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Recommendation: Lower Definition
04/27/09 at 06:44 PM by circatbs
Great great band. They make some jammin' tunes, I advise you to listen to this. Many people say the lead singer Matt Geise sounds like Daryl of Glassjaw, so if you like Glassjaw this might be worth your time. A few months ago, Lower Deezy lost two members, (drummer and bassist, I believe) and the future of the band is pretty uncertain. They released two Ep's (the first one is from like '03, and I can't find it ANYWHERE, not even to download.) They released another EP in 2007 and a full length last year.

Recommended If You LikeGlassjaw, Dance Gavin Dance, fucking awesome music

The Ventriloquist

LyricsWe hide behind the gates. It's daylight when they come. Afraid to test what we've done. Tamed by the fire, they hang on a wire. Tonight, they'll have you bandaged round the eyes. Tonight, they watch from the sides.

They sing familiar cries. From the sides they watch with closed minds and breathe on every line with impeccable time. They watch from the sides.

They know we can see right through fingers broken and bruised. They speak with frail sighs. And their throats are dry and ravished of greatness.

They open their arms with jaws of life. They're bandaged, bandaged round the eyes and all I can hear are the cries. It haunts me at times.

While animatronic puppets sing stupid lullabies.

Afraid to test what we've done when they come. Shunned by the light. In awe, they know we can see right through fingers broken and bruised and books deprived and ravished of pages. They're all filled with lies. I feel neglected. Bandaged round the eyes.

You do things to me. You do this to me. You pull the strings. It haunts me at times.

Her Last Winter

LyricsAs the trigger tip toed close behind her back, her heart pumped faster as the sweat rolled down her neck. She waits. And now, theyre coming faster through her dreams. And now, you wish you'd never left me. They wanna watch you scream. These twisted dreams are so pristine. They'll sneak into your dreams and take you for everything you never really had.

I lost my beat in a sea of shapes and sounds and I lost my mind in the color of your eyes. Bury me? Bury you beneath our first kiss and in those twisted dreams is where you'll finally rest.

We plead for mercy. Your fingers point like knives thrown across the room. And as she gives a blank stare in the midst of the storm, her heart starts pouring from her wrists.

With these IVs deep inside my skin, Ill do this with a grin and happily Ill state, "its the only way." Don't you cry anymore, as the weather grows colder and we shatter like glass of an influenced hand with the red pouring chest on the ivory where I rest. Its a mess and Im swept away with your breath.

I lost my beat in a sea of shapes and sounds and I lost my mind in the color of your eyes. Bury me? Bury you beneath our first kiss and in those twisted dreams is where you'll find me choking on all of the things I should have said to you, I should have done to you

And there ya go!
Tags: recommendation, lower definition
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Recommendation: Holding Onto Hope
04/19/09 at 07:24 PM by circatbs
Holding Onto Hope is a band that you need to know. If you don't, then surely there is something wrong. HOH is one of the best, if not the best band I have discovered in the past 6 months. They play vocal driven post hardcore music that is better than all of the crap flooding the scene lately. Great image, great message, all around great dudes and great band. Long story short: When these guys become huge in a short while, you'll be able to say "Man, I've loved those dudes from the beginning."


LyricsWell look at you now
You've got the world under your belt
When will it change.

You'll never come home again

How long has it been since your last confession?
How long have you had to make your last transgression?

Boats set sail the bridges burn down
Down! Burn Down

The boats set sail
The Bridges Burn Down
The Boat has set sail, all the bridges have burnt down
There is nowhere to go, nowhere to go but down

Between Failure And Fraud

LyricsSo Speak
I hear the words, I look away.
I hear your words, I turn and say.
Read My Lips
Iím done with it.
Read My Lips
Iím done with this.
Iím not as good as you think
Not as bad as you believe
There are better things
There are worse things
How can I look you in the eyes?
Then repeat, repeat!
Where is truth behind a lying tongue?
How can grace come to a failing one?
I wonder aroundÖaimlessly searching
But all that Iíve found is nothing is working.
You told me again, and over again.
But I wonít hear you, Iíll find my own way.

Read the lines between the lines
See the life behind these eyes.
Weíre all seeing through the lies your leading.
You are sinking in the ship your keeping.
You give me everything, I give you nothing in return
You give me everything, I give you nothing

I know and you know, Iím a Failure, Iím a Fraud.
Leave me to drown.

I have never seen a negative comment about this band. Which makes sense because there isn't any reason for there to be a negative comment. Expect a review written by me, for their debut EP released in 2008, entitled This Love You Seek. AP.net user Klatzke also wrote a great review on their second EP, Of The Sea which can be read here.


Want free music by Holding Onto Hope? Download their first spectacular EP for free on Last.fm
Tags: recommendation, holding onto hope
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Recommendation: Mineral
04/17/09 at 07:56 PM by circatbs
Mineral is one of my favorite bands of all time. Their debut album The Power Of Failing is one of my favorites of all time. The third song off that album, entitled "Slower" is one of favorite songs of all time. I highly recommend this band to everybody who likes music.


LyricsIt's been so long since I've been by myself
And I need this more than you will ever know
People like you and me never felt the breeze
People like you and me will never know the easy way

I scream into the wind and laugh
As the words slap me in hte face
I would gladly trade a lifetime of convenience
For and honest day or two

It's just not the same when you're staring
Into a perfect golden sunset
And thinking about how you sold your soul
To send the rain away

It's been so long since I've stood on my two feet
I'd really rather lay here and pretend
But people like you and me never get that peace
It comes from denying that everything is so screwed up
It's so screwed up

I stand on a building and throw up my arms to the sky
I swallow my pride and admit
That it's not always best to understand the reason why

It's just not the same when you wake up in the morning
With a smile on your face
When you know you lied yourself to sleep to make it better
To make it better

I'll do these recs once in a while.
Tags: recommendation, mineral
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