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12/20/11 at 10:18 AM by Blake Solomon
Moving Mountains - Waves

I don't have my Top 10 list in front of me, but I would hazard a guess at saying this is the first album, upon announcement, that I just KNEW would be a favorite of the year. This band and me have a special relationship, mostly because I feel like they opened me up to a style of music I never really gave a chance. Which is to say, the bigger, more brooding facets of indie-post-hardcore blah blah. They seemed to never put themselves in a creative box, even though some people seem to think that's exactly what happened with this record. But I don't know, Waves is definitely my favorite record of theirs. It is such a singular statement to me, done so in a way that makes every listen feel important.

Maybe the other thing I appreciate, is how the lyrics kind of let you fill in the blanks. There's ambiguity to songs like "Parts in Different Places" or "Always Only For Me." And even though I understand when a band is so clearly trying to pull at my heartstrings, I don't care. And why should I? Anyone who says that they aren't listening to music in order to connect with something is either lying to themselves or probably deaf. Isn't that what we're all trying to do? Like every single moment of every day? Maybe that's an exaggeration, but what Moving Mountains have accomplished with Waves is allowing their listeners to do a little soul searching, a very personal task that they allow us to keep extremely personal. And the fact that it's all set to great, anthemic music is just the extra bit that makes this not so much a record but a mantra.

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08/05/11 at 12:48 PM by Blake Solomon
As has been said about a billion trillion times so far this year, 2011 has been pretty good as far as music that I like. I don't know if it's been great for music you like, but for me, yes. But also, isn't it kind of weird when we say "music" is better this year than a previous year? There's always great stuff out there if you're looking - so I'm less inclined to judge a year based on another year - at least in terms of musicality. In life, there are certainly better years than others. And knock on wood, this one has been pretty good. Two weeks into the job, I'm contributing. My apartment is awesome, my roommates are nice. It's working out! For now. I hate that I have to include a "for now," but that is the superstitious/pessimist in me. And that little guy, though still handsome, will always be a part of me.

BUT ANYWAYS, I just wanted to highlight a song that I find to be one of the most special from this year. It's called "Parts in Different Places" and it is by NY's own Moving Mountains. Check out a vid and lyrics below. If you like big sweeping rock numbers, maybe like Muse but darker?, you'll probably dig on this.

Knock on wood.

Parts in Different PlacesWe were driving down furnace woods - long sleeves, striped shirts, throging my hands out the doo, but all in fun. Did we kill him?
(Wait for the air to stop, then wake up. Come Up. Hold your head in the place, but shake off your thoughts)
I laughed so hard, glass through the air. Right by his face, good thing we cared - but not at all.
And it was then, that I felt the breeze over my heard and through my hands.
Are you sorry? Are you sad?
You're just a little bit tired.
You didn't even mean to leave, nothing more. I won't remember what it's like to be young again. I'm just a little bit tired. And anyone would feel the same, when you were leaving me.
You once wrote me a card, that won't fit (in my hands). And it was funny at the time, but now it just stays with me. And I hope your will hear when I sing this to you. Keep moving on, keep moving on.
Tags: moving mountains, nyc, life, 2011
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The Ties That Bind
08/26/07 at 01:14 PM by Blake Solomon
Today, I'd like to talk about new music. Not any particular band or anything, well, Moving Mountains is what sparked my thoughts. A few days ago, I made a thread about "unexpected hit albums" AKA albums you love but didn't see coming. Lots of people expected and loved TREOS or Minus The Bear, i'm not talking about those. I'm talking about me and From Autumn To Ashes or Ryan Adams. I had no prior listening knowledge of those bands, didn't give a flip about them. Now I dig them alot (Adams more than the other, but still). So here's my point, isn't it wonderful and frustrating about how little time we have to find new music? Am I not the one millionth person to ask about this quandry (thats a 10 dollar word, if its a word, that is)? I sometimes come out of the general or music forums and feel wholly inadequate in my listening habits. I will sometimes feel like I need to find one new band a day, but that's pretty near impossible.

Strange paragraph break.

With the internet, its easy to feel empowered, thus leaving me little or no excuse at musical laziness. Except thats just what has happened. Sure, I listen to a lot of random myspaces in a given week, but when cd's are coming to you with little or no effort (cool brag, right?) its easy to sit back and let it happen. I'm going to try and listen to even more music than ever, search through the extensive cave system we call the blog-nation and find more music. Bring you more music, bring me more music. It's mostly for me, to be honest.

If anyone has any great blog sites I should check out, lay them on me. They don't have to share the music, but they do have to talk about it. Help me faithful readers (hi, mom!)

this was long, if you've skipped to the bottom, focus on the last paragraph. Much appreciation,

Tags: blake solomon, new music, moving mountains, blog
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