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Music Mends Broken Hearts
First Impressions: Thrice - Major/Minor
07/20/11 at 05:13 PM by Jason Tate
I've been holding off posting this because what I first got was a stream of the album ... it was at 128kbps, and Thrice just deserve more than that. You can't get the intricacies that I know this band puts a lot of thought into with a stream. I gave the album 3 full listens and knew I needed to wait until the physical copy showed up to really be able to put my thoughts together. Now that the full quality has hit my ears - I'm more prepared to talk about this beast of a record.

It's really a great mix of Beggars and Vhessiu in my opinion. It kind of walks that line delicately - even brilliantly at times ("Treading Paper" and "Anthology" are early favorites). Only tune that's taking some getting used to for me is "Blur" - it just didn't hit me on first listen; kind of like "At The Last" from Beggars. In the end, I am not sure where it's going to fit on my end of the year list ... top 10? Top 5? Pretty certain it'll be up there, they always have a way of around spin 20 really connecting with me on multiple levels. I think the lyrics on this are going to have that impact as I give it more time. That's one of my favorite things about this band ... besides being ridiculously consistent, it's the multiple listens that evoke the best emotions from the songs. It's what you discover around your 10th listen forward that makes this band special to me.

And I'm well on my way.
Tags: thrice, first impressions
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Good Morning
07/23/09 at 09:06 AM by Jason Tate
One of the things I absolutely love about @officialthrice albums are that you can find something new in each listen. I could listen to the entire album and focus purely on the drums. The fills, the off beats, the timing. I could then spend a whole second listen only picking out the bass. The grove, movement, rhythm. I can't think of many other artists I do this for. And that's not counting how great it is to just listen to the lyrics ... which are easily some of the best.

Today is a day of work on the website. After getting some inspiration on the new buttons last night ... I am going to be implanting them into the new design today and then fixing all of the little issues that will come from the button being 2px higher than the last. Weird.

As for the new layout ... the basics are that I don't know when we can launch it. We're trying to marry the requests of the ad sales team with the user experience. I'm extremely big on user experience and don't want to sacrifice what our users have come to know and love about AP.net. Once we figure that out - we'll be good. So my goal in the meantime is twofold: one, I want to make sure that everything is ready for a launch once we figure out ad stuff. That means going through every page and making sure it all looks/works like it should. This is going to be a long process, but worth it. And two, working on the content stuff of the website while doing this. I have to get a whole lot more organized on that side of the equation. Working 18+ hours a day still doesn't seem to be enough.

Oh ... and:

Tags: inside ap.net, thrice, image, stats, thoughts
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First Impressions: Thrice - Beggars
07/20/09 at 08:00 AM by Jason Tate
My first impression is that it's one of the best albums I've heard this year. The lyrics are top notch, the songs unique and interesting, and it's going to be polarizing. That's a good thing (IMO). It means it's an album the band took a few risks with. They didn't play it safe. It means it doesn't all digest on first listen. It's going to take some time. The best albums do.

Of course, this is just a first impression ... and for the past few years this has been my favorite band (well, in continual fighting for the top spot) -- so that aside: I am extremely happy.
Tags: first impressions, thrice
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Thanks for Reading My Blog ...
11/10/08 at 02:37 PM by Jason Tate

Thanks for reading my blog, here's a treat.
Tags: thrice, video, dvd
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Thrice DVD Thoughts
11/06/08 at 12:30 PM by Jason Tate
As you can see from my photoblog above - I recently watched the new Thrice DVD. It's really cool. I'm a huge fan of the band - so obviously I loved everything about it.

I just nailed down an exclusive to release the 90 second DVD trailer next Tuesday.
Tags: thrice, first impressions, ap related, dvd
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First Impressions: Thrice - Live at the Houe of Blues
11/02/08 at 07:36 PM by Jason Tate
With Thrice being one of my all time favorite bands - I was pretty excited to see their new live album show up this weekend. It's a massive 25 song set plus a DVD, Live at the House of Blues. I think the album artwork is really cool.

I just started listening to the CD - and I am usually not huge on "live" albums because I don't see the point; however, this is really good. It's a great set list, and a damn strong performance. I can't wait to see the DVD (may watch that later tonight) - I'll update when I do.

From the looks of it Vagrant will be releasing the new Two Tongues album at some point - I got a final copy of that today as well ... good stuff, but I already talked about that ... so, maybe more later.

