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03:52 PM on 08/18/08
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Wow, sorry .. I'm a bit of a talker lol.

Yes, I went to Warped. I couldn't go the past two years, for different reasons (first day of a new job, etc.) so I made sure that I could go this year. We were going to leave for vacation that day but I pleaded with my mom until she booked a flight on Sunday. (We went to Cuba for 2 weeks.) Did you go to Warped? Who did you see? It really liked the line up this year. It was the weirdest day for weather. It felt so hot while we were standing in line and for the first few bands I saw, and then all of a sudden it just started pouring and it was freezing. I don't think I've ever been that wet in my life.

That's pretty sick about Rody. I have a few friends that Tim used to babysit lol, so I think that's pretty cool too. Every time a new CD comes out, I try and get into it, but I just can't. And that sucks about These Silhouettes. Yeah, my friends say that they're pretty huge drunks/dicks. I've never been to one of their shows though, so I don't really have any bad experiences with them.

Wow, I am so jealous about Tourzilla. I try not to ever have any regrets but the few that I have always revolve around music. I really regret not going to that show. I can hardly think of a tour (except for a festival like Warped) where I've liked every band who was playing. I also wish that I went to see Taking Back Sunday/ Jimmy Eat World when I was in grade 8, and blink-182/ TBS when I was in grade 7, but that's a whole different story. But wow, I can't believe you missed your musical! Did you have a big role?

Yeah Alex's voice did sound kind of off at the AP tour, but I thought that maybe I had lost a little hearing. I can't believe you don't like the Rocket Summer! I mean I know that his music isn't exactly diverse, but Bryce just seems like one of the nicest people. It's hard for me not to like the music just because of him. Did you watch any of the prank videos of ATL/FTSK? So many of them happened in Toronto.

The TAI... show was fabulous! It was at the Guvernment and I love that venue a lot (except I love Kool Haus more). I never really aim to be at shows early, usually around the time doors open or after, unless the Go-Train goes at a weird time, so there was such a huge crowd by the time we got there. But I'm pretty pushy (sorry if you hate people like that lol), so I managed to get to the front and center. And I'm not going to lie, I think it's actually somewhat difficult to do it at that venue (I'm sure you've been there before, but if not .. there's kind of a square area infront of the stage and the rest is gated off) and it was packed, so I was pretty proud of myself. I mean it's not a really big deal to be at the front cause I usually am, but it was just hard to get there this time around. At this one point, William came into the crowd, I had my hand out to touch him, but everyone was trying to (obvs), so someone pushed my hand and I poked him in the forehead lol. And then I was trying to move away but somehow (I still don't know how this happened), I wiped the sweat off his forehead. It was pretty disgusting, but kind of cool at the same time lol.

There are so many fall tours coming to Toronto soon! I'm really excited .. I just hope it doesn't get in the way of school work. I already have tickets for ATL/The Maine/Mayday Parade/Every Avenue and Cobra/FTSK/HTL/SIL. I like all those bands (just not to the same extent as the ones on Tourzilla), so I think they should both be pretty good. I'm going to get tickets to the TAI.../WTK show too probably. But the only thing that kind of sucks is that out of all the tours that I know are coming, I want to see Straylight Run and Anberlin the most, but it's the day after I get back from a school trip to NYC. So I don't know if I'll be able to go or if I'll have too much homework. I might just buy a ticket and let it fall through if I can't go.

Anyways, I'm going to go outside and enjoy this (somewhat) nice weather we have today before it starts raining. ttyl :)
06:05 PM on 05/19/08
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Eh, I can't really think of any instances where bands have sold out cause of Much, but I don't really watch it enough. I used to watch MOD religiously in grade 9, but I kind of lost interest in it. Yeah, I found some of my friends from school on here and I was all excited, but they were like, "yeah we only joined for like a day." So I guess there isn't really anyone but us!
Lol PTH seems a bit out of place in your favourites list. I never really got into them. I buy their CDs for my friends who are actual fans, but they were always too metal for me. I think they're really talented and I support them cause they're from here, but I can't listen to their music for too long at a time. Do you like These Silhouettes by any chance? They're also local.
Anyways, I really like All Time Low too. I know everyone gets all mad cause they copy Blink, but I never got to see Blink live cause my mom said I was "too young," which I guess I really was. So I actual appreciate all their Blink references. Did you happen to go to Tourzilla? I had to miss it cause I already had tickets for TAI.../TRS the next day (I'm still peeved about this cause I liked all the bands on the tour and then the date ended up getting changed). If you did .. how was it? I didn't really like them on the altpress tour. My mom had really strict rules about concerts before and I wasn't really allowed to go to that many until this year, so I've never seen ATL except for that one time.
Happy Victoria Day by the way! I can actually hear the fireworks outside right now, but unfortunately I'm writing a comparison essay .. well I'm procrastinating at the moment. Better get back to work haha
10:51 PM on 04/28/08
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lol, hello!
I go to Sinclair. We're practically neighbours ;). Uh .. I hope you didn't take my profile seriously or anything even though I do kind of enjoy George Michael and 50 Cent occasionally. You like some pretty good music! I don't really find that a lot of people in Whitby have ever even heard of any of the bands I like .. oddly enough. I guess it's cause Much has to play a certain amount of Canadian music, while MTV really only plays reality tv shows. Well, I guess that it might just be Sinclair .. everyone's too busy listening to Rascal Flatts haha

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