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Cloud Buster
So What Did I Miss?
10/18/10 at 01:53 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Due to limited internet access, I haven't kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest music releases. So, what new albums/bands should I be listening to? How about you let me know your favorite 2010 releases, so I can get nice and caught up. I did pick up the new I Can Make a Mess album, which I've been enjoying. I'll always accept more Ace Enders into my library.

For anyone who cares to know, I recently relocated to Austin with a good friend of mine. That good friend has since moved back home, so here I am with an empty room to rent (I've received a couple humorous responses to my ad) and plenty of city to explore. It'll be interesting to see where I'm at a year from now, because my future is pretty wide open. Have you noticed how coming back to a cherished album after a long absence is like embracing an old friend? I found a burned copy of Interventions + Lullabies in my car and was very happy to say hello to the music. "On Your Porch" is one of my favorite tracks, and some of its lyrics hit close to home:

"'Cause what's left to lose?
I've done enough.
And if I fail well then I fail but I gave it a shot.
And these last three years,
I know they've been hard,
But now its time to get out of the desert and into the sun
Even if it's alone."

I've gotta give it a shot.
Tags: personal, the format
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Graphic Art Imitates Life
06/23/09 at 10:39 PM by Adrian Villagomez
You didn't get the job, did you?

uh, No. No, I didn't.

I'm sorry, baby. But you'll find something else! You've just got to give it a little time.

Maybe ... But I graduated more than a year ago, Beth. And the job market isn't exactly booming for English majors with moderate-to-poor computer skills.
Tags: personal, quote
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AP.net Downtime
03/05/09 at 04:33 AM by Adrian Villagomez
5:00am Central time is definitely the slowest time for AP.net. Sure, we have late night posters and early morning posters (who should be working!), but 5:00am falls right in between those two groups. It's not often that of all my AP.net "friends," none of them are around:

♥XxharliquinxX♥. Hah.

Jason is growing a beard I see. I have my own lame growth right now, but I'll shave it off in a couple weeks. Ladies down appreciate the scratchiness or the unattractiveness.
Tags: absolutepunk, personal
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I Wonder Where I'll Be at 27
12/19/08 at 01:21 AM by Adrian Villagomez
I just finished reading an article on Jon Favreau - President-elect Barack Obama's 27-year-old speechwriter. I've been thinking about my future quite a bit lately, so Favreau's story reached me at the perfect time. I'm not sure where I'll be in four years, but I'm hoping I'll look at my life and think, "Yeah, I'm glad to be here."
Tags: future, life, personal
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My Busy Week
12/18/08 at 04:35 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Sunday, December 14 - Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants at Texas Stadium, courtesy of my good buddy Joey. It was my first time attending an NFL game, and it was great fun. I'll post up some pictures of the event later.

Tuesday, December 16 - Shakespeare final at 5pm, my last final of the semester. Also my last final at UT-San Antonio.

Saturday, December 20 - Graduation ceremony. Sounds like it'll be a bore, but at least my black robe makes me feel like Batman. My mom is going to buy me some dressy clothes for the event since all I own are jeans and ratty shirts. Thanks, mom.
Tags: life, graduation, personal, utsa
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There Goes My $$$
12/07/08 at 04:02 AM by Adrian Villagomez
TJ gave me a heads up in the entertainment forum about a DVD sale going on at amazon.com, so I decided to take care of most of my Christmas shopping today. Mom, bro, roommates - done, done, and done. Now all I have to worry about is wrapping the items up. I'm also kind of worrying about my bank account, but by this point I'm used to living without many expenses (outside of eating whatever I want). I did order The Eventually Home and Let My Pride Be What's Left Behind for myself as well, but I think it's okay to spend money on albums every once in a while. I also picked up Good News for People Who Love Bad News on ebay recently, and I'm looking forward to diving into that. I should really get to sleep soon - I've got a long paper due in my Senior Seminar King Arthur class on Thursday (my last, and most important paper), and I want to make sure it's pretty great. It's a short story on Sir Gawain, so I hope it turns out somewhat enjoyable.

To end on a weird note, here's Rivers Cuomo in the video for "My Brain is Working Overtime." I know the feeling.

