimes get what they love for free. Under disclosure, I attended last night's These Arms Are Snakes show for free. When I perform interviews, I usually get put on the guest list, and if I had already bought a ticket, I do decline, or end up selling my ticket for half so some other fortunate kid can get into a sold out show. Pay it forward, you know? That kid may end up buying a t-shirt in the end.

But yeah, we get promos, press passes, posters, etc. Not all the time though.

This idea of "gifts" is frowned upon in the journalist's career because it moves him from the form of objectivity to subjectivity, yet with music journalist, there is subjectivity in what you listen to, and what you like, which brings us back to the dilemma.

The Internet has opened so many blogs to the public's decision. The problems, like personal influence and the bigger problem of leaks, have gotten some in hot water, and left other major outlets dealing with harder times of press.

I think what the FTC is doing is actually a good idea in that it will hopefully weed out some of the bullshit "journalism," just as I hope that a positive end of illegal downloads will weed out the bullshit music.

Howinthehell they are going to do this (which some articles have stated that it will be a game of cat and mouse, great), and who will suffer its fate first, is yet to be determined. We'll have to see in the next decade I guess.

As for this site, I think Anton said it best. I'm there with him. I do a lot of what I do for free at the moment, and the few perks are a nice barter to that. Those perks have never influenced my writing in any way. If you enjoy the bands that I have interviewed or reviewed, it's because it's an honor, and I give myself a one shot chance to convince others. I'm not paid for PR groups/managements to do that.

In fact, I've turned some interviews/reviews down. Even if they offered to pay my debt, I'd rather have that, and my pride.
Tags: FTC, Blogs, Journalism, Payola
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Blog Spotlight
09/12/09 at 03:05 PM by Adam Pfleider
Whether you like his covers or not, I'm interested to see how this one turns out. I say we back him on this one. Let's show some AP.net support.

Also, it's week two of College Football. Life is good.

love and respect.

much more to come from me soon. I know I went a week without Five and Alive, but I have a special one coming up this week, I'm just waiting on something.
Tags: Blogs, Life, College Football
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Interesting Article About Bloggers
08/27/09 at 12:20 PM by Adam Pfleider
Thought this was a cool article about anonymity on the Web.

If you want to know my name, it's on my profile.


love and respect
Tags: Blogs, CNN, Shit talk!
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Today's Blog Hits Home
12/23/08 at 04:51 PM by Adam Pfleider
So after completing my daily blog, I got a few e-mails about ISP's refusing to cooperate.

Including one in Louisiana! HA!
Tags: Home, Blogs, RIAA, ISPs
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A Thousand Thank You's
07/31/08 at 03:01 PM by Adam Pfleider
To everyone,

First off, I would like to thank Adrian for the spotlight. Without him, I wouldn't have even thought about doing something like this if it had not been for his suggestion.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the positive feedback, and those withholding a debate (please do not, let's argue, I get bored in class and that's why I end up with two C's in summer school, ugh!). If there is one thing that I have learned this summer in ethics though, is that you may think you have the ultimate point of no return, and then someone comes in, tears you down, but if you are humble enough, take the criticism as something to construct more ideas off of.

Lastly, if it wasn't the positive feedback from a bunch of strangers I've never met, hearing a band say that your article was one of the best written articles he's read in awhile dropped my jaw.

To that, I present it to you here. Want to know how the RX Bandits are doing and what the new Portugal. The Man sounds like, read on to this shameless plug. HA!

Besides the Spanish Final at 730 this morning, dealing with my apartment move, and the barrage of work ahead of me in the next few days (restaurant, reviews, and moving)...this has all made my day.

Thank you again. So much love. Keep watching reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm, my favorite show at the moment,
- peace
Tags: Blogs, Rx Bandits, Portugal. The Man, Interview
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