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That Song
Music news from the weekend
06/14/10 at 03:44 PM by prefix-core
Figures. After a weekend of exceptional live music, I get side-swiped at the office. Stressed? Yup. Time to fix that with a few random thoughts/statements of the musical variety heavily informed by the events of this weekend..

- I was lucky enough to catch Polar Bear Club in Providence this past Saturday. I was pretty shattered when Marathon broke-up, but remained cautiously optomistic that the seemingly part-time PBC would be able to fill the void. Of course, they didn't tour much then, but neither did Marathon. Time's passed, and if Saturday is any indication, the weekend warriors are on their way to "Next Big Thing" status. And to top it all off? It's a band who seems to give a shit. GASP!

- Living With Lions were there on Saturday too. Ian Strangen (formerly of the almighty FullBlast) filled in on lead vocals as the real vocalist was at a wedding. Dudes who dig proggy skate-punk were stoked, the rest of the room stared blankly not realizing the difference. But for what it's worth? A few of the dudes from A Wilhelm Scream were in the room and pretty happy about it.

- In the middle of their set, Lemuria said they'd be releasing a new album in October (hopefully). More importantly? I saw a dude with a Have Heart t-shirt bobbing his head to the music. Ten to one that guy and his friends wouldn't give a shit about the band if they weren't signed to Bridge 9. Oh, marketing!

- Larry & His Flask aren't a buzz band yet, but they should be. Describing their sound is tricky. Imagine the American/folk version of Gogol Bordello or Flogging Molly. A traditional sound wrapped in punk rock energy and a manic live show that tends to involve lots of crowd interaction, running through the crowd, and all sorts of shenanigans. Throw in the fact that their buds with fellow Oregonians Broadway Calls and have played shows with the Dropkick Murphy's, Strung Out, and Big D & the Kids Table...Yup. Signing?

Since when do I blog about music?
Tags: polar bear club, living with lions, lemuria, larry and his flask
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Houston, we have a whiney li'l bitch!
09/14/09 at 10:54 PM by prefix-core
I always figured that when the time came to do all the traveling I've been doing for work, that I'd be pretty stoked about it. But the reality of the situation is that while I enjoy my job...

Spending hours in an empty hotel room with no one to talk to can be a bit grating. And knowing that there's "nobody" waiting for you back home? Well, that's the real kicker. It's ironic, really, but having someone to miss makes leaving home that much more gratifying. It's evidence of how strongly you feel.

That being said? I'm sure there are more than a few guys in hard-working, touring bands who would beg to differ. I should stop being such a whiney li'l bitch and appreciate the fact that I'll be home in time to see Face to Face and Polar Bear Club on Friday!
Tags: emo bullshit, being away from home, face to face, polar bear club
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September 8th = Polar bears + British dudes with beards!
09/02/09 at 12:14 PM by prefix-core
It's been quite some time since I've anticipated a release date this much for two different records. Two slabs of wax/plastic/megabytes from artists who have had a profound impact the past two years of my life.

I remember getting Sometimes Things Just Disappear in the mail approximately a week before Christmas 2007. Polar Bear Club's The Redder, rhe Better E.P. had been in constant rotation since it's release--but this album was something different. Lyrically, it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. Musically? Well, the music matched the lyrics. Frustrated, determined, and feeling stuck in a scene you want to break out of.

The same can be said for Frank Turner. Sleep is for the Week and Love, Ire, & Song left a similar mark. Being a twenty-something wanting more from life, more from relationships, and more from myself.

Maybe I'm weak, but those albums helped shape me. I want more from life, which can get frustrating. Some people turn to the bible, but quite frankly, that book doesn't do anything for me...So it's music for me. That's where I find my inspiration.

I'm hoping Chasing Hamburg and Poetry of the Deed can do that for me. I love music.
Tags: polar bear club, frank turner, music is my religion
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Been a while. No, not the Staind song.
07/03/09 at 10:36 AM by prefix-core
Sometimes, life gets busy. Still haven't been able to process things. That, coupled with a hectic work schedule and an overall sense of feeling uninspired, I haven't felt like writing as of late. But I'll be having a social outing for the first time in a while tonight. Hope that helps...

I plan on listening to the new All Time Low record and counting all of the "AOL Instant Message Away Message"-worthy lines. Ten to one they beat Taking Back Sunday and Brand New combined before track six.

As I'm writing this, a package has arrived from Bridge 9 records. Included:

- New Paint It Black 7"
- Polar Bear Club hoodie and sticker
- Bridge 9 Records Summer 2009 Compilation

To say I'm stoked for the new Polar Bear Club record is an understatement. Album of the year? Here's hoping.
Tags: polar bear club, all time low
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Polar Bears and Overtime
03/25/09 at 09:08 PM by prefix-core
Got my Polar Bear Club vinyl lot in the mail today, coupled with a sweet poster. The vinyl is very well-done and I intend on framing one of my copies and slopping it on the wall alongside Latterman, Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio, Lifetime, Jonah Matranga, and Frank Turner. All important artists and releases to me.

As excited as I am to listen to it on one of the three colors, it's going to have to wait until the weekend as I am absolutely drowning in work. I've been working excessively late and/or from home the past three nights and it's getting to be a bit much...

Keep that head up. Only two more days 'til Friday.

Tags: polar bear club, work
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YakBallz, Bridge 8, and an obnoxious stand-up comedian.
01/08/09 at 09:47 PM by prefix-core
I've had better weeks. Late hours, less sleep than I would like, and hardly enough time spent listening to music. I feel drained. Physically and emotionally. And I feel as if it's going to get worse before it gets better. That being said, it's time for some positivity!

Polar Bear Club. I'm beyond stoked that these guys found a new home. "Sometimes Things Disappear" was far and away my favorite album from 2008 and I'm looking forward to see if they can top it. I'm anxious to see who they get to produce, how frequently they start to tour, etc. It's been a while since a signing announcement has made my heart beat faster. And no, that's not hyperbole. The world needs more bands like this. Nevermind the gatefold vinyl that's coming out in the spring. I can't wait to get my hands on that puppy. The artwork is sick.

Mail. I finally got the "Doomtree Blowout" DVD in the mail, along with Cecil Otter's "Rebel Yellow" album. Louis CK's "Shameless" came via NetFlix as well. Have I mentioned yet that I love stand-up comedy?

Radio. I don't listen to the radio for the music anymore. Instead, it's T&R via WBCN and O&A via Audible. I'm too poor for satellite radio. But both of those shows make me laugh something fierce. Work would go much slower without it.

The Casting Out. This album is a grower. Sure, it's simple in style, but Nathan (ex-Boysetsfire) and his vocals drive the songs along. I was lucky enough to see them at the Fest and they were a blast. See them if they roll through your town.

Anthony Raneiri's Blog. This makes me laugh too. For real. And uh, side-project with Yakballz? I'll take it.
Tags: polar bear club, doomtree, the casting out, bayside
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