I'm getting excited about the upcoming James Bond movie. I'm a nerd.
Tags: two tongues, thrice, first impressions
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I Just Really Love This Song
05/13/08 at 11:59 AM by Jason Tate
Tags: thrice, recommendation, video
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The Beltsville Crucible
04/08/08 at 02:59 PM by Jason Tate
I've been in a Thrice mood the past week (favorite band, so I guess I'm always in a Thrice mood); it's funny when I hear stories about friends that makes the lyrics to certain songs take on whole new meanings.

true friends stab you in the front
keep you from getting what you want

when one more fix could kill you
they help you realize that
youíre more and less than you first had believed
youíve so much to give and thereís so much you need

shortcuts through graveyards and a brand new way to breathe
three thousand miles just to learn
all thatís gold does not all shine
and helping words arenít always kind

when one more kiss could kill you
they help you realize that
youíre more and less than you first had believed
youíve so much to give and thereís so much you need

shortcuts through graveyards and a brand new way to breathe
three thousand miles just to learn
how to let my guard down
accept the fire has spread among us
and if youíre feeling all right
youíve got to play it again
youíve got to play it again

Stupid people annoy me -- seriously. Grow up.
Tags: recommendation, thrice, itunes, lyrics
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Betrayal is a Symptom
04/03/08 at 11:55 AM by Jason Tate
Faith, is not something that I grasp
it's something that I fake,

as I'm slipping, as I'm falling through the cracks,
without actions is a mask,
for making the same mistakes
as I'm slipping as I'm falling through the cracks.

somehow I find beauty in our failings,
somehow I find meaning in these lies
somehow I'm made perfect in this fracture,
your back is begging sweetly for my knives,

I'm spilling blood,
glancing down to hide my face,
I walk with eyes closed tight through monuments of grace,

somehow I find beauty in our failings,
somehow I find meaning in these lies
somehow I'm made perfect in this fracture,
your back is begging sweetly for my knives!

my faith is a front, I'm spilling blood,
glancing down to hide my face, I walk with eyes closed
through monuments of grace, I'm spilling blood
glancing down to hide my face I walk with eyes closed
through monuments of grace

isn't it sweet how,
trusted with angels,
and how so quickly
I break my promises?

isn't it sweet, isn't it sweet, isn't it sweet, isn't it sweet?

Tags: thrice, recommendation, itunes, lyrics
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First Impressions: Thrice - Alchemy Index: Volumes III & IV
02/05/08 at 11:07 PM by Jason Tate
The new Thrice album is fantastic. I want to put together more thoughts later ... but it really is everything I was hoping for (I expect it to be even more polarizing than their last though - it's pretty different). The entire "Index" project when played in sequence is just a work of art. Not really a whole lot more I can say beside that.

Maybe I'll do a blogging through later ... it's weird to think about where I was when I first got their last album. And the strength that CD gave me through a very, very hard time in my life. Hell, even going back to Vhessiu and how much life has changed from then to now. This band's music has played an important role in my life and in my "timeline" ... I can't help but feel as though this may yet again be a turning point for me. I suppose only time will tell.
Tags: first impressions, recommendation, thrice
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Go Stream Thrice!! Do it.
10/12/07 at 01:02 AM by Jason Tate
Go stream the new Thrice album on myspace -- seriously -- get going.

I'm about 2 paragraphs into my Say Anything review. This is one of the hardest reviews I've ever had to write. So much material and so much I want to say. Lots of pressure here. It's going to piss off a lot of people ... I'm trying to write it to mirror the album and my last review. So where the band stepped up everything to bigger proportions on the new album compared to the last, I want to step up my review in comparison to my last. It's fun, but challenging. I just really hope I can finish it before the album leaks -- I think I have a good shot at getting it done in the next few days. I just have to keep waiting for the right times of inspiration. I have a whole shit load of other stuff I'm working on (including a crazy new project that I have to keep mum about for now). Anyway ... keep your fingers crossed I have some time to spend on that tomorrow and I'll make sure I get it up as soon as it's done and ready.

I'm finding inspiration in these gravel roads, yet not one seems to lead me home ...
Tags: thrice, say anything, musings, thoughts
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Blogging Through an Album: Thrice - The Alchemy Index I & II
08/20/07 at 05:46 PM by Jason Tate
My last "blogging through an album" post was a pretty big success. People seemed to enjoy it, I had fun doing it, and I figured I would try it out again on another release. At first I was going to do it for the new New Found Glory album (but then Joe mentioned wanting to review that) so I decided that the new Thrice disc was a good place to start. Again, this is not an official review - it's just my thoughts while listening to the album. I've given this disc 4 or 5 spins now and like last time I'll edit/update this post when new thoughts come to me.

I guess I jumped the gun today by posting the track listing and a picture of the promo-album cover. I honestly didn't mean to get anyone in trouble - so I hope no one at Vagrant or Covers Media is upset. I just get all excited about stuff like this ... and don't use my head. Anyway, a huge thank you to Nick, Dayna, and Sean --- everyone knows I have an unhealthy obsession with this band --- and I can't put into words how thankful I am for the opportunities presented to me. I don't plan to blow the load too early, we will undoubtedly be talking about this band a whole lot in the upcoming 8 weeks, I think this is the kind of music that really needs to be exposed and discussed on a website like ours. There are so many layers to dive into. So - in case it wasn't obvious - I'm just a tad bias. I love this band. They've helped shape how I look at the world, constantly challenge my perceptions of music and life, and put together some of my favorite songs that have helped me through some of the rougher parts of my life. It seems fitting as I sit on the edge of another dramatic shift in my life (both professionally and personally) that Thrice is there, almost as the personification of catalytic change.


