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True Stories I Made Up
Got my Two Tongues album in the mail today.
02/02/09 at 12:01 PM by Trevor Sostarich
Now I know people are hating on this album a lot, but it's grown on me. Actually having the product now, in my hands, makes it feel even more of a great album. I also got the new issue of Alternative Press in the mail today as well. I got the copy with Thursday on the cover. Ironically enough the first album review in AP this month is Two Tongues. They gave it four and a half stars. I just love Max's work in a whole that nothing can shatter that. Even his cover of Ol' Dirty Bastard.
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Two Tongues First Impression
01/21/09 at 09:24 PM by Trevor Sostarich
Alright so I'm going to start this off by saying Max Bemis is my idol and I owe my life to him (literally). I think the man can do no wrong. With that being said here's my thoughts on the Two Tongues album.

The album isn't amazing. It doesn't knock me on my ass. Some songs feel like they didn't go anywhere, but that's okay. I enjoy this album. I wasn't expecting to have an orgasm over it. I wasn't let down at all with this release. It's different yes. I'm use to Max doing punk rock/indie stuff, so I was thrown off at first. The album is more of an alternative rock album. I like it though. It's a good album. Not amazing. Not great. It's just good. Chris seems to be over the top on a few songs, but that's Chris for you. He's always been over the top. He's great to me as a vocalist. He has a distinct voice and you always know when you're listening to him.

The album starts off with what I think will be the single (if a single is given), "Crawl". This song was the first song released by Two Tongues. It has a lot of energy and it seemed to sum up the album right away. The next song is the third that was released by Two Tongues, "If I Could Make You Do Things". This song stuck out the first time I heard it. I loved everything about it. The drums really bring this song to life. "Dead Lizard" is one of the weirdest songs I heard. At first I thought it sounded like it some rock radio group like Finger Eleven would write musically. It's a great song though. Chris' vocals are haunting on this track. I still need some more time with it. The fourth track which is considered an "Interlude" features the beautiful voice of Sherrie Dupree (Max's fiance). It's a short song and very well written. "Tremors" may be my favorite track off the album. Maybe it's because the song is mostly Max. That could be it, but I feel it's the strongest track. "Silly Game" is also one of my favorites. The lyrics are a bit humorous in the way Max phrases a cigarette as a f*g (which is a European term I believe for cigarette). The guitar at the beginning of "Don't You Want To Come Home" reminded me of "Hotel California" for some reason, but this song is awesome. The vocals being shared by Max and Chris are just great. It shows the relationship between the two. The eighth track, which is also the second track we all heard by the group, "Wowee Zowee" is an instant favorite. I love the way Chris and Max both sound on this song. I wish Max shouted like he does on this song more throughout the album. It would have been perfect. The album plays on to a nice surprise called "Come On". This song is fantastic. There's so much energy throughout the song and Max and Chris alternating vocals left and right really make this song. The next song which is titled "Alice" starts off with Coby drumming steadily and then joined by a deep bass tone and a palm muted guitar. This song isn't my favorite on account this is one of the songs I feel doesn't really go anywhere. It seems to be too repetitive. "Try Not To Save Me" is a nice little slow number. If Chris sang like this on the whole album it would have been ten times better. Max's voice is also very haunting in the back ground when singing with Chris. The two blend together perfectly on this track. This is also the longest track on the album clocking in at four minutes and eleven seconds. The final original track "Back Against The Wall" to me feel like the weakest song. It really could have been better. It has a nice groove, and it almost feels like baby making music. There's really nothing to the lyrics though. Maybe it's just me?

The final track was my most anticipated track. Two Tongues decided to cover "Even If You Don't" by Ween for this album. What an excellent choice for a song to cover too. The song has always been in my top 3 favorite songs by Ween. So what do I think of the cover? I think they did it great. The shared vocals and how Chris and Max both get to sing their own choruses really seals the deal. Perfect way to end the album. Start off strong and end strong.

I do recommend this album, but it's not what everyone was thinking it was going to be. It's different. It's a side project. Why do a side project and do the same music your current band is already doing? It makes sense to do something different. I still need to listen to the album more.

Overall I'm giving this album an 8. I really wish I were able to give it a 10 like I do for every Say Anything album (fangirl alert, haha). I'll post more thoughts on this album after a few more days.
Tags: Two Tongues, First Impression, Review
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