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Getting Past the Industry to Love Music Again
Late Night Thoughts: Longevity
05/13/10 at 01:06 AM by Adam Pfleider
See, I'm not the guy that should be shooting around who has lasting power and who doesn't. I'm the guy that saw The Used at Warped Tour 2002 and told my friend, "This will only last for a few months." I'm the guy, that up until high school, listened to alternative rock radio before I knew what the fuck punk even was on its basic of levels. My taste in music changes every day I wake up and flip through my iTunes or have another stream or advance to get through. It's an exciting life and I wouldn't give up the constant discovery, but it does tend to fluctuate audible adrenaline and what I'm listening to based on my moods on a day to day basis. (i.e. It was a long drive to North Austin on an errand today in the muck and clouds = Poison the Well catalog.)

One of my favorite bands (if you haven't already known) is RX Bandits. I'm guilty as sin a fanboy. But even as a fanboy, I still honor a job of critique and criticism. As a fanboy, that's only enhanced based on previous tastes of the band's work.

Two years ago I was interviewing the band for a project and I had gotten in a discussion with them about my feelings toward ...And the Battle Begun. The reason I enjoyed Mandala more was because each song stuck out, but was still a part of the whole. With the previous record, as cohesive as it was, it just sort of ran together a bit too much. A downfall - a bit. A complete failure from one of my favorite bands - not in the least. Upon explaining this to the band, their response was one of understanding and respect.

As I bring up that example, it's only one of many talks I've had with bands about whether I agree or disagree with a certain direction said band took both in their past and present endeavors. It's music. It's subjective. Bands grow and make personal pitfalls. It doesn't mean they're done or doesn't mean that a great album can be followed by something a few steps less.

Wait, wat was I rambling on about?

Oh, yes! Longevity. Do we see potential for any at this point? Just as soon as we love a band, another comes along that we love more (or in the case of a headache, sounds the same and only fulfills as a temporary solution of a drug).

We are A.D.D. and naive.

While I'm not the guy to make enemies since I'm out at as many shows as possible and talking to as many of you artists as my time allows me (plus, I don't have many enemies), I will say this: Do it right or invent something innovative or get the fuck out. I don't mean to shit on your parade if you're a new band - by all means, development takes time. But if you're regurgitating the same shit by your third and fourth album with no look of moving past, it's probably time you take a sabbatical in the woods and find yourself or realize you're only leaving a mark of nothing that will just be remembered as the lump sum of the collective pool of third wave bullshit.

I was young once. I don't blame the fans. It took a few years to continue to branch out, and I don't hold myself above any youthful choices along the way. Some of those choices I still stand by to this day.

Then again, I jumped in right before the fishes started multiplying in the pond. Now I'm just sitting back and watching the puddle of water dry up and become oversaturated with identical offspring.

Call me old. Call me bitter. I'll never deny my past, but I can see clearer in my age now.

I would have told my 18-year-old self he knew nothing about music - because he sure as hell didn't.

Don't be a twitter bitch.
Tags: Late Night Thoughts, Vanna, History, Perspective
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