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Music Mends Broken Hearts
High-School Tunes: 3 Minutes Songs Are Too Long
08/20/11 at 11:11 AM by Jason Tate
I basically put everything I could think of that I was listening to in high-school into a playlist. Why? Because why not.

I know I probably missed quite a bit of stuff, but trying to think of stuff from that far back is hard, and makes me feel old. Soo, um, here's a walk down memory lane. Hit up the replies and give me some other suggestions of stuff I probably was listening to -- or you were.

Tags: music, playlist, rdio
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Rdio One Year Anniversary Playlist
07/31/11 at 10:57 AM by Jason Tate
For Rdio's one year anniversary -- we were asked to put together a playlist of our favorite songs we "discovered" this past year. The staff and I had a whole lot of fun with this one. I'm putting it here first, and then I'll make a news post about it next week. Some great stuff to check out.

Tags: music, playlist, rdio
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OblaDi OblaDa
03/14/09 at 10:33 PM by Jason Tate
Sitting here listening to the first mixes of House of Heroes' Beatles covers -- it's very rare I like any covers of The Beatles --- however, these are damn, damn good. I can't stop singing along and playing them over and over again.
Tags: hosue of heroes, my playlist
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What Am I Listening To?
02/22/09 at 11:55 PM by Jason Tate
My Charts (Add Me)



Recently Played

That Morrissey album sure is good. Check it out if you haven't yet -- I could listen to it all day.

Note: Posted the weekly charts for the website here.
Tags: charts, last.fm, playlist
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Last.FM Charts Last Week
01/11/09 at 11:13 PM by Jason Tate
What did I listen to last week? Here are my Last.FM charts. Feel free to share your charts in this thread, and add the AP.net group.

My Charts (Add Me)



Recently Played

Morrissey and Thursday were obviously very big for me this week ... haha.
Tags: charts, last.fm, playlist
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My Current Playlist
12/30/08 at 04:00 PM by Jason Tate
Current playlist is pretty much all hip-hop. I'm just in that kind of mood at the moment. Not really sure why - it's just with the current weather, and my current attitude on life, it just feels right.

Doomtree - False Hopes

- Self-Titled

P.O.S - Never Better

Tags: recommendation, currently playing, playlist
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Inside AP.net: Boomshuffle BBCode
11/15/07 at 11:23 AM by Jason Tate

Sign up at: www.boomshuffle.com

Your Mix URL: http://www.boomshuffle.com/mix/?id=649

Tags: inside ap.net, playlists, flash, players
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My Playlist
11/09/07 at 01:49 PM by Jason Tate
I'm posting this for linkage in my signature and so it'll show up in my "recommendations" tag as well. Check out some music - hopefully there is something here you'll enjoy.

Tags: recommendation, my playlist
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Inside AP.net: MP3Playlist BBCode
11/08/07 at 02:00 PM by Jason Tate
I've added a "Project Playlist" BBcode. The site is basically a huge search engine of mp3s. You can browse the site and add music to your playlist. What the BBcode will do is post a music player (very similar to the one found on AP.net's artist profiles) that contains all of the songs on your playlist for stream. This feature will probably one day be built further into AP (there's some things on the horizon) - but for now I thought this was a fun way to allow users to share their favorite tunes with others.

All you need to do is grab the playlist number from your playlist URL:


And then toss the number (the bolded portion) in the BBcode: [playlist]18835862[/playlist]

The result is this:

Tags: inside ap.net, playlists, flash, players
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