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Music Mends Broken Hearts
AP.net 2.01 - To Do List
07/24/09 at 09:42 AM by Jason Tate
Well, AP.net 2.0 (as I am calling it in reference to an episode of The Office) is still a work in progress; however, I have found that it's easier for me to work on things/fix things/improve things if I have a working to-do list on the website. It's easier to organize than using a pen and paper (adding/deleting/moving/adding notes) -- plus having it somewhere people can check it out keeps me on my toes and allows people to leave comments about things that I may not have thought of (and I more than welcome that). So, with that ...

AP.net 2.0: To Do List

  • This user (and this one) is getting a database error on the homepage. Priority. - Believe this is fixed, check back with users though to make sure.
  • Look at how Chrome handles our pulldown menus.
  • Make sure ad tags are correct on the site (ROS/HP)
  • Chrome not rounding the corners on news posts but did on profiles. Why?
  • Put together content calendar for AP.net.
  • Finish up AP.net staff calendar "daily tasks" postings.
  • Look at blog/spam/registration problems.
    • Add more to blacklist.
    • [strike]Add new fonts to captcha.[strike]
    • Possibility of adding a new mod?
  • Take over the 146x146 banner ads.
    • Email ad team creative.
    • Use to promote AP.net related things.
    • Link to affiliate programs. Etc.
  • Reach out to our biggest referrers each month and offer something.
    • Add to calendar
  • Put together the other colors (no liquid will be available)
  • Worth following page (get Lally to compile the list) needs more added.
  • Run through register process/check fonts.
  • Don't show RSS error
    • Videos, twitter (blog, profile).
  • Chat page
    • Coveritliive?
    • Needs integration
  • Ad-Free AP.net for sale.
  • Facebook Connect integration
  • Lots of complaints about the search engine index not updating fast enough.
  • Ask about setting up a dev environment for AP.net so I don't have to edit the live pages.
  • Affiliate programs
    • Get worked out
  • AP.net merch store
    • Design
    • Legalities
    • Promotion on AP.net
      • Required reading banner

  • Contests module not showing up.
  • Hover over exclusive names to show full band name.
  • Make sure pop-up script works (one pop-up per 12 hour)
  • View non-logged in version (look at register section of header)
  • Check with tech team about caching database portion of features.php module/include.
  • Check with tech team about caching database (recommended news) portion of "My Dashboard"
  • Allow users to customize what is shown in the "forum feed" - include general forum? (Menu from right side of module for logged in users? ajax change?)
  • Look at a "recent blogs" module (just friends? all?) on the homepage. Maybe left side at the bottom?
  • On IE (8) the modules on the left are too narrow - give fixed width to one.
  • Staff Guide needs to be updated.
    • Include org chart.

Member Profiles
  • Since our "friends" feature is more like "following" anyway - should we look at changing the name? If so there are a bunch of places around the site that will need to be changed. The friend list is one sided -- so it may make sense. Something to think about and explore at least.
  • Weird wall bug.

Posting Templates
  • Postbit word color a little darker?
  • Logged out / regular logged in user (look at the edit/quote buttons) on the content pages (spacing as well)

Artist Profiles
  • Expand the number of characters allowed in latest news feed for album reviews/interviews.
  • Expand the number of characters allowed in video feed.

Browse Member Profiles
  • Search of member profiles does not work.
    • Check on why.
    • Disable if need be.
  • Right clicking enabled for the "view last post" cell in forums, userCP, wqm, blog, etc.
  • Look at increasing the size of inline attached pictures (the automatic resize); make sure it works in the blogs/news posts as well.
  • Look at increasing the size of inline videos; make sure it works in the blogs/news posts as well.
  • Logged out / regular logged in user (look at the edit/quote buttons)

User Control Panel
  • Notifications need font increase.
  • All "edit profile/options" stuff needs a font increase.
  • Look at being able to only clear the WQM quotes instead of all subscriptions.
  • Private message encoding.

