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Music Mends Broken Hearts
And the Answer is ...
10/12/10 at 09:47 AM by Jason Tate
Well, I took an hour and answered all the questions from the previous blog post. This thing is like 48 minutes long because I ramble. Sorry about that.


Download (Right Click > Save As)

Pretty sure I got to everything.
Tags: mp3, audio, answers
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More Questions Answered
09/17/10 at 02:45 PM by Jason Tate
I answered 20 or so questions for your listening (dis)pleasure. Told you I'd get that done. Now so much more to do ...


Tags: mp3, audio, answers
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More Answers From Me to You
08/17/10 at 11:53 AM by Jason Tate
I answered some more questions from the below blog post (and a few from Facebook). And, as per request, I put the file up for download as well. Hopefully I answered everything to your liking - if not - ask more in the replies and when I have some spare time (ie: multi-tasking around the office) I'll try and get them answered and posted.

As from the post below: Feel free to ask anything you'd like about the new version of AP.net, the future of music (online/offline), bands I may be enjoying, business stuff, the future of this website, design theories, yadayadayada, or anything else you'd like to know.


Download (Right Click > Save As)
Tags: mp3, audio, answers
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Let's Go to the Mall!
05/13/09 at 09:01 AM by Jason Tate
Bwahhaha, a Robin Sparkles ringtone! I wonder what people would do if this went off on my phone. http://tinyurl.com/rxw2mt
Tags: robin sparkles, how i met your mother, mp3, ringtone
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Amazon Deals Return
04/06/09 at 11:17 AM by Jason Tate
We should be starting back up with our Amazon MP3 deals this week ... look for Butch Walker's latest on 4/9. Side note: It's once again beautiful outside.
Tags: amazon, butch walker, amazon mp3
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Gunz Interview Streaming/MP3
02/05/09 at 11:01 AM by Jason Tate
The interview I did on Gunz Radio show can be heard (or downloaded) here. There is cursing.
Tags: mp3, scrapbook, ap related, me
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New Manchester Orchestra Single
02/04/09 at 11:32 AM by Jason Tate
Go download the new Manchester Orchestra single.

Get in on the ground floor -- this release is going to the top.
Tags: recommendation, mp3
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Daily Recommendation: Take Notice
01/18/09 at 11:41 PM by Jason Tate
Take Notice gave us some love for being the first website to post a review of their EP. They're also giving away said EP on their myspace page (download it here). If you like pop-punk with a harder edge like New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, and/or Set Your Goals - check this EP out. If these kids can put together a full-length like this ... consider me a fan.
Tags: recommendation, free music, mp3
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Get Astronautalis for $3.99
12/29/08 at 08:15 PM by Jason Tate
My favorite album of the year can be purchased for $3.99 on Amazon MP3. This album hit me at the perfect time and has had the same "taste evolution" on me that Brand New's Deja Entendu did -- that is, it opened my eyes (and ears) to a wide variety of new music and styles. I think it's one of the best, most creative, and lyrically powerful albums I've heard in a long time.

Can't wait to see 'um live.
Tags: amazon, ap related, amazon mp3, recommendation
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I Can See The Future
12/18/08 at 03:47 PM by Jason Tate
Curious what we're thinking about featuring in in the Amazon MP3 deals coming up? Some of the names tossed around are as follows (we're trying to do our favorites, new releases, as well as a few classics):
  1. Good Old War
  2. Astronautalis
  3. Forgive Durden
  4. Butch Walker
  5. Wolftron
  6. Saves the Day
  7. The Format
Tags: amazon, ap related, amazon mp3
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Anberlin's New Surrender: $3.99
12/15/08 at 01:57 PM by Jason Tate
Continuing our teaming up with Amazon MP3: this week you can get Anberlin's new album for only $3.99. I think this is the band, more than maybe any other, I've been able to get my friends outside of this online world to fall in love with. Great message, great sound.
Tags: cheap music, anberlin, amazon mp3, recommendation
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Monday's Cheap Music Shout Out
12/01/08 at 12:30 PM by Jason Tate
Grab The Graduate's Anhedonia for only $2.99. Tell your friends.
Tags: the graduate, amazon mp3
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I Love Hearing Myself Speak
10/22/08 at 09:52 PM by Jason Tate
I was recently asked to come on a radio show and talk about AP.net and politics. The interview can be heard here -- I rabble more than usual (the socialism question is hard to answer in quick sound bites) and definitely mispronounce words when I do so (I know, it's concerto), but oh well.

Suppose this will pass some time as Julia works on putting the some 80+ page staff interview together for everyone -- if there are any questions/comments or you wish to discuss/get sources for anything I mention ... feel free to leave a comment in that thread.
Tags: mp3, scrapbook, personal, interview
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Be An Absolute Punk With Me
08/25/08 at 12:01 AM by Jason Tate
The Swellers wrote us a personalized acoustic song, if you're not into this band ... you should be.

Music mends broken hearts
The haters will never learn
News is news not a target full of darts
But that's just how its' been

So take it in with a grain of salt
And try to see through haziness
A thread can only stretch so far
Until it's cut off again

A community, a family
Sometimes bigger than everything
This is absolute punk.
Be an absolute punk with me.

A single note
A single chord
Just one review
What is the score?

Tell me who I am
Tell me who called it quits
When I name drop Mr. Bemis
I always get more hits

A community, a family
Sometimes bigger than everything
This is absolute punk.
Be an absolute punk with me.

Be An Absolute Punk With Me
Tags: mp3, ap related, recommendation
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New Ringtone
08/05/08 at 08:31 PM by Jason Tate
I created a new ringtone for myself (before I had the chorus of "All at Once" by Valencia as the tone) ... but I finally found something to out do it.

My Ringtone

Download it here if you want it. Hahahah. This will probably get annoying in a few weeks and I'll need another one ... but for now, I can't wait until people call me. I wonder if anyone would get the joke if I'm out in public and my phone rings.
Tags: ringtone, the final countdown, mp3
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