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Location: Morgantown, WV/Orlando, FL
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God, women, family, friends, my laptop, music, writing, singing, concerts, piano/keyboard/synth, traveling, cities, Pittsburgh, New York City, California, football, basketball, movies, Madden football, Rock Band, soccer, bass, making movies, driving, having fun, and enjoying life
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i'm tyler. post hardcore and pop punk make me smile. i love driving. cities are wonderful places. new york city and pittsburgh are my favorite. i want to visit seattle, chicago, and los angeles. writing and singing are great. i spend a lot of time doing both. i love talking to people. seeing the similarities and differences between us all remind me how unique each one of us is. making people laugh brings me joy. i enjoy life. i love going to concerts. i love it when a warm, summer breeze blow against my face and through my hair. california intrigues me. i'd love to visit/move there someday. music is something i am very passionate about. my goal to be an a&r for a record label. underOATH and Fall Out Boy are my favorite bands. i don't care what you think about them. i listen to the music i like regardless of what other people think. you should to. be true to yourself, and be real with people. i like starry, night skies. my favorite live bands are Family Force 5, The Cab, and We Are the Fury. i'm trying to buy a prius. i like them plus they get great gas mileage. i want to make a difference in people's lives.
Favorite Albums
Morning View- Incubus, From Under the Cork Tree- Fall Out Boy, The Beautiful Letdown- Switchfoot, Define the Great Line- underOATH, The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me- Brand New, What to Do When You are Dead- Armor For Sleep, The Weak's End- Emery, The Everglow- Mae, I Am Hollywood- He Is Legend, Hot Fuss- The Killers, The Fear in Love- Don't Look Down, Continuum- John Mayer, Elevator- Hot Hot Heat, Put Up or Shut Up- All Time Low, Enema of the State- blink-182, My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue- Fall Out Boy, Amnesiac- Radiohead, In Rainbows- Radiohead, the Cool- Lupe Fiasco
Favorite Songs
"Dance, Dance" Fall Out Boy, "The Unwinding Cable Car" Anberlin, "Moving For the Sake of Motion" underOATH, "Drive" Incubus, "Meant to Live" Switchfoot, "Make This Go on Forever" Snow Patrol, "China White" He Is Legend, "Wolves" Chasing Victory, "Here's to the Night" Eve 6, "The Mixed Tape" Jack's Mannequin, "Glass to the Arson" Anberlin, "Death to Traitors" Beloved, "Failure to Excommunicate" Relient K, "Way Away" Yellowcard, "Memory" Sugarcult, "Rise Up" blessthefall, "Do You Feel" The Rocket Summer, "The Missing Piece" Forgive Durden featuring Lizzie Huffman
Favorite Bands
all time low, the almost, aly & aj, anberlin, august burns red, beloved, the cab, chasing victory, cobra starship, a day to remember, the devil wears prada, don't look down, emery, fall out boy, family force 5, he is legend, incubus, jars of clay, kanye west, lupe fiasco, norma jean, paramore, radiohead, relient k, saosin, sara bareilles, switchfoot, underOATH, we are the fury, we the kings
Favorite Books
Blue Like Jazz, I May Be Wrong, but I Doubt It, All the Hits So Far, but Don't Expect Too Much: Poetry, Prose, and Other Sundry Items, The Orphaned Anything's, The Chocolate War
Favorite Movies
21, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, Billy Madison, The Butterfly Effect, Collateral, The Dark Knight, Enemy of the State, The Fast and the Furious, The Firm, For Hire, The Fugitive, Grandma's Boy, Happy Gilmore, Heat, Hitch, Juno, The Last Castle, The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded, Meet the Parents, Memento, Michael Clayton, Nick of Time, No Country For Old Men, Office Space, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Primal Fear, Ransom, Runaway Jury, Secret Window, Strange Wilderness, Superbad, Super Troopers, Transformers, Vacation, The Village, What Happens in Vegas
Favorite TV Shows
The Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!!, Penn State football, PTI (Pardon the Interruption), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lost, Veronica Mars, Everybody Loves Raymond, Heroes, Chappelle's Show, Dexter, Prison Break, the Detroit Pistons, The Office, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Seinfeld, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Freaks and Geeks, Family Guy, Sportscenter, Mama's Family
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06:32 AM on 05/08/09
User Info.
EmaleeMae's Avatar
Nothing at all. Just at school. How about you?
09:19 AM on 12/19/08
tormented lust
User Info.
tormented lust's Avatar
wuts happening tomoro?
08:57 AM on 12/16/08
tormented lust
User Info.
tormented lust's Avatar
hey, sry the only time i can ever get on the enternet is when im at school in computer class lol,,, wutz up?
10:35 AM on 11/05/08
CuTe LiL PuNk*
Dropdead. :)
User Info.
CuTe LiL PuNk*'s Avatar
Lol Purple =)
10:27 AM on 11/05/08
CuTe LiL PuNk*
Dropdead. :)
User Info.
CuTe LiL PuNk*'s Avatar
How are you? =_
07:57 AM on 11/03/08
CuTe LiL PuNk*
Dropdead. :)
User Info.
CuTe LiL PuNk*'s Avatar
how was ur weekend? ;]
04:27 PM on 11/01/08
CuTe LiL PuNk*
Dropdead. :)
User Info.
CuTe LiL PuNk*'s Avatar
go trick or treating/football game lol
11:56 AM on 10/31/08
CuTe LiL PuNk*
Dropdead. :)
User Info.
CuTe LiL PuNk*'s Avatar
ugggh lol, i wish u were on now, am sooo BORED! lol in my computer class that i wish would end soon with freshmen..lol =]
10:47 AM on 10/31/08
CuTe LiL PuNk*
Dropdead. :)
User Info.
CuTe LiL PuNk*'s Avatar
hahahaha yeah i did! lol
i know im in my computer class & im a living dead girl
im wearing im wearing: black tank, white shirt that i wrote "punks not dead" in fake blood & blood all over it & on the back i drew the anarchy sign in blood lol & im wearing my black/white circle skirt & put blood on my arms & legs & im wearing black fishnets with black thigh highs on over it. it looks awesum! hehehehehe i might be going to our football game tonight or go trick or treating lol even as a junior. yeah it is like a drug u r right, ive been checking nonstop! u seem really nice, i would like to get to know u moree ;] Jessica*
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July 3, 1985 (28)
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Tyler Duke
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In College
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No Preference
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