They waste no time. Picking up in a stylistic manner where Vhessiu left off (i.e. similar sound). Everything hits - hard. Drums are huge. Guitars sound massive. Bass pounds. Very heavy. There's a scream that's held for what feels like forever. Blending between melodic vocals and a chanting "tell me, are you free" - the album kicks off in full force.

The Messenger

Holy shit. If I was more of a musician I could explain the sounds and arrangements put together here ... but I'm not - so I can't. I have no idea how they crafted the sound. Lyrics are fantastic. Guitars shred. Dustin's screaming. Very fast, very hard. Tiny pause ... the drum beat is fucking awesome. Maybe a little Botch influence here ... the sounds switch between channels ... sounds great through my headphones. Song ends a little early for my liking.


Drums start. Eerie. Creepy/distorted/layered vocals. Unlike anything Thrice has done before. Building ... "I will swing the door wide open" ... they have a way with crafting just giant sounding songs. There are a lot of layers going on here, a lot of sounds, I can't pull it all apart, but you can tell there's a bunch of stuff below the surface. The bridge gives me chills. I want to hear this with the lyrics laid out in front of me. The theme is very prevalent ... the music almost mimics the chaos in flame.

The Arsonist

Fans of songs like "Paper Tigers" and the like - this one's for you. Very heavy. "See this city burn." The cities just can't catch a break these days - someone's always setting them on fire. Guitar riffage ... variety of vocals mixing ... huge chorus. "I love this city, enough that I'll set it ablaze" ... building ... building ... climax ... my word.

Burn the Fleet

This album is going to be very polarizing. If people couldn't give Vhessiu the time it took to really let it grow - I dunno what they're going to do with this one. It's a little out there. It's not like other music being released. There are no "smash" singles - but it's undeniably a work of art. This track is a little slower ... more mid-tempo ... the fire theme continues. I envy Dustin's lyrical capabilities. I envy every member of this band. It's hard not to toss words like "epic" around ... lots of ambient noises.

The Flames Deluge

The "fire" sonnet if you will. Like a punch in the face. It's a good minute or so of giant arrangements over screams ... melts into a haunting chorus of female vocals over rhodes ... fades ...

Digital Sea

Unlike anything Thrice have ever done before. Drum loops (maybe?) or electronic programming (maybe?) - I'm unsure exactly how they made these sounds. Slow ... mellow ... brooding. A little like "Atlantic" in the mood - the lyrics are great. Strong driving beat, lots of echoes, very movie "soundtrack"-ish. Very cool. I dunno what people are going to say to this ... either love it or hate it. It's either brilliant or boring - depending on which side you want to stand on. I'm going with brilliant. I really hope people give this album a chance ... ignore the hype ... ignore me ... just listen and let it captivate you. A lot of time, energy, and thought as been put into this. It shows.

Open Water

Chillingly beautiful. This could be the band's opus. Gorgeous melody. Haunting. "The open water is my only fear, but I'll sail as long as I still have breath." A chorus of vocals provide a provocative background ... Dustin sounds really good. This may be one of the best songs the band has ever written - so very different than what they've ever done. "I'm starting to believe the ocean's much like you ..."

Lost Continent

This reminds me a tad of Sigur Ros. Enchanting. Sweeping. Production sounds really good. Sonically everything fits the album's theme - perfectly. Eclectic might be the right word.

Night Diving

Bass driven. Very chill. Jazzy. Instrumental. A guitar line comes crashing in ... acting almost as a the replacement vocal in itself. There's a feeling of sinking ... drifting ... being pulled in. EITS would be proud.

The Whaler

The harmonies here are beyond compare. Maybe a dark "Beach Boys" ... beautiful. Quick beat behind layered vocals. The end harmony is held ... sounds so sad ... the music holds ... the harmony continues ... absolutely breath taking. Wow.

Kings Upon the Main

Another sonnet - I would guess it's a bridge between Water and the next element. I love the lyrics. It fits well as the bookend ... it really just makes you want to hear what comes next. But it works to complete these two EPs in a full circle. This is the kind of song that people are going to not be expecting ... it's going to be polarizing. Love or hate. I only hope people love it so they can experience the same feeling I get while hearing the melody. If they don't, no big deal, I'm just lucky to have found something I enjoy this much. Everyone has "that" band ... I keep coming to the realization that Thrice is mine.

These four EPs, put together, are going to be something to marvel. I cannot wait for the next set - because I know I'll be playing these two constantly for the next few months. I am in no way let down. This is why they're one of my favorite bands. I hope people don't get sucked away by "the hype" - music shouldn't be seen that way. Experience and see the songs for what they are ... leave everything else behind. This is the sort of music that should surpass genres ... this is the kind of release that shows there are artists creating music beyond "hit singles." While there are times for "fun" music, and I love a good pop song as much as the next guy ... this is the kind of album that defines a career. I expect Air & Earth to be just as good ...
Tags: blogging through an album, thrice
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I Am Giddy Like a School Girl
08/20/07 at 12:01 PM by Jason Tate
Guess what just showed up in my mailbox ....? First thoughts coming soon.
Tags: thoughts, random, thrice
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I Might Like This Band
08/08/07 at 04:52 PM by Jason Tate

Favorite band of all time?
Tags: thrice, video
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