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Music Mends Broken Hearts
How's Your Thursday?
12/30/10 at 02:48 PM by Jason Tate
It's 3pm, so I've got some random updates for the day:

1) The reader poll thing has been an insane success. I can't believe how many people are voting on it. We will definitely be doing more of this sort of thing in the future.

2) I have very little free time, however, in the lunch break I allow myself to take - I have been watching an episode of The Wire a day. It's really good. If you've never watched what many call "the best tv show of all time" - I'd recommend grabbing it.

3) I'm on a Chris Walla produced albums kick. Currently listening to Mates of State.

4) I'm working on new member profiles.

5) Follow me on twitter or facebook.
Tags: random, recommendations
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"The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas"
12/27/10 at 10:51 AM by Jason Tate
If you haven't read "The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas" yet - I highly recommend you spend some time and do just that. Hilariously well done. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and I'm already looking forward to the New Year.

Oh, here's the link for the story. Enjoy.
Tags: funny, random, link
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Blogging Random Thoughts
12/15/10 at 12:48 PM by Jason Tate
In the blogging mood, but it's one of those random thoughts kinda moods - so I hope you like bullet points with no real consistent theme. Just how my mind works sometimes.

1) We've teamed up with Rdio to do some fun things, if you're on there - follow us, it makes us look good. If you're not, give it a shot - it's a pretty cool website with a great interface and features. I'm a pretty big fan.

2) We made the mistake of watching "The Other Guys" the other night. What a crap fest of a movie. Will Ferrel is now dead to me.

3) I've heard great things about The Walking Dead, so it looks like it's time to check out that show. We've been re-watching Arrested Development at night recently, one of the best shows ever. Just amazing. Get it if you don't have it.

4) The new Yellowcard album is really good. Definitely stands up with their catalog, although I don't think I like it as much as Paper Walls (which I now think is their best album). The new one is getting a whole shit load of play in my stereo. The fact that I keep listening to it has to be a sign of something.

5) Our Christmas card pictures look absolutely ridiculous this year. My Brandon Flowers like mustache is absolutely disgusting.

6) I'm working on the "posting" features of the new website at the moment. IE: The places where users post from. Screenshot.

7) Congrats Zuckerberg. I pre-ordered the fictional version of your creation today.

8) Lunchtime!
Tags: inside ap.net, personal, random
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Don't Be That Guy
12/09/10 at 10:03 AM by Jason Tate
I hated these kids when I was in college. Please don't be one. I don't even think the professor likes you.
Tags: image, random, funny
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When Pop-Culture References Date Your "Art"
11/18/10 at 02:27 PM by Jason Tate
As I watch myspace (er, I mean my_____) continue to tank. I wonder how bands that referenced the social network are feeling now. Those songs about friend requests and name dropping myspace sure seem to have a novelty shelf life. Ok, just a completely random thought ... back to work.
Tags: random, thoughts
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Coffee Makes Me Blog
11/17/10 at 09:40 AM by Jason Tate
So, while on a blogging kick I have a few things I felt like sharing with everyone and anyone who may feel like reading. This blog has 1,787,897 views, so I know someone's reading. Someone cares! I feel so special.

Yeah, this is why I probably shouldn't be posting while drinking coffee. Ehh, anyway:

I just discovered Prism add-on for Firefox. It basically lets you make websites stand alone "applications." The feature exists in Chrome, and kicks ass. But as someone who uses multiple accounts, and multiple browsers, having it for Firefox is fantastic. Now I can keep my email and calendar open from one account, and then use the "news" account to track any new updates that may need to get posted. Works perfectly on the secondary monitor.

I'm an uncle. My wife's sister had Rylan yesterday. He's healthy. I get to go meet him next week. I feel old.

I think cat videos are funny.

The "content" portion of news posts is almost complete. A little more work today. Ok, ok, ok ... here's a look.

Tags: random, thoughts, inside ap.net
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I Guess This is Growing Up
10/01/10 at 11:00 AM by Jason Tate
At 27, I may only have a few years left where people in our general demographic are going to pay much attention to what I have to say. When I hit 30, the people who are going to care are those that have followed AP.net for years. Beyond that, I'm basically a suit - right?

Eh. That's a topic for another time. However, the topic for right now is to use any shred of influence I may have to discuss a topic that weighs heavily on me. I don't think a day has passed in the last 10 years where I haven't seen a post on this website from a teenager discussing how difficult life has been. I don't think I've gone a month without reading some news story about someone taking their own life. I, painfully, read the recent story of the student who killed himself after his roommate broadcast him making out with another boy online. I read posts from people talking about how their parents don't believe in them - how teachers claim they're failing at life and will never amount to anything - how friends are stabbing them in the back, girls are cheating on them, boys aren't paying attention to them ... the stories, the posts, could fill books.