Rivers Cuomo - "My Brain is Working Overtime"
Tags: christmas, personal, school, utsa, video
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Final Downtime Before the Finish Line
08/25/08 at 05:47 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I hate getting my teeth cleaned. Metal scraping enamel isn't my idea of a good time. At least I got a clean bill of health and don't have to worry about another cleaning until February. Oh, and I celebrated with General Tso's chicken, a somewhat rare treat for me. I'm staying with my mom for a couple days, so I think I'll take a nap now and hang out with a friend when he gets out of work at midnight. My final semester starts on Wednesday, which I'm looking forward to, though I admit I've fallen into a pattern of general laziness after having about a week off between semesters. I've decided earning anything less than straights A's during my final semester would be upsetting to me, so I'm sure to be doing a lot of reading from now until December. Good thing I'm a wordsman.

I figured it's been a while since I've written anything "personal," so here we are.
Tags: personal, school, the price of a nice smile, utsa
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Where We've Been, Where We're Headed
06/29/08 at 10:33 PM by Adrian Villagomez
I can't remember the last time I've had happiness and sadness clashing inside me like this. It all happened within a few minutes, and it's odd to feel after a long day of engulfing myself in words. Just as I started pondering the spiritual implications of Paradise Lost. I'm much more comfortable with the past, and it's been years since I've felt this good about the future. Is it "so sad I could laugh" or "so happy I could cry"? Pick one, pick me up. The day is getting brighter.
Tags: personal
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I'm Americancer; An AbsolutePunk Romancer
03/13/08 at 05:25 AM by Adrian Villagomez
Yesterday I sprang out of bed at the ripe time of 5 pm and immediately followed my roommates to Cici's Pizza for a breakfast buffet of pizza. I have much love for their bacon cheddar blend. After a bit of Halo 3 two of us headed over to Target where I picked up La Bamba (great biopic), The Karate Kid (free headband!), and Traffic (for my roommate). Then of course I spent midnight at the gym running, biking, and stair climbing away those calories. Dinner consisted of two tuna sandwiches and some filling apple sauce for desert. It's an odd diet that maintains my body.

I've uploaded a good number of AbsolutePunk review links to Wikipedia, grunt work that I'm proud of. I'm sure most of us (you, me, and the other person who follows this blog) have spent enlightening hours browsing through Wikipedia's never ending links, so hopefully those AP.net links catch the attention of similar browsers. The ultimate goal? Take down All Music Guide as the leader of review links on Wikipedia, though that's a David vs. Goliath battle for sure. I've also been tidying up the review database along the way, a section of the website I've found myself checking up on more and more in recent months.

There are some things I need to take care for the site, so I'm going to write them down. These are responsibilities I've taken on, but keep putting off in favor of wayward activities like the one described in the previous paragraph. Seriously, if I don't have all this done March 24, the butt end of my spring break, someone shoot me (in the smile).

User Review FAQ
Ramones It's Alive! DVD Review
Johnny Cash TV Show DVD Review
Umbrella Academy 5 + 6 Reviews
Two movie Reviews

The two movie reviews aren't something I necessarily have to do, but I'd like to keep rolling with them. According to my set pattern the next movie I review should be a 10, but I'm not sure if that'll be the case, hah.

It's unknown to me who or what lit a fire under Jason Tate, but he's been a busy boy. The guy has some big ideas bouncing off the wall, and during his planned takeover of the internet he's adding some nice touches to the website like updated icons, a new footer, and a clever link to UserCP that the truly dedicated were quick to catch. Although I dig the little updates, it's those big ideas that have me intrigued. I'm honestly unsure of how the website may change (i.e. improve) given the rest of the year. Whatever comes, consider me poised and ready. Alas, it seems a casualty in Jason's invigoration is Waste of Bandwidth. Woe is me.
Tags: absolutepunk business, jason tate, personal, to-do
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It Takes Me Back to Where I Want to Be
03/07/08 at 02:08 AM by Adrian Villagomez
I've spent the last hour or so listening to country music on my way down south, and man, it takes me back. Country music is in my blood. It reassures me and brings me back to my youth, to memories of my dad. He loved George Straight, Tim McGraw, and all the good stuff from the late 80's and early 90's.

Maybe this sounds strange to visitors of a 'punk' website, but I've learned to embrace diversity in my musical taste. There was a time when I was a foolish teenager that scoffed at people who enjoyed rap, or anything other than rock; I'm glad I've changed. I don't just love pop punk or classic rock or alternative rock.

I love music.
Tags: love, music, personal
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Rolling Down Where the River Bends
02/21/08 at 08:12 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Last weekend was spent moving into a new apartment - not the most leisurely of activities. But hey, the move was completely worth it. My old apartment complex was somewhat trashy. My roommates' car was broken into (along with about five other cars), and I recall a domestic disturbance incident from a few months ago. Our new place is a gated, smaller community, which are huge pluses. The old complex was the biggest group of apartment buildings I've seen, and it took about five minutes and fifteen speedbumps to get from the very end of it (where we lived) to the entrance/exit.

