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Music Mends Broken Hearts
Recommendation: Valencia
08/30/10 at 01:38 PM by Jason Tate
Please share this video with your friends as this band deserves to be exposed to as many people as humanly possible. "Dancing With a Ghost" comes out October 12th. You'll love it.

Tags: recommendation, video, valencia
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08/27/10 at 08:36 AM by Jason Tate
And yes, the below post was about Valencia. The new album sounds great. Same sorta feeling I got with the last Dangerous Summer album and current Graduate album. That "I can't believe more people aren't obsessed with this band" feeling.
Tags: first impressions, valencia
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Holiday Theme Launched + Kitchen Sessions #1
12/01/08 at 10:20 PM by Jason Tate
Well, seeing as it's December 1st it was time to push the Holiday Theme live on the website. I figured that the hoopla with the new holiday look would be a good time to roll out the new/beta AP.net for all users as well. That way people get used to it for the next month or so while enjoying the Holiday goodness. I also released the colored themes for the new version - while stripping the old version down to only the plain red (it will stay for a while before being removed toward the end of the year). Also the time to get my holiday themed avatar up on the site. One of these days I'll print more of those to sell.

This is the first time unregistered users will be seeing the new site - so I expect some bugs and stuff to be found and submitted. I'll have to get those done over the next few days. But this is one of the final steps in the roll-out of the new AP.net. It's been ... damn ... like 6 months coming now. It was a pretty massive overhaul of the back-end and front-end of the entire website. It's practically brand new from a coding standpoint.

Still up is editing the old pages to redirect to the new ones (only a few of those), and then doing some code optimizatio ... that will probably be done in the next few days.

I still have to port over the sidekick/mobile version. But when I do that I want to make sure to change up the URL to get you to that page as well ... so that's not happening yet.

Also launched the first "Kitchen Session" track from Valencia - check it out here. The stripped down and raw version of the tunes is what makes it special ... showing exactly what the artist sounds like.
Tags: ap related, valencia, holiday, skin, inside ap.net
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08/20/08 at 11:04 PM by Jason Tate
The wildly popular Valencia chat just became the #2 most commented on newspost of all time. I can't believe the guys stayed around to talk and hang out with fans for this long -- that's absolutely amazing. I was already a huge fan of their new album and their dedication - but this just pushed me over the edge. Everyone needs to make sure and pick up their new album this coming Tuesday ... it's really, really good ... and they need your help and support.

Don't let this be another one of those bands that disappears because no one buys albums anymore -- please. This is the kind of pop-punk that should be selling and if it does really well, this is the kind of pop-punk we'll continue to get. So ... please, pick it up.
Tags: ap related, valencia
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Inside AP.net: Behind an Exclusive
07/02/08 at 01:54 AM by Jason Tate
We're working on putting together a pretty fucking intense campaign for the new Valencia album. I love this CD. It's absolutely what I needed in my life right now. It hits me like "One for The Kids" era Yellowcard or "Through Being Cool" era Saves the Day. Before bands thought electronica/dance pop-punk was the way to go. Before The Maine, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, and CIWWAF turned pop-punk into the next boyband. Before I'd heard every new pop album before it even hit my stereo. This album is currently restoring my faith in the genre. Seriously. I mean that.

Here are some ideas we're working on - thoughts welcome from the readers.

- Exclusive Lead Album Review with Streaming Tracks (Post Week Of 7/7)
- Launch Album Pre-Order same day or next day following AP.net review
- Exclusive Album Podcast:
- 3 Part Song By Song Audio Podcast
- Release one every Tuesday until release starting August 5th
- Ticket Giveaway for Aug/Sept Headline Tour
Tags: inside ap.net, valencia
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All At Once
06/30/08 at 02:02 AM by Jason Tate
I've been thinking - you and I just need a little bit of time. I've been thinking ...

I'll do this the right way, and dig myself out of this hole, it's frightening, but I don't know which way I can go. It might be that everyone around me seems cold and I think I need to do it all on my own. And if I try and turn my life back around it's so hard because I'm on a path I've never been down and I think this can be the one way I can go. You had faith in me. And this is all for you ...

I've been thinking - you and I we just need a little time. We'll figure out where we both went wrong and we'll make it right. I've been wishing on every star that's hanging up in the sky ... I've been thinking, we just need a little bit of time.

Now that I'm stuck in the city with the spring rolling in, it's so hard because I don't know where to begin. But there's just never much time these days and I've been up all night trying to say I've got, got to get this off of my chest. I'm so sick of living my life in suspense. Focused on getting my life rearranged, and you're god damn right my life has changed.

I've been thinking - you and I we just need a little time. We'll figure out where we both went wrong and we'll make it right. I've been wishing on every star that's hanging up in the sky ... just hoping that I will find a little bit of time.

So much more than I wanted to say, I guess it didn't turn out that way. So I'll, step back, never let go, to the constant hope that I'm never alone ... and now ...

I've been thinking - you and I we just need a little time. We'll figure out where we both went wrong and we'll make it right. I've been wishing on every star that's hanging up in the sky ... just hoping that I will find a little bit of time.


I simply can't get this song out of my head. The chorus is attached to my brain.
Tags: valencia, lyrics
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