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Music Mends Broken Hearts
First Impressions: House of Heroes
03/13/12 at 11:22 AM by Jason Tate
Sitting here listening to the new House of Heroes album. Man, it's one of those albums that hits me in the face with just how much I love music. I can just sit back and appreciate. The harmonies, the musical expansion, the obvious care and passion in each song ... it's a great album that really shows that you can write a catchy song without sacrificing anything. In that way - it reminds me of the reason I've always loved the Foo Fighters -- they make rock music without the compromise we see (or hear) from other bands. I really respect that. Great musicianship. Great care. Great vocals. Great harmonies.

Third listen through: could see me ranking this as the band's best album when it's all said and done.

Great songs.
Tags: first impressions, house of heroes
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Support The Music!!
08/04/10 at 09:00 AM by Jason Tate
A trend we see around the website is when a band breaks up or goes on hiatus and everyone spends the next few years talking about how they wish they were back / still making music ... things like that. Usually these are damn good bands with a fanbase that realizes how good they are after it's too late.

Don't let this be House of Heroes.

Their new album is now out - buy it (it's three bucks) - go to shows - support a band that is actually making inspired/creative pop-rock. Don't let this be the next band everyone is complaining broke up when The Maine release their third album.

PS: I realized just yesterday that my "promo/press" copy of this album was in 128kbps. I don't know why I get sent stuff in that bitrate... such crappy quality. So I bought the good quality version, and it's so - so much better. I've got to pay more attention to these things. It dramatically impacts my enjoyment of CDs.
Tags: house of heroes, recommendations
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First Impressions: House of Heroes - Suburba
05/06/10 at 04:03 PM by Jason Tate
I haven't heard the final sequencing ... but that hasn't stopped me from playing the new album 4 or 5 times already. These guys are definitely talented musicians. They sit within the pop-rock genre, but they try things others wouldn't. I respect that. It's refreshing in a genre that seems to give us the same thing time after time. My first thoughts are that it's not as good as their last (which I thought was absolutely fantastic) ... and I liked the lyrical themes of the last release more ... but it's still a damn solid follow-up. Catchy, creative, fun. Just what an album should be in the summer. Don't wanna make too many more decisions until the sequencing is done and I can hear it in better quality. If you're looking for a pop-rock band that offers something besides the shit the genre has been giving us lately ... this is it.
Tags: first impressions, house of heroes
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My Soapbox: House of Heroes
03/02/09 at 11:37 PM by Jason Tate
Note: This feature first ran here.

For this week I'm going to highlight an album that is finally getting a physical release: House Of Heroes' The End is Not the End. If you haven't taken some time to check out this band yet -- do it -- it's in stores today. They may be the best pop band not getting any love from the masses. We needa change that. They play technically interesting pop tunes that hardly ever end where they start. If you're into bands like The Graduate, Relient K, early Fall Out Boy, and Gatsbys American Dream ... you'll find something here to love.

The album is finally in stores (complete with two new bonus tracks) and I highly recommend it to anyone searching for that next band to fall in love with. I thought it was one of the best releases to come out (digitally) last year ... and it seems to have that edge and quality that turns any listener into an instant fan. It's always nice to hear an intelligent take on pop music -- Chris's review pegged it at 92% and the readers agreed and rated it a solid 93%. That's damn impressive.

I'd love to hear thoughts from you. Have you given this album a listen yet? Do you plan to? What do you think? Are there any other artists you'd recommend that sound like this? Are you going to go out and pick up the physical release? Let's hear it.

In The Valley of the Dying Sun Video:

Mp3 Download: "If" (Right Click > Save As..)

Past "My Soapbox" features.
Tags: my soapbox, ap related, house of heroes, recommendation
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Video Impressions: House of Heroes
09/21/08 at 11:20 PM by Jason Tate
Damn, just saw the first rough cut of the new House of Heroes' video for "In the Vally of the Dying Sun" - which appears to be the first single - and wow, it's pretty powerful. You don't see many videos with a message these days - and this one clearly has one. Pretty heartbreaking in light of recent global events.
Tags: house of heroes
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