Album Reviews
  • Few users saying they can't rate albums. Loading page hangs.

  • Allow "who quoted me" from blog pages.
  • Multi-quote possibilities?

Mobile Website
Release Dates
  • Post/QR box is needs height.
News Articles
  • Cache "related news articles" module
Tags: ap related, inside ap.net, to-do list
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Inside AP.net: Things To Do
10/17/08 at 09:32 PM by Jason Tate
AP.net Things To Do:

- Add new news icons.
- BBcode page
- FAQ pages
- Test different browsers

Once this is done I'll have to move the "new" AP.net over to a beta version that is accessible (meaning the public will be able to see it) so that I can edit the portions of the site that I can't see while logged into an admin account.

I even created the "bug report" page today. We're close - we're very close. Then I get to find out what I screwed up and have Anton send me 3 million fixes. Hahhaah. I know there will be bugs and problems - that's why we do a beta run. But I've done all I can to get most of them so far ...
Tags: inside ap.net, to-do list
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Inside AP.net: The New To-Do List
08/12/08 at 01:34 AM by Jason Tate
Under Construction

Well, as I pretty much have finished up my current to-do list for the "new" AP.net. I think it's time to publicize my last to-do list before I launch the public beta of our new stuff. Basically this is a great way for me to keep track of what needs to be done ... but I had been holding off before because I didn't want to give too much away. We're still a little ways off - but I am confident enough now to move forward. I'd love to get this all finished by the end of September, which will then give me all of October to flush out the bugs/perfection and give me November and December to work almost exclusively on a marketing push that will continue to bring AP.net to new homes and fans. I think we can improve our Alexa rating by 25% before next February and increase pageviews by almost 1 million a month. My other goal will also be to begin converting traffic to members. This should set us up nicely for next year as we begin working on special programing and promotions. More on that soon.

Home Page
Prepare for ad-unit change.
Figure out best module placement to maximize ease of use, important site features, and ad-revenue.
Change "browse profile" module into a "what's popular" module - showing the top profiles, threads, and members of the day. Move lower on page.
Make sure news posts work with new-font, or keep the old if need be.

Artist Profiles
View page logged out and pay attention to: sub-nav bar options, "add as fav" options.
New music player: Work with engineers on new backend for music player.
Fix "redirect" to keep band-name in URL.
H1 the band name.
Multimedia icon in "latest news feed" doesn't link correctly.
Add smilies to quick reply.
Video page (and videos page) - H1 title.

Member Profiles

Alt1 under "filter" cell.
Look at sub-nav bar logged out.

Tour Dates
[strike] Alt tag for tour icon.
Underline link.
H1 the title

H1 the title

H1 the title.

Test the first page commenting.
Test the second page commenting.
Test the 15th/16th post.
View sub-nav bar logged out.
Do a test of creating a new blog.
H1 the title.
Photo Blog add H1 title.
Blog tag page - add 5px padding under "tools."
Blog tag page - add extra   to tools links.
Add smilies to quick reply.


H1 the title (browse, show)
Add Susan's ID to staff reviewer array.
On showreview page - "Send Email Message" text to big.
View sub-nav bar logged out.

H1 image and cat titles.
Add smilies to QR.
[strike\Delete category/photo album page needs skinned (like delete blog page).

View sub-nav bar logged out.

H1 the title (browse, show)
Remove highlight on "send email message" pop-up.
Remove date from "buy" link on "inside ap.net".
Remove "add a poll" option from tools.
View sub-nav bar logged out.

Release Dates
On show release date page - yellow comment box needs margin.
On show release page add footer red bar and add "back to calendar" link.


On add reminder (release date) - page needs to be skinned.
Each "edit profile" panel CSS code needs some work. Probably just alt1 it all.
Remove media showcase option.
Remove last.fm code.
Friend status page, add theader code to top + hint.
A separate notifications page (+ link from pull down menu).

