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Static Unknown
01/05/11 at 06:18 PM by Jonathan Bautts
White noise assaults the airwaves
From every direction, the right and the left.
I canít keep doing this on my own
With these people,

This shouting from a distance.
All thatís accomplished is
Destructive interference.
Since when did fear and ignorance

Come to dictate rationality?
Call me rash,
Call me cynical,
Still talking heads wonder

Why indifference thrives
In the land of jokers and jackals.
Weíve become the prey and the feast,
The accused and the culprit,

Forced to stand trial
For the sins of outliers.
Searching for candor
Amongst such distortion

Can seem a desperate endeavor,
But there are whispers of a place
Where discourse isnít
Manufactured as majority

And an idea is allowed to breathe
Based strictly on its own merit.
Maybe if that melody could
Reverberate across our shores

We could embrace discernment
And discover equilibrium
Hidden inside her frequency,
For this is our verse

To court resonance and
Forge a new identity.
Who are we?
We are the static unknown.
Tags: Random, Poetry, Original Writing
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Splintering Eyes
12/08/09 at 11:57 PM by Jonathan Bautts
I travel continuum
In and out of conscious time,
Caught in retrograde,
Betrayed by my own mind.
Trying to move forward
But chained to the past,
Chasing after memories
That never seem to last.
A string of sand,
Cortex of dust;
Too remote to matter much
To anyone but me.

My brainís an inverse equation,
So maybe Ribot was correct.
All it needs is a reset to zero
To clear itself direct.
Yet I resist with
Concocted emotion,
Splintering eyes
To the right and the left,
A misnomer in slow motion.

Am I not destined to
Live a life on repeat,
For if I cannot remember
What then is concrete?
Capillaries arenít as forgiving
With the airstream running low,
So I remain glued in position
With nowhere else to go.
Everything is temporal,
Or so itís been said.
I swear Iíll learn this time.
Tags: Random, Original Writings
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Pinprick In C Minor
09/09/09 at 03:20 PM by Jonathan Bautts
First notes fester below
Must stop the blood flow
Sedate Sturm und Drang
Scab over acuity
Faint strings afloat
Hands down my throat
Dislodge the memories
Selective amnesia
Discord charts course
Stimulate a dead horse
Severed assurances
Mask as resurrection
Volume increases
Truth splinters to pieces
Sold to the highest bidder
By an aphetic state
Orchestra on full display
Dances to the cabaret
Revel in canned applause
Oh to be innocent again
Music swells rise
Bankrupt blue skies
Petroleum sweet as honey
In a cogent cocoon
Faster faster
Displace disaster
Induce collective calm
With fabricated entropy
Cymbals crash
Alderson loop gash
Where Newspeak is king
The cycle keeps spinning
So goes the last movement
Marketed as improvement
And what started as a pinprick
Now gushes like a geyser
Tags: Random, Original Writings
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Dizzy Girl
08/28/09 at 02:40 AM by Jonathan Bautts
She staggers like an intoxicated angel
Down a dark and dusky alleyway.
Field of vision a fuzzy contusion.
The world wrapped in a blur.

Playing chicken in Whitechapel
Is never wise after sunset.
Still, she longs for attention
And doesnít care how she gets it.

Sheís a dizzy girl,
Rust showing in her pristine crown.
Scarred and trampled on by this town,
Thereís nowhere to go but down.

She cuts herself a small incision
Believing no one will bother to notice.
As long as she smiles, she thinks,
ďWhatís the difference anyway?Ē

Yet she fails to consider the damage
That will constantly plague her soul,
And so a gaping hole resides
That nothing can cauterize shut.

Sheís a dizzy girl,
Too tired to hide the tears in her gown.
Instead, she finds new ways to drown.
Thereís nowhere to go but down.

Powerless against the laws of motion,
She canít stop spinning.
With neither ball nor bearing,
Sheís running out of time and desperate.

Awash in a sea of nameless faces,
She yearns for an anchor to rest upon.
However, the shoreline is long out of sight
And sheís forgotten how to swim.

Sheís a dizzy girl,
Nearing the edge of her witís end slope.
But as long as she holds tight the rope,
Thereís somewhere to go with hope.

See all along she never realized
She wasnít alone in her ordeal.
For while pain ebbs and tides,
Something else was beating inside.

Buried in the murkiest of recesses,
Subsisting even in her frail condition,
Restoration was found,
Waiting for the sound of a word.

Yeah, sheís a dizzy girl,
Finding it possible now to cope.
For the first time seeing beyond her scopeó
Thereís somewhere to go with hope.
Tags: Random, Original Writings
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Sapere Aude
07/23/09 at 05:31 PM by Jonathan Bautts
I want to travel on a quest to Colchis,
Find the Golden Fleece and experience adventure,
But the journey is long and I donít know the way.

