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sweetforever's Journal
I'm Lucky
09/11/09 at 06:48 PM by sweetforever
So I have the best girlfriend in the world. Here I am, pissed that I couldn't get tickets for Brand New's tour this fall for the Philly date, and what does my girl do? She got two tickets for the Philly date. I'm beyond excited for the show, two of my favorite bands playing a show.
Tags: personal, excitement
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Takeoffs and Landings
07/27/09 at 10:01 PM by sweetforever
One of my favorite opening verses in a song...

On this coldest of January nights
We drive out past the runway and watch the planes go flying by
The runway lights are the deepest blue like the colors of your eyes
So close them tight and kiss me one last time

Don't know what it is, I just love these lines so much.
Tags: the ataris, lyrics, personal
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Would You?
04/30/09 at 09:44 PM by sweetforever
Would you believe in my songs if I gave them all to you? I can't find the strength in my voice to call you back and say how everything's bad without you...
Tags: lyrics, the danergous summer, personal
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04/25/09 at 12:59 PM by sweetforever
I can't find the strength in my voice to call you back and say everything is bad without you
Tags: the dangerous summer, lyrics, personal
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All I See...
03/04/09 at 11:11 PM by sweetforever
But you are the never ending sleep
That I love to treat with this medicine
I get from my, my closer friend
But all I see...

So come closer, baby
I want to see what you're made of, see what you're made of
Tags: lydia, lyrics, all I see, personal
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A Pleasant Surprise
02/17/09 at 07:42 AM by sweetforever
The icing on the cake to my night last night was finding out that my exgf is now pregnant. All I can say to that is I saw it coming, I really did. She has become a townie now and is beyond happy living in our hometown and not getting out in the real world. Her boyfriend just seems to go with the motions as well, but if I was him, I'd be kind of freaking out. I was also surprised when they moved in together, I gave it till summer till she was back home.

Glad I got out of that situation when I did, because of how she is now. She's a totally different person than from the one I fell in love with back then.
Tags: hahaha, personal,
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Comin' Home
01/27/09 at 10:46 PM by sweetforever

I've seen a palace in London, I've seen a castle in Wales
but I'd rather wake up beside you and breathe that ol' familiar smell.
I never thought you could leave me, I figured I was the one
but I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue.

Dallas Green knows how to write some heartfelt lyrics
Tags: lyrics, city & colour, personal
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Someone Come and Save My Life
01/26/09 at 11:03 PM by sweetforever
And I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me
Such as living with the uncertainties
They'll never find the words to say
Which would completely explain
Just how I'm breaking down

Someone come, Someone come and save my life
Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead
But now its like the night is taking up sides
With all the worries that occupy the back of my mind
Could it be? This misery will suffice
Tags: lyrics, city & colour, dalla green, personal
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The Whaler
01/20/09 at 10:24 PM by sweetforever

Father where do you go,
so far out upon the sea,
and when are you coming home to me?"
"Darling why do you leave,
as the north wind begins to blow?
Will you be coming home to me?"
Tags: thrice, lyrics, personal
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01/09/09 at 01:12 AM by sweetforever
This song will always hold some sentimental value to me. Don't know what it is about it, it just hit me the first time I heard it and it still does till this day...

Tags: youtube, lifehouse, personal
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You're My New Annoyance
12/29/08 at 10:28 PM by sweetforever
I hate seeing my ex girlfriend come into my work with her boyfriend. Everytime I see them/her, I then begin to think about the relationship I had with her. I begin to remember the nights we spent together, the fights, the talks, the laughs, pretty much everything you get with a relationship. I often wonder how things would of turned out if I didn't go away to school and stayed home for that first year or so.

I then awaken from this mental state, and I look at her now. She's put on the pounds and just loves going out to the bars and drinking her face off. She just recently moved in with her boyfriend, I give it till the summer or a few months before before she's back at her parent's place.
Tags: annoyance, personal, blah blah blah
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Welcome To Bangkok
09/22/08 at 10:01 PM by sweetforever
Been on a Brand New kick the past couple of days, most likely due to the fact that there's a possibility that I'm seeing this Sunday. I haven't seen them live since right after Deja came out. Let's just say, it's going to be an amazing show.

So, there's this girl. This cute little blonde girl, who I play soccer with every night at our rec center. I don't know what it is, but I'm attracted to her. I love the fact that she plays soccer and that shes not afraid to go up against the boys, hell, she's taken the ball away from me a couple times. Anyways, hung out with her Saturday night, things seemed to jell with us, she came back to my house and I kicked her ass in Mario Kart 64. She walked home, which I didn't want her walking alone. But as soon as she got home, started texting me and what not. We were suppose to hang out yesterday, but I did not know to call her, stupid me. She then texts me out of the blue last night.

I don't know what to make of this. I'm not stressing over it yet, I'm gonna try and hang out with her again this weekend, and then see what happens from there.

Who knows
Tags: ramblings, personal life, brand new
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