Write new article page is not skinned.
H1 titles.


Talk to Sam about page.
Introduction video?

Contact Page
Change email address images to correct font.

Private Messages
Add smilies to quick reply.
Double check bb-code spacing issues from before.

Member Profile
Um, do it.
Include video ability.

The Trends
Maybe add graph? More tag options?

Submit News
Fix up.

Prepare ads and small_ads templates for new ad-size migration.
Add "bug report" link to top corner - link to my blog for people to comment on bugs for the beta release.
Maybe double check different 'delete posts' throughout the site to make sure they are all the same (profiles, wall, blog comments, forum, gallery, news/reviews/interviews).
Add "who quoted me" information from all aspects of the website - such as artist profiles, gallery, blog comments, etc. (How? Idea: regex + database).
Run through site logged out and check a few options (like adding a friend, fan, etc.).
Run through in Firefox 3 and IE.

Check a variety of submission pages when using a regular account. IE: New profile, new review, news, release date, new image. Make sure the skin/pending pages are consistent.

Message page - add ad template code.

Make "notification" (yellow PM) bar available for all notifications - not just PMs.

Coming soon.
Tags: inside ap.net, to-do list
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Dorking It Out on a Thursday Night
03/06/08 at 11:51 PM by Jason Tate
I can see the Hollywood sign from my hotel room. The moon bends over the hills, the sky breaking to allow for slivers of light. Beautiful. Yet, you're not here.

What happens when I have free time? Do I relax? Ugh, no, my brain doesn't shut off. I start brainstorming. So ... here's what I came up with:

I quickly added an ESPN BBCode tonight. I wanted to allow the sports threads to have automatically updating scores and standings. So I added those to the sports forum and organized that a little bit. Great forum, I think it works well.

Now, I want to try and duplicate that success in the other forums. I need to organize some of them a bit - some ideas I have:

Entertainment forum - make sure "official threads" are named correctly for searching purposes. Make sure the sticky links correctly to "new posts" in all of those threads. Get a moderator (like Scott for Sports) to handle just that forum - like run different things in there (maybe spur daily discussion topics, encourage different movie/entertainment reviews, things like that). I think TJ Wells may be a candidate for that.

Music forum - needs a moderator. Badly. And then I am thinking of adding a "find forum topics about this band" link on all of the AP.net profiles. Then grabbing threads from the music forum with the band's name in the topic/title.

Personal life forum - needs help. I am open to ideas.

Education forum - needs better topics/discussion.

Politics - actually runs pretty well. Maybe some organization is needed.

Other ideas I had today for things around the site:

- Setting up a UserCP notification so if one of your friends writes an album review you get notified. This way staff could have more "followers" for their reviews. Staff just have to promote that they want to be added as friends.

- Adding a module on the main page (not sure where yet) to pull upcoming album release dates. Figured we had some space and it could use some love.

- Re-Organizing the side bar in the UserCP a little. The misc. section can be broken off into two sections. I'll have to work on this stuff this weekend.

- On album reviews "tools" adding a new little module that maybe has the same sort of stuff as the artist profiles "view profile, buy album, view interviews, view news" - and then grabbing the band name from the album review title. Maybe this should be on interviews and gallery images as well? I dunno. I'll think about it and see what feedback this post gets.

- Looking at the sub nav images and maybe making them better?

I felt like getting some of this stuff down to remind myself to do it.
Tags: inside ap.net, ap related, personal, to-do list
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2008 AP.net To-Do List (Always Under Construction)
11/29/07 at 02:05 AM by Jason Tate
I'm putting together my 2008 to-do list for AP.net. I figured this was as good a place as any to keep track/cross off things. Of course some of this isn't going to make any sense to anyone except me -- but that's probably for the best. And let's not forget that it's basically always under construction ...

