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07:51 PM on 09/01/13
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07:18 PM on 04/30/12
Leah Jayne
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wow some people are f**ing mean!!!!!! I love you guys, keep doing what your doing and COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!!! I missed out on soundwave last year :( I'd really love to meet you, my best friend loves you also and she is terminally ill and i made a promise to her back in year 10 that she will meet you before she dies, which I havn't givin up on yet so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!
01:48 PM on 02/10/12
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alltimelovemiaa's Avatar
I just realized that I haven't come on here to post on your wall or whatever this is called, so I figured, "What the hell?" It's been a while. But yeah, okay, so you're the bees knees man. The BEES KNEES. You're going to need to come back to Pennsylvania soon. And if you play Warped this summer (you know... if... because we don't know... right), you better be playing Scranton/Philly/Oceanport/New York because I'm going to all of those and the say would suck without y'all. So yeah, make sure to get your butts there. I'll be honest... we'll have beef if you don't. Okay, anyway, keep going what you're doing, because it's working. And hell, even if it wasn't, if you're staying true to yourself, then keep doing it, because I swear that someone will like it. Hell, I've been around since 2005 and I'm still here for you. I don't think I can not like something that you do. So you'll always have one fan out there.

Live long and prosper, Gaskarth.
06:39 PM on 08/04/11
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Ohai, i just thought i'd say, All Time Low as an entire band has literally kept me sane, stopped me from doing so many things, cheered me up, basically kept me alive for a few years now. Without this band i would literally not be here, i don't care if this sounds cheesy or whatever because this is 100% true.
This band or the crew members or the members of the band or the songs or the albums don't deserve some idiots to criticize their amazing songs and albums and quotes they say/write/produce.
People who may love this band as much as i do don't want to hear it.
All Time Low are doing an amazing job, if they really were as bad as you say they are they wouldn't be where they are today. Fuck off and tell someone else your opinion because All Time Low are amazing.
Without this band i wouldn't be here, So thank you <3
09:59 PM on 07/21/11
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SubhiMarciano's Avatar
Theres no way I can not like your music, you guys won me over completely throughout these heres and im a atl hustler for life. But why the sudden anti-pop punk movement? i know none of you said that but its just the vibe i got from watching interviews. idk it bums me out a little.
10:26 PM on 06/26/11
die young and save yourself
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MBIIdollaBill's Avatar
Just a friendly reminder that you and your band used to have something resembling talent and that you shouldn't squander it. Thanks, have fun asking all the girls you bring back to your tour bus for ID.
11:51 AM on 04/05/11
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AlexanderHOC's Avatar
Hey Alex... I listened to " I feel like dancin' ".. I think it's really fun but maybe it's a little bit too much pop, but i know that the other songs of dirty work a more rock with other kind of lyrics so i will wait for it :)
Come soon at Bologna ;)
Thanks for your music, keep on rockin' ;)
10:42 AM on 04/05/11
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CarlieBarakarth's Avatar
It breaks my heart seeing all these "fans" judging Dirty Work already. The artwork, I Feel Like Dancing, those are just two parts to Dirty Work. I just want you to know that for every one person who hates and judges, there's about 20 people who love it and are fucking stoked to get Dirty Work.
I know all of you guys are passionate about what you guys do, and that's all that matters. You all do so much for us. You've saved us, made us smile, given us the best times of our fucking lives at your concerts. I appreciate everything you do. I have never met four boys who are as great and as talented as you guys.
I wanted to say all of this when I met you in NC, but I couldn't find the words. I hope you read this.
I just wanted to thank you for everything. Cause honestly, I found myself when I found your music.
I love you:)
09:41 AM on 04/04/11
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http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Absolute-Zero/136040133112136?sk=app_2373072738 Alex plz read my lyrics it would mean the world!
12:45 PM on 03/31/11
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AverageLifesave's Avatar
Sooo, I know you won't reply (let alone read this) but I just wanted to say I'm so excited for this album (especially after the concert). The album art work isn't the music so I refuse to let it weigh on my expectations. Let the haters hate because I don't think it's possible for All Time Low to put out a bad album. x Bee
06:22 PM on 03/28/11
Hustler Fo' Lyfee Homieee.
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Salutations. :)
It would really mean the world to me if you read this. http://gonnaloseit-letsdefuseit.tumblr.com/weightless
And I wanted to say thank you, because without you I probably wouldn't be alive right now, and if i was i wouldn't be half the person i am today. <3 By the way, from what I've heard of it so far, I'm in love with Dirty Work (And i love the cover art). Fuck the Haters. :)
One last thing, I was on the Interscope website the other day and i realized that most of the artist on there were the ones that conquer radio for a bit, then they sorta disappear (Ex. Pussycat Dolls, LMFAO, Shwayze, Soulja Boy) please don't let that happen to All Time Low. I don't think it will, because you guys just have a special something about you that makes me think (and hope) you'll be around forever. Like, the next Queen or Blink 182. I Really hope you do, because i'm getting a guitar next week and lessons and i'm hoping to start a band and make it big. Its my life goal to tour with you. <3

Love, Abrielle Nichole Stafford. <3

ps. Sorry its a really really long comment, but it would let me message you,. And I know you probably get thousands of things like this every day, so sorry if its a bother..
09:39 AM on 02/26/11
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chelsealouanne's Avatar
Alex! just letting you know how much Time Bomb gets me excited for Dirty Work. Have it on repeat! Anyway, catch ya at the Dirty Work tour in Toronto! :)
11:21 PM on 02/19/11
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Martha15's Avatar
WHAZZUP GANGSTA?! Hehe!! Hey Alex!! I LOVE your debut album "The Party Scene"! Do you know if there's anywhere I could buy it other tham ebay or amazon? I'd totally LOVE to have that album! Thank you soo much!! ( Even tho you prolly won't read this!) :)
07:51 PM on 01/12/11
solitary WEASEL
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zephyrsong12345's Avatar
welp, thought I might try to reach you on a relatively fangirl-free site.
nothing of importance to say, just excited about the new record!
I'd say come to Atlanta more often, but that's not really in your control, and I'm sure it gets kind of bothersome. cheers, man!
06:44 AM on 01/05/11
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AllTimeLow2DK's Avatar
Dear Alex, please follow this link: http://blogbynilly.tumblr.com/post/2609378970/dear-alex
I choudnt pm you. so i had to do this..

Love from Denmark.
-Pernille Kristensen, @alltimelow2dk

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