I want to battle the mighty Cerberus,
Wield strength that bends a bow of bronze,
But my mortal will is weak and failing.

I want to climb to the top of Olympus,
Take in the view and bask in its knowledge,
But the angle is steep and beyond my reach.

I want to escape the prisons of Crete,
Ride the winds of freedom and fly far away,
But my handmade wings are too feeble.

I want to swim to the shores of Ithaca,
Reunite with lost love and learn contentment,
But the perils are vast and the dangers many.

I want to venture into the great unknown,
Melt into the horizon and never be seen again,
But I would only arrive back where I started.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Teleporting Tremors
07/06/09 at 06:50 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Pull down the effigy
Of the world we perceive
And fix your eyes upon
The shape of things to come.

But proceed with care,
For the contents within
This Pandoraís box
Spin a wobbly axis.

Inside, the face of Big Ben,
Locked in eternal scowl,
Counts the days until
Blood returns to the Nile.

When the sky spills crimson
And mighty winds roar,
The earthís foundation
Will shake and crumble.

Try and locate a loophole.
Memorize anecdotes
And childrenís rhymes.
Find contentment in bondage.

With no fear left to be felt
In a self-induced coma,
Sentient cries have
Ceased altogether,

Sending ripples across
The sands of time
And teleporting tremors
To a parallel universe.

Yet to what effect
Do these actions affect
The compositional dance
Between choice and destiny?

For Rome remains standing
Proud in her aimless beauty,
Impervious to her own silhouette
As she continues to feed.

But what lies in the shadow of her statue?
Ille qui nos omnes servabit.*
Though moth and rust will surely destroy us firstó
They are comingÖ

(*He who will save us all.)
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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The Arsonist Brigade
05/29/09 at 12:12 AM by Jonathan Bautts
The time has come to get armed to the teeth
Reject life complacency of the drones
Festering discord is brewing beneath
The hiding place where dead men lost their bones

Up the mountaintop! Cries Citizenís creed
Strike and toss the pyre atop its height
Grab flint and steel; water cannot impede
The desiccating rock will soon ignite

Ideals become more deadly to wield
Transformed in the hands of Vigilante
Echoing off conflagrant diamond field
The chant is heard: shantih, shantih, shantih

As fear smolders that which is left to trust
Crumbles away in a handful of dust
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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05/03/09 at 09:49 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Far from the Jordan
Feeding on a tell-tale heart
Ebony birds multiply

Ravenously consume
Carrion in season
Devouring decay

Awash in anesthesia
Deadens the sensation
Save piercing stare

Sinkhole abscess
Slipping further into
Memory deteriorates

Shadow a perception
Between asleep/awake
Existence entwined

Predestined axiom
Circle to square
Anemic purgatory

Cemented in time
Immurement by firing squad
Descent complete


Two hands reach down
From the heavensÖ
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Fairytale Fallacy
04/26/09 at 11:31 PM by Jonathan Bautts
A warning for the faint of heart
But the protagonist dies in this tale.
Put a bullet straight through his skull,
Scattering brain matter across the floor.

There was no blue sky to be found.
No rays of light shone on that day.
For Erisí wrath had fashioned a noose,
Stifling hydrogen life from the sun.

The lackadaisical blossoms of understanding
Now lay corroded in a prism of gray.
In the face of cerebral monochromacy,
Its diminishing hues were intensely hypnotic.

There was no place safe from her temptress ways.
No other shelter left for him to seek.
It was only she who could intoxicate a mixture
Potent enough for his so-called conscious.

Whispered promises grew louder and louder,
Distorting the line between fact and fiction.
Vision morphed into consuming addiction
And the living divide to a scrap of ruins.

There was no happily-ever-after in sight.
No rescuing white horse billowing in the wind.
The realization of his teetering implosion
Inevitably fractured his remaining soul.

While glibly cleaning up the mess,
She lifted her smiling head and replied,
ďNihilismís not all that bad, honey.
Every hero at some point has died.Ē
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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04/03/09 at 01:00 AM by Jonathan Bautts
You whispered into my ear a few words in the right key
So soft I could barely make them out over the lull around us.
ďWhatís the word thatís burning in your heart?Ē
Or at least thatís what I think you said.

Distracted by the light emitting from the Golden State
I wasnít sure about much of anything anymore.
Not that it would have made a difference
As I could barely look you in the eye.

Still here I was too stubborn to surrender,
Ever hopeful for a break in the game of meaninglessness.
But like a song with no refrain droning off into the ether
We danced around each other time and again,

Only to find thereís no use in bandaging
Blood as it drips off broken fingernails.
Inertia was confirmed impossible to control
For the lives we lead will surely kill us.