Also, my new room is much roomier than my old one. My bed pretty much took up all the floorspace in the old one. Now I'm sitting comfortably with plenty of room for my bed, desk, guitar, and some books. I decided to spruce things up a bit in light of our joint upgrade, so I bought some new, dark navy sheets, pillowcases, and a matching comforter for my bed. The best part is the cashier at Target overlooked the comforter and pillowcases crammed under the shopping cart, so I accidentally saved about $50. On the subject of savings, I also nabbed a desk lamp from JCPenny that also plays/charges my iPod for just under three bucks.

Since the move I've approved about 100 user reviews (give or take), so go check those out. I still have some cleaning to do around here, but I think I'll just bum around the forums for a bit while David Shultz spins out some Sinner's Gold. Tonight I'll read some Shakespeare and Lord of the Rings. Ah, the life of an English major.
Tags: personal, new apartment
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Working on My Fingertips and Calves
02/12/08 at 08:56 PM by Adrian Villagomez
About a week ago I played basketball for the first time in years and my calves are still sore. Don't be fooled by my extremely athletic looking body, people - I'm out of shape. But hey, I'm working on correcting that, even if I do have to work out some soreness in my under utilized muscles. My fingertips are also getting tougher, growing some callouses due to my guitar playing. It's always fun to bring the pain and shapen up in preparation for longer practices. I'm loving my new Fender HSS as well as its accompanying Peavey practice amp and Blues pedal. And when I'm not playing it, my music set-up, complete with tangles of chords just waiting to trip me up, makes a homely decoration.

My roommates and I are moving to a new apartment on Friday, a thee bedroom on the first floor that's part of a more exclusive neighborhood complete with working gate to keep out criminals and general weirdos. This move comes at an opportune time for us. It's come to our attention that a rat moved into our apartment recently, and by the sounds of his lumbering through our vents around late at night, he's a big fella. I'm disgusted by rats (more so by possums... *shudder*), so I'm ready to get out of here. The room I'm currently staying in is compact, and my queen size bed (I can see the "queen" jokes coming) fills up most of the living area. I also sleep next to a large sliding door, so in winter I have to bundle up in layers of clothing and blankets just to survive the night. How dreadful it is waking up to a runny nose every morning.

On another high note, this very blog passed the 30,000 viewed mark today. Crazy, I know. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. I'm expecting my little space on the internet to grow as long as you, the reader, maintain interest in my crappy music taste, boring personal rants, and terrible (simple terrible!) reviews. You rule.
Tags: blog, exercise, guitar, personal, moving, music, my room
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Two Sides of the Same Coin
01/14/08 at 07:46 AM by Adrian Villagomez
I really should be in bed by now. I woke up yesterday at about 3:00 pm, and I have school at 2:00 pm today, but right when I hit the mattress my mind started running and I felt compelled to write. Yesterday was the worst day I've had this year, and it'll probably stay that way for a while. The Dallas Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs by the Giants, which was a huge disappointment to me. I don't even want to think about football at the moment. I like other players and teams, but the 'Boys are miles above anyone else in my mind.

Forget football. I started my four hour drive back home to San Antonio at 1:30 am, so it was a nice long drive with no one as company but the iPod. I haven't been in my apartment for a month, so there's going to be a bit of a transition period here. Anyway, my spirits were lifted immediately upon entering my apartment. Both my roommates were still up (we're night owls sometimes), so we did some catching up and rocked out a bit (Rock Band represent). That was fun. But that also wasn't a surprise since we all get along really well - the surprises came in the mail. I got some old tunes from The Format in the form of their Snails EP and the latest albums from David Shultz and the Skyline were here as well. Isn't it just fantastic when a seller on eBay sends some personalized handwriting?: "Thank you, Adrian! Your business is appreciated!! - Mike" But then again, I wouldn't expect anything less than a Format fan. I hear they love love. And seriously, listen to David Shultz.

All this new music was expected, but was at the back of my mind. I had almost forgotten about ordering the stuff. Moving on to greater things, I had a very nice Christmas card sent to me from the good people at Dark Horse comics. I contacted them about reviewing Gerard Way's comic series The Umbrella Academy, which I recommend to unfamiliar comic fans by the way, and it's been a good relationship. I honestly did not expect them to send one over, so it's something that was pretty damn touching. Comic people are also very cool, so don't pick on them. Lastly, there was a jumbo package waiting for me. Now this one I was somewhat prepared for. I'm sure some of you remember Anton Djamoos' generosity in offering free Midtown merchandise to anyone interested, and he took very good care of me. I have so much Midtown clothing now, people are probably going to confuse me for Antown himself. He also wrote me a very nice Christmas card, which is much appreciated. He's definitely one of the nicest dudes I've met in the past year - can't wait to buy him a beer sometime in the future. Or I'll buy him an extra Wii-mote or something.