But there's something I want to share - from someone who has been through the trials and tribulations of adolescence: Believe it gets better.

There are times when you think that life can't possibly change. Where you start believing what you hear others say about you. Where you start to think that your life will always be what it's always been. I search for a more eloquent way to say: that's bullshit.

When you're in it on a daily basis it's hard to look to the bigger picture. It's hard to see what exists beyond the walls others have put up around you. You're young, you are living a life that is, for all intents and purposes, created by others. They create the world where you work, where you live, where you sleep - they craft the framework, and then you play their game as the rat in their maze. You're lucky if the worst thing that happens is they move the goal posts on you.

It gets better. The truth is ... you just have to wait. Do I wish there was better advice? Fuck yes. I spent years dealing with it - my saving grace being the headphones and preparing for the day I could prove certain people wrong. Does life still act like a bitch on some days and kick you in the balls? Of course it does. But it's still better than adolescence. As I get closer and closer to, I guess, "adulthood" -- married and closing in on 30, not going to be able to spin that any other way -- I realize that getting older isn't about all of a sudden waking up with all the answers. It's about the time you spent getting here. Those lessons inevitably make you who you are. Maybe I'm in the minority (doubt it) but when I hear people looking back at their teenage years with fondness -- longing for the nostalgia of high-school dances or football games. I'm actually glad I don't have their lives. I would fucking hate if my happiness peaked in high-school. I would hate if that was as good as it gets. The secret is ... it's not. Sure, cherish being young - enjoy the moments you have - but use them to learn how to be you. Because soon, you'll be pushed from the nest - and that's the life you should be preparing for. And while I don't purport to have all the answers ... it's always easier to fly if you believe you can.
Tags: random, thoughts
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09/30/10 at 10:28 AM by Jason Tate
Ahh, I miss being a kid. Doing stupid things. Don't let your youth fly by. But don't hurt anyone either.

Tags: image, random
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Robotic Penguin
09/17/10 at 10:58 AM by Jason Tate
Do you want to know what to get me for Christmas this year? Oh, yes -- I want a robotic penguin. We will have so much fun at the local pool together. Best buddies forever.

Tags: video, random
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09/13/10 at 09:14 AM by Jason Tate
Random business idea/thought this morning when I woke up: those social/group coupon/selling sites are all the rage right now. Basically the idea is that they offer daily discounts for local businesses; however, these coupons can be redeemed only when a significant number of people choose to use them (making it social - and encouraging sharing). I think Groupon is the most popular.

Anyway -- has anyone thought to try this with music?

Like packaging a local show and album download together? The Amazon deals are extremely popular. I wonder what the numbers would look like if you did something like that for say ... Anberlin. Did an album download, plus a ticket to the show when they're in town ... for like 8 bucks or something. But with the catch that X number of people have to sign up to do it ... then it gets unlocked.

Could it work? I'd have to actually sit down to do the math (napkin math says it could be interesting), and I'm not sure how easy it would be to get bands on board that would make it beneficial. But it seems like it could guarantee some record sales. Give good ticket prices. Kids that paid that would probably buy some merch. Really interact with the fans and the social web.

Hmmm, just something I thought of this morning and wanted to get out there. That's something I'd be interested in if anyone ever decides to think about it.
Tags: idea, business, brainstorming, random
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07/21/10 at 10:29 AM by Jason Tate
Tags: random
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Random Thought of the Day
05/17/10 at 10:19 AM by Jason Tate
After attending my sister's college graduation this weekend - I decided that if any of you guys are ever in a position where you can deal out "honorary" degrees -- you gotta hook me up.
Tags: random, personal, thoughts
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This kid is a straight up hustler.
01/20/10 at 11:07 AM by Jason Tate
Poor kid just wanted to be a dancer. He coulda been somebody, maybe a contender. But nooo ... the parents want him to be tough. Want him to be a man. Well, he'll show them. He's going in style baby. This kid is a straight up hustler.

Tags: image, funny, random
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The OCD Me Asks, "Purdy Please?"
01/18/10 at 09:50 AM by Jason Tate
Will someone that knows the PN.org people please tell them to fix the corner colors on their new website layout? It's bugging the balls outta me. Thank you!

Tags: image, random
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I Am Pretty Sure I Hate You
10/12/09 at 09:58 AM by Jason Tate
People crack me up. I finally figured out why this weirdo was twitter stalking me all weekend ... just checked my private messages:

No idea who he is or what he is talking about.
Tags: random
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