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Kyla Kutthroat
Favorite Bands
The Cruxshadows. HIM. Dope. Terrorfakt. Grendel. Nine Inch Nails. Cradle Of Filth. Wumpscut. Assemblage 23. Portishead. Psyclon Nine. Psychotica. Kataklysm. Children Of Bodom. Zeromancer. As I Lay Dying. The Autumn Offering. Chevelle. Suicide Commando. Eurythmics. Slipknot. Orgy. Dead Can Dance. Blaqk Audio. Spectrum-X. The Medic Droid. Abigail Williams. VNV Nation. Killswitch Engage. KMFDM. Apoptygma Bezerk. Within Temptation. Clan Of Zymox. Deftones. KoRn. Disturbed. Jeffree Star. Informatik. Haujobb. Tristiana. Hollywood Undead. We Came With Broken Teeth. Suicide Silence. Destroy The Runner. I Killed The Prom Queen. Whitechapel. Bleeding Through. Drop Dead Gorgeous. The Devil Wears Prada. Job For A Cowboy. The Birthday Massacre. From Autumn To Ashes. Elysia. Deathstars. Chiodos. And Much More...
Your probably thinking in your head wondering if, "I have a chance with Kyla". But you don't, and never will,alright. I'm taken to my love of my life. The most greatest guy I had ever met. I don't want to ever loose him. I love him. I want to make him my husband. Just to let you know. XDDDD All right, You probably think you know everything about me...well let me make this perfectly clear, you dont even know the beginning of me. But since im supposivly nice, I'll walk you through a little about me. I hate waking up evey morning because then Im reminded to myself that life isnt a dream. Im a very complex person, I am bi-polar, Alot of shit has happened to me in the past years of my life...sometimes I wih I could go back to change it all. It's pretty hard to get me angry usually, but when i do get mad i get extremely mad.If you get me mad enough I will probably laugh hysterically while i beat you bloody. I am a paranoid person. I am very pessimist, which means I take the negative side on everything and always views the bad and not the good. My best friend ever is Syryn! I love him because I can tell him everything and he always understands and trys to help me through it all. Whenever I need someone to go to....that is if my boyfriend isnt available...then I would go to him. Now since you just read that you probably think im a very emo person, wish you could see me laughing hahahahaha! Im not, the reason it sounds like it is because Im in a very shitty mood right now because im just very stressed. Well whatever, anyways, talk to me if you'd like, but please try to resist becuase I dont like to talk to random people. No, I dont want anymore friends. Im fine how I am right now. --Kyla Kutthroat
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