You know what else made my morning grand? A new episode of Waste of Bandwidth. I think talk radio is interesting, but I've never followed any particular program. This one I am following loyally. These guys are entertaining to listen to, and they do a great job covering questions sent in by listeners. I can relate to Mebs the best, so he's probably the coolest one of the bunch. But seriously, listening to Episode 6 altered two very important perspectives on life I have. First, the question of "golden years" - which years are the best years of a person's life? Of course this is a completely subjective question, and I was just looking for others' opinions. I personally find myself looking back way too much and being stuck on nostalgia. I glorify days past, and that is just a waste (of bandwidth?). It's time to start living in the present, because there are so many opportunities I'm ignoring due to my own lack of vision. Shit, why stick "glory days" to a set of years? Why not make it a glorious life?

"Time to get busy living or get busy dying" - Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.

Last thing - I asked a question about friendships. Why make new friends when I have friends who have known me for most of my life? That's a fine way to live if I'm planning on living beside those friends for the rest of my life, but I'm restless. I'm not sure if I'll still be living in Texas in a few years, so what am I going to do? Well, I'm pretty good at becoming a recluse, but even I feel the need to be social every now and again. I'm not saying I want to replace those old friends, because no one ever could, but there's nothing wrong with meeting new people. I usually blow off acquaintances rather than make any kind of friendly effort, which is something I'm going to try and change. Again, no need for "best friends forever," but "poker buddies" sounds good. Besides, if I only kept around the first friends I ever made, I'd be one lonely bastard right now.

I think this is the most I've ever written in this thing, and *gasp*, it's full of personal information. I planned to keep this blog around more for music business, but whatever. Now it's personal.

/action movie

I don't blame anyone for not reading any of the crap above. If you scrolled down the entry to get the nutshell version, look below.

Yesterday sucked, and today is off to a damn good start.

OH, and I think I should drive to Houston so Drew and I could rip off Waste of Bandwidth.
Tags: life choices, personal, rant
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I'll Always Be My Best Flaw
12/31/07 at 01:19 AM by Adrian Villagomez
Manchester Orchestra - "Alice and Interiors" (live @ North Star Bar 2007)

I swear she tried again
I'm never visible on the weekdays
When she needs me to
Do what I canít afford to do
You better watch your tone
Youíre not invincible
You know Iíll do what I got to do
To stop the sound coming from you

'Cause the truth
Is youíre probably not as bad
As I make you out to be
To the boys and the girls
That will listen closely, know
She's the one who is happy
You can write the coolest songs
I was wrong
Yeah I'm always wrong

And my God, what have we got here?
I've been dying hard
And you've been trying hard for years now
Well I swear I did it all
I'll always be my best flaw

Please just pick up the phone
Am I invincible?
You know Iíll do what I've got to do
To stop the sound coming from you

'Cause the truth
Is youíre probably not as bad
As I thought that you were being
To the boys and myself
Weíre just tired of listening
Iím the one that is sorry
Help me write the coolest songs
You were wrong
Yeah you're always wrong

'Cause the truth
Is that no one truly knows
What the hell it is I'm doing
When they ask, "Are you dead
Or are you just sleeping?"
Oh yeah, you're the one who is happy
You donít like my shitty songs
I was wrong
Yeah I'm always wrong
Tags: manchester orchestra, personal, video
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Selling Comic Collection on Ebay
12/27/07 at 06:16 PM by Adrian Villagomez
It's sincerely a bitch selling a large volume of comic books over ebay. It's a mundane process of snapping pictures, creating pages to sell individual comics, and shipping is going to be a hassle. I'll be glad when these books are out of my house and more money is in the bank. I'm thinking of getting rid of some of my video game collection next. Now those would fetch me a pretty penny. I know of some (Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Limited Edition - unopened) that would sell for at least $50 each, easy. See this auction? I have all those specific games from the Metal Gear series and then some. While working at Game Crazy a good amount of my income would go towards buying video games which I never played, and, in the case of new games, never opened. It would be nice to drop a huge payment on my American Express card and free up some closet space... but I'm unsure at this point.

Anyway, if anyone wants some cheap comics, check 'em out.
Tags: comic, personal, sell
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