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Interview: The Urgency 21/06/09
06/18/09 at 06:36 AM by codenameraven

You may not have already heard of The Urgency but they are sure to make their mark in 2009. With Bamboozle under their wings, a lengthy tour schedule with The Blackout and Silverstein. Not forgetting their phenomenal debut album; The Urgency are a new band set to take the world by storm.

First things first, could you introduce yourselves and say what you play in the band?

Ian: Iím Ian and I play guitar.

Ryan: Iím Ryan and I also play guitar.

Guerin: My names Guerin and I play drums.

For anybody who may be unfamiliar with The Urgency could you give us a brief rundown of how the band came to be originally?

Guerin: Ian and Kevin (Bass) went to High School together in Vermont and playing music together for a long time. They met me at school and we started a band. We had a different singer and name at the time. Once we graduated school we decided we wanted to pursue music further, so we moved to New York City and we met Tyler and Ryan shortly after then. These guys definitely rounded off the sound that we were going for. That was the start of The Urgency as we know it now.

What do you make of the New York music scene?

Guerin: Itís a very indie scene. Incredibly diverse but itís definitely a tough town to make a mark in just because there are so many bands there.

Ryan: The scene as everyone knew it ten years ago has changed quite a bit, since The Strokes came out for example. But now, youíll go there and find anything really.

Youíre back in the UK for the second time, whatís it been like this time around?

Ryan: We hit a lot of new markets this time around. It was really interesting to see how the cities that weíre playing react compared to the ones that we played to previously. Itís been great because this country really appreciates our style of music.

Ian: Itís been cool also because the fans seem to respond well to the music here and a lot of them sing the words back to us which has been a pretty overwhelming experience.

Which has been the best show of the tour so far and why?

Ryan: Iíd have to say Manchester so far.

Ian: Manchester was pretty crazy. As of late anyway, hopefully tonight will be even better!

Ryan: They were the most energetic crowd, and we definately seemed to win over a lot of people. It was great.

Your self-titled album has been released May 11th. Although its only just been released are you happy with how it has been received so far?

Ian: Yeah so far. Hasnít got there too much yet, and It hasnít quite got the exposure that we want either.

Ryan: We are really trying to push the records individually to the fans on this tour. We feel itís really important for people to put the faces to the music and we love talking to everybody after the show.

Who were your main influences when writing this record?

Ian: For me Iíd have to say At the Drive In, Fall of Troy and Glass Jaw. I know you might not hear that necessarily in the music, but thatís who weíre listening to. I mean, there are also other influences such as classical and jazz, but these are the main rock influences.

Guerin: As a drummer there was a subtle 311 influence, along with Incubus as well. A lot of diverse influences from all of our members really.

Your vocalist has one of the most unique voices I have come across in quite some time. I felt there was a strong Coheed & Cambria influence in particular?

Ryan: I know the timbre of his voice sometimes remind people of Coheed, Sting or even John Anderson from Yes, but he doesnít really listen to those bands too much. Heís more into Circa Surviva and Fall of troy. His influences are a lot similar to Ianís. I wouldnít really say that was a conscious decision of his.

As you are going to be on the road for some time now the record has been released, which do you prefer; being on the road or recording at the studio?

Guerrin: Ideally touring. I think for all us we just love playing on stage and showing people our music.

Ian: I dig touring but I do love the recording process. So for me it would have to be the recording.

Ryan: I love touring. Especially here at the moment as so many people sing our words back to us at shows. Honestly ts been happening more here than it has back in the states. Last night in Manchester it was our second time playing there and we definately saw a whole bunch of people signing along. Its so inspring to see people reacting in that kind of way.

Ian: Its been 4 or 5 months since we were here before and it just feels like a continuation of the last tour, it feels like we never left.

Plans for the rest of the year?

Ryan: Hopefully a tour of the states. We have a lot of things in the pipeline at the moment. But a tour of the US is a priority right now.

Ian: Also weíre hoping to be back here again in September so definitely look out for that!
Tags: the urgency, new york, vermont, rock
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