Main Page
Go through news icons/avatars and update them.
Add news icons (talk with staff).
UserCP module (look, maybe add notifications).
Quick Blog (from tools pull down menu - needs tags added).
Look at ad-placements.
Look at code optimization.
Nav-bar images (outline color).
Look at page from logged out user perspective.
RSS per news icon/topic (add icon and text to page (and rss meta tag)).
Don't display polls with more than X number of options.
On bottom of page make links more "standoutish" for Submit News, Topics, Tags, Top Stories (of the past 2 days) - add this to the news.php file as well. (Screenshot)

Misc. Things
Add new colors (white, orange, pink, brown, yellow).
Smiley pop-up page (misspelling, make pull down wider).
Remove code/PHP buttons from the WYSIWYG menu.
Banner page is looking whacky. Fix that shit.
Ban user from thread phrase (text shown when banned from thread).
When banned (from site) provide link to FAQ.
Make an AP video player?
Change copyright notice to 2008.
Remove "disable search after click" on all searches.
No permission page (clean up).
Unsubscribe "bounced" email addys.
After user registers page (design, have a "am an artist" box and then let them create artist profile after their member profile made)? Send to UserCP instead? (Screenshot)
Friend request pop-up (delay).
Poke "easy tiger" message (doesn't work in in-screen).
Add more smilies / clean up old.
Darken bigger border on "in-screen pop-up" - more shadow like.

Forum Pages
Video insert button (add myspaceTV and vids.myspace.com) - make button help pop-up, add auto video on all other spots.
Fix BBCode Help page.
Look at "official thread" stickies (improve layouts, add other threads for organization).
Add "member's blog" to pull-down menu on postbit (if they have one) - remove homepage.
On quick reply AJAX display, maybe add yellow border to draw attention to loading (maybe put it above the quick reply box so it's very noticeable). (Screenshot)
Link (no text-deco) post count on postbit to user's posts.
Member posts results page (look).
Forum search results page (look).
Re-add forum pull-down search (instead of just a link)?
Attach and trash icons (change).
Deleted post - inline mod (look).
"Additional Options" (look) on post thread/reply pages.

Member Profile Pages
Look at email privacy options (make sure they work right with postbit permissions).
Gallery images in box?
Friends/top friends box?
Blog title limit
"More" photo blog pop-up a tad too big.
"No profile picture" image needs to change.
"Latest activity"?
Make sure left side (with profile picture) doesn't shrink with smaller pro picture (width) uploaded.
Media (youtube, buzznet, AP music).
Add "gamer" tags (under contact information).
last.fm information (use it or lose it).
Favorite TV shows section.
On AIM name pop-up add icon for status.
Wall to wall feature?
If profile set to private - look at the options (click friend) and look of page.

Add "private" text on private entries.
Edit entry page (title says Journal).
Delete entry section needs work.
Link User IDs text (under privacy box) to FAQ explaining the UserID.
Auto fill in "friends" in the user ID box with click of button?
"More" photo blog pop-up a tad too big.
Look at pages (especially the nav bar) unlogged in.
Add information for quotes to who quoted me?
Images aren't "autoshrunk" on the "showentry" page (fix it).
Link "currently listening to" text to the artist profile pages.
Add more moods.

It's impossible to delete a comment made in a blog entry. On the edit page, if one clicks on the "Delete this comment" link, a page comes up saying the user doesn't have permission to access that part of the website.

With the little Buzznet photos at the top of each blog, do you not think it'd be a good idea to make the links open in a new window when clicked? If one clicks on a photo at the moment, it's takes one out of the site completely, which is frustrating if one's reading the blog at the same time. Just a thought?

Add "My Friends' Blogs" link under Misc.
"Friend's Blog" (blogfriends.php) page - maybe display all blogs/bulletins - not just the latest by your friends. More like a bulletin system this way? On edit title changes. Strip BBcode from preview.
Change wording for notifications if only one (1).
Look at "no profile pic" images not showing correctly.
Other notifications (band news, tour dates, friends pictures, recommendations).