Now sit perched at the precipice of space
We stare down into what will become the future.
After twenty some odd years life is finally set for takeoff.
The only question is what direction itís flying in.

So what do we do?
What do we do?
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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One Turn On A Dime
03/20/09 at 10:13 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Perhaps the greatest illusion of all
Is what hides beneath a personís being.
Deceptive in size, it is far from small,
But can keep even the wise from seeing.

Peel back skin layers for the big reveal
For it lies between ligament and bone.
Clean exposure can no longer conceal,
True nature will finally be made known.

What once was alive is now proven dead,
Fibers rotten away from the inside.
The absence of feeling is found instead,
No remains or a pulse left to reside.

Itís cruel mystery how a mark in time
Turns love to hate with one turn on a dime.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Trust In An Anchor
03/04/09 at 12:06 AM by Jonathan Bautts
Standing on the shoreline might feel safer
But itís a lie many have fallen for
Despite what propaganda others may speak
The rip current isnít fatal
Believe me, it only lasts for a second
If you take the risk and jump into the river
Youíll discover lungs are useful for more than air
Breathe in deep the sweet serenity
To find thereís faith beneath the surface
Let the undertow carry you under
And bask in the uplifting descent
As we drown in the frigid sound
So come on in, baby
The waterís just right for a swim
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Qoheletís Lament
02/22/09 at 11:32 PM by Jonathan Bautts
I scour the earth
From first light Ďtil nightfall
Looking for that which is lost

Both high and low I search
From shopping mall to university
But emptiness is all I find

Where, oh where, did my miracle go?
Is it beneath a rock I failed to overturn
Or behind a tree shielding it from view?
Where did my miracle go?

Maybe it has become forlorn
Misplaced by existential diatribes
Left forgotten in its slumber

Yet despite my best efforts
It cannot be awoken
And my pursuit remains fruitless

Where, oh where, can my miracle be?
Did it succumb to the sea
Forever locked inside its infinite depth?
Where can my miracle be?

Perhaps it was I who slit the throat of hope
The scarlet staining my vision
Leaving me blind to its intention

And no matter how hard I try
I will never find the answer
To this cruel, endless reciprocity

Where, oh where, is my miracle now?
Will truth ever be known
Amidst my own fabrications?
Where is my miracle now?
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Playing With Fire
02/15/09 at 09:50 PM by Jonathan Bautts
Light danced across our faces,
Sketching a faint line against the night sky.
The bridges behind us lay smoldering,
Billowing pillars of smoke into the air.

Was it time to turn back?
Had we past the point of no return?
These questions and more echoed through my head.
Questions I had no answers for.

I tried to keep my fears disguised
Yet you couldnít help but notice.
The landscape began to alter shape
As our doubt grew to more than a distraction.

I grabbed your arm and we pressed on,
Using the northern star as a compass.
But, alas, it was no useó
We had been going in circles for hours.

Up ahead a soft glow gleamed in the distance
And as we neared it became evident the fire had spread.
Before long it would have us surrounded,
Eager to engulf that which moments before had given it life.

We started to run but it was utterly in vain,
Its advances mindful of our every move.
Too tired to continue we collapsed to the ground,
Unable to proceed any further.

As the flames licked closer
I reached for your hand
Only to discover there was no one there beside me.
It had just been myself all along.

With oxygen in short supply
I leaned my head back and closed my eyes,
Trying to find peace in lifeís regrets.
It was time to face the burning deluge.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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Tunnel Vision
01/20/09 at 09:13 PM by Jonathan Bautts
A curve loomed in the distance,
Quickly filling the windshield
As the car continued to accelerate.

I wanted to slow but couldnít tear away,
Eyes transfixed by some indescribable force
That kept my foot on the gas.

Lines flew by at breathtaking speed
Forming a single, unintelligible blur of motion.
Not that I bothered to notice or care.

I was faced with two choicesó
Either make the turn
Or risk the consequences.

If the former was chosen all would be well.
Iíd follow the road thatís been given
And proceed as normal.

However, I could disregard the screaming
Protruding from the back of my mind
And ignore all peripherals.

My steel cage would surely rip apart,
Glass spewing in all directions
Offering little promise for safety.

Some might call it reckless,
Dangerous, foolhardy, even suicidal,
But a higher purpose was at stake.

It was now time for a decision
Yet still I hesitated
Until it blindsided me in the face.

I finally knew what I had to do.

Breathing deep
I gripped the wheel tight
And braced for impact.
Tags: Original Writings, Random
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