On edit profile page - skype img not showing.
Change phrase: "All information will be viewable by other forum members."

Fan Profiles (Browse)
Thumbnail "110" avatars.
Filter menu is off-screen in firefox (check IE). Move it under the search box instead?
Limit status character number on browse.
Too many pagenav links showing.

Band/Label Profiles

Allow music uploads.
Allow video uploads.
Better usage of outside video formats (virb, myspace, youtube)
Small video icon next to them on the link?
Should be able to include as many videos as needed.
When just Virb player - extra space shown.
Clean up AP Player.
Latest news blurbs above billboard.
Maybe show a few random images from the gallery on profile (remember to keep the same style as used on member profiles).
Expand the profiles:fan of (member names, similar to friends on member profiles), look at affiliate programs (discography info).
Change rating system to a "like/don't like" sort of system.
Send to Friend text box phrasing.
Change "problem" to "report."
Look at pages in logged-out form (especially nav bar).
Add information for quotes to who quoted me?
Make sure virb pop-up works in IE.
Add member profiles/links for bandmembers (usergroup) to page.

Images don't auto-resize in comments.

On browselinks page - change image to represent media available (music/video/both).

Change charts to reflect new rating system (allow pagenav) - allow other ranking systems via menu. More like trends sorta pages.

On profile index the "labels" description needs work. Also add images to represent the music/videos next to the text.
Look at tying band blogs into profiles (rss for outside feeds).
On create a profile/edit profile page have option for band blog.
RSS for news (if topic ID) - add icon and meta tag.
WYSIWYG billboard?

Not showing signature or age on postbits.

When viewing "next" page of "wall" comments - don't show profile at top?

Need to make the "my profiles" link act differently -- menu? for "band friends" as well as profiles member has created.

On friendbits of artists, show other artists they're friends with via link (add this to member profile in some way too).

Fix up the style/look/formating.
Finish writing.
Create videos for common tasks.
Add link to footer when done.

Center align video codes.

Nav bar/breadcrumb contains "forums" text - remove.
List tags by posted date - not last post time.
Time on newsbit is off.

Displaying the winners (needs to be more noticeable).
Create better template for contests for staff members.

Remove the word "still."

Submit News
Run through not logged in.
Offer a variety of submission options: email, text, SBRU.

On thumbnail mouseover, show image information (emulate buzznet).
Remove quick reply or fix it to work with quoting.
Add option on avatar section to "add as my avatar."
Fix "black" images.
"Charts" page has a few errors on it (same with subscriptions).
Add absolute access section on index.
Add information for quotes to who quoted me?
Look at page from logged out user perspective.
After send to friend - the redirect is incorrect.
Not showing age or profile picture link on postbits.
When viewing "next" page of "wall" comments - don't show image at top?

Search bits (layout).
On the "rate this album" bar - change bar colors (lighter gray).
Clean up "new review page" (bottom box remove?, logged in text raise, rating boxes).
Look at page from logged out user perspective.

Full site search (categories, UI, layout, refine).

Change links over to 2008 links.


Fix up AbsoluteINK.
Bring on new guest writers/bloggers.
Add AOTY lists for 2007.

Update stats.

Private Messages
Buttons, overall look/feel of the "send" and "read" PM pages.
Poke from PM page.
Add friend from PM page.

Other Things to Do (Ideas)
Run through website with different "settings" (ie: no WYSIWYG) to see how it looks/works.
When a user is banned display a banned avatar (different banning groups? file sharing/trolling)?
Firefox ADD-ON - needs submit news link.
Limited merch run (AP items).
Clean up server and database (back up first).
Set up an official band member usergroup (and forum).

Sidekick/Mobile Version
Look at recs in the suggestion forum - clean up design.
Other pages skinned. Notifications page created.
Tags: to-do list, inside ap.net
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